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Six Months

How? How how how?


How are you six months old already?


Don't make me bust out with the "but it feels like only yesterday!" cliches, young man.


But seriously, weren't you a tiny smushy little newborn a few days ago?


Oh, mighty Ez, it's going by so quickly it hurts.


Everywhere we go, people ask. "Is he always this happy? Is he always this good?" And I have to sheepishly admit that yes, you are.

You smile at everybody, and they of course smile back. How could anybody not smile at you, all round and satisfying and Gerber-baby perfect?


I wasn't sure what to expect of you, little man. I was comfortable with the idea of you, of a boy, of another baby just like your brother. I generally assumed you'd be more difficult, harder to please, more awake-all-night-and-crying-all-day simply because your brother wasn't like that, therefore I was due.

You go to bed like clockwork and you sleep all night. You take naps. You cry when you are wet, when you are hungry, and when you want to be held. Though you always, ALWAYS want to be held. I sometimes feel guilty that I am not documenting your babyhood enough, either in words or photos, but then I remember that most days you don't let me put you down long enough to grab the camera or type with both hands free. I put you down -- only for a second! I'm right here, I'm still here, don't cry! -- and your entire face immediately melts and you start to wail. Piteously, despairingly...and when I reappear as promised one second later and you flash the sort of smile that most humans reserve for the airport, reuniting with a long-lost loved one, after an extended tour of duty overseas.


You are so easy to love, it's ridiculous.

You aren't much for those milestone charts -- something that amuses me, since your brother blasted through them, always at least a month or two or three ahead of his age, before grinding to a halt around his first birthday and forever humbling me and changing my expectations of this motherhood business. You, on the other hand, have no interest in rolling over onto your tummy, or sitting up on your own. And you know what? That is damn fine with me. You'll get there when you get there, and I know we'll get there entirely too soon for my tastes. In the meantime, I'll take all the extra immobile cuddles I can get.

Although "immobile" isn't entirely correct, since you have gotten pretty good at the upside-down-crab scoot, where you arch your back and neck and kick your feet and propel yourself across the floor, or very nearly off the edge of the changing table, as we recently almost learned. Yes, please give me some time before you start crawling. My reflexes are a tad rusty.


Eating, on the other hand! That's where you're a viking. You will eat anything. Everything. Stuff that a six-month-old semi-toothless non-sitting-upright-assisted baby should have no business eating, and yet you reach for it, grab it, gum it expertly without the slightest cough or gag. You drink water from my cup, steal your brother's orzo and parmesan, chomp on teething biscuits and delight in every fruit and vegetable puree I can think to offer you. With the notable exception of green beans. Not a fan of the green beans.


It's gotten a little overwhelming, actually, trying to keep up with your appetite and your zeal for new and different flavors. And yet I have to admit to being really freaking proud of you when I lazily bought jarred versions of some of your favorites  -- squash, sweet potatoes, blueberries --and you rejected every. single. one. with a look of extreme disgust.

(Your father is beside himself with joy, I'll have you know.)


You adore your older brother, and the feeling is rapidly becoming mutual, as you sit and laugh hysterically at each other for no apparent reason at all. Your laugh is a squeaky little giggle, and you reserve it for only your most favorite people.

I keep talking about your smile, I know, but I have to tell you: there's a smile that I don't have any pictures of, that I don't think I'll ever have a picture of. It's a smile you only give to me -- it vanishes the instant my face disappears behind a camera, or when you sense there's anyone else in the room with us. You give me this smile in the morning, as we snuggle up to nurse. You give me this smile in the afternoon, as we curl up on the couch to settle you down for a nap. You give me this smile when I kiss your chins or belly or sing you a song and it's a smile I will never forget, and I will never feel guilty for not sharing it with anybody else in the world.


She Likes Purple

I remember reading the week you gave birth, every day thinking it's so close, I can't believe it's here. And ... that was six months ago? I just don't see how that's possible. And, Amy, he's just so beautiful.


Six months? It hurts how fast babies grow up.

He's completely adorable. And I know that smile. That perfect secret smile.

Thank you for sharing him with his Internet Aunties!


My little guy is a month younger than your fabulous Ezra. He also has a smile that's just for me - it's the best thing ever.

Happy six months, Mighty Ez. You are incredible!


I love this! Such a big boy already.
Also, the mid jump Ceiba picture is great!


Ahh.. six months. I'm loving this age right now. It's perfect (minus the butt wiping part). My little man is 5 days older than Ezra.


What a sweet thing - I cannot believe he's already six months old either!

Sprite's Keeper

So soon and yet so big! He's such a little man already!


"you flash the sort of smile that most humans reserve for the airport"

Oh, how beautiful.


What a beautiful post for Ezra.

Being immobile was the best gift my kids gave me. They didn't crawl til 10 and 11 months or walk til 13 and 14 months (respectively). It let me hold on to the notion that they were Mah Babies that much longer and I could refill my wine glass without turning around to find them standing on the dining room table for months longer than all of my friends.
But now that you wrote it you know he'll be crawling by Monday.

Miss Grace

Your babies make me happy.

Jen L.

Waaaaaaaaaaah and also NOM NOM. That is all. Happy 6 months, Ezra. :)


Thanks for sharing. Even though you're technically a complete stranger, posts like this make me smile, so thank you for that! :)


What an awesome entry for Ezra to have and cherish when he grows up - and yes Amy, he will grow up. They all do - and much too fast!!!

I thank you for sharing your family with us - its been 2 1/2 years that I have been reading this blog - seems much shorter. Noah has come so far. Such a sweet sweet boy. And Ezra - precious.


So, I seem to remember that when each of your babies were born, you exclaimed that they looked just like Jason. And yet, somehow they end up looking just like you :) I only know you from pictures, but Ezra is looking a whole lot like his mommy these days!


(Oh, and may I add that he is absolutely perfectly delightful and I'm not sure I've ever seen such a cute baby in my whole life?)


This is a love letter above all others......you are one lucky baby.....and one lucky mom! I envy you with all of my heart!

Reluctant Housewife

He's absolovely. Cutest ever.

Both my boys waited till after 6 months to sit up, too.


Ohhh. Teary. My little girl is one calendar month younger than Ezra, and it does go so fast it hurts. Thanks for the heartstring pulling. I'm trying to document and remember too, but mostly trying to enjoy and be in the moment.


I remember sitting in math class and happening to look at the clock and thinking "Amalah is having her baby right about now!" and it does not seem 6 months ago, this is crazy. I keep telling my friend, whose daughter's 1 year birthday party is this weekend, that I remember being in the delivery room when that delicious squishy person came out and HOW WAS IT A YEAR ALREADY?! I cannot imagine what it will be like for me when I have children, but these types of post really really make me want to. (someday!) :)


So. Freakin'. Handsome!

I'm glad you mentioned the thing about the mommy smile at the end of your post. I get the same thing from my little girl--and it disappears as soon as I pull out the camera.

And: Milestones, shmilestones. Whatevah.


Ok, stop it now. Seriously. This is the second post in a row that I've teared up reading. I'm going to only read your blog on waterproof mascara days.


I'm tellin' ya...the 2nd one grows MUCH faster than the 1st.

My baby turned 7 today and I just wanted to stop the clock and not let her get another day older.


Aww happy half-birthday Ez. I agree, with the first kid it was all "look she pulled herself up! She shouldn't be able to do that for another month! whoo hoo!" and with the second it's "You just stay right there and don't even think about crawling!" Hope you all enjoy the rest of the babyhood, fleeting as it may be.


He is a delight!


this is such beautiful writing; controlled in a relaxed sort of way, but still controlled. you knocked me dead with this post and i just had to tell you so. my sweet baby just turned 6 months old on the 1st, and i still think she's april fools-ing me about sitting up by herself, trying to crawl, and in general suddenly being nearly 17lbs when it seems like just a day ago she was 4.5lbs and still squinting and poking her tongue out as often as she could. i have been this. feeling. exactly-but-uniquely-different and you nailed it, so thank you. i need to try harder to write one for alice.


that laugh he has only for his brother, yes. my 2nd son had a laugh reserved solely for my 1st son (also a noah). to this day, witnessing their brotherhood remains one of life's greatest ongoing surprises.

(and that "only for mama" smile, gotta love it. ain't love grand?)


Ah - such glowing words from a mama so gifted in the words. What a blessing all around.




My son just hit 5 months this week and you captured EVERYTHING that I feel about this little person that was in my belly not to long ago. Beautiful post.


So so sweet. :)


I'm so glad you have a 6-month-old who doesn't roll from back to tummy, because mine doesn't either!


I like the dog's expression in the first picture. She seems to be saying...."GREAT!! Not ANOTHER one walking around" Either that or "HEY!!! YOU!! Don't you drop that bald puppy!!"

Dogs! such funny little creatures!

Congrats on the baby that's not so much a baby anymore.


jealous. that's me. jealous of your baby who does all the stuff mine didn't! sleep well, eat well, oh, all the important stuff. and cute on top of it? good job mama. and 6 months.... amazing.


*sniff*! There, you did it for me. I coupd never find the time to write how I feel about my 2nd baby boy (now 1) nor such perfect words.
Yeah, waterproof mascara needed to read your blog somedays. As if I'm ever wearing mascara.


I really love your writing - you write like you are having a conversation with us, your readers. You are funny and genuine and I enjoy your blog. I like the way you write about your kids too - it is clear that you are very much in love with them and that you also have a sense of humor about them which is so nice.


Must you always make me cry?

He is one of the roundest, most adorable babies I have ever seen.


ahhh! happy 6 months Ezra! he is soooo totally cute, love it!


I was referred to this site by my blogaholic friend...and I'm glad she did! I have a 9 month old (just you wait!! when that 1st bday looms...) and a two year old, both boys. She referred me because I took my 2 year old to be evaluated this week...and he failed speech. I am blaming myself because while I was working on numbers and colors, I missed body parts and junk. They didn't care that he could count to ten, apparently, pointing to your nose is where it's at...Anyway, I look forward to reading more about your little guys...and thank you!


de-lurking to say that ezra is the cutest little 6 month old ever. and ignore macy's comment. it's obvious she's just jealous of the fact that you're a great mom and your son is chompable.


you make me want to have a baby, pronto!

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

He is SOOOOO cute! I love his cheeks =)

And I wouldn't feel guilty about not sharing that smile with the world either.


ooooh..He makes my ovaries ache..that's it!! I'm running out right this minute to get pregnant..blame it on The Ezra.


My daughter had that illusive smile as well.


Agh he's got such a perfect little baby face!!


Great pictures of Ez. He is sooo cute!


bravo amy as always amy, i look forward to your posts. also, does anyone notice that the dog's body looks like a reflection of the floor in the first picture?! i could not for the life of me figure out why it was just a dog's head in the photo.


*Sigh* What smooshy yummy baby goodness.

Why do they have to grow up so darn quick when we mommies want to snuggle and kiss on them some more?

Off to kiss on my little girl...


I'm usually a lurker here, but I had to come out of hiding to say - that picture where Ezra is making a fist with his thumb between his second and third fingers? - my kiddo totally used to do that at Ez's age. I thought it was the cutest thing ever! (As is Ez himself...)


Darn babies and their speedy growth... He's gotten even more adorable, Amy.

Katie Kat

Every time I read one of your posts about Ezra, it makes me want another baby! But I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that I would not be as lucky as you. Plus, I'm about to turn 44... eeeek!

I'm so happy that you have the Ezra experience to sort of balance out the difficulty of dealing with Noah's issues (Note, I did not say dealing with NOAH... he's a precious wonderful little guy too).

Tracy D

I have an award for you on my blog!

Heather B.

Strangely enough, I was making dinner reservations and someone asked about going to Olives and I said, "Well, I was just there a few months ago". Apparently it's been well over six months since we sat there trying to make him move.


Happy six months, sweet Ez!


Awwwh, so sweet. Happy 6 months to Ezra. My baby boy turned 6 months on the 1st and I can't believe how fast time is going.
Thanks for a great read.


Ahhhhhh....that smile is THE BEST. Cherish it. It's gone too soon.


I can't believe it. Happy halfie, Mighty Ez!


You are making me cry at work. I want to go get my baby!

Cheryl S.

What a cutie pie! Don't worry about those milestones. My little girl didn't roll over until 5 months, didn't sit up or crawl until 9.5 and didn't walk until 14 months. Now she can outrun all of us, including her cousin (a boy) who is a year older!


Okay so cause I'm a total nerd like that the first thing I noticed was the brown pears...I know, tons of yummy baby picks and I'm looking at the food. I just wanted to pass on that I had the same problem with pears and apples browning when I made them for my baby and if you steam them for about 5 minutes before pureeing them they stay nice and yellow.

Amber Mc

Oh! Those dark brown eyes! *swoon*


He really is precious, Amy. Those big brown eyes make me melt.


I'm in tears and he's not even mine! He's so handsomely adorabley boy beautiful!! Can you share how/what you're using to make his fruits and veggies? A book? The internet? Your brain? (I mean, I can put some stuff in a food processor and I guess it just seems too simple so I figure it must be really hard) Because I want my freezer to be filled with those baggies of homemade baby food...or you could just mail me some, right? You have nothing else to do right? Thanks!


The mighty Ez is so cute he literally makes my ovaries ache!


Breezy - I use a steamer basket or the oven to soften everything, a blender or food processor and ice cube trays. And this book, Cooking For Baby, which was a gift: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/sku5344569/index.cfm

I like it because it makes REASONABLE batches of food and doesn't have you overcook things to death, which is why I think the jarred stuff tastes so blah. And we're just now moving on to the fancier "combo" recipes and they're still really easy to make. I made veggie stock for him last night, and tonight he's getting baby risotto. Adorbs.


The first picture looks like Ez and Ceiba are singing a song together! Too cute. Also nom.


WOW! i can echo some of what you're saying... my littlebean is 9 months and i read this saying "ditto"... amazing.

and those smiles? i know exactly what you're talking about. god help me remember those smiles in the future!


Squishy little baby NOM NOM NOM cheeks covered in goo happy smiley lovely NOM NOM NOM little round head sweet boy. OH, and NOM NOM NOM.

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Oh he's so beautiful!

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