Sick Day
Post-Nasal Block


Update! I survived Swine Flu 2009. Or...Faux Swine Flu 2009, probably, since my fever never cranked up much past 99 degrees and I was feeling mostly human again by Sunday. (Although if you take my temperature on a perfectly healthy day you will likely get something like 96.6, so it's all relative, or at least that's what I was FOREVER trying to explain to the high school nurse, that 99.6 is actually 102.6 in Amy Degrees, or something. I wanna go home! I have cah-raaamps!) I survived Really Bad Cold With A Side Of Stomach Unpleasantries 2009.

Anyway. I owe my recovery solely to the fact that I actually took a goddamn SICK DAY. Like, I stayed home. In bed. In my pajamas and everything. I ate chicken soup for lunch, people. I outsourced everything child-related and watched 80s movies in the afternoon and took an honest-to-God nap.

Do you know the last time I did that? Sometime circa 2005, I think. I up and had a BABY last winter and still insisted on going downstairs and mouth-breathing at the toaster, making breakfast and feeding pets and answering emails, while a double ear infection leaked out of my eyeballs. All while insisting that I was Happy and Fine and Whoops, Walked Into The Wall Again.

So let me tell you, it took EVERYTHING in me to call down to Jason and beg him to please, pleeeease stay home. Even though I didn't really need to beg, of course -- TWO full anniversaries ago, a year where we both insisted that there would be no presents, he presented me with five of his vacation days. Five days where he would stay home and I could go shopping or see a horrible chick movie or visit a get the idea. Days off, of my very own.

Two years later, and Friday was the first time I ever cashed one in. What is wrong with me? Oh right, the whining and the martyrdom. I would miss them so. I would have nothing to write about without them! Except: I got sick one time and stayed in bed until I was better.

You see how that will simply not do. Quelle horreur!

Anyway, AGAIN, let's move on with our collective lives. What else happened...I lost some weight from all the illness, bought a killer pair of jeans and some new eyeshadow to celebrate, will probably have to return the killer jeans because my appetite is now all officially better, judging by the pile of fun-sized Snickers wrappers sitting here next to the computer. Noah seems to be doing really, REALLY well at his school programs, which means it's time for parent-teacher conferences to come and knock me off my optimistic ass this week, and also he has suddenly decided that he will indeed be a Good Boy, because if he is a Good Boy Santa will bring him a giant $200 dollhouse that he saw at the store and has not stopped talking about since. A $200 dollhouse that makes the small dollhouse we already got him for his birthday look like TOTAL CRAP.  He wants the other one. He wants both. He wants a city. A tiny town! Then he shall don his monster costume and terrorize all the little hand-painted wooden people on their eco-scooters or whatever the hell. I LOVE YOU, MOMMY. I'M BEING A GOOD BOY. JUST BECAUSE. YOU SEE? LOOK, I HUG YOU. HUG! IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?

Ezra, of course, wants a jet pack. Probably. I bet that's what he'd ask for, if he could talk. 

Or at least if he could talk that much, because he continues to freak me completely out, with the fact that he talks at ALL.  Babies who talk! And gesture! And sign! Instead of like, telepathy and smoke signals or however the hell we communicated with Noah for all those months. He's added "all done" to his vocal repertoire, along with "yeah yeah" and "uh oh" and "Dada." We're working on "oh wow" and "light", which are currently in the iffy category of Things One Parent Swore He Said But Have Not Yet Been Independently Verified. I am pretty sure that "mum" means "more."

I walked out of the room this morning and immediately heard his slappy little hands furiously crawling across the floor after me, and then some distressed bleating of "Mama! Mama! Mama!"


Yep. I feel much better now. Must've been that chicken soup.



So glad you're feeling better! Mom sick days are the BEST!

Megan@Blueberry Scones

Sick-days-as-a-present is GENIUS.


So glad you are feeling better. Jason is wise beyond comprehension and I am stealing his idea. Not that I have a SAHW or anything but I do have a husband that likes to surf. Apparently, parental responsibilities and surfing don't gel, dude. Daddy-O is officially getting 5 (really only 3) of my vaca days for the waves of his choice!!!


Dude. I can't get past the-

"...he presented me with five of his vacation days..."

Because holy crap, that is completely genius! I am SO asking for that for Christmas!

Aunt Becky

Isn't it weird when the stuff your mom told you would work actually works?



I actually stayed in bed for a whole day too when I was sick recently. What a revelation. And wow, what a lot of weird crap there is on cable.

Glad you are back.


I am so glad you recovered from the Faux Swine Flu 2009!

AND LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BOY....I am going to eat him.


We are one in the same! When I got the triple whammy (sinus & ear infections + strep) in September. I practically crawled into the doc to find out my temp was a whopping 98.8! I am so happy that you are feeling better! And how could you not when greeted with Ezra's adorable face?

ccr in MA

Wow, Jason, what a great idea!


What a lucky duck you are. Vacation day coupons! Better than wash the car coupons!


How cute would Ezra be, soaring through the air? He could be like a super hero! Get that child a jetpack.


Good for you for actually staying bed when sick!

I think that last paragraph has finally convinced me to call the doctor. My daughter is going to be two next month but has fewer words than Ezra. Everyone has been telling us she needs help but I've been trying to just give her time. Maybe it's time for a bit more. I would like to hear "Mama" :(

Sprite's Keeper

Ooh, I must remember to ask for one of my husband's vacation days! I'm glad you're better. I am currently battling a horrid cold with side of massive sinus infection which means a lot of napping, A Baby Story, and mocking of A Baby Story.
The mocking makes me feel better. :-)

Bachelor Girl

She LIVES!!!

(Please imagine that in my best Colin Clive voice. Thank you.)

Welcome back!

Mary Jo

"99.6 is actually 102.6 in Amy Degrees"

DUDE!! Me too! No one gets it, but if I hit 99.6 I feel like hell. You should have seen me last winter when I was sick and it got to 103!! O. M. G. I was on my death bed seriously. So glad I'm not the only one who has this issue!!


What a thoughtful husband you have!! (And I'm sure you deserve no less.) Don't be a martyr--use those days!! Freaking-genius of an idea, Jason!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE that anniversary present! :) It seems that there are never sick days as a mom. Ezra seems to be good chicken soup all on his own though!


Vacation days. is the best present. I have ever heard of. from any person. to any other person. ever in the history of time.


My body also functions in something similar to Amy Degrees. It is very hard to get the school nurse to understand such an affliction.

Glad you're feeling better! And yay for Jason's most excellent gift idea!


Glad that you are feeling better. I too had the Faux Swine Flu of 2009 and my husband had to WFH 2 days in order to take care of our 13 mo son while I laid in bed & moaned through the chills and scratchy throat. I also have the "normal" reading of 95-96 degrees and 98 degrees is OMG GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW.
Ezra is so cute. And now I'm worried that my son isn't talking at all.
Last, and most important, Jason is the BEST to give you 5 vacation days! OMG what a fabulous present! I love it.


Hank has those pajamas, but the two piece version. After going through a size a week and discovering every couple of nights that the poor guy couldn't extend his legs, we gave up on footy pajamas. I love those thermals from Target because at 8 months he can wear the 2T size and its still snug, but with lots of room to grow

....and yes, he is, at 8 months, a giant monster baby. Strangers constantly give me looks of pity when they see that he isn't talking/walking yet. Because they assume he's 2 or something. Sigh.


You could probably make some decent money if you sold Jason's sick days. Is that allowed? Are they transferable? Then you could still be the martyr! The rich one!


Honestly, moaning IS good medicine. Something about using up so much air and vocal energy...very cleansing. I remain a firm believer.


Dude. Had to click through just to say that the whole vacation days as a present to you is AMAZING and MARVELOUS and such a fabulous idea. Why didn't everyone else think of that??? Kudos to Jason, big time. Now go and use those 4 other days!


I think 98.6 is the average temperature for MEN. I swear I do. (You know it probably is, since they didn't have women in medical testing until like 25 years ago, and I doubt anyone has done any testing on that lately.) I don't know any women who have that as their normal body temp. I know when I was doing the basal temp thing (HAHAHAHAHA) my temperature was always hovering around 97. So yeah, for me a 98.6 is in fact slightly feverish.
Glad you're feeling better!


I wouldn't mind that baby chasing me


Um, is there a way to say "I want to eat your baby" that doesn't sound icky? Because, well, I do.


A mom taking sick days is such a novel idea. Generally we are supposed to soldier on but congrats on taking a day. Now don't feel guilty and enjoy the words from your cutie.


I'm very glad I'm past child-rearing age, because those two would make me need to have another. You really have some nerve, thrusting all that C.U.T.E. at us without disclaimers.


Baby talk is the best!


My temperature is naturally low too!!!! When I was temping while TTC I was tryin to impress DH with the hard evidence that SEE - I AM COOLER* THAN YOU AND ME AT 99 DEGREES IS FEVER! But ... he did not care.
*Also I'm pun-erific!

Jessica (@It's my life...)

Someone on Twitter was toying with the idea of renaming this flu the "killer new jeans flu." I'm thinking that now that the kids have been vaccinated it might not be so bad to actually get it... I mean, I already have the jeans. I just want to be able to wear them for a day or two.
Also? 5 vacation days? Most romantic gift evah.

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