I'd Say Something About REALLY Needing This Vacation...
I Should Not Be Left In Charge Of Houseplants, Much Less Babies

Obligatory Oh God Don't Make Me Write Sentences Yet Post-Vacation Photo Entry

(Suck on THAT post title, TinyURL!)


Four solid days of zero Internet access. Once I got over the initial convulsions and hallucinations of trolls and unanswered important emails and OMG What Topics Are Trending On Twitter RIGHT NOW, the symptoms eventually settled into a vague itching sensation.

Although...on second thought, maybe it was just sand.


It looks sort of like food, but doesn't taste like food, but maybe I should eat it again, just to be sure.


Nope. Not food.


On the Naughty Seat (damn, those things are EVERYWHERE) for throwing sand. Can't you feel the love?


The last time he went anywhere near the water of his own free will, thanks to a Father-Son Wave Incident on our first day there. He really loved the pool, which was thankfully indoors and a good retreat for when the weather turned to absolute ass. Of course, if you comment that you'd never know I was at the beach, what with my continued winter whiteness, I will probably cry a little bit. But I did read the shit out of a couple novels with zero literary value but a ton of sex scenes, so it's not like I accomplished NOTHING all weekend, or anything.


I left my iPod behind, and Jason's uncle called this morning to let me know he'd found it and would mail it back. He also mentioned that next time they really wouldn't mind if we left Ezra behind. You know, for a few days or months or FOREVER. He was kind of a hit, that one.

Really, all things considered, the whole trip was a hit. I knew for sure the night I went in to check on the boys and realized that Noah was no longer in bed...


But had opted to curl up behind the door, on the floor, snuggled up against our beach blanket.




That is adorable. If he likes sand, does he like halvah? Or is he not old enough for it yet? My mom and I love the stuff but my siblings always claimed it reminded them of sand...

Cautionary Girl

I'm in Dallas. And, Jesus, is the weather an assy ass. How I wish I had an indoor pool.

Welcome back. You were gone only two (blogging) days, but it felt really, really long, okay?


I have to agree with the Dallas comment and say how nice your trip looks. Heading to Myrtle Beach myself here this weekend for a whole week! Can't wait! Glad you had fun and glad you're back!

LD's Mom

Sounds like a fun time. Does that life jacket Noah is wearing actually work (versus the other ones that make them tip over?) I've never seen one of those before and it looks pretty good. Brand?


I don't know if I should welcome you back or not since returning from vacation isn't always fun. :-)

Glad you had good time.


I'm thinking that changing his diapers must have been a real treat.


The third picture kills me!


I was just shopping for a baby tent. Is that the Kwik Cabana II I see in your picture? Do you like it? Would it work for camping with a almost 1 year old (for play time and naps...not night time sleeping)?

Parsing Nonsense

Ha! The naught chair, huh? My parents took pictures of my grouchy faces when I was in trouble and they're hilarious to look at now. I really look identical when I'm mad now, except I have the added benefit of being able to talk back.


Oh, that look from the Naughty Chair is hysterical.


When I was about four or five years old, my father and step mother took my brother, sister and me to the beach in New York. I was very small, and very scared of the water already and as we were standing on the edge of the water, a large wave came crashing in, knocked me over, covered me and started to pull me back out to sea when it made it's hasty retreat. My father was right beside me and he reached down and grabbed me before I was swept out into the Atlantic, never to be heard from again. For me though, it was terrifying and I swore I'd never go near water again.

These days, I can't get enough of the ocean (though I never did learn to swim).

So, I know how Noah feels. Those waves? They're kinda evil and they're out to get small children. Someone should really do something about that. Pass a law or something!

Looks like you guys had a fun time. I'm glad for your safe return!


Sorry that the weather didn't cooperate, but it looks like the boys got their share of sun? and fun! Welcome back.


Heh, the naughty seat is Everywhere, Hunt gets the same look when I designate a random spot, like I pulled the damn thing outta my ass (where the weather was)...


LD's Mom: Jason bought the vest -- the name on the front says Aqua SwimSchool? It's too advanced for Noah (reading packages and fine print is not Jason's strong point)...better for a kid who knows some basics of floating/kicking/treading water. We switched mid-trip to some basic inflatable arm floaties and they worked MUCH better. (Jason also bought fancy arm floaties by the same brand that were WAAAAAY too big for Noah's tiny arms. To be fair, the package mentioned no weight range but the model on the box was...uh...a tad more portly than Noah.)

Karen: Yes, that's the Kwik Kabana. It worked great for us, and I think it would work even better if you didn't have to deal with a ton of wind. You can weight the actual tent down with sand but the little front sunshade thing just collapsed whenever a strong wind came by. (Like I said, ASS WEATHER.)


haha! Ezra eating sand and his face after cracked me up! Of course he was a big hit, look at his precious baby chubbiness.

Sprite's Keeper

Damn those naughty chairs!
Love the pictures!


That picture of Ezra eating the sand SLAYS ME.


Those are adorable pictures! And I love the one of Noah curled up behind the door - you can really see how grown up he's getting with those lanky arms and little ribs! Love him! :)


What books? And of course Ez was a hit - how could he not be? Noah on the floor is too cute, though.


I love the one of Noah on the floor. Nothing like sand and sun to force the wee ones into sleeping hard and long.


I remember you telling me "I don't get twitter."

"Trending topics?" Yeah, you get twitter!


Alicia D

super cute pics :) - glad it was fun! im already worried about my OWN lack of internet access for 14 flipping days when i go to the middle of nowhere in august. blogging keeps me sane (-ish).
btw- comments were closed on your poop-all-over-story, but i wanted to say i FEEL your pain :) my 14 yr old (multiply disabled) daughter STILL does this. yes, i know. lovely. When it's big kid poop its even better - lol! :) It's especially awesome when she eats it. yum :)
my bedtime suggestion? Duck tape the diaper shut. My friend calls it "magic tape." Oh... magic tape... it wont let you down :)


Good God, lady. Your boys are gorgeous. The photo of Ez realizing SAND /= FOOD is just priceless.

BUT THE REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION is, what, pray tell, were these fab literary beach reads. I'm flying to Australia (for my honeymoon!) in August, and I will be needing some zero matter, all trash reads for the plane.


Like a lemming, I'm following the crowd on this one...LOVE THE POST-SAND-EATING PHOTO. Priceless!

And also, inquiring minds really DO want to know about your literary pursuits. Because we loves a good book of trashy sex scenes. ;o)


I third the request for the titles of the saucy books. We moms need to have our sexy time.


You were missed!

The pics are so great! Love the Naughty Chair pic of Noah and the last photo of Ezra...so cute those boys! Gah!




Seriously - that Ezra is so chub-a-licious I can barely stand it. That is one gorgeous baby! No wonder they wanted you to leave him behind.


Absolutely darling pictures! Glad you got to relax and enjoy! Those boys are just too cute - and Noah sleeping on the floor with the beach blanket - priceless moment - so cool that you captured it! :)


OMG, I'm so glad you're back. I was starting to go into convulsions. And that pic with Noah and the beach blanket....I have that EXACT blanket. Had it for years!


You have bizarro-my-kids.


Love the pictures! Noah and Ezra both look adorable.


who knew naughty chairs went on holiday too?! geez, they just don't get a break!


I love the sand eating pictures, of course, but the curled up with the beach towel one is just too sweet for words!

Sorry about the weather, but it looks like you guys had a great time anyway.

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

That last one certainly is the mark of a good, well-enjoyed vacation!


I'm not the only one... but I'm gonna need the name of those books!


That first pic of Noah? Put a brunette wig on the child and you have a picture of your husband. IMO.


Aww, great photos! Both of your kids are cuties and that photo of Ezra eating sand just cracked me up. Glad you had fun!! (Welcome back, by the way.)

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