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One Year, Take Two

It's not fair, this past year. It whizzed by in crazy-fast-forward mode. Blink, three months. Blink, six months. Blink blink, 10 months. And now here we are. 12 months. One year. On the cusp of toddlerhood, with his true babyhood vanishing into the few fat rolls he still has on his legs.

His delicious, crazy little legs -- he's so ready to walk but can't quite get that last bit of balance going, though he's down to needing a single solitary finger against the wall or furniture or hooked around mine.

He can suddenly do so many things, and I have no idea when he started doing them. He signs what he wants, he plays pattycake and soooo big and waves hello and goodbye to everyone he sees, he dances, he sticks his tongue out and furrows his brow while concentrating on his set of nesting cups, he mimics sounds and can point out Mama and Dada and Noah, he picks up a comb and immediately tries to attack his brother's hair with it. It's ridiculous, the little things that stun you, but there it is. He knows what a comb is for. Wow. 

Of course I miss the baby. The newborn, even. I look at these year-old videos and oh, that squooshy little alien face, with his bleats and baahhs at all times of night. But...now he knows what a comb is for. He knows who I am, beyond the keeper of the milks. I know who he is, beyond the blank canvas of he is my baby and I love him.

He is my baby. My son. My boy. My daredevil, my clown, my social butterfly, my smartypants spitfire.

My mighty, mighty Ez.

Ezra's First Birthday from amalah on Vimeo. Music: Lo Boob Oscillator by Stereolab

Happy birthday, buddy.

(PS, re: the video. I promise to occasionally put pants on you this year.)



Happy Birthday Ez!


Happy Birthday, Sweet Ezra.



I love crying at work, haha.


Happy birthday, Ezra!!!!!


Happy birthday Ez!

I think the world is lucky to have you in it.


Happy Birthday, Ezra!!

kim at allconsuming

Wait. Didn't you just have him? Like, a minute ago?

Happy birthday Mighty Ez! Go terrorize that stupid dawg.


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


oh god, I'm feeding my two month old son right now and that brought tears to me eyes. I seriously hope you burn all these little videos to DVD for your boys.

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

What a sweetie! This definitely makes me think I need to break out the video camera more often. Sniffles.

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

P.S. Happy birthday to all of your family, especially Ezra =)


Happy Birthday, Big E!


OMG so cute. Happy Birthday Ezra! still love the name btw:)


Happy happy birthday, Ezra!!! Thanks for sharing your cuteness with the world!

Maxine Dangerous

IT'S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?!? Holy crap. Happy birthday, Ezra! :) p.s. The baby legwarmers? WIN. :D


I'm going to go 1) wipe off and reapply my mascara because you just made it runny and ugly 2) put up an ads on craigslist and see if i could get a boyfriend that would like to have babies sooner rather than later and 3) write myself a note reminding my older self to videotape my babies.


Omigah! Too bleeping cute! Happy birthday, handsome little man!


Happy birthday, littlebig boy Ezra!!!


Amy, I almost made it ALMOST! Then you had to go and put in a squishy sleeping baby thumb-sucking picture in there. I am done...must get pregnant NOW!


Wow. Ditto on the crying at work. Awesome video! Happy Birthday to little sweet Ez!


Happy, happy birthday little (but growing!) Ezra!

It's truly amazing how much he's changed in a year's time. You are so lucky to have been there with him every day throughout it all.

And I'm totally a fan of the diapered thigh-highs look. That's hot. Very in.


Happy birthday to that sweet little boy!


He is so delicious! Happy Birthday Ezra!


Happy Birthday Ezra!

Amy M.

Happy Birthday Ezra! Such a sweet video. Makes me think I should do something with our footage. *hangs head*

And who needs pants, anyway? It'd be a crime to cover up those squooshy baby thighs. :)


It is not possible that he is a year old! It's amazing how much and how quickly they change. Beautiful video.
Happy Birthday Ez!


It's official. I can't watch these videos at work because I cry every freaking time.

Happy birthday Ez! And conrats to you, Amalah, for making it a year!


Awww, happy birthday Ez. He'll be walking before you know it.


Happy Birthday to all of you, especially Ezra!

And no pants please, enjoy those fat rolls as much as you can ;)


Happy Birthday Ez!


Oh. Mah. Gawd. Thank you for a whole year's worth of those cheeks!! Amalah, thanks for sharing so generously of your gorgeous boys, and Ez, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Happy Birthday Ezra! You're a cool kid!

Oh Amy, the corn eating! I just about melted!


Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

It's amazing that he's looked like himself almost right from the oven.

... and on the matter of pants? I vote for those leg warmers for another couple of years at least.



Pants are overrated. Happy Birthday Ezra!


So awesome. He's ridiculously adorable.

For the record, I read your (P.S.) to be "I promise to put pants on this year" so I spent the entire video looking for shots of you without pants. Then, disappointed, I re-read it. Not that I'm into girls without pants, but...well...ok I have to go now.


Love you Ezra!!!


It was unfair. The years go by too fast when we can't just sit and REVEL in our babies.
He is gorgeous! So happy...so healthy...so ONE!


Happy Birthday Ezra!

It just warms my heart to see Noah and Ez together. I can't wait to give Nicky a little brother or sister. (In JUNE! Yay!)


Too stinkin' cute! Happy Birthday Ezra!

PS: I saw 9news in that video--I'd guess you're not too far from where I grew up. Oh how I miss home! :)


Pants are so highly, HIGHLY overrated. Also, love the legwarmers and diaper.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY EZRA!!!! May your cuteness multiply with the years :-)


How are you one already, Ezra? Happy birthday sweetie!

Parsing Nonsense

Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's one already! Still so adorable!


Oh wow, this just makes me want one so bad. I know he screams,but just wow. Such beautiful boys you have Amalah. Happy birthday Ezra!


Happy Bday Ezra! Love, love, love the video!


He's ONE???

Happy birthday, sweet Ezra!


NONONONONO... he can't be one already! I'm digging in my heels to prevent Snackbox from also passing from infant to toddler - from my totable little baby to all squirmy arms and gangly legs SOCLOSE to walking(love the bit about the single solitary finger!).

So so adorable...


Aw. Happy birthday, Mighty Ez!

Kailee Maguire

Beautiful job on the video! I cannot believe EZ is one!

Now I am all weepy and also my womb in dire need of a baaaaybeee!! THANKS A LOT, AMALAH.

Just Shireen

Happy Birthday, Ezra!


Happy Birthday Might Ez! Great video Amy.


Happy Happy Baby Ez. Although I guess I can't call you that anymore.

Sprite's Keeper

Aw! So cute! Happy birthday, Ezra!


Ezra can't possibly be a year old, because he's just a couple of weeks older than my kid, and she's a BAY-BEE!


So sweet! Happy birthday, Ez!!


My pregnant self is loosing the ability to sleep through the night, dealing with pg pains etc. Thanks for reminding me of the light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Birthday Ezra!

Jennifer PM

Happy birthday Ez! I can't believe I'm going to have one of these little guys in a few months!

Martha Harter

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Hope you have another great year full of exciting discoveries and laughs!


dying with the cute. happy birthday little guy! and pants are overrated, so enjoy the pantslessness while you can!


My gosh, my youngest is 12 and I think you just made my boobs hurt.

Are those baby legwarmers?


Happy birthday, big guy! You are very loved by a lot of people (but especially your mama).

(I can't get over how much Noah has grown in the past year too!)

Jessica (@It's my life...)

Happy Birthday Ez!
Amy, I feel the same way about my 2nd daughter's first 18months. Poof. Gone. Thank goodness for the blog and the journal or I'd have no idea what happened. I see pictures of her as a baby and I don't even recognize her. It's weird.

Auntie Colleen

I love you my special Nephew!


Happy birthday, sweet boy. Good work on making your mama so happy!


My second born son is just a few months older than Ez, and I agree that the year just...disappeared. Poof! It's a toddler.

He's just beautiful. What a ride.


Happy Birthday sweet Ezra!
That video brought to tears to my eyes, as soon as I saw pg Amalah! Wow, that takes me back because my son is a week ahead of Ezra. And after watching your video, I resolve to video-tape my 12 mo more!


Screw the pants- it would be a crime to hide those perfect chubby thighs from the world. (Besides they're so much wigglier their second year! Pants are hard work!)
I just love him.
Happy Birthday, Ezra!


Happy Birthday Ezra!


Oh. My. God. Far, far too cute.

Happy birthday, gorgeous boy!


Ezra can't possibly be 1 already, because that means my little man will be 1 in two months, and no. Not fair. Happy Birthday Ezra! Now stop growing so darn quickly.


Happy Birthday Ezra


Well that settles it...time to go home and get careless with birth control.


Happy Birthday Ezra.

I just watched that video with my heart in my mouth. Whadda you mean? My gorgeous 10 week old son is going to start moving of his own accord and open fridge doors and go up and down stairs and stuff. NOOOOO stop growing up NOW!

Ah well, they just get cuter every day don't they?


There'll be another 80 years of pants-wearing, enjoy the freedom while it lasts :) Happy Birthday Ezra!


Happy Birthday, Ezra!

And thanks for sharing.


Annnnnd Amy scores again! Wonderful video, beautiful baby Ez. Thanks so much for sharing these moments with us.

BTW...I didn't cry this time. But I did smile. A real whole lot. :0)

mrs. biscuit

Love, love, love it!

Happy Birthday Ezra!!


Happy Birthday, Ezra! That was too cute...loves it!!!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)

Happy Birthday to Ezra! My daughter is one in two days. The video is a great idea I think I should do that too. It's awesome and sad how fast they grow isn't it?


Happy Birthday, Ezra!


It's amazing, isn't it? That's an incredible transformation, not just in him but in us. I never put it that way before, but you're right. They change from "my baby and I love you" to "I love your adventurous spirit, your laugh, your persistence, the things that make you you, rather than any other baby in the world."

Happy birthday, Ezra, and congratulations on turning into a pretty amazing little person!


Amy, I've been lurking around your blog for a while now, but I just wanted to de-lurk now to agree with everyone else in the world that your children are absolutely adorable! Looking at your children makes me want to run out & get married & have some of my own.

PS: Pants are totally overrated, I agree. Esp. when you can wear a diaper & leg warmers. That look is priceless.


Happy Birthday Ezra! You will have to wear pants as it is getting cold in the DC area. Hope your second year is just as wonderful!


sob sob sob sob sob. Congratulations. :)


he is one seriously cute baby :) Happy birthday to him!


Wow...it's been a year??? Happy Birthday, Ezra!


Oh, that shot of him looking out the window at the end is great! Happy B-Day, Ezra!

(mine just turned 1 last month... where does the time go?)


happy birthday, ezra*


Aww, happy birthday, buddy. I especially liked the clip of you chowing down on the corn cob.
You've reminded me that I need to take more film of my little guys!

Don't worry, Amy-- Fuzzi Bunz and BabyLegs look way cuter than pants any day ;)


he's beautiful.

happy birthday ezra


Too cute. What video cam do you have? I have a fancy Panasonic, but it turns out that it's too fancy and I can't figure out how to edit or recut any of the footage into something actually watchable.


See, Ezra can't be turning 1, because I was due like a month after you and had Elanor like 2.5 weeks after Ez was born and that would mean that Elanor is almost 1 and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT.

Photoshopped, all of it...they're still itty bitty baybeez laying on the gyminis...right??? RIGHT??!!!

Heather B.

I can't handle these videos anymore. They make me weepy.

Happy Birthday, Ez.

die Frau

How did he turn 1 already? Happy birthday, sweet angel!

I think you should know it took all my willpower not to cry at that video.


Nothing like a little spontaneous ovulation on a Friday. Oh!! My heart!!!! Happy Birthday Noah!


Wow! Happy birthday, Ez!


Aww, happy birthday Ezra! Your kids are so beautiful. 29 days from my due date and I just can't believe how fast it goes...
Also, if you have time (haaa) what kind of video camera do you use? Apologies if you've mentioned before!


Another fantastic video! Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Amira @ DefineMature.com

I remember reading the post in which you announced your pregnancy and now, now THIS! He's one and that's just unbelievable.

Happy, happy birthday big guy =)

Amira @ DefineMature.com

I remember reading the post in which you announced your pregnancy and now, now THIS! He's one and that's just unbelievable.

Happy, happy birthday big guy =)

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