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Blah Blah Zah Zah


Listen, we're kind of busy over here today, but Zah really wanted to say hi.






I have four whole molars now. JELUS?


Oh, he also wanted to write a comment about the terribly underwhelming final three Project Runway designers. While he appreciates Althea trying to design roomy pants for the bulky-cloth-diaper set, he thinks her technical skills are lacking. I might let him write the finale recap for me this week. 


And why are they all so afraid of prints? Rescue vehicles are so hot this season.


Anyway! That's really all he wanted to say. Besides his favorite word ever: ALLDUN. We're ALLDUN with this. There is no more food on his tray and that is sad because it's ALLDUN. From his crib, mournfully, in the morning: ALLLLLLDUN!! Leave the room and YOU are ALLDUN. He is ALLDUN with you now!  ALLDUN, sir. I SAID ALLDUN.



Cutie patootie.


I will NEVER be "alldun" lovin' on some Ezra. NEVAH!!


We have those jammies too! We totally have the same taste in baby boy clothes! And possibly the same eye for a bargain when shopping for boys clothes.

Amber McN

I've been TRYING in VAIN to teach my 14 month old ALLDUN. Instead, he pushes all his food on the floor. Le Sigh.




They are so great at that age. My youngest is almost ten months and they just make you want to eat them up. In the words of the almighty Zah--ALLDUN.

Karen Chatters

He looks so big all of a sudden. I love the gold locks, adorable!

Kristen McD

I looove Zah. Can I borrow him for a day? I have a baby girl that shares his birthday. We could swap. Just for a day.


Hi back at ya, handsome!


That is so awesome. And Zah is SO PRECIOUS.


Ez is the spitting image of you, Amy. Does that ever totally TRIP you out?


I'm still shocked SHOCKED at the idea that babies talk. Sure Hank babbles and says "mama" in a way that seems sort of kind of appropriate and maybe aimed at me, so I guess it seems plausible on the horizon of possibility, but...words? Like, nouns? Or even crazier, CONCEPTS like Alldun? It something wrong with me that I find little ones talking akin to miracles/science fiction?


We have the same coffee table! I feel like I just saw Reese Witherspoon wearing my favorite outfit in US Weekly.

Oh, and Zah is adorable. (But you knew that already.)


He looks so much like you!


@AmberMcN- NOOOOOOOO! I think I speak for the majority who are loving the Baby Zah and not ready for him to cross into Toddler-Land with the Haircut of Doom and Scorn and Bigboypants.


toooooooo cute.


So. Cute.

Could you post another video of Ezra screaming? Just to counteract this post? Please?


Adorable! And, yes, very jelus.


That gave me a MUCH NEEDED laugh today. Thank you! Both of you ;-)

LD's Mom

With four molars, he is really going to be able to down some food. Good luck keeping up!


I know I say this everytime you post pictures of your children, but I want to eat them!!! He is just so darn precious.

And you picture bloggin skills are incredible. Just saying...


After seeing that face - the "I'm on to you, lady" face at the bottom there - my uterus is ALLDUN. It's screaming something about "needing one of those baby things, right now". I'm ignoring it.
& Zah's right...rescue vehicles ARE so hot right now.

Aunt Becky

I am ALLDUN too. That's a great word. That kid gets cuter every time I see him, I SWEAR.


Rescue vehicle prints are awesome! We have the exact same pjs. Word of warning: in dimly lit rooms, the rescue print pjs act like camouflage when mixed with the Hit the Road print sheets (sold @ Target).


Adorable!! Love the rescue vehicles!




Amy, my little guy, Oliver, is about the same age as Ez... and his hair is similar, as well. I'm starting to wonder if I should get it cut soon... but I love it long and wispy! What do you think? My husband wants to cut it soon... I say wait until enough people call him a girl, and then we'll do it.
Didn't you keep Noah's long for awhile?


I love the ALLDUN!

Mine has said, "Ah Bung!" in that context for the longest time - we have permanently added it to our family vernacular. (I have just had to catch myself from using it in the office...)


Woman! This needs to STOP!

The cuteness is approaching toxic levels. It is creeping into my systems and wreaking havoc with the wiring. Creating hallucinations and madness and thoughts like "well, maybe just one more..."

No more, I mean it. ALLDUN.


Such a cutie pie! I'm impressed with ALLDUN.


He doesn't even have his baby boy curls yet. They are coming!
He is just the sweetest pea. And you know what they say:
"When his hair begins to curl, I wish you then a baby girl."

"They" all say that. These are facts.

Jen L.

Zah rocks an awful lot. He is way cute. My little boy has the same pj's and I love them.


I am talking to my crazy friend on the phone right now...and this cheered me right up! Thanks!


I love anything you write but that boy is the cutest thing! Noah yesterday, Zah today...what's up for tomorrow?!?


I just want to nibble on both of them!


Wondering why I have a pretty little turquoise square and nobody else does...


See what bragging about your turquoise square does? It gets it taken away from you!


Good grief, but that child is cute!


I hope YOU are not alldun with babies my god woman you sure can make yourself some beautiful children!


what a cute munchkin!


I love your kids and they are incredibly adorable! But, does Jason have any dominant genes? Both boys look like mini-Amy's. Maybe the girl you will have next year will look like him. *wink*


Oh! OH THE CUTE! It's killing me! AAAAAHHHHHH!


Girl, how did I not know that you are doing a PR recap until the season is practically over? Where have I been?

Well, it's my own darn fault for not getting to enjoy your spot-on, well-written snarkitude until now. That's a rare combination...

And thanks for the Zah pics. He is marvelous. :)


alldun and more = 2 most powerful words in toddlerhood, so sayeth the Speech Therapist


Snackbox has learned the sign for More, but he doesn't seem to know All Done. We figure it's because he is NEVER all done... thus the name Snackbox!

Zah is too too precious.


He is TOO FREAKIN CUTE. Thanks for saying hi, Zah-man!

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