Merry Merry
Watch Out, Tiny Town

Thrilling! Christmas Recap! But Only Kinda!


1. Dyed my hair red.

2. Like, seriously red.

IMG_0756 IMG_0772

3. Like Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog red. Like mentally ill ginger with eyes like a bush baby red. Like I have been clearly watching too many geek-friendly musicals red. 



4. Cursed out a jolly plastic toy rocking horse using a slightly different interpretation of the words "insert" and "slot A" and "slot B." Drank way heavily.

5. Confronted childhood fears. Drank way heavily.


(Trust, you'll be reading MUCH MORE ABOUT THIS LATER OH YES.)

6. Instilled all-new childhood fears in the next generation by letting Noah watch The Wizard of Oz.  

7. Ensured another barn-burner of a Christmas season for the fine folks at Energizer and Duracell, discovered that I suck at Tinker Toys, made (and ruined) Christmas breakfast with help from the Top Chef cookbook.

8. Went to Pennsylvania. Confronted crazy family, wooden cows, frizzy hair, bangs doing That Thing. Thoroughly traumatized mother with opening montage from Pixar's Up. Drank way heavily. 


9. Turned 32. More of the same.


1. Take any photos of our holidays except for photos of my hair, just in case there was a Facebook emergency that required 400 slightly different bathroom mirror self-portraits.




Pretty hair! Yay to drinking too much! Merry Christmas!

Charlie Reece

You go, girl. Or something.


I LOVE your hair! As a dirty blondeish browninsh haired girl who dyes her hair red, I think it looks great! Red is always tricky and hard to maintain (read: $$$$ to maintain) but it looks lovely and yes, you do look like Emma from Glee. There is no higher compliment though.


I love your new look! I've always wanted red hair!! Only problem is that I've NEVER dyed my hair, but seeing as I am going very gray, very quickly at barely 28 (in 2 weeks), I may realize my dream sooner rather than later. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Hey, I like the hair! It deserved at least a few dozen pictures, hands down.

I'm currently fretting about dying my hair. I have never dyed it (virgin hair!), but the gray "highlights" are starting to get to me. I have no clue what to do with this. Maybe I should just let the Internet decide?

Andrea from Big Blue Momma

Love the red hair! Looks great!

And I didn't take pictures either, too busy playing with my new Flip to care about pics.


I actually really like your hair! Then again, I firmly believe that Felicia Day can do no wrong.


Can u say Allison Hannigan?


Pretty hair - it's hard to tell from the pics but looks strawberry blond to me :)


red heads rule. this, i know for sure. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!


You do look like that chick from Glee!

I can't believe you're only 32. Jellus!!

Please,just one kiddie pic? Love them!


Happy belated Birthday! I love your hair red - you look gorgeous! :)


That hair is awesome! I tried to dye my hair red and it turned out to be more like hooker orange. So yay for you!


the hair looks great! and I'm very amused at the expressions you made while photographing it.


Happy Birthday and I'm liking the red, wish I could be so brave! How did Noah and Ezra react?


Love the red hair. You've inspired me and I'm going to totally copy you. Yay for redheads!

Happy Birthday!


Red hair rocks. I'd dye mine, but I have curls and am afraid I would be more Little Orphan Annie than Nicole Kidman.

She Likes Purple

Oh, I love your hair. Inspiring me to take a new color plunge on Wednesday at my appointment!


I like you as a redhead, Amy.

Happy belated birthday!

Brigid Keely

That color really suits your complexion. Good job!


Your hair looks HAWT lady!


Loving the red hair and pretty blond-ish highlights on you. For reelz!

This may be more of a question for Smackdown, but are you changing your lipgloss/make-up routine with the new hair color? I'm totally digging your lipgloss in the last photo. Or maybe that's your natural coloring? If so, JEALOUS.


You def. have the skin tone for red! Looks good. I bet you'll find that different colors (of make-up and clothing) look good on you now. That's always fun. Hey, you may want to check out this brow stuff from e.l.f.; it's got a red tint to it and would look great on your brows (to match the hair and also make your eyes pop).


Luuv the red hair. Very Charlotte-Johannsen-Lost-In-Translation. Love it!


LOVE the color!

Angela Kennedy

these photos show that Ezra looks JUST like you! and the red is lovely. I'm jealous.


When I saw the pic of you yesterday with red hair, I thought to myself "Bush baby!" and was going to post as such but then didn't because I didn't know if you liked emma and what if I said the wrong thing? wash, rinse, repeat.


your hair looks awesome! i totally want to dye mine a different color now...


32? THIRTY-F'IN-TWO? Oh sweeeeeet little baaaaaaaaaby don't you worry bout nuthin momma gonna fix you right up. Or another drink. Or something. Happy late birthday funny girl.


I LOVE your hair. It totally fits you.

It's okay you didn't do Christmas pics, they all start to look the same anyway another 10 years down the road.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

You never know when there will be a facebook emergency.

Good call.

And happy birthday.


I am in LOVE! with the red hair! You rock it!

Mrs. D

Best Christmas recap ever. The red looks great!


The hair is gorgeous!! I've been wanting to dye my hair red for ages but I'm such a coward. Congrats for going with it! It looks fabulous.


You make a gorgeous ginger! Yay ginger!


Firstly, I'd like to sprinkle a little hate on you because you turned 32 and I turned 37..there..I'm over it...and B: I wanna bite your hair, it looks yummy..and that sounds weird..ok,leaving now

Parsing Nonsense

Wow! Super fun new look for you, the red is kicky and looks great!


the Wizard of Oz TERRIFIED ME- the flying monkeys?!?!?! holy shit!


LOVE THE HAIR, seriously, it looks great! As for the confronting volcano fears, I personally would just leave those buried because I am too lazy to confront things, and hey! maybe that's why I'm on anti-anxiety meds, because I don't deal with things well. But anyway. Happy birthday!


I like the hair! My kids never stop moving enough for me to get a picture, so we have none of holidays.



Steph the WonderWorrier

Oooh lala. SEXAY. I love the red, it looks great on you!


Wow, you are definitely NOT a red head!! (No offense, but really, you're not!) :-)


This pregnant girl HATES that movie and was traumatized by it just yesterday. There are way too many opportunities for sobbing during that movie (the opening montage, when Kevin gets hurt, yelling "bad dog" and oh so many more). Do.Not.Want


Maybe it's my computer, but the hair is not red, it's orange. The kind of orange I pay good money to cover up because that's what my ends look like every 6 weeks or so.


You look great as a red-head Amy :). I agree, you look like Allyson Hannigan.

what's the deal with the Up montage??? I saw it, but don't understand....


You do look very Emma-ish haha! Cute!


Love the hair!!! There's nothing wrong with drinking over the holidays when surrounded by crazy family. And, don't forget the Glee Season 1 DVD's come out tomorrow! :)


I'm watching a dvr'd (12/18) Jimmy Fallon and Abby Elliot is on and she is sporting red hair now, too!


Love love love the hair!


1. I love the red.
2. ESPECIALLY with the green.
3. YAY for drinking heavily!


Flying monkeys are scary as hell. Still have some PTSD from those damn things.


As someone who colored her hair red for many, many years, may I advise you not to get too attached to the vibrant red color it starts out as? It will fade, and it will fade quickly. Because of the size of the red color molecule (NOT KIDDING), it is the hardest color to keep.


Didn't Levar Burton take care of that volcano fear for you?


Last picture stunned me - you very strongly resemble Claire Danes (sp?) in that picture. Love the red on you - very appropriate. Suits your personality :))


Seriously - Your hair is fantastic! Love it! It suits you very well!

Bachelor Girl

1. Your hair is so effing hot.

2. HILL of FIRE?! Goddamn, way to come up with a non-menacing title, Reading Rainbow.


I did red for a while and looooved it, but man it was expensive to maintain.

I just have one piece of assvice: get thyself some color protector shampoo and color conditioner. Recommended: madder root by aveda. It really helps keep the color looking decent.

It looks great!!!

Shauna (Fido & Wino blog)

Your hair looks fab! Yeah for hair cutting & its ability to plump things up a bit :)


Total Allison Hanigan. LOVE!


oh, and re: the wizard of oz. my dad used to start chanting the O-E-O song that the flying monkeys sing whenever we were in trouble...some kids just get called by their first and middle names, but not us. nope, our parents chose to really scare the shit out of us. and that, my friends, is what you call DISFUNCTION.

Miss Grace

I dye my hair red! I like it.


The hair is tres awesome. Eat your heart out, Felicia Day.


Oh lord - Hill of Fire has become an obsession with my four year old. She found the book at the used bookstore and now wants to know what we'll do when the volcano happens and why there isn't a volcano in Chinatown and IS THAT A VOLCANO MOMMY?!? when we're driving along the freeway and she spies Mt. Rainier. And I have to crush the steering wheel with hands rigor mortis'ed into fists to avoid driving right off the freeway. Thank god she doesn't know about the dvd.


"I'm currently fretting about dying my hair. I have never dyed it (virgin hair!), but the gray "highlights" are starting to get to me. I have no clue what to do with this. Maybe I should just let the Internet decide?

Posted by: Anne | December 28, 2009 at 03:10 PM"

If you are not all gray I would go with highlights. You can always color the next go round it you don't like highlights. If you color you need to do it more often. Something I am terrible at hence why I highlight.

Now - Amy dear why did you make your poor Mother watch the beginning of UP!! I hope the poor woman had a drink in her hand!!

Holidays are so fun....


The hair looks great!


Just stumbled across your site. Have to say that I love the hair. Love the comments about 300 bathroom mirror photos just as much :)

Average Jane

The red looks great!


OMG I JUST put Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog in my Netflix queue... I was excited b/c it has Neil Patrick Harris in it, but now I'll tell DH that AMALAH referenced it so we HAVE to watch it. Then he'll remind me that I am a major dork and I'll say "but I'm YOUR dork" because we are indeed both dorks.

We also had to deal with crazy family, made worse by the fact that none of them drink AT.ALL.

Happy belated birthday!


I actually LOVE the red. Oh and the duck lips in the last photo had me cracking up. Have you seen that site btw??


Blergh, you are only 32? Man. When did I become the old person???? Anyways you do look like Emma from glee, heehee! And happy birthday young lady!

Alias Mother

Color schmolor. I want to talk about that cut, which is pretty much what I'm thinking will be my post-baby haircut (long enough to put up, bangs for interest and to hide the postpartum hair loss). Now, which of these photos is the least scary to print out and bring to the salon...




If you're not using your blond hair anymore, then can I have it? K thx.


You look fabulous as a red head. Love it.

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

I think the red is fun.

Oh, and the opening of "Up" scarred me for life, and I'm your age. After watching that, I'm not even sure why we're born, if all we do is GET OLD and LOSE ALL LOVED ONES and PREPARE TO DIE.


OHHHH, i think your hair is fabulous!


Well, I seriously love your hair. As for the rest, I can't wait to hear more about the Hill of Fire.

Kate Hawken

Congratulations on making's Top 50 Mommy Bloggers List. I believe that you're #4. Doesn't surprise me a bit!


The red hair is perfection! I never realized how much you look like Jayma Mays.

Also, now you have the perfect excuse to break into song to express your feelings.


Just had to pipe in to say, not loving the hair, and this is my 3rd time back here in the last couple days just to see if it would grow on me. It hasn't. It's too orange and washes you out, I would go back to blonde after you have your way with the new color for awhile. Sorry - it was certainly brave - I'll give ya that. Happy New Year!


When we went to see "Up," I conveniently had to go to the bathroom right at the beginning, because I knew what was going to happen. And then DH had to tell me about it anyway. Bless his heart.

Anyway, for the red hair, Artec (now L'Oreal, maybe?) color depositing shampoo is your friend. Orange Marigold is probably the color you want. It is da bomb.

Suzy Q

Welcome to Ginger World. We Rule!


I love the red!


I love your hair!


Not a fan of the red hair. just sayin!

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