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Ephemera Not-Thursday

Okay, so I know it's 5 pm on a Friday and there's absolutely no point in posting at 5 pm on a Friday but I cannot stand leaving that pointless, neurotic post up all weekend and anyway I spent all afternoon scanning and it always takes so much longer than I think to produce four minutes' worth of entertainment but what I am trying to say is that I updated the When You Marry gallery with two more chapters. Newlyweds and Money Matters. New additions start here.

Also, a reader found the original 1945 edition online for a DOLLAR, and I ordered it and I was all excited but then I got an email from the store and they said that it had already been sold but they were trying to find another copy, and then it arrives and I was all excited AGAIN, but then I realized it was the 1953 edition, not the 1945, and I composed this long complicated email to the store about why this wasn't right (especially since it is virtually word-for-word IDENTICAL to the 1962 version, which means all the crap in the forward about being completely re-written and expanded for today's modern American teen-agers was LIES, NOTHING BUT LIES)...and then I stopped and realized I was about to really confuse some used bookstore's poor summer intern and spend five bucks to ship the book back across the country just so I could get my DOLLAR back. So...if you're a friend of mine who plans to get married anytime soon, well. Mwa ha ha, baby. Have I got an awesome wedding present for you. Yes, indeed.

(It cost a freaking FORTUNE. Like, a hundred dollars. It's an antique!)



It's OK because I am still here waiting for posts on Friday nights at 5pm! It's actually 3pm where I live and have 2 more hours of work to kill. (Fridays are boring.) You are welcome to keep me in mind when you are in this conundrum again. Thanks!!


Plus, I've never had the chance to be the first to comment on any of your posts...ever.


I'm with Jill. It's 2pm here and I can hardlt survive the weekend without a Firday post. So thank you. (Yes, I am pathetic. Thanks for noticing.)


What Jill said (except the part about being first)!


5:16 here, but both bosses are gone for the day and I'm fooling around on Facebook and stuff, and I am ALWAYS thrilled to find a new post on and I do occasionally check you out on weekends and if there's nothing new (which there never is) I just read the old stuff again and admire the babies and I guess what this very long sentence is telling you is that there is always a point to your posts and feel free to post 10 times a day if you want, I'll be here to read them.


well, it's 11:18pm on a Friday night here in europe, and me and the baby both have stopped-up noses and I just fed her and wiped her nose (HORROR! HOW COULD I?! NOOOO!!) then put her back down and came to check in online one last time...and I'm just thrilled to bits to get to read 2 amalah posts in one day, AND new chapters of the book! whee! :-)


well, it's 11:18pm on a Friday night here in europe, and me and the baby both have stopped-up noses and I just fed her and wiped her nose (HORROR! HOW COULD I?! NOOOO!!) then put her back down and came to check in online one last time...and I'm just thrilled to bits to get to read 2 amalah posts in one day, AND new chapters of the book! whee! :-)

Nicole Miller's 11:30 p.m. where I am - what a nice surprise just as I was about to log off to have such a good laugh to start the weekend. That and I want to be Mrs. Canny so I can afford a mop to go with my aluminum foil. Ah, the dreams!

Parsing Nonsense

Still though, false advertising, man. Also, don't all school-issued books always say they're fully revised and updated but then when you look they're pretty much the same?

It's why I always hated having to buy the latest editions of my textbooks in college. They frown on used books, so they "revise" them and charge you a king's ransom for them.


Today's entry was a beautiful thing. Thank you. Oh, I almost forgot -- I found out that I am not an asshole. (big sigh of relief)


I have the 1945 edition, and it honestly doesn't seem that different than what you're posting. The annual salaries & stuff are from the early 40s, but the advice (and the quizzes) are the same! :)

Pinkie Bling

YAAAY! Friday afternoon posts are a godsend - never think otherwise!


So good housekeeper wives are assholes, and poor housekeeper wives are lacking in talents and interests. Women are real winners!


Oh lord, that was funny! My husband stopped by my office (we work in the same building) and wondering why I was gasping about hamsters and taxes. I too am glad to know that I'm not an asshole.


If I had a time travel machine, I think all I would do is go back and rewrite these types of textbooks with today's prices to scare the living hell out of the teenagers of the 40s & 50s.


It's a nice Friday treat to find out that I'm not an asshole! Also, I had to look up "apple pan dowdy"

Trout Towers

I read the last bit about it being an antique and was all "really?!?! and you got it for a dollar?!?!"

Apparently I'm quite gullible toward the end of the day.


I'm laughing at the advice on p. 189 about a couple living on a husband's income and saving the wife's--it's the exact advice that my pastor gave my husband and I in 2003 when we went to meet with him about having him marry us! When I presented him with the scenario of a wife earning more than her husband, I pretty much blew his mind...

(This was the same meeting at which I learned far more about his sex life with his wife than I ever wanted to in my life. Topics discussed included sexual favors in exchange for vacuuming, the ideal night to have sex (not Friday!) and not complaining--at least until the next day--if one's husband was too rough during sex.)

(And yeah, that meeting was the proverbial final nail in the whole pretending to even have any actual connection to organized religion...)

Anyway...perhaps he had his *own* copy from which he drew such great wisdom (maybe the 1945 version covers the no sex on Friday thing...)

Sprite's Keeper

It would be quite surprising to know that Mrs. Squander and Mrs. Canny were shopping at the same store. Then that would be proof that Mrs. Canny is boffing the owner. :-)


* I can't get past the "resent VIOLENTLY to women working outside the home". Violently?

Well - at least I can still be a "helper or hostess".

*My hamster does a GREAT job on our taxes... what's the problem?

*Lucky Mrs. Canny - SHE CAN SPLURGE ON A SPONGE MOP! (much to the dismay of her fellow housewives who get down on their damn hands and knees and clean the floor properly.)

Amy? You don't know me... but... well... I love you. (Awkwardness starting NOW!)


Important Things On The Internet Instead Of Showering? Check!

I love your writing.


Important Things On The Internet Instead Of Showering? Check!

I love your writing.

Steph the WonderWorrier

Mary Jane is so sneaking a mid-afternoon scotch on the rocks in her fading frock and Jim's having extra "meetings" with his secretary.

But, you know, they have wonderful moments in their marriage. Don't forget that as a quick afterthought to their sordid tale. The happiness.


My library had a booksale this week, and I found a book (that I bought for my coffee table) called The Secretary and her Job. That's right. It's a 1938 book ALL about how to be a secretary.

It made me think of you.


a) I love Friday afternoon posts because, like Judy, I check your blog on the weekends
b) OMG!! : "If you think this might be you, just pack Russell Brand in your carry-on luggage." A Forgetting Sarah Marshall reference! I love it love it love it!!


so, it might not be the same as owning it, but have you checked local libraries or interlibrary loan options through your local library?

i'm writing my dissertation on classroom/educational films, mostly from roughly the same time period as this awesome book (yes, really, and my dissertation will probably have capital letters) and i have found that whenever i need a particularly ridiculous piece of educrap, there is SOME library more than willing to loan it to me if i am willing to deal with the shame of requesting if and picking it up in person at my university's library and trying to avoid eye contact with the undergrad who checks it out for me and asks me, again, if it was a "late night" as they hand me an 80s video about drunk driving or yoga farmers.

(that is what happened a few weeks ago as i ended up with the sold-separately book component of this, which was kind of disappointing except for the part that told me how to break-dance:

anyway, I hope that helps.

and if you ever need anything, uh, give me an email & I'll see what i can do.

die Frau

ROARING with laughter. And, like the rest of these commenters, I am definitely not an asshole. Just come take a peek in my house.

Do you think the creators of Mad Men know about this book?


And I always thought Friday posts were pointless. You have proved me wrong.


Well, teaching + doctorate program + baby = SO not advised by this book. Because of all that, I'm behind on my DVR and this blog, but I just about lost my shit last night while watching last Sunday's episode of Mad Men, when the risque party girl excitedly announced that she was Swedish. My husband, who does not read this blog (his loss), just stared at me as if I had lost my mind.

Kat Maile

I happen to love it when people post new blogs late on Fridays. Sometimes I check again on right see if...just by chance...something else could happen to be posted. Thanks!



I need to thank you.

As a 24-year old, young professional... I am learning SO much about cooking, cleaning, farting, & getting little Johnny Jr. to eat his Cream of Wheat.

I can't wait to quit my job, survive on $6,000, and plan a honeymoon around my period.



Also, not an Asshole!

This is some funny shit.


While stealing your brother´s idea and attemting to get hold of this book for a friends wedding I found that the 1953 edt. is scanned and available at Internet Libraries, flippable glorious animation and all.. And, it seems the authors are still alive, Evelyn and Ruben, born in 1906 and 1912! That´s staying power!


I feel like I just scored a coup! I found the 1945 version on sale on Amazon, and ordered it for $5.98...but get this, I also get a free "68+ CHAPTER HOLY BIBLE SCRIPTURE MEMORY SONGS CD ABSOLUTELY FREE!" Two gifts for the price of one!

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