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Well, I have no sound on this computer, but he sure is cute lookin!


He's so stinkin' cute.


He's so sweet. Makes me miss my babies so much. You are not helping my menopause, Amy. Sniff!


Aw! So freaking cute!

Sprite's Keeper

Stupid work banning video... I want to see cuteness!


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying all these little milestones and achievements with my little one, who just learned to wave "hi." Of course, she waves all day long, and in the middle of the night, so I don't she's quite mastered the concept, yet.


Haha! Love it. Mine just started shaking her head "no" and one time I saw a "yes".

Ezra is so delicious I could just eat him up.


kelleyannecat, mine starts waving at her daycare lady before we even walk in the door of the house!

Amber McN



This little clip just inspired my 16-month-old daughter to 1)nod along w/Ezra, and 2) say aga(again)! Very cool.

Parsing Nonsense

Wow, he looks less and less like a baby every day. It's shocking, really. Where did that little boy come from? Did that little boy eat the baby?


Too, too cute!!!!


He's so cute!!


I love the head nodding! My dd (very close in age) is doing this too, and its SO FREAKING CUTE. When she first started, she would nod for everything. LOL


So cute! I have a son close to the same age--except he shakes his head "no," when he means "yes." It's very confusing for all involved.


So cute!

Maxine Dangerous

You and Jason make the cutest kids. MOAR PLZ KTHANXBAI. :D

Jill G

so i thought i was eating a delicious after work snack, but then i had to spit it out because what could be more delicious then ezra?

Anna Marie

God that kid is cute.


Definitely a genius. A cute genius, he'll go far in life that's for sure!

Little Neddie

Awwww, he melted my heart and made my uterus ache!


I just watched Ezra's birthday video and DAMN! it was awesome. Nice work!


Call Mensa! That adorable kid is a genius!

Chatty Cricket

GAH. He is so SQUISHY.

Yummy indeed.

The Gnat's Trumpet

Cute kid. He's got that eating trick down.


Can I just say...that kid is SO FREAKIN CUTE...and I have 4 of my own. That's saying a lot. *wink*



That is sweetness and cuteness, right there.

Blue Satin Sashes

I love how kids nod their heads up first instead of down first like adults : )


The head nodding is adorable.

But is it awful that my first thought as I watched the clip was, "I was so mad that they didn't have that sleeper in my son's size at my Target!!"?


Hey, you NEVER have to justify a sweet baby video. Just post it. You know we all want to watch it! If not, then why else would we be here? Your wit and charm? Pshaw. It's all about the gorgeous offspring, hon.


That just made my day -


Oh Ezra, YOU are yummy!


That is one painfully cute child.


Love it! I mostly love that it's a 'must-hold-on-with-both-hands-lest-I-fall-down' kind of full body nod.


It could be the "Ez & Noah Show" all day long, every day, as far as I'm concerned. Not that you are not delightful, but next to your boys? Um...well...how to put this gently? We looooooove them. We just really, really like you. ;)


That came out wrong. You know we adore you too, right? Really, we do. I think we all have an Amy crush. Just a bigger Ez and Noah crush. It's just that Ez and Noah are all things delicious and wonderful and cute and gee can I borrow them for awhile? And I don't want to borrow you, just go out and have coffee. Speaking of coffee, maybe I should have had more before attempting to comment. Still friends?

That still of Ezman's face is hilarious, like Geez, will the paparazzi ever leave me the heck alone? Just trying to enjoy some cheerios here, people.


dude, you already have tons of comments just from little Zah shaking his head and eating fruit. I LUFF HIM!


too. damn. cute!


My kids wouldn't eat at that age. I'm going to copy this video to my family album and pretend it's one of my boys. 'Mind?


He is yummy!


So cute! Makes me wish I had remembered to pick up the video camera once in a while when mine were little :P


He really is adorable. I usually have to know a kid a little bit before I think they're REALLY cute. But this little guy has somehow weasled his way past my usual rule!

Ruth of Fat loss for idiots

He is really cute and adorable. awwwwwwwww


That just made my morning a lot brighter! Thank you!

Miss Britt

Hey, that is an ADORABLE nod of the head. :-)

Ellen M

OK, that is freakin' adorable, but what I really want to know is what brand of clothing is he wearing? I am always looking for zip-up suities like that (which are easier to deal with in the middle of the night, plus cute) and can rarely find them.


Um. OMG IS SO CUTE NOM NOM NOM. Mine says, "Mmmmmmmm" when I give him things that I have slaved over in the kitchen. (i/e peach cobbler made with Bisquick, lol) He is a good child.


He is too cute!!!

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