Meaningless Milestones
Evaluation Nation, Part II

No Day Like Today

Noah's next big evaluation/assessment is first thing tomorrow morning. I've been busily anticipating it all day by not thinking about it. And blowing bubbles in the backyard. Then going to the playground. (The enthusiasm level was higher than in that last photo, I swear, since it's not 900 million degrees today.) Now everyone is running (or sort of lolling and flopping) around the house with no pants on and I don't exactly know what happened to everybody's pants, but I'm going with it. (Typical late-afternoon decline in quality childcare standards, I suppose.) There will pants tomorrow. And a lot of other similarly annoying things. Pants, man. So overrated.

Today though. Today gets two thumbs up.






oh my god, your children! the adorableness!

i hope the evaluation ends up being... productive. it's kind of odd to wish good luck when actually you want someone to not do well so that they can get the help they need. hmmm.


Could they be any cuter? No way. Good luck with the assessment, will be thinking of you.


Careful with the bubble blowing--little kids can beg and beg for the bubbles and one time I almost passed out from blowing bubbles for too long.



(Was kidding. No passing out. But some serious lightheadedness. Oh, and good luck with the evals)


Love those babies! Good luck tomorrow.


How does Noah manage to look EXACTLY like both you and your husband ??
ADORABLE, anyway :)

Courtney D

Sending you well wishes for tomorrow... I hope it goes just the way you want it to. Also- I love Pants-free-Tuesday! Currently being implemented on my side of the beltway!!!

Stephanie D.

GOOD luck tomorrow - uh yeah, that's for you Amalah, not Noah. He will be just fine. ;)

Jessica V

WOW - cutest ever! Good luck tomorrow - we'll be thinking of you. Oh, and "no pants" afternoons are the best! We often do "pants-free Sundays" around these parts.


Aaargh! Cute overload! Cute overload! Cannot process all the cute at one time!

There. Better. Phew.


ezra's fuzzy head looks delicious


Your boys are so adorable! Good luck tomorrow.


good luck tomorrow!

LD's Mom

Do you think my 6 month old could borrow some of your 6 month old's hair? Too cute!

Sprite's Keeper

Good luck with the assessment! You're right. Pants are terribly overrated. In fact, so are shirts. Maybe the nudists are on to something..


Ezra looks like a fuzzy headed little peep. Also TEETH ... Do I see teeth?!


You're a good mom, what with all the activities and whatnot. You make me feel like a lazy mommy because I didn't blow bubbles with my kids or go to the park today. Okay, will do both tomorrow!


I'm going to get banned from looking at this site soon. There's apparently a little too much of this going on:

Me: Look at the baaaabiiiieesss! Noah used to be so SMALL and Ezra looks like a HAM and /WAAAAIIIIIL

Boyfriend: Aw, you gave up all that cuteness for me.

Me: Barely. Worth. It.

Marta, Ezra looks like such a big kid with his awesome smile and plaid shirt. Wow - how time flies.

Noah is as adorable as ever.

Best wishes for tomorrow!!

Amy H

Good luck tomorrow! And hopefully they won't ask to look at your choice of car seat. ha! kidding. You know...relieving the tension of yesterday. (because seriously?! Don't people know that you over-analyze every decision by now?)

too soon?

damn. that always happens.



love the Rent reference.



Hold the phone.

Stop the world a minute.

*squints real hard*

*embiggens picture*

*squints hard...grabs cheaters*

ARE THOSE TEETH I spy in that last picture???

I have to go dose myself up with insulin now. Too much sweetness for me. I like em more ornery and sullen and teenagerish.



I need to call EI for my second child. My second child who may need EI, that is, who is actually my third child.

Gah. I confuse myself.

What I want to say is that I panic when I see the referral letter. Which is sitting next to me.


Good luck tomorrow!


Wow, you guys always start out with pants? Everyday? And keep them on until the afternoon? Geez, we're slackers who can hardly make it into our pants by the afternoon! Fingers crossed that the evaluation is both accurate and helpful.


Oh, what little cuties, and what beautiful smiles they have! My Ezra is completely opposed to pants. We're potty training, so every morning he puts on underpants and announces "But I don't want pants." I figure it's a small compromise. But I do remind him every day that soon, soon we will have to go back to the days of wearing pants. Just not today.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.


Two thumbs up indeed!


Enjoy the days when bubbles are entertainment...too soon those days are gone and you'll be blowing bubbles to bring back memories.

Good luck for you all tomorrow. Hope you get lots of answers!


Ezra is just turning into the spitting image of Noah! What an adorable duo you have there.

O and good luck tomorrow!


Ezra is just turning into the spitting image of Noah! What an adorable duo you have there.

O and good luck tomorrow!


OMG!!! Ezra looks like he sprouted one fine mane overnight! Freakin' cute! P.S. pants ARE totally overrated... and so are nursing bras, but that's a topic for another day!


Good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes well.

Abra Leah

I'll be thinking of y'all tomorrow.


Whoa, since when is Ezra blonde? So cute!!

Jen L.

As we say in the theatre, Noah, break a leg! We'll all be sending you great big hugs and good wishes.
Um, hi, Mr. Blondey McCutie Pants Ezra! I like your shirt!


That Ezra is a dreamboat all of the sudden! So stinking cute!


Pants free is nothing. Its only been in the last 2 years that I have managed to convince my oldest that we can't spend weekend days naked.


You know, just when you think Noah is all grown and "BIG KID-ISH" he goes and has an "I STILL BABY" look in his photos. (Check Photo #2. Those CHEEKS!!!)

Ezra....Nom-able as ever!


Teeth? Since when did Ez get teeth?

I am obviously behind the times.


You know, I was just at a play therapy training (I know, how ridiculous it is to go to a "training" about how to play with kids.) But anyway, the woman who taught did a whole segment on bubble blowing and how it helps kids self-regulate. You just gotta practice blowing REALLY BIG ONES. So there. Bubble blowing IS productive. And Therapeutic. And all that.
I hope you and Noah get what you need out of that evaluation tomorrow.


At least you can rest comfortably knowing that regardless of how tomorrow (err today) goes you have some damn fine looking boys :D

badness jones

My kids call it a 'no pants party' and although I'm always invited to join in, I feel it's prudent to keep mine on. (If I looked as cute nudie as they do though, I'd never bother with clothes at all!)

Heather B

I just have to say:
In the comments of your last post...Hope's "thought bubbles" for the boys made me laugh out loud they were so funny! Good luck at the eval tomorrow.

Bill McNutt

That was my first thought as well. I was going to wish you luck in the evaluation, but you'll get more help if it sucks.

So with the best of intentions, I'll wish you and your son the worst day of the year tomorrow and hope you take it in the spirit that it was intended.


Amy M.

Adorable boys! And good luck with the assessment!

To quote the infinite wisdom of Homer Simpson: "We hate pants!"


Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of your family.

And now I have that Rent song stuck in my head thanks to your post title!


Uh Jeez Amy I feel sooo sorry for you. I mean do you have the shotgun ready because if people lose their sh*t over the Jonas Brothers, The world is gonna have to come to a complete standstill for "The Storch Brothers"!!! Jason will be so proud! A screaming horde of girls. You already have a swooning horde of grown women on this site.

Sarah @

Good luck and best wishes to you and to Noah both with the evaluation!!!

Also, pants are totally overrated.


I can't believe that you allow your boys to go without pants. It is totally unsafe. Why, when my two were that age, I kept them in pants by using the 5-point harness restraint. You simply can't take such chances with your little loved ones. What are you thinking, lady?

Parsing Nonsense

Good for you! There WILL be pants tomorrow, but there may not be sunshine and bubbles so get down with yo sanguine self and enjoy the heck out of your two marvelous boys and happy times.

Mama Ritchie

I don't think I've seen cuter brothers in my life. Even cuter than the Jonas Brothers --- wait, no. Even cuter than the HANSON brothers! Good luck with the assessment.


I'm with you there on the no-pants thing. Before afternoon nap, my son uses the bathroom (which can only be done with pants and underwear completely off) and then goes down to sleep (I insist that the underwear go back on). It is much more relaxing to sleep without elastic or buttons or whatever on your waist... cooler, and easier to cuddle up under the covers. If we aren't going back out for the rest of the day-- who cares?

Hoping you get a 'normal' day for the eval, as that will tell you the most.


I'll gladly participate in Pants-Free Tuesday! Hoping all is going well with the evaluation today. Those photos-squeee! Noah with his sweet toddler face in that second photo, and Ez, who I just want to scoop up and smooch! (that's not weird, right? )


Good Luck!

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