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Oh, God. I seriously just typed, "Hi, we're all still alive" without thinking about it, because I wonder if some of you are expecting someone to NOT still be alive, which is like, heavy and bleak and depressing, especially since we are all MOST EMPHATICALLY ALL STILL ALIVE.

In fact, as evidence for the "I am perhaps made of magic after all" theory, I think my father has improved dramatically since I got here on Monday night, when he was thin and frail and shaking and I honestly didn't recognize the little old man wearing my dad's glasses. Then I made spaghetti and meatballs and he ate two helpings and I figured out how to TiVo the Phillies game even though the guide wasn't showing that there even WAS a Phillies game (leave it to my dad, though, to still know exactly when the Phillies are playing despite being bedridden since January), and today I brought him a terribly unhealthy lunch of a bacon cheeseburger, like do I know how to help a cardiac patient or what, and he ate that too and played lots of peekaboo with Ezra and declared him "human cuteness personified," which is English professor speak for NOM NOM NOM ON TEH BAYBEE.

On Tuesday his pulmonologist told us there was essentially nothing more anybody could do: it was up to my dad now. The body vs. the spirit. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm so glad I brought along these two handy dandy reminders that life is worth living.






So glad to hear your dad is doing better. Please know that there are many of us thinking about and praying for your family!


I love Noah's face in the second picture. Like, "Yes, I know the baby is screaming right next to me. Just ignore him."

jive turkey

I'm so glad your Dad's condition (and spirits) have improved. Sending you all kinds of happy thoughts.

Mary@Holy Mackerel

Nothing like cute little munchkins to make anyone want to live, and smile.

Glad to hear he's doing better.


Glad to hear your Dad is feeling better and the kiddies are STILL cute!

But really what is Woodstock doing to Snoopy in that bed???!!!

Sprite's Keeper

So you brought him pasta, burgers, and munchkins. Yeah, I'd say that's exactly what the doctor ordered.


Your dad is an English Professor? That SO makes sense.

"Oy," huh? A nod to passover?


Yeah, I'd say those two are a pretty good reason to keep on ticking. Also - definitely breathed a sigh of relief that everyone is A-OK.


I am SO GLAD everyone's doing OK.


Christina - Snoopy and Woodstock are reminding us that life is worth living!

Anonymous New York

I'm glad your dad is feeling better and gets to NOM on the BAYBEE. That last pic of Noah is TEH AWESOME. He's always so serious, so it's great to see a funny face. Even in the presence of an Ez meltdown.

Best wishes to the Prof. and the rest of your family.


I'm glad your dad is fine. Also, that bed looks mighty adorable, what with the two progeny in it and all.

Bill McNutt

My heart goes out to you. I buried my own Mom recently, and getting "The Call" from my sister and then blowing a hole in the air down to Atlanta were some of the most intenst moments of my life. I'm glad you got there in time to help, and I wish you the very best, but I know when I got told "it was up to her now" that I got a cold knot in my stomach.



Go Amalah's Dad!

I have that exact Snoopy and Woodstock. And I am a grownup. Wow.


That'd keep me going, for sure!

Seriously, I'm so glad you and the bebes are there -- life is worth living, especially when there are two adorable reminders right there with you!

Prayers for the professor and his awesome family!


Glad your dad is feeling better. And indeed he must, with those little ones by his side :)

I want to frame that third pic, it just reminds me of my own childhood, one sibling crying as the other laughs on, heh heh :p


Yay! Love the pics, love the grandkid medicine!


Awesome. I'm glad that you're dad is better and that the grandbabehs helped lift him up. You just never know what will perk someone up. I'll keep the prayers going for continued improvement. And it's my firm belief that bacon cheeseburgers fix everything!


Ditto everyone else. Hopefully you and your boys were just what was needed to turn things around for your dad.

I love how Noah is laughing while Ezra screams!



We have our own family medical crisis stuff going on too, and yes, the babies make ALL the difference.


so, so glad hon.


I'm so glad he has improved. Lots of prayers coming your way.


You always make me feel better so it's no surprise that your dad turned around once he saw you and your delicious babies. The bacon cheeseburger? Genius.


I'm very, very glad that the update is a good one. Sounds like you (and your sweeties) are just what he needed. The kids, of course, are beautiful.


Noah has little vampire teeth in the last picture. So cute!


I love how Noah is cracking up while Ezra screams! So awesome.

I'll be sending good vibes your way for your father. :)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

I'm glad that your father is doing a little better. Keep those boys around! =)


please note: mr. schmoopsy not happy. mr. schmoopsy brother mr. cutiepants doing good though.

so sorry your dad is struggling. i hope your presence is the complete magic it takes.


Yay!! I hope your Dad keeps up the fight. Sickness sucks for everyone concerned.


Glad to hear your dad is feeling better. Isn't it amazing what a bacon cheeseburger will do for the soul? That, and munchable babies!


I'm glad you're father is doing better.

And that last photo totally reminds me of the "Charlie Bit Me" video on youtube.

Jen L.

I'm so glad your dad has perked up. Sweet little boys are a miracle drug. I'm taking my own little miracle drug to see my mom tomorrow after her hip replacement. Praying things keep looking up for your dad.


ummmm... both of them are human cuteness personified. Praying for you guys.


I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing better. Many good wishes to your family


Go, go, Amalah's dad!!!


Still sending good thoughts and very happy to hear that boy magic still works!

Springsteen fan

Still pulling for all of you. Make some happy memories with this visit.


So glad to hear that your Dad's feeling better. Stay and visit and share those good vibes!

Missy Carvin

Big love to you. I know firsthand the magic that a daughter's cooking can do for her ailing Dad. Apparently, my pot roast came real close to curing thyroid cancer! Have fun with the cuteness brigade and give you Dad all the love you can on this trip. I'll be praying for everyone.


YOU are the biggest blessing in your dad's life. He is so proud of the family you're raising, I can feel it from here.


And please let your dad know we love him just like we love you.


So glad you posted, as I have been checking back all day, hoping you would have nothing bad/sad/not good to report.

Yay, cheezburger!
Yay, grandsons!
Yay, Noah laughing at Ez's distress!

Abra Leah

Oh! Thank God. I've been checking...

Adrienne Schoenfeld

First I went to tell you..I really feel for you. I've been in a similar situation um..about four times now. All of my thoughts and huge support are with you and the family. You gave your dad a huge gift by bringing his grand-kids to him. Nothing boosts that old "will" to kick some serious booty and stay in the game like those cute KIDS (and mom too). Take care of yourself, it is a huge emotional drain, huh? Add a few kids on top of that..phew! You've got yourself SOME Sandwich! Sending big hugs!


SOOO glad your dad is doing better. Bacon Cheeseburgers, The Phillies and Cute children is much better than anything else you could ask for.


So, so happy and relieved to hear he is doing better! Many hugs to you all!


Even professors need a bacon cheeseburger. Multiple doses of cuteness, stat!!

Amber Mc

I'm so glad to see a good update. Keep rubbing those there children in his face. They are adorable!


Yay for the healing power of babies! Especially incredibly cute ones like yours.

Parsing Nonsense

Glad to hear your Dad's rallying. You may not be made of magic, but perhaps your kids are...? I'm pretty sure those adorable little faces could bring anyone back from the brink. Oh, and bacon cheeseburgers? Even if he is a cardiac patient, there's really no better way to renew a person's desire to live than by providing them with bacon-smothered goodness. Well played, Amalah.


I'm so glad you are able to have this time with your Dad. He seems like a great guy and you clearly have a wonderful family. Its so important that they are letting you help them. I imagine they are addicted to it by now, you are so good at it. You are also lucky to have a husband that can support you through this.

Your story also drives home how important just being in the moment is. And even just honestly being.

Just as you and the boys are magnificently enriching your parents lives in a way that will send them to the next place (whenever that is - later anyway) very strong whole and well loved. You and the boys will always have another core of power inside knowing that they can magically heal important people. And you will have this journal to prove it to them when they hit those years of self doubt that come at us on a regular schedule.



If you look quickly at that last picture, it looks like Noah has a joint between his fingers. Which might explain the laughing. and the crying. hehe.

Glad things are going better.

Nancy R.

What did you guys do to piss off Ezra?

Give your pops a hug from me, the wacky mommy in Portland, Ore. The doctors told my grandma NO MILKSHAKES, TOO MUCH SUGAR! And I'm thinking -- she has no appetite. Please can I fix her a milkshake?


glad to hear you brought your dad some spirit! praying real hard for him!




LMAO.. Noah smiling at Ezra's pain. Fabulous.


LOL that last picture is too much!

Good to hear that everyone is doing well!


Sending your dad lots of strength vibes. My grandma was brought into the hospital in Germany two days ago with severe dehydration and who-knows-what-else. It's the pictures of the baby that keep her going--so yes, babies are made of magic!


Glad to hear things are going better...but seriously who wouldn't feel better when meatballs and bacon are involved!

Love! Love! Love! That last picture of the boys! That picture is hang on the wall in a really big frame worthy! ;)

Mrs. Q.

Hugs to you. I went through this with my dad in 2004; I only wish I had children by then. It's true that they make the sorrow a little lighter. I wish you all many laughs together.

(Bacon is good for the soul. Period.)


Having been through this second hand the last few years, I'll say stay there with your parents as long as you can.

I did not realize your father has been bedridden that long. If he's not under hospice care, it's something your father and mother should consider. Hugs for your father, mother, you and your family.


I am sure the yummy goodness of your cooking and the bacon cheeseburger sure helped your dad. Above all else, you being there with your precious boys is the best medicine. So you see, to your family, you ARE made of magic!


I'm thinking of you all. I am so glad to hear that your dad is doing better since your arrival. Hugs to you all.


I hope the spirit overrules the body.....


I love that last picture, it's almost like they are both remembering the biting incident. I'm so glad your dad is doing better.


English professor pops, huh? That totally makes sense! You are a great daughter, you know that? You broght baseball, babies, and burgers. What more could a man want?


I'm so SO happy your dad is feeling better! Meatballs and bacon. Mmmmm hmmm. :)

And I love your translation of his "English professor speak."
Having been a lit. major, that's especially funny to me. :)


So glad you posted and that it's good news. Tell the boys to keep up the good work!


If those two don't motivate him, I don't know what will.

We've been using our daughter for the purpose of motivating our grandfather. It's working, so I don't feel bad about it at all.

Best wishes to you all. Hang in there.


Snoopy has the Jungle Fever.

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