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Shut Up


I did not buy this magazine. They have like, every magazine on the planet out in the living room and it was there when we got here. It was THERE WHEN WE GOT HERE. Whatever. I'm reading it for the Obama articles and stuff. I barely even noticed the five-page spread about whats-his-abs there. I'm totally going to read the latest issue of The Atlantic next.

Or maybe whatever has Lady Gaga on the cover.



By the pool. I love you, and yet I hate you.

I R JUS JELUS. sigh.


Honestly, I care more about how much I want to swap places with you just for the Red Stripe by the pool. :)


I am wondering what I did to piss off karma so much that I am in freeeeezing PA sick as a DAWG...

...and you have smut and beer and Jamaica? Yet further evidence for the canonization of Amalah. ;)


What a pretty picture. Enjoy yourselves Storch fam!


Is that your private fucking pool? Fuck.


Love it! Have fun!


Whatever - I want the Red Stripe!

Parsing Nonsense

Oooooooooooooooh Red Stripe, my favorite lager! I drank about a million of those with my Dad when we were in Jamaica :)


What? Did you say something? I was a little distracted...


It is friggin FREEZING up here.

But yeah, go ahead and enjoy your beer and mancake mag by the pool. I'm not bitter.


Thanks for the giggle. I needed that today. And I need that magazine too, when you're finished drooling, er, reading it.


Red Stripe...I remember Red Stripe. I didn't HAVE to go to Jamaica to get one though. Just "New Horizons" in Richmond.

And seriously...Rolling Stone has Obama articles? Why? He doesn't play in a rock band that I'm not aware of, does he?


I choked a little when I saw the magazine . . . and then promptly googled "Rolling Stone Taylor Lautner" and drooled over the pics and excerpts. SERIOUSLY, is he really still just 17?!?!?! gaaah. Some of those pics do NOT look 17. mmm.

Megan@Blueberry Scones

I have NEVER understood the Taylor Lauther love. Maybe it's because deep, deep down, I'm really a Pattinson girl? Who knows. Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation! Do you have pics of the hotel room?


Megan, she had a link to Bluefields yesterday, or you can google it. She's not in a hotel room, she's in a PRIVATE FREAKING VILLA with her own NANNY and HEADMAN and CHEF and I am so JELUS I am ready to cash in my retirement savings and go rent the villa next door!


Thanks @Katie for the Google hint. I'll be off now...


Oh my god, whats-his-abs. I may never stop laughing.


I owned that magazine. I don't remember any articles. :)


You are slowly making us all hate you--one post at a time. J/k. Have fun!


Jealous. Of everything. (I spend a fortune on magazines while on vacation.)


Am so enjoying my vicarious trip.


Haha what the heck, you're on vacation, enjoy your fluff ;)


Ooooooh, sexxxy! Definite eye candy there!


Everyday I look at the website with the prices. I like to look at how much it would cost for 12 people! I'm so happy you are there.


I'm desperate for more photos of the villa and the beach. I'd also love to know how safe it is for small children. The photos in their promotional website look like there are a lot of cliffs and drop offs. Has that been a problem or does it look worse than it is in the photos?

Ashley F

Does it make me a cougar that i"m 30 years old and think that a 16 year old is like... SO TOTALLY HOT. Whatever, I'm down with it. :-) Have an amazing vacation and while everyone else is complaining about the freezing cold back east, we're enjoying 70 degrees out here in SoCal *grin*. But it's still not freaking JAMAICA. Awesomeness.

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

If you squint hard (damn Jamaican sun), he almost doesn't look like jail bait. So there. Take comfort.


Totally googled Bluefields and that place looks amazing!!! More pictures pleeeeeeze. In Jamaica, I have only been to the cheesey places, Breezes, Grand Lido and Hedo.


WTF is in the pool? A dog on a raft?? Am I the only one who saw that over the magazine??


I'm so jealous! Its snowing here. Lucky.


It's cold and snowing here in the metro DC area..I am jealous of your sun and warmth.


I am at the beach too. Unfortunately it is covered with 6 inches of snow and counting! Enjoy your work:)


I want to know what on earth is floating on that raft??? dead chicken?

and here in Annapolis....we have 4" of snow. and it is still coming. youpicked a fabulous time to get away.

green with envy


It is freezing here, I wanna be there damnit! Have fun!


RE: What's in the pool...
Seriously. What IS that? Did you bring Ceiba?

Puhleeeez tell us more about what you are seeing and eating and doing and not doing and stuff.

I'm lobbying my husband for Bluefields, but I must begin slowly and carefully. In the meantime...if you have time, of course...tell us moremoremoremore and even more than that.

Tina C.

thanks a lot for abandoning us here with all this snow and stuff!!!!


I find it highly suspicious, considering the fact that you knew the exact number of pages in the spread about whats-his-abs ... didn't you ever learn that, with lying, less is more? ;) enjoy :):).


"the five-page spread about whats-his-abs there" made me snort orange juice.

ok embarassing admission: i went to go see that movie WITH MY POOR HUSBAND and even so every time whats-his-abs showed up I said PURRRRR. OUT LOUD.

Poor my hubs.


Could you read the Taylor Lautner article just long enough to find out if he's 18 yet? I'm waiting for him to be legal so I can lust after him without being a perv. kthxbai !

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