Today @ 1 P.M.
Ephemera Friday

Yesterday @ 1 P.M.

So...yeah, OBVIOUSLY it went way better than that. I mean, I knew it would, even while lying in bed at 4:07 A.M., all saucer-eyed and tense, like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT, because I honestly had no idea I was that worked up over it. This is...what? Evaluation number five or six this year alone? The seventeen-dozenth since this all started over just about two years ago?

Up until last night I hadn't even double-checked the appointment time, so I guess my subconscious decided to SURE SHOW ME how entirely NOT used to this shit I am after all. Triple-check and obsess while you're AWAKE, next time, sweetcakes. Or face our nocturnal wrath. And...imaginary stressful haircut scenarios.

(I have been putting off getting a trim for a few weeks, actually. Maybe I should put a reminder in iCal, just so I don't have to wait for my brain to inform me that my hair looks like ass.)


It went well, as they tend to go whenever I am left out in the waiting room rather than brought along to sit there and apparently provoke all kinds of horrible uncooperative behavior. We get the full report tomorrow (TOMORROW. as in THIS CENTURY.) but it definitely sounds like Noah's speech delay has been bumped up out of "severe" and into "moderate"...or possibly even "mild." We are like, the valedictorians of quirk! 

And oh. Yeah. There was one other mother in the waiting room and...she...she totally reads this blog. And it was really nice to have someone to talk to and joke around with and help keep Ezra from disappearing down hallways at rocket speed, but the whole time I was desperately hoping I was just coming across as even slightly normal because secretly I was FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, BECAUSE I CAN SEE THE FUTURE I AM TOTALLY PSYCHIC YOU GUYS.

(Last night I dreamt something about having to protect Ceiba from some kind of insane feral cat, but the worst part was that the whole thing was secretly videotaped and posted to Gawker, like MOMMYBLOGGER IS SO MEAN TO KITTY CATS OMG SCANDAL.)

(In other news, I have decided that Unisom is Not For Me.)



Before you give up on the Unisom, can you tell me what the lotto numbers are going to be?


glad it went better than was dreamed about. how weird that you met a reader in the waiting room though!? of all the foreseen to come true, that's the one i'd have picked.

College At Thirty

Actually, it'll get posted to i can haz cheezburger with the cat trying to run away from the crazy lady while captioning, "i no iz meen to goggie!" or something funnier because I obviously won't be writing it.

I am so happy that the evaluation went well! Good job, Noah! And yay that you met a reader. I'm sure she's going to comment and be like, "Amy is so awesome, guys. Like on the blog, only funnier and prettier."


I am always flummoxed when I meet folks who read my blog. It still freaks me out that there are REAL people reading me. Not the pretend ones, the friends and family.

Glad the the evaluation went well. I always tell my husband that if I do NOT worry and fret, then things will go badly. It is my WORRYING that ensures that everyone will go fine. Right?


I was JUST about to ask you what the flip you are taking to sleep because yout need to STOP RIGHT NOW. Sounds like Unisom is not for you. May I suggest 1 bottle of wine a night? :)

I am SO glad that it went better than your dream.


Poster Amy - HA! I like the way you think.


That should have been "commenter Amy". I was trying to think of a way to distinguish commenter Amy from poster Amy and - oh, never mind. I need coffee.


Whoa! You're totally psycho... I mean psychic!

Glad Noah's eval went well! Here's hoping for great results!


Hooray for a better eval than your dream eval. And yeah, it's always weird to meet a reader.


As a daily reader of your blog, if I met you and your incredibly handsome boys in a waiting room (or anywhere for that matter), I would be the one totally FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT.

Hope for a great report from the evaluation. Noah is one smart kid!

Heather B.

I had this bizarre dream that invovled you, Noah and Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm had a crush on me (that's how I knew it was a dream) and then we were all at some soccer game of some sort and I wished Noah a happy birthday (odd only because I booked a flight yesterday to DC that is on his birthday) and he gave me a hug and said thank you. Then he gave me one of his trademark baby Noah smooches. Then Jon Hamm and I got in a fight over something to do with my father and then I woke up.

The important thing is to remember that Jon Hamm might love me and your kid is growing up so fast.

Also we ALL have super crazy dreams. I like to thank Ambien for mine.

Sprite's Keeper

You DO know that Unisom will probably want to sponsor you now, right?
"valedictorian of quirks"? My new favorite pull quote of yours.
Crossing cyber fingers for some good results!


*pat pat* Oh, Amy. Sweet, sweet Amy. Good. Things are good.

That's kind of all I've got right now because someone in my office just brought me a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the mf'ing oven, so... Ahhh. Brain... melting... mmmm.


Yes. Wine!! Much better than Unisom...and tasty, too!

Yay for Noah. Here's hoping his evaluation comes back great.

aimee @ smilingmama

Too funny that it was all because of the Unisom! Benadryl and that nose spray stuff do that to me. Seriously. Make. Me. Crazy(-er)!


Why limit the crazy? Wine + Unisom might = pure blogging comedy gold!
Glad the eval went ok.


You know, Unisom could become you secret blogging weapon. Whenever inspiration is lacking, Unisom to the rescue.


May I humbly recommend Tylenol PM for your sleeping needs? Works like a charm and with the exception of a little morning-after funk (which can be washed away with the application of coffee)it doesn't offer the side affect of crazy.


Wow! A 2-day wait for a report! These folks are ON THE BALL!

I hope you get the best possible results!


I cannot imagine running into someone who reads my blog (other than my brother in law. THAT was a Fun! Surprise! to find out after I had posted about getting turned on by the Bejeweled Blitz guy's voice on Facebook!) especially not while in a doctor's evaluation waiting room thingy.

Stress Elevator!

I'm sure he impressed them with his cuteness and charm. The developmental stuff is just the riff raff that hangs out, causing problems. But you'll figure out how to encourage the hoodlum quirks away from their life of crime, onto the good side.


So glad to hear it all went well. How freaky about the reader in the waiting room, though!


You were freaking out? I totally didn’t notice. Then again, I was worried I was acting a bit of a fanboy. :->

It was nice to meet you and Ezra, though.

Parsing Nonsense

Your blog readers are everywhere! Watching kids in your dreams, chatting with you in waiting rooms. I'm just glad when you were getting your c-section that your doctor didn't look down at you and say, "Hey, I read your blog and I'm SUCH a fan!"


I'm totally with Kathi. It is like we KNOW you, Amy, but we don't know you... In many ways, you are our celebrity.

Although, if I did see you, I think I'd gush from afar. Like shy kids do at Disney World when the giant Minnie Mouse people come by. I'd probably wave. Then maybe say something that was so personal, you forgot you blogged it, and then we'd both feel a little weird.

Trout Towers

Do you remember enough about the fabulous haircut to direct your stylist?


Yeah, if I ever bumped into you in a waiting room, I would mostly worry about coming across as a lunatic fangirl, too. Even though you seem pretty normal to me (well, normal if you use ME as the paragon of normality, which may not be normal at all).


Try Nyquil... that shit gives me crazy dreams!


I can't wait to meet one of my readers IRL! And I just know I'll freak out when it happens.

Katherine Gualtieri

I'm so glad that Noah's evaluation went well! I have a 4 year old with SPD too and I know how stressful evals can be. We just had our speech eval a couple weeks go. He's still hanging out in the severe range but they increased his therapy so hopefully we'll see improvement. I hope Noah has a great year too. :)

Katherine Gualtieri

I'm so glad that Noah's evaluation went well! I have a 4 year old with SPD too and I know how stressful evals can be. We just had our speech eval a couple weeks go. He's still hanging out in the severe range but they increased his therapy so hopefully we'll see improvement. I hope Noah has a great year too. :)

Haley-O (Cheaty)

So happy that Noah's evaluation went well. Yay! Also thinking I need to ical a hair appointment, too. Although I do remind myself I need one every time I look in the mirror lately....


I'm glad to hear that things went so much better than your dream-and doubly glad to hear that Noah's speech has improved so much!


Also, because I love reading your blog, I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award-hope that's ok!
You can check it all out in this post and pick up the award. Thanks for being such an awesome blogger :)


There is a Little Shop Song that includes Audrey singing the line, "I couldn't sleep, I took a Sominex..." There's another spooky connection for you : )

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