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How big is the baby


So big. So, sooooo big.

(This one is pretty much 99.9999% Baby Photos Without A Point, so you may want to move along if that's not your thing.)

(Oh, I know it's your thing. I know.)


He spends most of his time like this, upright, standing. He steps from ledge to ledge, furniture edge to furniture edge, lapping the entire room like so. Chair, couch, obsolete piece of baby equipment, ottoman,
table, TV stand juuuuust out of reach...floor...uh-oh.


He is an explorer who has no patience for toys or books or TV. He wants to know what's in that corner, under that table, inside that drawer. He wants power cables, wall outlets, precarious heavy things thoughtlessly left on surfaces that he is suddenly-just-today tall enough to reach. He is the polar opposite of his sensible, cautious older brother, and we haven't the faintest idea what to do with him.


It's a nightmare. He's a dream.


He knows the sign for "milk" -- I KNOW HE KNOWS IT -- but he'll only use it as a last, wailing resort. He prefers, when he wants your attention or whatever food that is you are eating giveitgiveit, to scream an ungodly, unearthly scream at the top of his lungs. He's not upset, he's not crying, he just...screams.


And he thinks it's funny.


Yes, he is still a good eater. Yes, he still eats everything, and my God, I mean everything. He can drink out of a sippy cup and is trying to clumsily master a spoon.


He is rapidly losing interest in nursing.

I'm gradually becoming okay with that.


Mostly because he bites.


And he thinks it's funny.


He's so big and still so small. He's a wild thrashing crocodile and a snuggly baby monkey. His feet look like uncooked biscuit dough but taste like the playground. He is soaking up knowledge by the minute but has gotten himself stuck under the dining room chairs again. He is the most challenging, frustrating, beautiful, breathtaking little being and I can't even fathom how boring life must have been before he showed up.


Kari Weber

Your posts are the EXACT OPPOSITE of Birth Control. You know that right?


You really capture him here...so sweet.

And that last part resonates with me the most--how lacking must life have been without our own last little guy? The older ones seemed to have already known him forever.


Good lord, do I ever want a baby now!


Ezra is just perfect. What a smushy, adorably perfect little boy.
I also have one of those 10-month old explorer babies... and have ended up in the ER already for a CAT scan. But you gotta love em for trying everything with no fear!


I second Kari's comment. I want (another) one!


What a beautiful testimony to how different your second baby is and the joy and amazement they bring.


Love, love, love this!

I can barely remember how dull things were before my daughter made her entrance in June...
Great pictures!


It's a wonder that dear child is not covered in bite marks because I'd so want to nom nom all over!!! He's so adorable!!


It's a good thing I'm already knocked up with a little boy, that's all I'm saying...


Eek... another one of those posts I'm going to open 6 times today at work because it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. So sweet.

Although the teeth? Scared. Mine got his first one two days ago. Fear. the. biting.




Thank you so much--he is adorable! I still look at babies all the time--I'm distracted by them! My friends think I'm nuts 'cause I'm 47!


Holy moly, why wasn't this post titled 'How happy is the baby'??? Best baby smile ever. He should be the face of Gerber. I want to eat his cheeks. Now.


You just perfectly described my 14 month old son. Especially the screaming. I find myself saying (many times) - I don't remember his older brother doing that.

They are so fun.



Seriously, I just lost about 30 minutes of productivity at the office because after drooling, smiling, and shedding a sentimental tear over little/big Ez I now have to look at pictures of my 6.5 month old baby girl Avery and drool, smile and shed sentimental tears over her! Part of me cannot wait until she is 10 months and exploring things like Ez (she is so curious already) and part of me wants her never to grow up!


How absolutely wonderful!


What Kari said. Totally makes me want to start trying for the second RIGHT.NOW. The screaming thing make me nuts, my 15 mo. old does that and it makes me want to run really far away as I pull my hair out.


Is there anything he doesn't laugh at?:) How wonderful to have a laugher baby.


I can't wait until my little guy is moving around.... but then I'm gonna have to chase him around... hmmm.. i guess thats ok too. :)



If he were mine, he wouldn't exist anymore because I would eat him.

I want one of those sooooo badly.


Great post - I'm right there withya. Snackbox is 8 months old today, with two teeth, a major jonesin' to crawl everywhere, and a similar disinterest in nursing. I agree that life must have been mind-numbingly boring before his arrival - I can't even recall what we did for entertainment back then (though I vaguely remember be well-rested...).

Leggy Nic

We have one of these in our house too. Our Jilly Bean will be 10 months next week. I find myself between missing the little smiling lump of 5 months and curious as to the little girl she's becoming. I actually miss rocking her to sleep.

Where has this year gone? In giggles, in smiles, in late night nursings, ah.

Sprite's Keeper

"His feet look like uncooked biscuit dough but taste like the playground." The best summary of a nine month old I've ever read.

Mrs Soup

Oh goodness, that is so cute. Look at those teeth!!


Far more poetic than my description...

MOM: How does she look now?
ME: Fat.
MOM: And...?
ME: Pink. Fat and pink.
MOM: And to think you took Honors Writing Classes.


I love how his hair is coming in...so sweet. My 10 mo just started crawling this week and I'm already scared about the number of things he can get into! (babyproofing? eh....?)

Carolyn Online

That's so sweet. I have two little feisty monkey girls and you captured the chase perfectly.


I agree with Kari. Maybe you should do a post about a difficult day so I can give my fiance a break on the "babies babies babieS! How soon are we going to have BABIES!?!"

Katie Lancaster

Awww...so so cute! LOVE his big brown eyes and delicious gumdrop nose! I bet he gets a million and one kisses a day.


I love the photo of the dog licking Ezra's face. Too preshush!


I swear to god, he gets cuter every day! NOM NOM NOM!


OH THAT SMILE! I can hear his shrieking laugh from here, I swear.

When my doctor yells at me for getting pregnant too soon I am so blaming it on you and your amazing children. I can't take it much longer!



The second child is always the wild one! My first wore out several versions of '101 Dalmations' and 'Lion King'. For my second son, a commercial was too long. My second son will be 13 on Saturday and he's still very active. He's allowed one ER visit per year. Nuff said. Enjoy your bundle of energy. He'll never be boring!!


You're making me want to have another one.


I love these posts because I have those days where all I can think about is how gorgeous my kid is. I just get lost thinking about it.

You had one a few months ago of Noah that did that to me. He's obviously an incredible little guy.


He is so cute. Love the pictures. I have a MinPin as well. Such great dogs.


I agree with Sprite's Keeper about his feet. Also? That's some real pretty writing there, missy.


I have that problem, too. Cooper is neither cautious nor fearful like Gavin was (er, still IS). Makes me bonkers! Though thankfully, now that he's just past 2, we can occassionally get him to zone out in front of the TV long enough for me to make some taquitos.

BTW, missed this from the last post about Noah and Chuck E. Cheese--Gavin is TERRIFIED of Andy Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse. Damn varmit came up to our table and after quick look of horror, Gavin dived under the table to hide.


You just made this newly pregnant lady cry.



This is such a great age and it is so fun (and terrifying, depending on the day) to watch them explore the world.


Ezra is adorable! Makes me want a second one and I know I can't!

Also, if you're looking for your pig to the fridge farm, it's under your cabinet in the corner! (I'd recognize those things anywhere!)


What a gorgeous baby. He's about 10 months old, right? I wouldn't count on him losing interest in nursing - this is a really common age for babies to get distracted by the joys of the world and appear to lose interest, only to come back to it a couple months later as voraciously as ever.

Dawn B

Yet again, my uterus aches from your posts.
So sweet. ;) (and I can't get over how BIG he's getting!!)



Oh, I'm sorry..you were saying something?


I. Want. A. Boy.

And if he happened to be blonde haired and brown eyed and look EXACTLY LIKE YOURS I would totally be okay with that. :0)


Awesome. I want to put him in my sippy cup.


damn you Amy and EZ I finally got my fever (baby) to come down a bit from the baby shower I went to this afternoon and here you go with the preciousness!


I <3 this post.


Oh, I know how you feel! My baby girl is doing the same thing. I think I've got something out of reach and BAM, she gets it (and sticks it in her mouth). I'm hoping chasing her around is some kind of weight loss plan...


I'm with Kari. Your posts, especially the ones like this, are the exact opposite of birth control and this is coming from someone who already spends weekdays with a delicious toddler.


That scream. Yes, I know that scream! Good thing he's such a cutie pie!

Parsing Nonsense

This was a good antidote to your post for Bounce Back this week. That post was great, but as a first-time pregnant girl it freaked me the eff out.

Then, I came over here and looked at cute baby pictures and all is right with the world again!


Good God, he is even more precious than ever!! Yummy, even.


Hey...it's been fun. Reading about your family. Now, need to sell my laptop...need money.

Yup, I'm one of the millions laid off. Hate to do it...but...need to. Take care of your precious love ones.


i luff photos of that bebe. and I agree... about the opposite of birth control. totally is.


This practically made me ache. And my second one is still 7 months away.

My first is Ezra's age, and she is also of the GO! SEE! DO! persuasion. So hard to keep up with; it's a good thing she's also very sweet-natured. I have actually lost ten pounds since I found out I was pregnant a month ago.


Oh my, he IS so big. But so totally precious. He sounds a lot like my 19-month-old, who plows through life with reckless abandon, so different from her big brother. Funny, isn't it?

Lisa V

That's one damn cute baby.


ur boy is gorgeous!


oh, u have a wonderful baby...being big is not a problem unless it has affected his health. perhaps he is just really having great apetite. i even love to see my baby grow big rather than very small at all


HI CUTENESS!!!! He's a doll! NOM NOM NOM!


Beautiful post, beautiful baby! He is so adorable, Amy. I want to hug him and feed him waffles.


Amy, I was at the same restaurant you and your family were at last night for dinner! I was so surprised that I had read your blog yesterday and then saw all of you a few hrs later. I didnt want to interrupt as you all were eating, but the boys were even more adorable in person and Noah was so well behaved and looked like he was having a great time laughing at the restaurant! I felt like I was around celebrities! These latest pics of Ezra are too precious as well!

Sensibly Sassy

oh my goodness, those legs!! So flippin adorable

Miss Britt

Damn, this post makes my ovaries hurt.

die Frau

My biological clock just went into overload. I don't care if we have to eat ramen and canned beans for the next five years... if I can have kiddies as sweet as both your boys, I will be happy.

Ooh, I want to have a baby so baaaaaaad....

Katie Kat

Ugh, seriously... my ovaries hurt! WANT ONE!!!!! (But mine would be Ezra's evil twin, not the sweet wonderful one).


I love your description of the little guy!


My two boys are three months younger than Ezra. Just thought I'd put that out there. Not sure why, as all I wanted to say was how much I love the baby photo posts. Seriously, you can post photos every day with minimum text and I'd still be happy. (Ok, that's no dig about your writing, of which I am also a huge fan, just saying, CUTE BABY, that's all.)


Ezra is just the cutest thing! I was shocked to see the other day in your pictures how big Noah has gotten, too!

My boys are 7 years apart, and while they look exactly the same (We can't tell their baby pictures apart), they could not be more different. Jonathan (10 now) has always been cautious and very set in his ways. Andrew (3) is my wild child - he hasn't stopped moving since he got here. Everything you just said about Ezra in that post could have been written by us when A. was that age!

Enjoy your boys - they are precious!

Wacky Mommy

Geez, so sweet -- you really captured him. Love the doggy kisses. Hey -- I know how to cure the biting, by the way... tell him, No bite. Be firm, don't laugh, don't get angry, don't wince, no reaction. (They love getting a reaction.) Just, No bite. Take him off the boob. (And, just like if you have a kid who bites siblings, friends, the dog... you might have to gently plug his nose to get him to let go. Amazing, that. Ditto, No bite.)

If he wants to nurse badly enough, he'll stop biting. It's usually a pretty short phase. Signed, both my babies bit and I cried



The pic of him under the paragrah that's kinda sorta the comparison between the 2 brothers....


(and please don't think I'm some internet troll stalker freak. I've been reading since he was born, but am just now REALLY trying to not be the "lurk only" blog reader.)


Damn your chunky monkey is cute.



As always, you are the master of summation. Thanks for sharing the joys of second-childhood! :)


Huh? Has Ceiba lost weight? (Yes, that's me - queen of the irrelevant details.)


I love this pic. Some of my favorite pics of my boys are from behind.

Wacky Mommy

Had to stop by again because jeez he really is so precious and awesome.


Have I mentioned that I am a fan of this kid? Because, man, am I ever a fan of this kid.

Korlynne Sandoval

I have a "second son"...they are AMAZING!

The Girl

SWEET JEEESUS. The baby in my tummy kick-a-kicked the whole way through that post, lady. Look at that sweet boy. Just LOOK at him.

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