So You've Gone & Left Your iPhone in a Bathroom Stall at Nationals Stadium
Tick Tick Tick Tick



Ha! I've been on hold for 10 minutes and that was exactly the laugh I needed.


Heh. I'm certainly not gonna be the one to tell him.


Sprite's Keeper

That is some fierce determination right there.Too cute!


Too funny.


I recognize those eyes.


I can't see past that adorable little fist.


Lol. That's a fierce-looking baby right there. I predict you have many many months of nursing ahead of you.

Courtney D

Stop it with the crazed-cuteness!! He looks like he might just claw his way up your pant leg if he doesn't get what he wants! Look out, mama!!!


is there LOLspeak for babies?

nursies, i wants them.


Reminds me of my second son. I swear, I was going to send him to Boobaholics Anonymous. Thankfully, he eventually unlatched.


Hehehe! Very cute from my perspective but maybe not so much for you! Feed the baby!


My baby is almost 13 months old (Thursday) and he is THINKING about weaning and I'm like: No, no, baby! Not yet! I mean, of course he's on milk all day, but I still love the morning and nighttime feeding. Oh I miss those crazy eyes ... :)

Mariana Perri

Too funny!
My daughter always had that same look in her face when she saw BOOBS!lol
Only managed to wean her at 15 months, and only because I spent nearly 30 days without EVER letting her see the desired BOOBS!!!!lol


Ceiba in the background...I wonder what she's thinking. :P

Parsing Nonsense

Yeah dude, that fellow looks like he would cut you for trying to wean him. You'd wake up to a pacifier being held at your neck or something.


Whoa... and I thought my little girl got fierce about wanting to nurse


I pity da foo' who gets between dat boy and his boobays.

Mary@Holy Mackerel

Umm, pretty sure you're correct. He wants some num nums badly.

I remember my son used to scream at me, and lift my shirt up to my shoulders, lest I ignore him momentarily in his time of need.

Sally jo

Nope, couldn't care less.


I just smacked my head on the corner of a shelf and have a big red angry rectangle on my forehead. And the baby is shrieking that she's not being fed and being allowed to bang on the keyboard at the same time.

I am extremely cranky.

And that made me laugh. Thank you!


HOLY FATTY CHEEKS! Oh so squeezable...ohhhh so nommable!

Jessica V

Yummy!! My almost 6-month old does that when he sees the bottle - his eyes bug out, hands start grabbing and he starts licking at the bottle well before it gets anywhere near his mouth. Love it!

Mama Rae

I love it! I miss my little one when he was that age. Ya know back before he learned to talk back.


He looks like he will kick your ass if you so much as think about trying to wean him


That face is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda B

I remember the crayzee eyes too...Sigh... it feels so long ago even though it's been three years. My son (now a four y.o.) would latch on and make smacking sounds and hmmm sounds. We could never be in public as he sounded like a little piglet at the trough.


Yup, got the same thing over here. They're gonna be real Boob Men.


I get that look several times a day. I think my favorite is when he pops off for just a second to look at me and smile. Love it.

That is one very cool polo top - you need to submit him onto MiniHispter!


That's hilarious. I think I'd much prefer that to what my daughter does, which is lay back on my lap, close her eyes, and open her mouth. Like I'm her servant or something. Such a princess, that one.


Is it wrong that I have compared my sweet, beautiful baby girl to a vicious carnivore about to feast when she's very hungry? She practically growls. And she scrunches up her nose and roots around with a very intense, singular purpose.


Looks like my 13-month-old son now, only with more teeth. Very, very sharp teeth. Gah. I was planning to do the whole WHO-recommended two full years, but I don't think my boobs can takes too much more...


Amy, and other breastfeeding moms, you might be interested in this:


That made me laugh so hard!


priceless. my daughter isn't even 4 months yet and she rips at my shirt, motorboats, and slaps the tata's around until mama opens the buffet. i'd post pics of that, but i'm pretty sure it's inappropriate for public viewing.


I know that look! Gird your boobies!

Amy K

My daughter isn't quite six weeks old, but I've already become very familiar with the Hungry Eyes. That picture is priceless.


oh man i know that look... also, now my 3 mo. old likes to play boob-games... she get's the hungry look and goes to town for about 5 seconds then pops off, leans way back, and smiles at me until i look down and laugh (which you can't help but do)... and then again, and again... makes feeding sessions endless... but entertaining!

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