Year of the Promise
Magic Bus

And a big yellow school bus took away my little man

And then it brought him back again.



(Standard-sized preschooler-dwarfing backpack required by the school. He chose this one because of its color resemblance to YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT.)



He made puzzles and there was paint and he ate a snack and snack was pananas and pretzels, yeah, two things! and yellow backpack and then the school bus. THE SCHOOL BUS, MOMMY. The school bus is coming back, Mommy? The school bus again tomorrow again? 


(It was a little less exciting for us this morning. Something more like your throat collapsing from the inside, once we said goodbye and watched the bus drive off, knowing that he would be met by total strangers on the other end, people we haven't even met yet, ushered into a classroom we haven't seen, the veil of our all-encompassing involvement in everything he does slowly getting drawn, as it will more and more, but oh! not yet, not yet.)

(Seeing the [totally non-short, by the way] bus come back around our corner a few hours later was MY favorite part of the day, second maybe only to seeing his delighted face in the window and hearing him gleefully shout "THAT'S MY MOMMY!" to his fellow passengers. Take THAT, stupid veil, you dickwad.)

(Incidentally, the forms? ARE STILL IN HIS BACKPACK. I am starting to think that maybe my terrible fearful fear of real and/or imaginary authority figures is something I can let go of, a little bit.)




I felt that veil too when each of my kids started school. I thought "well, now they have a life I'm not really a part of"...sniff, sniff.

Love the THATS MY MOMMY part.


LOVE IT. The pics of Noah and the school bus made me want to cry. Yay, Noah!


I'm glad I'm not alone in the *sniffling* with pride and utter disbelief at how grown up he is...

(And, I also agree ass shot is enviable..)

Miss Britt

Awwwww, your school bus comes to his house and you actually get to put him on it? That is so awesome.

We have the plain ol' few blocks away from our house bus stop here.

Anne B.

I don't even HAVE kids and this story makes me all teary. Thanks for sharing!

die Frau

Way to go, sweet Noah! And yeah, I noticed immediately that he looks like a boy in that second picture, not a little boy. It threw me.

"THAT'S MY MOMMY!" God, I can't wait to hear that.


Wow. How fantastic!

I have to tell you that the 2nd picture just captured that magical moment of the future, where you look at your children and you see them in 5, 10, 15 years from now. (And he does favor Jason, at least from your posted pictures).

Keep going, little man!


Yeah Noah and Amy!!

I have a little guy like Noah and I completely relate to both the trepidation and joy!!!


Cutest thing ever! (At least, until Ezra goes to school!)


Aw, Noah's all grow'd up!Much happiness for you guys that The Preschool is so awesome!!


Oh Amy. My throat got all lumpy reading this! He's so precious and so grown up!

Way to go, Noah!


Never commented here before but I have followed your posts. Had to comment today because I actually TEARED UP at your first day'o'school pics and post. Could be that I'm 38 weeks pregnant and a hormonal mess, but it's probably just that you are DOING IT little by little and I love those stories of little triumphs that culminate into life-changing/forming events for these small beings entrusted to us. You're doing great!


Oh, yay for the bus and the snacks and your very very big boy! I'm so thrilled that he's having such a wonderful time!


Your post made me tear up...I will be bawling the first time my son steps foot on a real bus...he's just three now so I have another year or so to go:(

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