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May I Have Your Attention. Because I Am Fresh Out.

I just spent a good 40 minutes battling with my phone and laptop, attempting to successfully extract and edit a video I shot this weekend at our friends' house, while our collective herd of children ran laps around the downstairs while screaming at the top of their lungs. Over and over and over.

And then, when I was all done, I had a 20 incomprehensible seconds of blurry children running past me while screaming at the top of their lungs. Like this: AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

So I don't think I'm going to post that, as 1) the only way to really convey what the evening was like would be to loop those 20 seconds over and over again, for a good 45 minutes or so, which is how long it took the children to hit the wall -- figuratively, though I think Noah may have collided with a doorknob at some point, 2) it's making me kind of seasick, now that I've watched it a couple times, and 3) the only way it would be kind of funny is if I was all, TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS THIS IS REALLY CUTE and then you were all GREAT, NOW I'M BOTH DEAF AND FIRED. THANKS A LOT, HOOKER.

Okay, that last bit actually might have been really funny, even though you don't deserve that. What have you ever done to me? Nothing! You have done nothing. Sorry about that one time I thought about trying to get you fired. 

Okay, sorry. You probably couldn't tell, but I stopped typing for another 20 minutes there because I had to go track down that old video? Of the car driving through the countryside? And you were told to watch really carefully for a ghost or something? Do you know that one? And then suddenly something (witch? demon? Rick Springfield?) jumps into frame and screams really loud and it made you jump and spill your Cup 'O Soup all over your keyboard and then you were all YOU ASSHOLE to the person who sent it to you, who was usually standing right outside your office door cackling with glee? Also, do they still make Cup 'O Soup?*

I just watched it again. Jumped out of my fucking skin. Scared the cat. I AM AN ASSHOLE. 

*Huh. I was actually thinking of Lipton Cup-a-Soup. Cup 'O Soup is a costume that Justin Timberlake wore on SNL and something on Urban Dictionary that, if the excerpt in Google's search results is any indication, I would strongly advise against investigating further. Lipton's Cup-A-Soup is quite often listed as Cup OF Soup on many shopping sites, and that's kind of funny to me and you know I really don't understand why I have such a hard time getting stuff done sometimes.



trust me, they still make Cup o' Soup. My boss eats it twice a day EVERY DAY. We share an 8'x8' office. Gross...

You know I'm going to go look up Cup o' Soup on Urban Dictionary I will probably get fired anyway.

Sprite's Keeper

Justin Timberlake's cup-o-soup bit was pretty funny, so is being called a hooker, I think. Maybe it's Monday, but your post definitely worked on cracking me up!


Holy crap... tears. I am in tears fighting from laughing out loud at work. Ahhh am having a craptastic day and this just made me it SO SO SO much better.


Was that a Lafayette reference or am I overthinking it?


I strongly advise against investigating anything that can be found on Urban Dictionary. Eyeballs hurt when they're scarred for life. Also, I was totally figuratively standing outside your office giggling when you just rewatched that video. And I may or may not have peed my pants.

Jan Ross

My friend Vicki sent me that video and, because I am the SNOPES.COM expert in our group, I was leaning up way close to the computer screen, all ready to DEBUNK this here video and that ghost popped out and I almost peed myself. I could have KILLED her. Although. Maybe thinking I am the SNOPES.Com expert of the group may have been why she thought I was maybe just a little too cocky.

Moleskine Mama

In my-internet-geekiness-come-full-circle news, your reference to the shrill sound of your children made me think of a podcast I listened to that referenced Real World Cancun cast member Ayiiia (Yes, that's spelled correctly...if there IS such a correct spelling. I know. I KNOW, right???). The guest on the podcast said he didn't think of it so much as a name, but as something you might shout after an amazing dunk or three-pointer to celebrate: AYIIIIIIIIAAAAA!


OH MY. Just almost peed myself. And I was PREPARED.

(and also, from a fellow Northern Virginian -is that right?- the STINKBUGS ARE COMING TO GET ME. They may be even worse than that ghost-zombie-thing.)

Jenny, Crash Test Mommy

I am here to argue that if it WAS Rick Springfield jumping into the frame, that he was SINGING, not SCREAMING, and that you spilled your Cup-a-O-of-Soup because you were startled by his UTTER HOTTNESS.

Also, could you please post the link to that one? Ahem.

Megan@Blueberry Scones

I know Cup o Soup has about a billion servings of salt in it, but damn, that sounds good right now!

Parsing Nonsense

Wow. Cup Of Soup. Eww.

Super Sarah

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really needed something to break me out of my exercise induced bad mood and watching all the youtube replies to that car video where people are scaring their family members is JUST the thing! Right, going to get my husband to watch the video now and will make sure I am recording!

Jenny H.

I just about had this baby! My husband laughed so hard HE almost peed his pants! That was awesome. Thanks, I needed a good laugh.


I could use a cup o' soup, because it's like 4 degrees in my office right now.

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

Don't you wish you could call people "hooker" in real life? It would just be so SATISFYING.


I'll do you one better. I just watched the ghost car commercial again and, predictably, scared the crap out of myself. I then proceded to click on a couple of the associated youtube links, and wouldn't you know it, they were not about cute babies so much as they were about cute babies who suddenly turn into evil hell spawn coming to eat your soul. I did this TWICE. Siiiiigh.


I have to agree with Jenny, Crash Test Mommy.

Rick Springfield is H.O.T! If he popped up on my screen I would squeal with delight! And, would probably play the video over and over and over...and my soup would get cold.

You know, I pinched his ass at a concert once. It was all kinds of awesome!


I have to agree with Jenny, Crash Test Mommy.

Rick Springfield is H.O.T! If he popped up on my screen I would squeal with delight! And, would probably play the video over and over and over...and my soup would get cold.

You know, I pinched his ass at a concert once. It was all kinds of awesome!


My husband grew up eating a similar instant soup called "giggle noodle." I believed his memory of eating this soup to be pure fiction. . until lo and behold it popped up in a bodega in Brooklyn. Anyway, I'd be really pissed if I spilled a cup a' giggle noodle due to some lame-0's dork video.


I too thought "Lafayette reference!!!", hooker!


This made me think of an old SCTV sketch about "Cup 'n Soup"
Still funny after all these years.

Erin (Snarke)

Man, I have never been able to stomach soup in a styrofoam cup.

Honestly? I love this post. It reminds me of the inside of my head.


Just thinking about a herd of kids swirling and screaming makes me so happy that right now is after toddlers' bedtime.

That scary video? FREAKS me out even when I watch someone else watch it IN A VIDEO.

Also, Justin Timberlake on SNL is awesome [See: The Barry Gibb Talk Show].


Damn, that commercial is better than espresso. I am WIDE AWAKE now.


This cracked me up, not only am I pretty much like this on most days but I'm 12 wks pregnant so its even worse now. Congrads on the Bloggie nomination, you deserve it. You're currently the first blog I read every morning. I love the pregnancy weekly column (both the first time around when you first wrote it and again now that it's relevent) and I went back and read your archives so I could read about your pregnancy with Noah too. Thank you for entertaining me through so many long afternoons at work.

Hairy Farmer Family

My best friend sent me that jumpy-scary video when I was knife-edge-risky pregnant with my 4th child, having miscarried the first 3.

Relations were... strained, for a while.


I think Rick Astley needs to leap out in one of those videos. You could get your RickRoll and you scare all in one.

Jenny H.

My four year old just came in and asked to watch the video again...Nice.


I get that video via email EVERY Halloween, and still I watch it EVERY year and it scares the crap out of me EVERY time.

I avoid Cup O Soup at all costs, but I love me some ramen in the styrofoam cup - not the blocks of ramen noodles, but in the cup with the dehydrated veggies. So so weird.


I have no idea where the hell I was when that commercial first made its rounds - somewhere in the twilight zone no doubt because HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THAT? I deserve to be scared out of my skin because I did not fully read the preceding paragraph to the YouTube link (so it serves me right) and proceeded to jump out of my chair and into the stratosphere when Rick Springfield popped up. Holy fucking shit. Thank you for making me pee in my pants.


It's Cup O Soup and Oodles OF Noodles. Right? It's hard to keep it straight.


It's Cup O Soup and Oodles OF Noodles. Right? It's hard to keep it straight.

Windsor Grace

Wow, I hated when those were going around. Every time someone sent me a link, I muted my computer. For, like, a year.


That was an awesome tour of the inside of your brain. It ... looks a whole lot like the inside of my brain, actually.


Just had to say, you had me laughing out loud, and I didn't check either of those videos/links out. Yet. That cupOsoup urbandictionary one is just soo tempting me...

Mary Jo

Wow... so even though I was prepared and smug. That won't scare me... I've seen a hundred of those videos. OMG... I jumped a mile and my eye is twitching now.


*wipes tears*

the inside of your head is awesome. It makes me wish I had a blog but it would be a pale imitation of yours!


I totally agree with Crash Test Mommy and MommiePie.

If Rick Springfield had popped up, my heart would race and my panties would be wet, but for a whole totally different reason. And then I would probably faint.

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