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ahh, glad to see the puppy is on the mend.


The only thing I thought my dog was good for was high-chair/floor clean-up until she almost got herself smooshed.
(Of course she was fine! Like that motorcycle ever stood a chance against the world's dumbest dog.)
We pet her like every night for a week and a half after that. Now she's just back to high chair detail :).


Welcome home, Ceiba! So glad that you're alive and well. Now go tell Amalah to get rid of that damn fertilizer and replace it with some waffles (like Starbuck suggested).


I am so glad Ceiba is home and recovering! Hopefully you can curb the bad eating habits?

Megan@Blueberry Scones

Aw, I'm glad she's doing well! She looks like my own Peanut on high chair duty. Food from Teh Skyz!


I'm so glad to hear that she's okay!


YAY Cebia!

Lisa V



Awww. Hugs and snuggles to the Vulcan mitten doggie.


Aw, little pup-pup. Glad she is home. But um, hey is that your new mac balancing precariously on the sofa?


Hooray! Welcome home Ceiba!!

Lori M

YAY!!!!!! :)


Welcome home, Ceiba!!!


Yay! Glad to see third baby is home.


So glad Ceiba the Mitten is back home, where all good high chair vacuums and couch snugglers belong.


Yayyyy!! So happy that the family is back together again.

Sprite's Keeper

And peace (and peas) reigns once again under the high chair.

Grizzly Kitteh

Yay! Glad to hear that your furry family member is home and on the mend :D


(Cass- SHHHH! I was hoping nobody would notice that.)


Awww! I'm glad for you guys :)


Love the title of this post!
I'm so happy all is right with Ceiba once more.


I am SO glad Ceiba is back to duty under the high chair.


Yay for the return of dumb dogs. Life would be so boring without them.


Yay!!!! ... that is all.


Awwwwwwwwww! <3 it!


yaaaaaaaaaay! Ceiba!
(My best friend found her dog too)

Pinkie Bling

YAY, Ceiba!! Yay, Amalah! YAAAYY, Baby Feet In Picture!!


Wow.. for a dog that could have died a day ago she looks amazingly healthy.
Are you going to tell us how much she cost????? :)


While I think Ceiba is adorable and always enjoy seeing her, I especially enjoyed todays photo shoot.
Welcome home, puppy girl!



samantha jo campen

HOORAY! And she looks pretty chipper under Ezra's chair. Hope she has her personality back :-)


Glad Ceiba is better. No taunting her with the killer tomatoes now!!!

Suzy Voices

Woohoo!! So glad she's home and healthy!


Get back to work mitten-dog!

Glad he's all better.


YAY for a healthy Ceiba!!


Yay Ceiba's home!


Hooray for Ceiba!! (And thanks for the update - I would have been worrying all weekend.)


YAY *I'd do a little snoopy dance if I weren't so comfortable in this lazy boy chair* but YAY--LOL at "Mitten"


Hip, hip, hooray!


Le sigh.


Yeay!! I bet the boys were thrilled to have their puppy home!


Yay so glad purse dog is okay!!


Well this makes me ridiculously happy!


Whew. Thanks for the twitter updates and the pictures, so we can see that she's really truly OK.


(yea! in dogish, at least that's how mine say it, always in 3 words at a time)

ccr in MA

Oh, yay for a happy end to that story. Welcome home again, puppy dog.


OH, good!! She's OK. And you found your shoes!

Ashley Fitting

That's awesome that the snuggly hamster dog is back. Now keep her out of the fertilizer... dumb dog.

Of course it could be like my friend, who's dog ate a HUGE bait fish at their place in key west... hook and all... she had to chase him around waiting for him to either pass the hook, or die... it was a tense couple of days. Luckily, he passed the hook... but she definitely had to dig around to find it ... EWWWWW


YAY!! WELCOME HOME CEIBA! Now go eat up all those cheerios! :)


I am so relieved and happy for you.

Our dog had a similar incident after eating a lot of raisin-filled fruitcake. Who knew raisins were so toxic to doggies?


Oh that last photo his ears make him look like The Flash.

So glad he's ok!


Aw, I'm glad your baby is home and feeling better.

My neighbor's dumb pug kept licking and eating toads from their yard. She ended up being hospitalized with seizures, liver issues, and some other stuff that I forget because my brain can't get past the fact that the dumb dog keeps doing it! Not that your dog is dumb. Or that any dog is dumb. I'm sure it's hard not to put such things in one's mouth. Whatever.

Yay, Ceiba!

the bee

Welcome Home !!! Also, baby toes as a bonus was awesome. Hopefully the dog will not be a dirt muncher anymore.


Awww! I'm glad she's back home and okay! What a scare you all had.

Sensibly Sassy

what a big relief!


I am happy it all worked out well. LOVE the look Ezra is giving the dog....


Yeah - such good news about Ceiba.

I have been through so many of the mystery illnesses with our dogs that I was afraid at one point the vet was going to accuse me of Munchausen by proxy except with dogs. But I could have just been watching too much Law and Order.

Anyway so glad she is OK.


Ah, our pets really are our babies(even when there are real, and adorable, babies in the house). So glad to see Ceiba feeling well again.


So glad to see that series of pictures. I'm happy for you all.


YAY Ceiba!! Great news.


So glad Ceiba is better and back home! Our dog (1 year old at the time) ate our daughter's chemo drugs (was being treated for ALL) off the counter. It was about 9 at night. Closest emergency vet was 15 miles! Needless to say hubby & I quickly got the kids in bed and then I along with my neice drove the dog out to the vet. Had to run blood work, etc. etc. Very expensive night and next week but well worth it. These silly dogs become one of the family upon walking in the door!


So glad that Cieba is home and well!!


Hooray for resilient purse dogs!

Jen L.

Aw, Mitten! So glad she's on the mend.


Thank you for those photos of that little pup - who looks very very relieved to be home I might say.

I have read about Ceiba since early lurking days and am very happy to see the little waffle-lover back in her rightful place in Storchville.

Mommy Needs Therapy

Yeah for healing livers!! And dogs that clean up after babies.

When our dog kicked it a couple years ago I promised my husband no more dogs until we had a real house with a real yard and kid(s) old enough to walk it.

And it wasn't long before I realized just how much food "cleaning" she did, or how much cat vomit she ate, because damn, I was cleaning up (ok, ignoring and stepping over) a lot more of it!

*sigh* I miss that dog.


YAY! Welcome home Ceiba!


Ohhh...I am SO relieved and happy for you all!!! I love that little girl (and I don't even know her IRL or ANYTHING!)


Ohhh...I am so relieved and happy for all of you! I love that little girl!!! (and I don't even know her IRL or anything!) Such a sweetie.

Crystal McKee

His little head is perfectly aerodynamic.




Okay, so I looked and looked and I see no RSS feed? Am I crazy and/or blind or do you not allow us to subscribe in a reader?

Oh, and I'm very glad your mitten/half an earmuff is back at home and doing well, of course. I was just baffled by the lack of orange button.



Alison C



Yay for puppies being back home! Hey...Amy? Watch out for your macbook there...on the thin arm of the couch...


glad your cutie dog is okay! here's a random question - is that an ikea high chair? any opinions you can share? and if it ISN'T an ikea and rather an expensive shiny name brand high chair than i apologize profusely for not being able to spot the superior quality in the picture. :)


Yay for a healthy Ceiba! And is it different camera angles or does she look less porky than she did a few months ago? She definitely looks happy to be home and snuggled and loved!


yay she's home!!! :) So happy she's on the mend.

christa Jason wearing jean shorts???? All is not quite right in the world! :)

Marilyn Part

YAY!!! so glad Ceiba is back home and on he mend. Love your play by play of the recent events although sorry to go thru it all.


That picture of Ezra looking at Ceiba is priceless!

So glad she is home!!


happy to see things are back to normal.

Miss Britt

YAY for a not sick dog!

/most asinine comment ever.


We totally have the same dog... but Ty is a boy. Aren't they nuts, but oh so cute.

wanna see?


YAAY! Dude, you know what happened to our dog? Got bit in the FACE by a RATTLE SNAKE. Yeah. Because that happens outside of Lassie reruns. WTF. She's okay, too. They should be friends. Stupid, stupid friends.


just another reader wearing a floor-length silk dressing gown and ermine-trimmed bedroom slippers...with my unibrow and all: this post made me cry. i've been following this/you on twitter, and i was worried. i am glad your bean's okay. poor babe couldn't tell you what was wrong. ::sniff::


ps, love your shoes. made the tears stop for a second.


pps, i think i see your brand-new laptop on the arm of the promised you wouldn't! ;)))




I'm glad Ceiba is home and doing better. I just got home from vacation to learn my dog ran away from my friend's house on Wednesday. We still haven't found her. I spent 3 and a half hours this morning in that city first driving then wandering around on foot with a whistle and talking to people. No luck. Hopefully I'll soon have my girl home, too. I WILL have my happy ending, dammit!




Welcome home, Ceiba.


Welcome home Ceiba! Your mama sure does love you! Now stay out of the tomato plants! Hell, just steer clear of the garden altogether!




Amy -- Your browser should let you subscribe up in the address bar. There's usually a little clickable icon? If not it's

christa -- Those are my pants, not Jason's. (Now oddly paranoid about the look of my man-hands.)

leasa -- Yes! Ikea high chair. I wish it had some support for the feet, but other than that, I love it. (So easy to clean! So easy to move! So ridiculously goddamn cheap! Survived a fall down two flights of stairs while I was getting it out of the attic!)

Abbey Road

Is she... thinner? Maybe I need a system flush. Her version sounded a little extreme though.


Yay! Welcome home, dear hamsterdog! <3


Glad to hear Ceiba's back home and healthy. That's got to have been tough. I know Miss Carol and me would be absolutely batshit crazy if anything happened to Cutter and Tug.


Oh, dear goodness. Now I feel special. I never even thought about looking in the url, I saw no button in the usual places and instead of using my head I panicked. Thanks for smacking some sense into me.


Okay, so I meant to comment after the last post, but a butterfly flew by and distracted me...

But when you threatened to turn Ceiba into a mitten, it was one of the funniest things I've seen/read/heard in a LONG time.

Okay, now PETA and the ASPCA will be gunning for me, but I don't care!

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