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Meaningless Milestones


Look, unless something spectacularly hilarious happens to me in the next five minutes, I'm posting photos AGAIN and calling it a week. It's either this, or I could talk about who's puking in our house this time. Oh, the thrill. Feel it. YOU FEEL THE THRILL!

So...I don't know. I guess the couch could collapse while I'm typing, or I could trip and fall on my way to the bathroom, and maybe my back-up laptop would go flying out of my hands and land in the toilet in a Poetic Trifecta of Technological Irony. I guess that could happen.

I'll keep you posted.


IMG_2005 IMG_1994



(Also known as first time in the high chair [BITES KNUCKLE EEP], which I retrieved from the attic and promptly dropped down two flights of stairs. You know the tray part like, comes off? And stuff? And isn't like, a handle? I'd completely forgotten about that amazing feature. Good to know. Anyway, Jason was sure I'd killed myself for a couple minutes there. Sadly, no, not even injured a little, which would have at least given me something to talk about today.)



(I seriously had to crop four inches of arm out of that photo.)

Well, I've posted enough photos, I think, and absolutely nothing interesting happened. Although Ceiba saw a squirrel. I'll let her tell you about it.


And. Done. Have a good weekend, everybody.


Sprite's Keeper

Adorable baby. Adorable Noah. Bitchin' eyebrows. But, how the hell do you get your floor that shiny? DAMN!

Mary @ Holy Mackerel

Your week has been more interesting than mine. Honestly.

I love your blog, by the way, like that's a big surprise!! :o)

Abra Leah

I wish my week had been as uneventful. Except for the puking. We're coughing instead.
I love Noah's smile in that last picture. :)


I honestly get oh so excited when I see you've updated your blog...and then I get over here and there's nothing but adorable pictures and funny captions??? Nonsense. Nonsense I say.

Oh wait. I LOVE the cute pictures and funny captions.

Good work :)


I love the pictures! Ezra has such an earnest face in everything that he does. And sweet Noah! He looks a lot like trying to wrestle my 3-year-old (Ezra) into holding still for just a second. "Jeez, Mom, stop kissing me already!"


Today, I saw you in the car next to me! Here in the Deep South. And there were two kids in the backseat, and one was Noah! But the other one was a girl; therefore, it wasn't you. My obnoxious waving was for naught. FML.


Love Ezra as "The Thinker" in high chair photo #2.

Jen L.

This is why yer blawg is mah favorite. :)


Could your kids look any more like you?


If you went all Britney and shaved your head, you'd look exactly like Ezra. Awesome!


I'm going to assume Jason's puking since the rest of you look well. Have a great weekend, too!

Parsing Nonsense

The forward motion picture is silly, he looks so annoyed by gravity. I think your baby has a more sophisticated palette than I do, I've never tried polenta! Adorable photos with Noah!


Sorry about the puking. But yay for your totally adorable boys and your GORGEOUS hair (seriously, can I have it? plz?) and way shiny floors.

Have a wonderful weekend!


How do you get your hair looking so spectacular with all those boys (and so little time) in your house??


lmao @ Ezra aka Inchworm


I love the Photo Posts! So cute!


*Serious polenta face* Must eat polenta.


Hey, no news is better than bad news. Glad you're all doing well-ish.


Photos work just fine for me! CUTE pictures!


Dude, don't complain about being bored - once I did that, and then I fractured my knee.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy)

I love those photos! Your kids are adorable! Hope they are all feeling better soon if they are sick..or you are sick...or someone is sick. Regardless...they are cute!

Wacky Mommy

You're so trying to slow down the crawling by complicating things with the pillow, arntcha? I was praying my second one wouldn't walk til 18 months. No luck.

Tell Ceiba hahaha sucka from the 800 squirrels in our yard.

Grace Guinevere

You look happy =0)


Do I spy a clean marble fireplace in the background?! Have been dying to know if your cleaning trick worked.... !

Plus, hair is awesome, glad I'm not alone in thinking kids should like polenta... :)


Sorry, but the dog is too funny!. Yeah, yeah, the kiddies are cute, too...and polenta? I hadn't thought of that...


Even your "boring" posts are pretty frikking fabulous!


Forward motion series is priceless!

Lisa M

Your hair is so pretty...and looks so soft. I might have to switch to Pureology now. Oh yeah, the kids are cute, too. Really cute.

Amber Mc

You post photos of those boys like, WHENEVER. They're nommy.


You do know that no one needs words, right, when there are photos of nom-able baaayeee?
And don't even JOKE about the techno trauma. The Techno gods might smite thee.

Your hair is amazing! Hate you, daaaahling!


Hope you are all feeling better and have survived this insane weather in DC.

LOVE Polenta :)

Bill McNutt

I can't compete with the child commentary. But your polenta is way firmer than mine.


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

Ezra's a cutie! I love those high chair photos!

Colleen - a madison mom

hysterical! He just looks so determined. And the last shot. heehee. He looks like he's saying "Um... mom... a little help here?"


OMG. The tongue out photo KILLED me. Hilariously cute. And yes, VERY shiny floor. (i delurk rarely - they was good photoz)

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