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Shutterfly Contest Winner

(A real entry is coming later -- thanks to school closings, I'm busy playing Wii with my cleaning lady's children and feeling like the Biggest Spoiled Bourgie Asshole ever. Also, they are kicking my ass at bowling. What the HELL.)

Just wanted to pop in and announce the winner of that Shutterfly thingie. Out of 211 photo books, two were mine (I was so pleased with the first one that I ordered another, bigger, fancier, paid-with-my-own-actual-cash-money one as a gift for a few people), so I used a random number generator to pick our winner:

Picture 25
Counting up from the first book submitted, our winner is Andrew's ABC Photobook by ElizabethW378. Hooray! You win stuff. Please contact me ASAP so I can give you the prize codes for all of the said stuff.

Thanks to everybody who entered and let me peek at your photos. You're all way too adorable and stuff. Stop it.