Look Out! He's Got The Crazy Eyes!

Tick Tick Tick Tick


Wut's this? Another photo entry? Two in a row?


I judge. I judge HARSHLY.


But wait! Here comes the excuse:

Jason took MY similar-looking-yet-naturally-completely-different-and-non-compatible power adapter by mistake this morning. You know, because I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the dead Macbook, other than sit and glare at it, because I'm so terrified that I'll find out that none of the data will be recoverable, therefore sitting and glaring seems like the less-scary, more procastinationlicious option. This means I'm still using an ancient Windows laptop that came with two batteries: one really small one with about two hours of juice and one bigger one with about eight hours, but of course the bigger one doesn't work anymore and the small one works for MAYBE an hour and I have other deadlines today like the Hoover Clean Freak site and ALSO I AM HOSTING A PLAYDATE TODAY ALERT THE MEDIA I AM ATTEMPTING TO MAYBE MAKE A NEW MOM FRIEND, and this is actually our second playdate (OMG) and on the last one I asked her what time it was and she said, "4:20" and I was all, "haaaaaaaaaaa 4:20" because it looked like she was laughing a little too but then after I laughed she got confused and was all, "wut?" and I was all, "NOTHING!" so my point is I need to be on my best behavior today and have a lot of wine bottles to hide before she gets here and anyway that's why I'm just posting photos today.


Wake me up when you're ready to punctuate again, lady.



Oh, the hat slays me. He is so nom-nom-nomable.

Good luck hiding the wine bottles!


OMG first? On Amalah?

::goes off to buy lottery ticket::


That last picture just totally cracked my Wednesday morning scowl. He's too cute!

Matt in London

Good morning.

Great pictures. Have a lovely day.

That is all.


ps - didn't I start reading a post about a lost iPhone? Where did it go? Thanking you.


There is NOTHING cuter than a little boy in overalls.


If he ain't just the cutest little conductor on the Nomnomville Express, then I just don't know who is.

Lauren K

Don't worry, I am 28 years old and I felt it necessary to send out a text message (to more than one person) because on Monday the date was 4/20.


You are hilarious as always. This morning hasn't been so great so far, but you have really cheered me up. Thanks.

Grace Guinevere

Ohhh one date away from the big third date! And from watching many friends episodes I know that it will be very special.


Dude, i totally would have laughed at 4:20. :)


Oh, I made the mistake of making the 4:20 joke at work one day, then realized my error & tried to clear it up but then it just made it worse so then I just shut up about it & tried to remember not to do that next time. So we could be friends, right?


Yeah, I bailed on writing a real entry today, too. I posted cat pictures, with only marginally more text than you have. It happens! And I don't even have a failing laptop battery to blame.

die Frau

On 4/20 I just sighed and wondered how many of my students would be celebrating said day. It's also Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of Columbine (I know, downer, sorry). At least my wedding anniversary was the NEXT day! (See? See how I brought the tone up again?)

I'm sure the playdate will go just swimmingly. Don't hide ALL the wine bottles--leave one out in the background as a subliminal suggestion. See where it goes.


Well, he's just adorable!

And good luck today. I have also been trying to make mom friends with very little success (mostly because I don't leave the house very often and not that many people just stop by and say "Would you like to be my friend?"). I hope that this "date" goes better than the last one.


The pictures make me forget this blog was supposed to have words. SO CUTE!

Sprite's Keeper

Playdates are such fun. Hats on babies are even fun-um-er.


Overall pics are precious! And if it makes you feel better I still have to fight the urge to say "It's 4:20 somewhere" when someone asks the time because that was what we always said all those years ago when it really was 4:20 all the time. But that was long long ago! Good luck on the playdate!!


I'm so glad someone else does the 420 scream and then hears crickets in return. It's like the call of the former bad kids (says the rebel-turned-engineer). Sigh.


Hope your playdate went well! And yeah, I laughed a little on Monday 4/20 while my coworkers wondered if I used to be some huge druggie. (No)


Man! I wish I lived in the DC area so we could playdate. I also have two boys, I thought the 4:20 joke was funny, AND you would NOT have to hide the wine from me (unless you didn't want me to drink it all).


Yeah new mom friend! Hope she laughs and laughs and laughs at 4:20.


Dude, I totally live in MoCo and would LOVE to be your new mom friend ;^) I have three kids, with the youngest just about Noah's age. And I would have laughed at your 4:20 joke (then raised my eyebrows to see if you were gonna break out a fatty for us to share. Heh.)


Oh my!! He's all kinds of deliciousnessess!

Hope the playdate is fun...


Are the wine bottles empty or full?


See now, I would have laughed back at 4:20. I'm sure your new Mom friend will have many other fine redeeming qualities :)

Good luck with the playdate!

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

Good luck making a new mom friend!


have a fun playdate!


You are hilarious. And you can post as many pics as you like, because your kiddies are adorable. :)

Allison Hasel

To make you feel better: I've had a dead external hard drive with many precious photos on it sitting around since February. After the initial estimate of $300-1000 to get the stuff off of it (and not even a guarantee), I decided I would just procrastinate taking it in. Soooo, it just sits there. You are not alone!


I'm all about photo entries! Besides Ezra is so cute I swoon every time I see him! ;)


Those are the cutest little shoes ever! (And I totally would have laughed at 4:20!)


The year I met my husband, The Daver, I did the same thing on 4-20. I'm all "4-20 BROOOOO..." and he's all "guh?"

Still not sure why I married him.


NOM NOM on teh babye

bethany actually

I got a new industrial-strength battery for my laptop a few months ago and I LOVE IT. Instead of 45 minutes of internet surfing, I can watch about 8 hours of movies on the thing now and the battery still isn't dead.

420? Wha?


OMG... that outfit is

Good luck with the playdate. That would totally have been me making 4:20 jokes too. *crickets*

Mrs. Q.

Ok. I'm almost 39 and I had no idea what "4:20" was until a week ago. And that enlightenment came from my husband who was laughing at Shaw's new "4-15" campaign (dinner for 4 under 15 bucks). I don't know which one of us is the bigger loser: the one who never heard of the phrase, or the other who got the time wrong.

Wishing you a good play date!


I love the face he's makin in the third picture.


Beyond adorable!

And I have no freaking clue what 4:20 is? Am seriously embarrassed now...

I'd still be your friend though! And help you drink the wine!


Dude, not to be all stalker-y but we are moving to DC and I TOTALLY would have laughed at the 4:20 joke AND? My 3 year old has speech delays so I would need someone to bitch with who could be all, "I totally hear you," which I think you would TOTALLY do. AND, erm, okay, completely weird and stalker-y, but? playdate?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I still can't get over how much he looks like you.

I know - I have had time to adjust.

Still. Wow.


Boy - the 3rd pictures really shows how much someone looks like his older brother.


Feel free to do photo posts as often as you want. Your kids are precious and we love to see pics of them.

I love that last one. It's kind of how I feel every day!


Too cute!


I have a 3 month old. The first day of my last period was 4/20/08 and whenever a doctor would ask I would snicker. I'm 35. And totally lame.


I can't believe I'm using my first post ever to give you IT advice. So. flippin. lame.

Have you tried putting your hd in teh freezer? I'm going back a few years, but I think I remember someone suggesting that to me as a last ditch effort for failed hard drives. Can't hurt!

Jen L.

He is the cutest thing ever. EVER. Are those the Robeez penny loafer shoes? My boy has those. Love them. The hat on Ezra, though? Cutest thing ever.


At first glance of the first photo, I thought Ezra was a doll! He is so pretty!


Too bad I'm in Alabama and can't make it to DC for a playdate, because I SO would have laughed at 4:20. And besides, it's not a playdate without wine, is it?

4:20 *snicker*

Teh babyz in teh hatz! Nom.


it totally sucks when people take my crack jokes seriously. b/c then i have to explain and they're like "why would you joke about such and thing" and mannnn you just harshed my mellow.



er, such a thing.


you see? crack.

Musings from Me

Hat -- check

Dungarees/overalls -- check

Stripey shirt -- check

Cute shoesies -- check

Yes, definitely chompable. Nom, Nom.


I had to have someone explain the whole 420 thing to me too. It's ok Sesame Street told me it's hip to be square or was that be a square block whatever. Anyway who told Ezra he gets to be a big boy all fast!


See, I would have laughed TOO hard at the 4:20 joke...and you would have then been hiding your oregeno for our 2nd play date, F the wine bottles!

(no, you really wouldn't have to hide the oregeno, I've outgrown enjoying the munchies)


Dude, I live in the DC area, have a 3 year-old and a 6-month old and totally would have laughed at the 4:20 reference. PLUS I am out in "wine country" (Western Loudoun). If this new mom friend turns out to be too square, drop me a line. I make an excellent partner in crime.


i totally would've giggled with you at 420 ;-)


I've been lurking here and on alphamom ever since I found Zero to Forty last fall and it kept me sane through my own pregnancy, but I have to break silence. This post cracks me up. Over and over again. Sooo cute and nommable, and I love the captions!


Oh, what a cutie! Thanks for making my night while I'm in class missing my baby girl.


Oh Sam - I have a 3 month old as well and found myself in the same situation with the doctors - and I giggled too. :)


So cute! Love the hat. We don't mind pictures at all!!

I would have had no idea what you were talking about with the 4:20 business but I hope you weren't on your best behavior. What fun is a new friend if you can't be loony around them. Isn't that why we have Mommy friends. To keep us sane by letting us be crazy.


Has anyone else noticed that this baby who came out looking so much like his paternal side has suddenly morphed into a mini-mommy just like his brother?


It took me a while....but I realize who your tiny little son looks like!!!

When I was a kid we had these dolls called "My Buddy" and "Kid Sister". There was a snappy jingle and everything!!! Ezra totally looks like "My Buddy!!".

I mean this in a "your son is a total adorable little mush of a baby kind of way"....not in a "your son looks like a creepy steven kind doll"

I've said too much.


Your photos are making my reproductive organs ache. Can you order them that cute?

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