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15 Months

He's 15 months old today. What? WHAT?


Even though he's long since corrected the pronunciation of his name (Eye-zah, he says now), his first attempt has stuck, at least with me. Zah. Zahbah. Zahbahdahbah. That last one, of course, gets sung to the tune of "Mahna Mahna" by the Muppets. I don't think anyone finds that as amusing as I do, but I can't help it. He's just so very, very Zah.

He drops his cup off the edge of his highchair and sighs to himself: Ohzah. Ohno.

He points to one of the dozens of photos we have on the wall: Baybee. 

He picks up the phone: Havoh?

He waves: Baybye.

He reaches for me: Uppah.

He stacks blocks: Ididit!

He blows kisses: Mmwah!

He sees something wondrously impressive, like a light switch, the dog, a very exciting bit of paper: Ohwow! Ohwow. OH. WOW.

He pushes a crust of bread around his tray like a car: Vroommmm!

He wants to use a fork and a spoon so badly that he'll sit on the floor with one, practicing over and over. He gets the empty utensil into his mouth: Yum!

He can sign "more" and "sleep" and "drink." And though that last one is supposed to an index finger moving from chin to throat, his version is a bit more insistent, as he just jabs the finger straight into his mouth. And if you aren't paying attention the very second he signs "more," he will still unleash that crazy, eardrum-splitting scream of righteous anguish.The sign for "milk" vanished when he weaned and he will not use it anymore, no matter what.

He still eats everything, and SO MUCH OF IT.  His breakfast these days consists of a milk/yogurt/fruit smoothie, two scrambled eggs, a waffle, some Cheerios and an unbelievable number of blueberries. Or maybe a pear or two. Sometimes there's chicken sausage. An hour later he'll be raiding the pantry while my back is turned, gnawing on some uncooked egg noodles that he found lurking behind the rows of canned goods.

Up the stairs, down the stairs. All day, only taking breaks for naps and egg noodles. He does not particularly like books, the TV is only fun for turning on and off, he just wants to do is go go go open close explore climb overturn look behind on top of go go go. 

I reread this list and think, "This is not a baby. This is a little boy, already." Then I look at him, with his downy hair and chubby cheeks and zombie walk, and I think, "Nope, baby. Still. Always."

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PS. WOW HOLY SAPPY BATMAN. If you need a return to the snarking, the season's first Project Runway recap is up?


Parsing Nonsense

Oh, this recap makes me so excited to be having a boy next month. I love it!


Sigh. This is so lovely.
My baby is about to turn five. FIVE. And I still think he's my baby, I go in at night and look at him sleeping in the nightlight glow, search his face for signs of the baby who was JUST HERE ... it is all so sad, and so wonderful, all of it!

Megan@Blueberry Scones

My baby/BIG GIRL is at this stage, more or less. I never knew how fast it would go.


It's always bittersweet realizing your baby is actually not a baby anymore. We look forward to them growing and developing, learning new things and it's so exciting when they do. But then we long for the baby they were. But he will always be your baby.


The top photo of Ezra matches your masthead photo so beautifully!


Oh, Zah. Slow down with the growing up, eh? You're going to give us all whiplash.

(He even LOOKS more like a little boy now, than a baby. How did that happen?)


Ridiculous! He is just so cute.

Is there something about 15 months? It seems like that's the turning point with both language and behavior. I'm fairly certain that's when my kid turned into a *kid* too.

Sprite's Keeper

Nope. I find your rendition very amusing.
(And I even like sappy. You scored twice with me today!)

Sarah @

I cannot believe how big he's getting!

That said, he's still a baby. Now that I have a baby of my own, I fully believe that.


Oh the cuteness!!! I love that little scrunched up nose pic. He sounds like pure, unadulterated joy!! Lucky you!

ouiser b


yep, my 18 month old son is in much the same place... aah ohhh is one of his favorites. but nothing tops "buuuuub-ellls" He is totally and completely obsessed with bubbles.


We're at 19 months w/R. and still... NO WORDS! Well, he does say "uh, oh!" which I consider a word, but that's it. Time for evaluation #2. Sigh. So glad Ezra is communicating so well! What a lovely update.

Jen L.

Wow! Happy 15 months, Zah!


He is yummy. Yay for fuzzy headed little boys. And for the return of Runway.


Ezra is exactly 1 month older than my little boy Jackson. I cant believe how smart Ezra is! (Actually, I retract that statement because he has smart parents and a genius older brother.) Being a first time mom, when do babies generally start to talk? Jackson just knows mama and although I like to think he is referring to me, I have caught him mumbling 'mama' to the dog. He is very vocal with the screaming and baby blabber, but no words in particular. Maybe I should write to the advice smackdown. In anycase, HAPPY 15 MONTHS MIGHTY EZ. xoxoxo

jessica Karlinski

So dang cute. My little boy turned 14 months yesterday and is SO MUCH like Ez. Especially the "eardrum-splitting scream" when hungry. Love hearing your take on this age.


if i was that much on the go go go, i'd get to eat breakfast like that too!

such a sweet little face.


I looked away from your blog for, like, two minutes and somehow you got a 15 month old baby? Unbelievable!


They grow so fast!! My 16 mth old Charlie is simultaneously having his 'boobie' and trying to correct my one handed typing. Gotta love 'em!


He is such a character. Can't believe he is 15 months already.


imma gonna get me one those buggers someday. why must you set the bar so high, with these adorable children?


You just sap-away, lady. Besides, if not when describing the crazy heart-tug of babies-getting-older, when can one get away with it? Plus, you're still so damned funny.


Awww, that's so sweet! Makes me want to go wake up my 12 month old boy and *squeeeeeeeze* him.


He's so adorable. And hilarious.


Very sweet. Although my husband will be cursing you for the "Mahna Mahna" reference because it's already stuck in my head...


Zah is so ADORABLE!! We have a 15mo also and he's really into saying WOW also--it's super cute!! We also like to pause the tivo, say "hi weez" to our dog Weezie, and go up and down and up and down the stairs also! Blood curdling screams are also happening over here :)


stop him from growing. Spray him with something that stops him from growing NOW!love his name for twin brother couldn't pronounce my name so he was dougie and I was gougie forever.

M. Bailey

The age of 15 months is so awesome. Still some baby and then some toddler - and all in all, just so much fun. And so damn cute! At this rate, you should have two or three more. I say this, though I am not brave enough to have any more than two busy boys. Enjoy your weekend!


I am so glad you have an Ezra. He is truly wonderful.


So yummy.

Erin (Snarke)

Not sappy! Sweet!

Lady M

Zah is so freaking adorable. Nom, nom.


The index finger trailing down from chin to throat is actually the sign for 'thirsty.' =) The sign for 'drink' is a 'C' handshape and making a motion near the mouth that looks like you are drinking out of a cup.

Nevertheless, Ezra is a cuie-patootie! =)


This child's breakfast is the envy of adults everywhere.

Bachelor Girl

Oh, Mighty Zah.

Your mother's tales of your daring adventures make me happy beyond all good sense and reason.


What loveliness! Sweet sweet baby boy!

Laura in Michigan

My baby boy (19 years old now) has the name of Christopher. But his little sister could only call him ZoZo. He LOVES it (not) when I call him this out in public. It really is much easier to say ZoZo than Christopher! I love the Zah and predict your big boy will hear that when he is a grown man too.

Wally Hartshorn

re: "This is not a baby. This is a little boy, already."

Does he sometimes go to sleep kneeling with his butt sticking up in the air? If so, he's still a baby. At least that's what we said when our son was still doing that. Alas, I think our son has pretty much stopped by now. Then again, he is 5, so I guess it had to stop eventually.


Holy crow, that kid can talk!

My Peeper (2 weeks - 6 adjusted) younger than Ezra says "Mama/Mommy" - maybe.

(Altho, she is signing up a storm, so that's something.)

I hear ya on the "Omigod - Where did this KID come from?" though!

On the other hand, @wally, I got a photo of her sleeping with her butt in the air just a couple of nights ago. So. Cute.


Many, many wistful sighs from my desk this morning...


The top photo he looks like he's telling a story at a party... "So, I says to him, I says..."

Top marks if you get the movie reference.

he is


It's amazing how quickly a baby becomes a little boy. I have one of my own. I also have one who is no longer a little boy, but a man. What a trip!

You are very lucky to have such a good eater. Mine will not eat anything. I wonder how he sustains himself, but he's a bottomless well of energy. Toddler are baffling creatures.

Heather Ben

they grow up too fast!!! Mine just had her first birthday...


OK, so, I read this.
Then some time passes.
Then, yesterday, I'm doing the dishes or something while my own snotty nosed, un-obligingly-fast-growing-23-month-old son toddles around my ankles thinking to myself:
ZAH-BAH-DAH-BAH doo doo doo doo doo.

So, I just wanted you to know, you are not alone. Every time you do that? I think it is hysterically funny, even though I am not there and have never met you and likely never will. You and I both think it is hysterical. Probably my sister Amy does too, so that makes three of us. Strength in numbers!


Oh my I think our boys are so similar! Emerson, my 21 month old, is constantly on the go - never sitting still unless there is food in front of him. And then, he must shovel it in his mouth as fast as possible while asking for "mooooor?" as if he has not eaten just as much, if not more, than I would eat.


So cute! I love reading about Ezra - makes me more excited for my new little one to come in May.

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