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You know, we hear a lot about the toll motherhood can take on our careers. Maternity leave, sleep deprivation, wildly adjusted priorities, the havoc that a closed daycare or chronic ear infections can wreak on our attendance and dependability, and of course, there's often months and years spent out of the workplace altogether. 

So with that in mind, I think it's important to celebrate the instances where having a baby -- or hell, having ANY level of familiarity with babies and their development and various non-negotiable-by-law safety standards -- could actually make you better at your job.

Like, say, if you're doing some basic Photoshop work for a baby store circular.


(Dear Buy Buy Baby: I am available for all your cut-and-pasting, fact-checking, copy-editing, quality-assurance-ing, pointing-and-laughing needs. Reasonable rates, fast turnaround. Call me!)





also- Just bought a mac book at the apple bethesda store. I am head over heels in love. Got it on Sat.

Noah is not the only one infatuated with an apple this week.


Are your loosing some of your links, I thought I noticed some were no longer there...(could be the wine though)


Pam - yes, the links page is broken right now, I know. Designer is working on it since it's the frame of the page that needs tweaking.


Okay, I give up and subject myself to the ridicule of the commentariat.

What's the error? I don't see it!


I don't get it...


ooooooohhhhhh...... I ok get it..


Is it that the baby is too small for the carseat they used?


I don't get it, either...


??? Does it have something to do with the straps?


It's Britney, bitch.

I bet she's the editor on this one. Bet you dollars to doughnuts. All it needs is some Cheeto dust and a couple dribbles of Redbull.


I'm pretty sure that car seat doesn't do rear-facing.


"Car" Seat belts???
Is that it??
Do I win??

Wait, what do I win?


Never mind...I didn't win CRAP. That kid is WAY too small for that seat.


That seat looks like the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, which is for kids from 20-100 pounds.


Glad i'm not the only one who doesn't get it. I guess it's because I don't have kids. 'Splain someone, please?


I am embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to figure out what's wrong with that picture. I'm going back to work to maybe see if I can get my rain functioning properly again...


Here's how I see it going down:

Company sends store camera-ready art featuring their product.

Store does not sell infant car seat model pictured in said art.

Store hands art over to low-level photo editor who has no knowledge of infant car seats vs. boosters, rear-facing vs. front-facing, grabs first stock photo he/she finds and voila, they've got a under-six-month-old in a 12+ front-facing booster.

And a blogger with a furious teething baby has something to be a jerk about, and NO LIE, the wackaloons at BabyCenter have started an EMAIL CAMPAIGN protesting this as "unsafe, irresponsible advertising." (Found that out while trying to Google for the original image, which I didn't find, but who cares. EMAIL CAMPAIGN. Haaaaa. I mean, I [obviously] have too much time on my hands, but come on.)

Sprite's Keeper

This is the first time where a cupholder would be a non-issue with a kid that small.
No worries, he'll grow into it. :-)


So....yeah....I didn't realize what the problem was, either. I even got up REAL close to the screen and still couldn't figure it out. I mean, I knew something was off, but I just couldn't make heads or tails of what it was.

But, hey, on the bright side, only 10 1/2 more weeks until I can unsafely and neglectfully care for my own baby. I have her front-facing seat all ready to go for her. Should I leave it to someone else to call DHS on me, or should I just do it myself to save time?


Regardless of his size, that kid's expression is cracking me up. "Wrong sized seat: I haz it!"


As if placing Tiny Baby in the DeathSeat 2010 wasn't insult enough, they also dressed him or her in a babushka shawl. When will the hurting stop?


Yeah - wow. I'm betting Graco wouldn't appreciate the advertisment on this one... sigh.

That baby is WAY too small for that seat and besides, I'm not sure if many parents actually realize this, but using any products on or in a carseat that weren't made by that brand specifically by and tested for that seat completely voids the warranty on the carseat.


that is awesome. I always suspected that I wasn't the only dumbass who couldn't get the straps correctly through the blanket.

Sarah @

Besides the carseat problem (I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out the problem) (like, really embarrassed), what is the kid wearing? Is that a scarf?!

Parsing Nonsense

Is that the face the baby makes when it flies out of the carseat?



Must Be Motherhood

Due to the Sleep Deprivation Toll (the stupid little troll under the sleep bridge won't take my bribes for even 30 more minutes anymore--damn him!) it took me way too long to see the error. That baby is what? at least 2lbs too light for the booster seat, right? :)


Thank you for this. Your comment about a store not having camera-ready-art-featured product and subbing in their own pic is pretty much the same scenario I go through every single day at work.

Also, Kendra, I laughed out loud at your babushka comment.

Fawn Amber

But, but... is that a BYLINE under the pricing information?

By M. Hidary.

Because that's the first wonky thing I noticed.
Because it looks like bon bebe is the maker of the carseat.
Who is M. Hidary?
Maybe that's a local thing up thar. I dunno.


Shoot. Is my parenting learners permit going to be yanked because I couldn't tell what was wrong? In my defense, I've only been parenting under my permit for 14 weeks now.

Suzy Q

Hey, Amy. Not that I want to tell you how to design your site or anything, but could maybe your Links page be made separate? I get SO TIRED clicking back and forth between your Links and your Home pages when I just want to click on more links! I know, it's a tough life I have.


LMAO! All the kid needs is an alcoholic beverage in the cupholder and the image would be complete. After all, if he's old enough for the seat... Wait a minute - I could totally Photoshop that in! HA HA HA HA HA HA

On the bright side, I've just been reassured that when I'm ready to return to the workplace there will be jobs out there for me - they're just currently filled by idiots.


I seriously stared at picture for a full 30 seconds before I started reading your post. All I could think was, "there is something that look realllllly wrong with this picture."

Then, because I am brilliant, I got it!


Even after skimming the comments I have no idea what's wrong with the picture. Obviously I don't have children.


Mary - the blanket in said advertisement is being advertised for babies 3-6 months and 6-9 months. The baby in the photo is clearly only about 6 months (give or take a month) old.

The carseat in the photo is the Graco Nautilus carseat that is a forward facing only seat not to be used according to law by any child under the age of One and 20 lbs.

The whole add is just... odd.


and by "add"... I meant "ad"


So I just need to say how much I love Buy Buy Baby...I don't have kids, but everytime my boyfriend and I pass the store we go, "Wanna buy a baby??" EVERY. TIME.


Love the cup holder so the baby can toss back a few bottles while riding around town.


I don't get it either. And I do have a kid. I'll go stare at it for a while and see if I can figure it out.


I didn't notice that the baby was too small at first (although, to be fair, the only kids I've interacted with are my cousin's who I can play with and give candy and then return at the end of the day. also, i'm 21. no babies yet, please)

BUT. I did think you were referring to the left hand seat because the buckle totally looks like an upside down Count (from sesame street) and the mouth is placed in an awkward position if you look at this way...


Ah, that's why I didn't get it. Babies here are allowed to be forward facing from 6mths, 8kgs or 70cms, whichever one comes first.

Which is why seeing the baby facing forwards is no big deal. Heh.


I love Buy Buy Baby so much I drive WAY out of my way to get there (child endangerment aside, that is...) It's like the Linen's N Things of baby crap, except with less of the bankruptcy and closing and out-of-business-ness.


Yep, this childless idiot DIDN'T GET IT!!! But the BB sure is cute with his happy face! Ha ha. I'm totally sticking to dogs and horses.


Thanks for the explaination Amy! Yeah, that is breathtakingly dumb!


funny, I have that exact car seat..for my 14-month-old...geez.


I'm sorry, is it just me who thinks that close up of the carseat latch looks like a textbook diagram of a vagina?

Karen MEG

I'm cracking up over AmyMusing's comment about the closeup vag/latch shot LOL!
I had to do a double take myself before I realized that it's a forward facing booster...the concept of a babushka with holes is novel though. Although I think to be uber safe, you should strap the baby in as close to the body as possible, shivering, and then put the blanket on top.

Oh I know, I tortured my kids in the name of safety :).


I didn't get it either! But now that it has been explained to me, and I look at the picture, I'm LMAO.

Heidi @ 30

Count me in with the others who are like, "Buh?" My thought processes are, "Adorable baby! Amy put this ad together? Where did she get that baby? He's adorable! That seat is big. I don't see how the seatbelts go through the blanket. Are they supposed to? Oh well. Can I buy the baby?"

Thank goodness for the commenters, otherwise I'd still be ignorant.

No, I don't have kids. Why do you ask?


Baw ha ha ha! AND. My 4-year old daughter sits in that very carseat...that is a HUGE infant.


"I'm sorry, is it just me who thinks that close up of the carseat latch looks like a textbook diagram of a vagina?"

Thank you AmyMusing! I was embarrassed to be the first to admit this!


I totally didn't recognize that this was a forward-only facing seat, although in my (many of our) defense, there is no actual CAR seat underneath the [baby] carseat, so for all I knew, that seat could be rear facing.

I *did* know that using anything that interferes/interacts with the seatbelts is NOT KOSHER.

But like AmyMusing above, I really thought the issue was with the left side photo. It does, actually, look like a textbook uterus/vagina illustration. A poorly done one, but - nonetheless.


Here's another poorly photoshopped advertisement I thought you might also enjoy:


Um, not to be a debbie downer or anything and spoil all the fun -- but, did you ever think that MAYBE, just maybe, that kid actually IS a year old (or more)? and maybe he just has the Webster-syndrome?? Man, you people!! You are so sizeist!!! UGH!

(I am KIDDING. totally *just kidding*. disclaimer disclaimer etc Webster syndrome kids, I love you and your tiny selves to pieces)


Now that I know, it's obvious. But I (with a 6-year-old, 3-year-old, and 1-year-old, so imagine the car seat experience I have!) didn't see it. Can I blame it on the squawky little person throwing her milk at me?

Joy @ Mommysjoy

You should really send that ad over to It's. part of the "I Can Has Cheezeburger" websites. They love stuff like this big FAILure!


only experienced/safety minded moms should be allowed to prepare ads..UGH! Too young/small baby in the wrong seat, the inset picture of the locking system encourages people to set it that way.. They are called CHEST CLIPS for a reason people.... THEN they use an aftermarket product in the car seat.. These *balnketing devises* only reduce the effectivess of car safety straps being properly snugged and baby not flying out into traffic-projectile like... ( and yes.. that happened in my area)

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