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I Spent So Much Time Writing This Post I Have No Words Left For a Title

(I'm trying something a little different today. Let's see if anyone can guess what it is, or even notices.)

(First person to point it out in the comments wins a unicorn.)

(I'm WAY scientific up in here, folks. WAY.)


Blah blah blah.


Blee! Blah blah lablah.


Heh hehah blah.


Double blah! Anff en blah.




Fou da fa fa blah.




Birdenblah lol blah.


Shmuuuggenblah dee blah.



Ooo ooo! I know! You did something different with your hair didn't you!!!??



Also, that tone you're hearing from me? It's not horror, it's awe.



Hmmm... you matched Noah's tee with Ezra's diaper?...


bwaaahahahahaaha i knew there was a reason i love you..... blahblahblahdiblah :)

p.s. your kids are absolutely adorable


Miss Grace

You've started blogging in real-time? With the ACTUAL WORDS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD??


DUDE! another human who speaks in Swedish Chefese!


These pictures are enough to make me want octuplets. When did Noah turn into a little boy? Also, Ezra's cheeks could feed a small country for at least a week.


I was going to comment on how your kids match but then I noticed that Ez was flipping me the bird and decided not to comment on the cute matching shirt and nappy!


obviously, you've decided to post in swedish (there's no fooling me, i'm european)!


Hmmm...you can say absolutely nothing but everyone will still look at your post and comment cause your kids are too damn cute!?!


Those pictures are so cute, I'm almost tempted to print them out and post them in my cube. Don't worry, I'm not actually that creepy.

And nice Ezra speak.


Poofenblah is my new favorite word.


Ooh!! Oooh!! I know what it is!! Call on me! Call on me!!!

You've decided to let your children speak through your blog. That is very generous of you. Now give me my damn unicorn.

La Petite Chic

Not sure what's different because all I can see is how much Ezra looks like you! Wow!


Oh my g-d Ezra looks exactly like Noah.

Your writing in all parenthesis?

I have no idea but I'm running on a total of 8 minutes of sleep.


Thanks for the pictures, those are great. Doesn't matter what is going on with Noah, he is adorable and that face will take him far! Ezra is so cute and chubby. Hope things are looking up for you as far as the school selection goes.


I don't know what's different but I think Ez is flipping off the camera in the next to last picture.


I'm pouting because everyone took mine!!!! Oh Well, I guess a unicorn would just mean more crap to pick up around my house. (Pun intended!)

GREAT!!!!! pictures!


Swedish Chef Writes Captions


I think I know what's different! Is that a new toy I spy in your toy box? ...but that's only my guess because Jill already had dibs on the HAIR comment. heh.


Cutest boys ever. This just reinforces my desire to have boys...only boys!

(I have a deal with my best friend who only wants girls. We'll trade if we have to. Not really, but it's fun to joke about.)


(Very cute babies you have!)



You are potty training Noah? You are home schooling Noah? You are teaching them how to cope with one another? You are hoping Ezra can crawl already? I dont know!!! Tell us already!!!!


That you're blogging about what you love the most, and concentrating on the happiness those bebes bring to you, and ignoring all the BS. And that you matched Noah's shirt to Ez's diaper.


Ezra is flipping us "teh bird" in the 2nd to last photo.

=)kid has his mom's humor, huh?

Sprite's Keeper

You were obviously blahbedee blah blahing, weren't you? Matching kids rock. Now all you need is matching for you and Jason.


yeah, all i see is ezra flipping me off. :)


You let Noah stay home from school!


Wow, your kids are unbelievably adorable.


That last picture just about killed me.


you are trying to see how many pictures it takes before we all want to nom Ezra's cheeks and OMG his teeny nose is so freaking cute.

no? umm you went to IKEA and became fluent in Swedish?

i don't really need another unicorn anyway.


haha. Fou de fafa. Got to go watch some Flight of the Conchords now.


My guess is that No one reads the words b/c they are so caught up in the Cute.

Ooooooo the CUTE!


Not sending Noah to school? I guess that's not that new...
having your baby give me the finger? No, I vaguely remember Noah doing it too...
I give up. I don't have room for a unicorn anyway.

Steph T.

So cute! My guess is going to be that Ez rolled over. :)


Best. Post. Ever.

(no offense)


I do TOO read what you write, even when blinded by the sparkle of your progeny.


You've made up your own language like the I Haz Cheezberger cats?

elisa bo beesah

@ Amanda, hahahaha I thought of Flight of the Conchords, too! Foo de fafafalala.

And I just love how they match. You're matching, too, aren't you? I swear I don't mean to but most days I look down and both Diego and myself are wearing the same color or shades of the same color. And similar smears of snot and food. It's all very similar.


I was going to guess the matching diapers to outfits, but were the ads always on top of the page?


You're speaking in IKEA?


I don't remember being able to click and enlarge the pictures before, but I'm too lazy to go back and see if I could.


Well, I am so sad that someone beat me to it, because I totally saw Ezra flipping me off in that picture. Geez, the nerve of some babies!


You bought some new pants. Shoes? It must be shoes.


You were saying something?

I was distracted by baby thighs.


Good lord woman, those children of yours are insanely cute!!!

Now, below is the comment I carefully constructed in reply to your last post about diapers, before you carelessly closed comments! Well hah, here is the novel anyway!

Hi Amalah,

Long time lurker, first time commenter. (I first read your IKEA dresser of doom column and laughed myself so silly I insisted on reading it to my husband. He cracked a smile, but only barely, because he's been the one to deal with all the IKEA assembly in our house..LOL. BUT I digress)

Regarding the cloth dapers: good for you! I have been using them since my son was born, and he is now 2yrs 4months old, and not yet potty trained (We're working on it, but he really couldn't care less if he craps his pants.) Besides the whole environmental thing, my motivation for going cloth was money. I have had excellent results and would do it all over again. I have been working full time since he was one year old and have had no problems keeping up with the laundry either. I've been using the good old fashioned pre-folds with the Super Whisper wraps diaper covers(all white, thanks, no patterns or colours needed for us.)and the Snappi fasteners. I did try a couple of the fancier diapers at the beginning, fuzzi bunz and bum genius includud, and did not find any difference in usage, only a breathtaking expensiveness. (they are for peeing and pooping in for goodness sake!) For the sake of our budget, there was no way we could get the fancy ones. The prefolds I got were in two sizes: the infant one, which you can use from birth to about a year or so, depending on the size of your baby, and the toddler size, which you use after the infant size until you toilet train. The only thing you change as the kid grows are the covers, and they last a good long time too. I started with the "newborn" size, but my boy was 9lb3oz, so you know they didn't last too long. At about 3 months we switched to the "small" size, and they lasted until he was about year old, when we switched to the "medium" size which he is still wearing. these covers do not leak , EVER. They are amazing.

I bought two diaper pail liners (in sage, to match his room of course) and I alternate those. I also bought a batch of cloth wipes with the diapers which I use in a wipes warmer and wash with the diapers. I make a solution for the wipes using those little natural soap wafers you dissolve in hot water, but you can go a lot simpler too. I find the cloth wipes way better at their job than those flimsy disposable ones.
My husband has been completely on board and uses them faithfully and quite expertly, the only thing is I do have to maintain the system (ie wash, fold, make wipe solution, refill warmer, etc) but that was our deal from the beginning and I am happy to do it.

I don't remeber off hand where I got them from, but I bought almost everything from an on-line store which I found super cheap. If you are interested, e-mail me and I'll look it up for you.

Anyway, good luck, don't get overwhlemed and paralyzed at the massive amount of information available on-line, I did that and endured far more sterss than I had to. My solution was to go with the cheapest and simplest solution, and it worked like a charm. On top of all that, we can use them if we decide to have a second baby, and because everything is white, we don't have to worry if it's a girl.
Let us know how things progress!


Let me guess --

It matters not what you say in your posts, just give us the pictures of your beautiful children.

Do I win the Unicorn?


blue border on pics?


Different??? No clue. Adorable matching kids photos though!


Showing us the sweetest pictures of your babies? I said Awww out loud when I saw the last one.

die Frau

Gotta go with Danielle or Kim: We all think your kids are cute no matter what, and you're concentrating on what matters most: their sweet little smiles.

I, too, noticed the Flight of the Conchords reference. Anyone else disappointed by the new season? They're trying too hard.

But I digress: I adore your sweet, matchy, bird-giving boys.

Jamie AZ

To me, it sounded a little "Swedish Chef" around your house today!


awww. babies. gurgle. sweet sweet babies.


You aren't photographing your kids on your couch? LOL, sorry, I had to....


I dont't know what is different.... but what I DO want to know is how on earth do you get Ezra to do tummy-time without losing his bananas?? My 5-month old acts like I am torturing him or something... thus he will never crawl I am sure. :-/


I don't know but I wish I had Noah's Snoopy t-shirt. I'd take that over a unicorn any day.


are you storyboarding it first?


My guess is that you're trying cloth diapers, as I don't remember you mentioning them before.

Hard to notice beside Noah's amazing smile, though.


Are you trying out cloth diapers?

I became so obsessed with them when my children were small that I probably spent the money I could have used them to buy a car when they turn 16.

Whatever...I had fun.

Emily Jones

I got it!

A French speaking Joey from "Friends" is guest-blogging!



Grrrdenblah!and Shmuuuggenblah dee blah. I could have won the unicorn, but my computer just exploded from the cuteness overload.


You got the Swedish Chef to write your captions?


super cheap cloth diaper stuff? I want to know where you got them ... toying with the idea right now and loving all the info I'm learning here.

Amy H

Jack is wearing the same shirt as Noah today. Cute!


You let those sweet boys write your post today didn't you?


you're writing from ez's perspective?

gimme my unicorn.


The phrase from Wallydraigle "These pictures are enough to make me want octuplets" just kills me. Also, "Poofenblah" needs to be printed on t-shirts.


You're trying to see if you can end every sentence in 'blah'? I hope I'm right... I've always, always, ALWAYS wanted a unicorn!!


You washed Noah's shirt and Erza's diaper together and
turned Snoopy PINK!


Very cute pictures!!!

I want to speak in blarbs!

Is the new thing the fact that your photos now pop-out into their own window for our EXTRA pop-ie viewing pleasure? Cause I like that.

Mama Podkayne

Ah, that's a Happy Hieny, right? I think I have that same model!

I love cloth dipes. That's the new thing right? I'm the second one here to say that, so no unicorn for me........


Not a single, ahem, f-bomb, is that it?


Wait...I've got it...the Swedish Chef is the new ghostwriter on your blog :P

Adorable pictures!


So much cuteness...distracted by teh cuteness...

There were words with those pictures?


I am gonna say: your letting Noah, tell what the photo captions should be?


Ezra isn't crying because you aren't holding him? I don't know, I'm bad at guessing games.


New Bed?


I know...you must be fluent in Swedish. You sound just like the Swedish chef.

Ummmm...seriously, is it that the kids match?


I have no idea, but Sarah's comment that you are speaking in "IKEA" made me snarf coffee, just a little.


Aw, so sweet of you to let Ezra type your captions today!

Plano Mom

Lovely photos, even when Ezra shoots the bird. Why is it so cute on a baby, but when he's 15 and he does it it's infuriating? Perhaps it's the actual words that go with it when he's 15...


Your kids are more adorable than ususal?

Katie Kat

POOFENBLAH!!! OMG. I'm too distracted by the cuteness to guess what's new.

Bethany's future hubby is still the most adorable little boy on the planet (but Ez is coming up fast). AND I personally think what is now being labeled as sensory issues will turn out to be that he's really a genius.

Now you just have to MOVE TO MY TOWN AND BE MY BEST FRIEND. Just sayin. :)


cropping the photos before you post to maximize the cuteness blah?


Hmm... Sorry, did you say something? Busy watching cute kids. What? I'm sorry, were you talking again?

I am so kidding and I read every little word you write. (Although Shmuuuggenblah is my new favorite word.)


An aside, How's your dad? Hopefully, no news is good news. Yes?


I, too, love Flight of the Conchords.

Parsing Nonsense

Did you have Ezra narrate the post? He sounds vaguely German, which is great for him as he'll have the advantage when he goes into preschool, armed as he is with his two languages.

Mama Leone

Ezra rolled over?

Maria A.

I didn't notice anything different because I was too busy smiling at the pictures of your beautiful boys.

Love their coordinated clothing.


This is the post where you can't think of anything else to say so you're posting pictures to distract us so we won't be all, "hey, you there - where's like, words and shit?!"

Rock on with the sweet pics and matching diapers. :)

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