The Life of Four

Four Years

It's funny, as he gets older, my determination to stay away from mushy, embarrassing sentiment wavers more and more. He's no longer a baby or a toddler but a KID, and yet when composing this entry in my head, my first impulse is to fill is chock full of pet names and flowery goopy declarations of love and pride. "Mo-oo-oom," I can already hear him saying...but when? Two more years? Longer than that? Less?

We spent so much time this year focused on the future. Worrying about it, planning for it. Determined to prepare him for the next step, the next year, the next experience. We became Mama and Papa Bear, growling at anyone who dared question the potential of our cub, demanding that the forest clear a safer path for him...while also tearing our fur out because holy crap, this is hard.

And yet, oh, this boy. He is still my heart. He is still so smart and adorable and funny. He is such a kind, loving big brother and a kind, loving person. He surprises me every day, every hour, sometimes, with the things he says and thinks and can suddenly DO, just like that, and I am awed to be tasked with a child with this much potential.

"Are you happy?" he asks, whenever I look upset or worried. "Are you happy, Mommy?"

Yes, Noah, my love. Yes, I am. I am so happy.

Noah's Fourth Birthday from amalah on Vimeo, music: M79 by Vampire Weekend

Happy birthday, baby.



Happy birthday, big guy! Wishing you a great year ahead.


Happy Birthday Noah!

That was perfect Amy. Just perfect!


That was a sweet video. I, uh, have to admit though, the dropping of the baby was my favorite part. I made my husband watch it too.

Happy Birthday, Noah!


That "mushiness" never goes away. Sometimes I grab my ten year old son and curl him up on my lap and hold him tight-just like I did when he was four. I don't know how much longer he will humor me, though!

Sprite's Keeper

Happy birthday, Noah! I'm gonna go stalk my 2 year old now.


Aww, I should not be watching this at work, it's totally making me cry. Happy Birthday Noah! And yes, you totally just posted video of your husband dropping the baby on the internet. Fucking awesome.


Gosh, he just turned 3 last week! Where has all the time gone???


Crying. Just so you know.

Happy birthday, Noah! It's been lovely getting to watch you grow. :)


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


Crying. AMAZING!! Happy birthday Noah

Just Shireen

Happy Birthday, Noah!


So many milestones! The visor, the backpack, the many victories. Happy Birthday, lil' (oops, I mean big) guy!


um. like almost bawling here. what a sweet kid!

Happy Birthday, Noah!


OK, you need to stop making me cry- thank you very much.


Jason dropping the baby.. HILLARIOUS!

What an amazing video..

Happy Birthday buddy....


Happy Happy 4th Birthday Noah! You are such a great big brother.


What a fantastic glimpse of your loving, joyful family. Thank you for sharing.


Perfect video as always, Amy. Happy Birthday Noah!


So sweet! (I too gasped a little at the Dropping Of Ezra, but all has been redeemed) Happy Birthday, Noah!!


Happy happy birthday, Noah!! A fantastic video for an absolutely fantastic and inspiring little guy...thank you for sharing!


Oh Amy. I'm WEEPING. WEEPING! Such a beautiful family and an amazing little boy that has just come SUCH a long way. The shot of the four of you watching the fireworks just leveled me. Loud bangs, bright lights and just utter peace on all of your faces.

Noah has an amazing story. A successful, amazing, beautiful story. For such a beautiful soul.

Happy Birthday, Noah.


re: Dropping. I know, right? I showed that to Jason and he swore he totally doesn't remember it at all. (I'm pretty sure it was like, the very day we brought Ezra home.) Obviously he didn't really fully *drop* him and everyone was fine, but man, I had to laugh at it now, being such a perfect moment of OH SHIT THERE ARE TWO OF THEM NOW WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOO?

Parenting. They let just about ANYONE do it, these days.


I want you to come make a birthday movie for my little boy now! Happy Birthday!


Sniff....happy birthday Noah. Awesome video not only do I NOT have a freakin baby book for my two but no videos as cool as that. You rock sister...


Happy birthday to handsome Noah - what a great big brother he is :-)


Could you please find a rating system for these? Like a rating for something that's tear-inducing and inappropriate for viewing while at work?

Oh, dude, did Jason really almost drop the baby?


Riiiiight, so I actually teared up watching that, and I'm not just saying that. I CRIED. JAYSUS. He's four. Four! Already! How did that happen?! WHY SO FAST, TIME?


Woman--you make me weep. That is all.


Ok, so I'm another crier, delurking after reading your blog for a long time, because NOM NOM NOM, as you would say. Noah is such a sweet and snuggly big brother! I don't think I realized just how much he looks like his dad until there were multiple pictures presented in one sitting. Your sons are absolutely adorable!

She Likes Purple

Happy birthday, Noah!


Great, as always.

Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy, Happy, Happy B-day Noah!

4 is going to be your year!


These make me CRY! I love his little voice, so cute!

Happy Birthday, Noah!


I have to admit, my heart stopped for a second at about 0:45.

But yes, so much cuteness. Such a big boy. You are all so happy.


My heart also stopped at 45 then I laughed.

Happy birthday, Noah!


Just had to make me tear up before coffee, didn't you?

What a sweet, beautiful, wonderful boy you have there. Happy birthday, Noah.


OMG, your baby is 4! Where did the time go?! (At the same time, I know this phenomenon firsthand as my oldest turned 4 in June.) Somehow, those wee little ones grow up right before our eyes.

Enjoy this magical ride!


Tears, tears, choking up....ahhhhhhh! Beautiful family, such wonderful happiness. Hooray!


Happy birthday, Noah!

Heather B.

I cannot believe he's four. Wow. And I'm crying. I love that kid (duh). Happy Birthday, you wonderful boy, you.


Happy Tears! Love him! Been folowing for years--and have two girls almost exact same age as your two boys...HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH : )


And by they way...we totally almost dropped our new baby the second

Kim W

That video was so beautiful, I'm crying over here now! He is such an awesome little guy, er, boy. :)


Happy Birthday Noah!
This year I remembered to have the kleenex box next to me while watching the birthday video.


Happy birthday sweet Noah!


Happy Birthday, Noah! Your mommy ruined my eye makeup.


Happy Birthday Naoh, you seem to be an awesome little man and a fantastic big brother :)


Happy Birthday Noah!

(Love the video Amy -thanks for sharing it! The part when you guys are all watching the fireworks, and you are clearly watching the camera to make sure Noah and Jason stay in the frame and to see your reaction while watching the camera, after Noah's reaction to the fireworks was just awesome.)


PS sorry I just spelt your name wrong Noah!!! Have a super great day xx


Oh. My. God. He is so gorgeous and where did the time go?

Happy birthday, Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah! Its my birthday too, the 30th rocks! I can't believe how big you are. You are going to love having these videos when you get older. What a great mom!

Aunt Becky

Happy Birthday, Noah!


I love the way he says "baby bruvver.."


Hapyy Birthday, Noah!


I cried when I saw the scene of Noah visiting you and Ezra in the hospital. What a beautiful, amazing boy you have. Happy Birthday Noah, may life bring you so many new adventures :)


Happy birthday, Noah! What a biiiiiiiiiiig boy!


Happy b-day Noah! What an amazingly fast year...


Another one crying here. Sooo soo sweet.


This is the part where I embarrass myself and say what I'm really thinking: I REMEMBER when he was BORN, HOW IS HE FOUR YEARS OLD ALREADY?

And I don't even know ya'll. But I will say that of all the blogs I have read for this long, yours remains one of my favorites.

Happy birthday, Noah!


You have such a knack with these videos, and a lovely family too! Fave part was the fireworks and how Ceiba reads, and waits for the bus like a person. Cute. Happy Bday to Noah!


I love his name. He is so cute, happy birthday Noah!


Happy Noah's Birthday, to you, Amy! What a little guy you made.

LOVE the picture of Noah looking out the window, next to a backpack that looks to be as big as he is.


Jen Ambrose

Man, your husband is probably like so happy that you have a blog this week.

Between the skin-kneed wussiness outing and now the dropping both kids on video-ness - he is now Internet parenting legend!

Amy M.

Happy Birthday, Noah!


would you please.
happy birthday noah!


That was wonderful! Happy Birthday Noah.


Happy Birthday, Noah!!!!


Would you please update Noah's wishlist on Amazon? Everything seems to be added a good while ago.

Alison C

Happy Birthday, Noah!


I adore his dimples! Happy Birthday, Noah!


Happy B-day Noah! You are so handsome now. And you are such a good big brother...


Happy Birthday, Noah! You've got someone all the way in Fishers, IN rooting for you.


Happy Birthday Noah!


Must you always make me cry!?

Martha Harter

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! You are a very lucky little boy and have all the potential in the world. Your parents are doing a fantastic job!


Happy birthday, Noah!
You will be King of Four, I can already tell.


Happy Birthday Noah!


hahahah just watched the video. Noah's backing away in fear when Ezra cried is sooo adorable.


I thought I commented before that one already... it was supposed to ask, MUST YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY?!


Your son.

Oh Amy, how amazing is your son?

Without sounding creepy or stalkerish, I feel as if I KNOW him. I have watched him grow up over the past several years, laughed over his "a-ball! a-ball!," worried over his evaluations, cried with you when you have worried over him and always, always just loved him with my whole heart.

I hope to follow his glorious story for many more years to come.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Noah with us.



Loved the video! A lot has happened this year. Here's to a lot more good things happening this year. Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah. Thank you for letting us all watch him grow...


He's really grown into a big kid this past year ... comparing that first picture just before Ezra was born and the video of Noah on the scooter, it's amazing how much he's changed!

Happy birthday little guy! Hope you have the most amazing day


Happy birthday, Noah!



What a year.


ms martyr

Happy Birthday, Noah. So glad your mom is sharing all your success stories with us. May the upcoming year be filled with many more.


Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite internet child stars!

He is just....loved, you know? By his family and the internet as a whole.



Noah was only, what? some months old when I started reading your blog, just a month and a half older than my own baby, who, MY GOD, now carries a backpack and says things like LOOK MOMMY MY BOOBIES ARE ALMOST AS BIG AS YOURS.

Which is only sort of true.


My heart, it is clenching. The years, they go by TOO FAST.



Great video.


Happy Birthday Noah!


Oh, he's lovely. They both are. But HAPPY HAPPY, Noah! I hope it's the best year yet.

Heather Ben

BTW - go over to
to nominate this site for the best mommy blog awards. I put this under baby journal blog - fitting since this post is remembering noah's first 4 years. :) (PS - $1000 post would go a long way toward their kitchen redo! maybe get rid of the dishwasher!)


Noah (or Amy), we've never met but you are charming and precious. Hope you had a superb fourth birthday. The world is your oyster, little man.

Heather Ben

I meant $1000 prize - if we can get enough votes going!


What an awesome boy! Happy birthday, Noah!


Happy birthday, Noah!

Where does the time go? What a handsome, sweet little boy you have. Four is going to be the best year yet, I just know it.



Thanks for sharing him with us, Amy.


I bow to the Queen of the Birthday Videos. Love this one.


I officially want two boys now. I just had my first and this vimeo makes me want to have my second, soon. But then I remember being pregnant and I can wait.
Happy Birthday Noah!


Awwwwwwwww - damn you for making me cry at work!
It's so sweet to watch him as a big brother - I get choked up watching my little guy with his sister now.

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