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Thrilling! Christmas Recap! But Only Kinda!


kim at allconsuming


A wondrous day to you and yours - may there be love, laughter and a full belly.

What a ride hey, what a ride.


Beautiful. Such gorgeous guys! Love the "staying off the naughty list...barely" part too! Happy Holidays!

chatty cricket

WHERE DID YOU FIND EZRA'S HAT?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!


(because I love it)

Merry Christmas to you my Dear, I hope you all have a wonderful Eve and a Merry Merry Day!



Can I come over and play with the trains? If I bring alcohol? Please?


I love the progression of pictures...thanks for sharing. I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season and a great 2010.


I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You are just SO entertaining!

I hope you and your family have a FABULOUS Christmas and all the best in 2010!`

Heather B.

You've got cute kids, Ms. Storch.

Merry Christmas.


So Noah will sit on Santa's lap?? That seems so weird to me. You'd think that would be something that would set him off.

I can't beleive how amazingly beautiful your kids are. That Christmas card is soo cute!

Merry Christmas


chatty cricket - Gymboree! We totally took them to the mall in sweatpants, bought new outfits and stripped them down in the line for Santa to ensure stain-free clothes, then dashed home to get the card photo done, rapid fire.

Five minutes later everything went to hell. SUCCESS!


Their hats? Are the cutest things ever. Besides the boys of course.

Merry Christmas!


So am I a bad mother that this totally made me realize that we forgot to go see Santa this year?

Beautiful pictures though! They are the sweetest things!


Love it all. Merry Christmas!


I can't believe you have five years worth of Santa photos with smiling, happy children. Having just volunteered as photographer for our elementary school's Santa Picture fundraiser, I can take a good guess that you are in the minority! :) Not all of them cried, but many had a very, shall we say, wary look on their face. But your boys?? Adorable! Merry Christmas. :)


That Santa pic is pure perfection. You've got two of the most adorable little guys ever. Merry Christmas, Amy!


Perfect! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Such cuties! Loved seeing the Noahs from Christmas Past!


Those are certainly damn cute kids.

Hope they have a great Christmas!


Thank you for another year of your humor and honesty. I love reading your take on raising your gorgeous boys.

Merry, merry Christmas to you and your family!


so cute! And a true Christmas miracle when everyone is smiling at once for the camera, haha! Merry Christmas, thanks for entertaining me!


Best pictures and smiles. thanks for a year of laughs and sharing your triumphs and tears...you're the best!

Angry Julie Monday

Adorable!!!! I love their hats in the first picture.


A hat, a hat! Noah's wearing the hat without protest. Yay! So cute and I love the saying on the card. Wish I'd have found that one to use.


OMG! First I thought Ez is the cutest ever in a that hat and then I thought OMG Noah is happily wearing a hat. Much progress in '09!

Have the Merriest!

Suzy Q

Sweet! Have a great Christmas, Family Storch.


Oh! Little Noah, looking like his little turtle self. Precious!

and in reference to your title: Why you buggin? (couldn't resist)

Parsing Nonsense

Awwww, too cute! Tell us all, how did you manage to get your kids to smile for Santa? I only ask because every time I look at the mall Santa there's always some kid going to pieces because of fright and terror.

Adrienne O'Brien

My GOD your kids are cute!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Your card is great.

Merry Christmas to you guys!


LOVE your holiday card. It's such fun to see the boys growing into mini-versions of you and Jason all in one place.

Have a magical Christmas with your precious little guys. :)

Sprite's Keeper

Merry Christmas! Glad there were no "screamers"!

Jen L.

Love em! Hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas!


if that card were any cuter, i might have pooped my pants.
happy winter holiday!


{insert my ovaries exploding here} SOOO CUUUUTE!!! Merry Christmas Storch Family

Granny B

A blessed Christmas to your family. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful sons. That really made my Christmas.


Awesome! Merry Christmas!

Jessica V

Wow - the pic of the boys smiling on Santa's lap is AWESOME! They are perfection.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Karen Chatters

Those are great!! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!


As a Jew, I will never understand the tradition of sitting your child on a stranger's lap. It baffles my mind every single year.

Of course your two look adorable! :-)

Bachelor Girl

Fantastic! How in the world did you ever get a picture of the fellas sitting on Santa's lap and NOT crying?!


Very cute!

Lady M

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.


thanks for the xmas eve dose of cute! a very merry christmas to you all, amy! thanks for all the laughs this year!


LOVE the pictures. 2008 is still my favorite of Noah! ;-)


Could your kids BE more adorable? Srsly.

Have a wonderful, magical Christmas!

PS I am making your Au Gratin for Christmas dinner tonight ... it's my first time to host the event. Wish me luck!

Mariana Perri

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to the familah!
Kids are looking ever more gorgeous!


Jeez, when did Noah morph into Jason???

Sara R.

Oh Amy, I had to come by and comment because I am so grateful to you right now that I could fall down weeping and kiss your feet.

I am 8.5 months pregnant and sick. Christmas kicked my ass today.

My husband is slightly sicker, so he went to bed at 6:45PM.

At your suggestion, I put the Playskool Busy Ball Popper on my 2.5 year old daughter's Christmas list, and because of this magical toy, I JUST might survive until bedtime tonight.

Bless you for sharing your recommendation. And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

My one question: where did those big boys come from?

Holy heck!



That is the most awesome Christmas photo I have seen in a long time -- I hope you had it made into some type of ornament!
My daughter, who is 10 and still believes, asked the Mall Santa this year for him to make her sister better -- that's all she wanted (she's 13 and has the flu and is not all that nice to her sister anymore...)Anyhoo, Santa hugged my child and got very misty eyed. I will be so sad when she stops believing...


Holy moly, look at that- you have another adorable little boy!! It's been a long time since I've visited... glad to see you're doing well, congrats on the little wee one and you're still as funny to read as ever.


You guys make the cutest damn kids in the world (except for mine, of course)! What great memories.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful kids with us, the internet aunties (and uncles).

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