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Holiday Giveaway-ish Contest-ness!

This is a sponsored post/contest from Shutterfly. They bought ads from me and want to give Free Stuff to you. Hooray! Everyone's a winner!*

*Well. Not "everyone." There will be only one winner. Everybody else? LOSERS.**

**Well. I think you're all winners, if that makes you feel any better.

Okay. So! It's a contest thing. I don't usually do these, and much like every blogger who doesn't usually do contests I feel compelled to remind you of that fact. I NEVER GIVE YOU FREE THINGS. IT INTERRUPTS MY VALUABLE TALKING-ABOUT-ME TIME. Plus, the FTC totally triggers my imaginary-authority-figure paranoia. So allow me to over-over-disclose. Media buy, sponsored contest, this post includes discussion of Stuff I Got For Free Too.

As part of the contest agreement, I was asked to create and order a complimentary photo book. I know! My life! Is hard and taxing. But seriously, I cannot even tell you the amount of stress I managed to create for myself around a FREE PHOTO BOOK. I could not choose photos. I could not even find all my photos. I went through about seven different versions of the book and at least three nervous breakdowns because I just couldn't get it quiiiiiiite right. I knew I wanted a book to give to my parents and my in-laws for Christmas (NOTE TO PARENTS AND IN-LAWS: PLEASE STOP READING DIRECTLY BEFORE THAT LAST SENTENCE), but I couldn't seem to stop from overthinking it. Every photo was my favorite...and yet every photo was not quite photo-book worthy.

Finally, I figured it out. We have the fancy big SLR camera and the little convenient point-and-shoot...but I admit that about 99% of the time I don't actually have either of those cameras with me. A lot of my favorite photos are actually...on my phone. But who bothers doing anything nice with photos from a phone? I rarely even upload them to my computer, much less print them out, or anything. And yet this entire year is right there -- from shots of my massive swollen belly to the very very first photos I ever personally took of Ezra; from cardiac wing waiting rooms to newish brothers casually holding hands in the back seat of the car after a long day at the playground. I used the Shutterfly iPhone app and in five minutes I had every photo I needed to pretty much tell the story of the past year.

Five minutes after that, I had my book.

Picture 6

They might not be the sharpest, most beautiful photos, but they are still my most favorites.

You can see the whole thing here, which is actually where you can also enter the contest. Which is for, OH RIGHT I SHOULD PROBABLY MENTION THE PRIZE, a Shutterfly Holiday Prize Package:

      1.  2 7x9 photo books

      2.  25 greeting cards

      3.  25 stationary cards

      4.  1 calendar

To enter, go and create your own photo book. I will not torture you further by putting any additional limitations like "use your own camera phone" or "photos of kids with spaghetti on their heads" or "lolcats." Just...upload some photos and make a book. Then (stay with me here while I copy the rules from the things the imaginary contest authority figures sent me) share your book with me. Go to and submit it -- use the “Add” button near the top right, then select "Add Photo Books" from the menu. I'll be able to see your creations and grumble about how everybody is a better photographer than me.

(Hint! It's just above Ezra's forehead.)

Picture 8

Next Monday, at 9 am ET, I'll randomly select a winner. And BOOM, that person's holiday shopping will be as good as done. Provided they aren't a freak like me and completely freeze in the face of FREE STUFF FREE STUFF and spend two days trying to choose between two slightly different toddler facial expressions on page four alone.