15 Months
Dante's Eardrum

They Shoot Bloggers, Don't They?

I finally gave in, caved, cried uncle, cried helplessly into a wine glass, however you put it, and hired some childcare. Just part-time, a couple days and hours here and there. I was dreading it, and dragged my feet throughout the whole process to a ridiculous degree, to the point that Jason started calling applicants and having them show up at our house so I'd be forced to take it seriously and offer one of the nice ladies a damn job already. 

I had a mother's helper only once -- after about two months of screenings and interviews, she quit a month later. Oh! And when she told me that she would need to watch Dr. Phil every afternoon I thought this was a perfectly reasonable request, being wholly clueless about...well, LIFE, and in my mind I predicted the exact same thing would happen should I ever try again: I will get talked into paying someone to watch Dr. Phil.

Today, they spent all morning building fantastical Tinker Toy creations and are now at the playground. The laundry has -- get the fuck out -- been folded and dishes put away. I took a shower. Way to show me up, Poppins!

Now, of course, I'm sitting here with hours of uninterrupted work time stretched out in front of me and absolutely no idea what to do first. Mamapop? AlphaMom? Finally get around to writing something besides hurried stream-of-consciousness drivel over here? Book proposal? Book outline? A hearty laugh because I don't even have an IDEA for a book, much less the attention span to write one ooh I know I'll make more coffee look shiny coffeepot SQUIRREL.

What was I talking about? Oh, right. The enormous crazy PRESSURE that comes from being an overprivileged asshole. My first-world problems. Let me show you them. 

Whenever people ask me what I do, whenever I mention that I do work from home, my default I-don't-wanna-get-into-it answer is that I'm a "writer" and if asked, I usually say something vague about "online parenting columns." Which is true! And yet, a hedge-y stretch. I obviously don't blog anonymously, and always assume that everyone I know can and will read everything I write. So I'm not hiding the blog thing because I don't want people to find my online slam book. But at some point I got tired of the following responses:

1) What's a "blog?"

2) So do you like, just write about shit you do during the day?

3) Seriously, like, "I woke up and had coffee?"

4) And you make...(DOT DOT DOT INCREDULOUS PAUSE) money doing this?

5) How much?

6) Wait, is this a porn thing? You can tell me... (DOT DOT DOT OVERLY CREEPY FACIAL EXPRESSION)

So it was funny when Noah's speech therapist hesitantly brought up the fact that she'd found me on Babble. I saw the revelation coming before the words came out of her mouth, like yep, that thing, it is true. Am professional oversharer. One time I peed my pants at work! I got off a train in Newark! And I think Lavar Burton is a little scared of me now.

But! She was totally cool about it and thought it was funny and something more special-needs parents should do, and was all, dude, bitch AWAY about anybody here you want, WHATEVER. And then I threw myself at her ankles like, BEMYFRIEND and it got kind of awkward.

But! But! Not nearly as awkward as a conversation I had the very next day, back at Jason's company's holiday party thing, a conversation so mortifying I am just now getting around to writing about it, when I -- for once! one time! the one and only time ever! -- voluntarily outed myself as a blogger when asked what it was I did for a living. It was probably the fourth or fifth time I'd been asked, and -- embiggened by the Babble thing and the generally positive reactions I'd gotten that evening after I drilled through "writer" and "online parenting columns" and down to the details of "blawwwgging" -- I finally just shrugged my shoulders and informed a nice-enough looking young woman that I was a blogger. Hear me roar! Or...type. Or whatever it is we do. Rabblerouse. Technoratidiscohashtag.

Here's a rough overview on how the rest of the conversation went:

1) Oh, God, BLOGS. Really?

    1a) Yes. Really.

    1b) Aren't blogs kind of stupid?

    1c) ...

    1d) I...guess so?

2) Who has time for that? I mean, I guess if you stay home.

    2a) Well, I actually started it back when I worked full-time as an editor...

    2b) Oh, well, I guess if you have that kind of job...

3) I can't imagine putting stuff about our life on the Internet.

    3a) Yes, well, the Truman Show aspect isn't for everybody, but I try to tell stylized stories with a lot of humor and...

    3b) Can you imagine, honey? If I wrote about our life on the Internet? HA HA HAHA.

    3c) ("Honey," who may or may not actually work for my husband, begins to look vaguely panicked.)

4) You don't put your kids' photos on your blog, do you?

    4a) (abort abort! mayday mayday!)

    4b) Because my sister is really careful and won't put her children's photos anywhere online.


    4d) You know, because of the child molesters. And pedophiles. Aren't you worried about that?

    4e) Jason magically sees someone else that "we absolutely have to talk to real quick, but we'll see you guys around okay bye now!"

5) Nice to meet you! What do you do?

    5a) I'm a writer.

    5b) I write some online parenting columns.

    5c) THE END.

So that was really fun, basically getting every well-trod criticism of the Internet Age thrown in your face during a five-minute conversation with someone you've just met, right when you absolutely cannot think of a single well-reasoned response because your shoes are too pinchy. Hi there! I write quality things on the Internet! You can tell by all the "uhhhhs" and "ummms" and deer-in-the-headlights stares I use when dealing with real live human beings.  I also live in a hobbit hole, my best friend is a webcam and I think breathing through one's nose is overrated.

Also, I paid someone to watch my children just so I could write the crowning achievement of modern literature that you have just wasted entire minutes of your life on. 

Aren't blogs kind of stupid?

Yes. Yes they are. Happy to help prove your point! I'll be here all week. All month, even. And longer, because like it or not, this is just what I do.



and we here are so glad you do it. because at least there's someone else in the world like ourselves. or who at least makes us feel less alone.

i think you're awesome.

Fawn Amber

Kudos to you for getting some help. Methinks you need it. Mostly because methinks I need to read you daily. :)

I thought my ex was the only psycho who thought that posting your kids pics online would stir up the pedophiles. I mean, really. I'm not allowed to put my daughter's pictures anywhere online. Wouldn't a pedophile be like a million times more likely to, I don't know, FOLLOW HER at the mall or at school or something?? Ridiculous, IMHO.

living with lindsay

And thank God this is what you do. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten through my son's infanthood/toddlerdom with a little humor.

So, you can tell people that - I help people get through some of the hardest, most-world-turning-upside-down months of their lives. See? You are even better than Dr. Phil, so take that, old babysitter.


I am throwing myself at your ankles RIGHT NOW.
I love your writing, Amy, Eff those who don't.

Her Bad Mother

I actually had an anxiety attack at the playground this weekend, while on a playdate - HO! - with my daughter, my daughter's BOYFRIEND (ho) and my daughter's boyfriend's mother who, at one point, seemed to directly quote from a blog post I'd written and I near-as-hell LOST MY MIND trying to figure out DID SHE KNOW? WOULD SHE SAY SOMETHING? IS MY 'WRITER' COVER BLOWN? OH MY GOD.

Because, yes, my shoes are always pinchy and I am NEVER ready for that conversation.



Until very recently, I was a newspaper reporter and you would not BELIEVE some of the shit people would tell me at cocktail parties when I said, "I am a newspaper reporter." Stuff like, "I hate reporters, you're all so biased" or "The local paper misquoted me 10 years ago AND I NOW HATE ALL NEWSPAPERS" or "Isn't your industry dying? Isn't that a bad profession to be in?" These were, usually, people I had just met and I was always so tempted to say, "Oh, so you're a lawyer? I hear you guys are a bunch of greedy assholes, if all those lawyer jokes are true!" But because I was not raised by wolves, I did not.

People can go screw, seriously.


I, for one, am so very glad that you do it. Thank you for making every day just a little bit better. :)


How'dja find your childcare provider? I need a nanny. I am putting it off because it seems so daunting of a task. And we'll have to get a live-in so she's coming from overseas...


I really wish you would have said something like, "Yes, I put my kids' pictures on the Internet so the pediophiles don't have to work as hard."


Awkward conversations about one's profession are always phenomenal. Hell I'm a manager for UPS and that means that I can automatically can fix every shipping issue you've ever had (including cost), know the cute guy that delivers to your door (who lives two states away) and can find that lost package of yours that never made it out of Zimbabwe. Because OF COURSE I CAN.


You and Tracey and Catherine add humour, insight, and empathy into my life every single day. That is why I read you all, and nod my head vigorously yes yes YES while doing it.

Amalah, Sweetney, Her Bad Mother, Alphamom, and Mamapop are not mere distractions from other important things some people think we should be doing: these ARE the important things we're doing, and sharing the good, bad, ugly and superfluous the best part.

I will always be grateful to have found you all.

Megan@Blueberry Scones

No, the best is when you tell someone you blog, and then they lean in and say "you're not going to blog about this conversation, are you?" I'm always mildly disappointed, if only because I think they're going to tell me where they hid the body.


I'm in the same boat, only my blogs are ANYWHERE as established as yours and I live in a small town. Not to mooch from Stewart Smalley, but you are a good writer dammit and people like you. So keep it up! (Please!)


By that woman's logic, TV shows, magazines, books, and movies are also stupid. Entertainment may be a waste of time, but I'm glad all forms exist.


Also grateful that you have added the phrase,"of doom" into my life, and my entire family uses it at every opportunity.


I don't make a living from We Love DC, but whenever someone busts out that tired crap on me I feel perfectly justified in turning it back around on them and making them feel foolish, either for being so clueless, or for being so crass as to insult me so openly. Whichever. :)


I don't understand how someone could be so effing rude. Can you imagine her saying that in response to any other answer (and yes, I think it was a her because obviously she is jealous of how hot you are and that whole conversation smacks of BITCH)? Really: "Isn't advertising stupid?" "Isn't banking stupid?"

I would have been so tempted to say, "No, are you stupid?"

Alison of a Gun

I can't believe no one else has said this, but uh...she was being RUDE AS FUCK! No matter what you do for work; if it puts food in your kids' mouths and electricity in the wires of your house and pays your bills, it is NOT stupid. Jesus, who IS this woman?!!?


That right there is why I will not use the word "blog" in real life conversations.


I have met more than one mother who claims to have a "computer expert" in the family that has warned her against putting kid pics on the web, because...you know. No, I don't know. Enlighten me. What exactly is going to happen to my child if a stranger in Des Moines catches a glimpse of her on the internet? Hmmmm? I'm all ears.

Thank you for daily disregarding the privacy and safety of your children. It always makes me smile.


I am AMAZED at the "aren't blogs stupid" question? AMAZED. Though I was told that art student teachers were stupid right after I told someone that I was currently an art student teacher. It is crazy what people will actually say to your face, and then wonder why you seem offended.


Oh man, I am a much more anonymous blogger, who can barely manage two posts a month, and I STILL get those asshole comments if I am stupid/off my guard enough to tell someone I meet IRL about my blog. Full disclosure: there are also pics of my daughter on facebook. And I am not any more worried about pedophiles than I am when I drop her off at daycare, or take her out in public for that matter. Maybe I shouldn't do swimming lessons with her in case a pervert's watching? GIVE ME A BREAK.

And thanks for this post - I'm sure most of the bloggers who read it can relate.

Alison of a Gun

ha! Leigh and I had the same thought at the EXACT SAME TIME. Seriously... that was an unacceptable way for that lady to talk to you, even MORE so if your husband is her husband's superior. I'm totally pissed on your behalf, Aim!


I sometimes thing blogging is stupid and I should quit. I'm not even paid a whole bunch for my blog (although I would give my appendix or something equally un-useful to me for a chance at writing a column, with all my vast knowledge about stuff. heh.) but I would just like you to know that being a mom that has transitioned from the real working world to the stay at home world of "holy crap I don't feel like I do anything all day and yet for some reason something in me says STAY HOME WITH YOUR CHILD" your blog makes me feel like I'm part of a real, working community. It HELPS me. I'm sure it does a lot of other people, too. So whatever to those people who don't get it. They don't get to join the club anyway.

6512 and growing

The woman at the party is just jealous because you get to write at home, in your pajamas and make money. What a fabulous invention! Thanks for helping tp pave the way and being so damn good at it.



You're a good writer and there's nothing wrong with stream-of-consciousness. You are funny, smart, quirky, and HELPFUL. Don't listen to that uppity ass pimple. Srsly, fucking asshole douchebag.


GAH! YES! That happens to me EVERY time I decide to be brave and tell people I have a blog. I am not anonymous either, but have like one of the most common names in the history of well, names, so I'm not easily Googleable.

Anywho, every time I decide that blogging is mainstream enough and I can TELL people (I mean, they've made MOVIES and BOOKS about people with blogs!), I always get responses like that.



Currently supposed to be working. No children or husband are here to distract.

Yet, here I am.

*shh don't tell the BAD INTERNET, but I put my the faces of my children online.

I'm sure we are all going to hell. I'll save you a seat.


Stupid or not, haters be DAMNED. Blogs, and yours in particular, helped me get through PPD relatively unscathed. Yours is the first one I got into, and it launched me into a community of wonderful women. Them haters be JELLUS.


People never cease to amaze me. I hope her husband does work for Jason and that hubby rips her a new one! I'm grateful for every time that you write. Can you imagine being asked what you do and only being able to say, "I'm a SAHM and I read blogs all day"? You are waaay one up on me!

Jen L.

I'm SO glad you do what you do. I"m gonna go click all your ads twice so you'll make more money becuz I lurv you.

I also feel your pain--my son's in daycare 4 days a week and I'm between gigs and off for 3 weeks. I have to make to do lists every day so I'll do SOMETHING besides sit here and read/write blogs.


Blogs are totally stupid and yet totally awesome at the same time! And no matter what anyone thinks, I don't care. I love the blogging world.


"the crazy pressure that comes from being an overprivileged asshole."
Thank you for putting words to my.... life.

Free time is far from free. That little time bomb ticks way in my head each and every minute I spend "free" of my kids. "Produce, produce, produce" says the clock. What was that movie with Sandra Bullock about the bus that had to keep moving or explode?


Amy, your posts are hilarious and the pics of your boys make me smile big!! As someone who suffers from depression/anxiety, having a smiley laughy moment in the day is HUGE! So thank you!!! And don't listen to stupid, rude woman!!


I'm glad that it's what you do! But I know how it feels...I'm too embarrassed to admit that I even read blogs, much less have one of my own.
Ironically enough, both of those things are your fault. If you didn't sit at home with your coffee drinking & the ooh shiny, & write every glorious bit of it down, blogging wouldn't consume my life. Way to be, Amy. Way to be.


And we're so glad this is what you do! Can I borrow poppins?


I think of bloggers as the modern-day, internet-enabled Humorists. Like Will Rogers and Mark Twain (sure, they wrote books, too, but they were humorists and authors). If you don't like calling yourself "writer" then "Humorist, social commentator and advice columnist" is a fine way to describe what you do.

And that girl was totally rude.


This is why I refer to any info I get from the blogs I follow as "something I read" when talking to people in real life and never ever volunteer my own blog's super secret location. Sure I'd like more readers and I bet networking with my mom friends would help with that but admitting I spend most of my spare time hanging out on the Internet? I'd rather have my nosehair pulled out by an angry toddler with H1N1.


I have fears of this conversation happening to me someday. Way to handle it without resorting to violence. Brownie points for such grace & composure.


How is putting your child's picture on the internet any different from taking them out in public? Or sending them to school? If you want to look at relative risk, I'll bet your child is more likely to be molested while on a play date at a friend's house. It's all about access.


Two more thoughts: I know Poppins should be capitalized but my left pinky was busy lifting my drink. Secondly, Jason should get some special favors for rescuing you & saving the party at the same time. Maybe put his picture online again so he can get some special pervert attention? People. Sheesh.


The only person who should be mortified by that conversation is that very rude woman and her husband.


So, I used to have a newspaper column, back when I was an editor of said newspaper (before I quit my high-falutin' career to stay home and bask in all of this FREE TIME oh ha ha HA) and would you believe I wrote about a LOT of the same type of stuff I wrote about on my blog, but in the newspaper? And NO ONE thought/said it was stupid or dangerous or anything, and that had my first name, last name and CELL PHONE NUMBER attacked to said column. And it was available ONLINE.

But the second you mention that you put it on the INTERNET, people assume all sorts of crazy-ass stuff that makes no sense to me whatsoever.


Next time anyone asks, tell them that you are furthering an historical continuum--just one of those ground-breaking women in American Literary History who exercises wit, wisdom, and new media for art and for profit.



Have anyone's children EVER been targeted by child molesters/pedophiles because of a blog? I mean, I know that there have been problems with child molesters using the internet to lure children to meet them, but that's different. But I have never heard of anyone being stalked or anything from a blog.


I hate small talk conversations that turn to job discussions, inevitably there is someone looking to feel better about themselves by undermining someone else.

Here, let me whip out my p*enis by the way, let's measure!


You got that kind of reaction because... wait for it... people in general are kind of dumb. (I work with the public every day and I know this FOR SURE.)

Snarky Amber

The rudeness of that woman is so appalling my face fell off. It's on the ground right now squawking, "OH NO SHE DINT! OH NO SHE DINT!"

seriously, I don't care if your job is jerking off horses; it's rude to tell someone to their face that their job is stupid. There's no other word for it.


1. I'm an English professor, and a blogger. People run away when I tell them the first part.
2. Thank you, thank you, for writing so honestly about Noah. I have a son with sensory integration problems, and it's incredibly helpful to read here about your journey, in real time, not by way of a book that packages it all up like it makes sense.


The only thing I can say to that is EFF HER.

Yes, that's right. Anyone who runs off at the mouth all the while belittling someone else who has the courage to put their life out there and share it with others is a) insensitive b) rude and c) just a plain asshole.

There you have it. My answer to anything that pisses me off lately. Eff that.


I only think blogs are stupid when the person writing them is doing it solely to try to be the next Dooce, or prove how awesome they are. I love blogging, and reading blogs, because it gives me a peek into the world around me. Maybe you wouldn't tell me anything if you sat next to me on the subway- but when I read a blog I get to peek into someone else's whole world. It's great!


And we're glad you do it!

I get the same sorts of reactions when people ask how Wife and I met (answer: on the Internet. Through our blogs.) That is a fun conversation to have over and over and over and over and over again.


Snarky Amber -- LOLZ!!!

Also, use Missie's answer sometime. That would be frickin' awesome to see their reaction. Then you would tell us about it on your most excellent blog. We would like that.

Erin W

I'm happy you're here and you're you.


People are so dumb.
The pedophiles! The predators!
And PS. I am now writing on my resume that I demand to watch Dr. Phil everyday, regardless of deadlines, very important clients.
And PPS. My blog is definitely stupider than your blog.


This could only be funnier if it turned out that bitch ran a finishing school or something. Talk about horrendous manners! Who cares what you do for a living, at least you have more social graces than she does (and writing for a living, in any form, is awesome).


New answer: "Sometimes I'll write about manners & how to behave when you meet new people. Here's the website, perhaps you should check it out sometime..."

My goodness, have people totally forgotten how to have polite conversation, or at the very least fake it?? My Mom met someone who SHOULD know me in my company. He didn't. (We work in the same industry, different companies.) He stared at her like she had two heads instead of just faking like he knew exactly who I was. Not that hard.

Also not that hard? "Saying, 'Oh, that's interesting.'" End of discussion, next topic.


Good grief, some people do not know when to just smile politely and nod.

chatty cricket

Holy shit, that woman sounds like a total pompous tool. I cannot imagine anything worse than being stuck at a party talking to someone like THAT. Why aren't we closer to the bar, indeed.


Yeah. Why don't you get a real job... like unemployed print journalist.


I'm continually astonished at the fact that people seem to find "blogging" somehow different than, you know, "writing." ??? (Of course, there's also the fact that you can describe yourself as a writer, and then people are all confused that you don't have a novel or twelve out.)

And I'm with everyone else on this: Mind-bogglingly, jaw-droppingly rude is mind-bogglingly, jaw-droppingly rude. No two ways about it. It's a total brain twister to try to imagine her asking "Isn't what you do really stupid?" of a person in any other profession. (It's actually sort of hilarious--try it! "Oh, I'm a postal clerk."
"Aren't post offices really stupid?")


even better: start talking about the friends you've made online. people stare at you like you've got imaginary friends and are bragging about it. good times.

Julie K

Seriously? If we can't be polite, I thought we were all trained to say "marvelous" at company functions when we didn't like/understand/believe the answer.

Blogs are no dumber than not teaching your kids any manners, moron.

Steph the WonderWorrier

Hilarious. I absolutely find that people who don't participate in the Blogosphere in any way (even as readers/appreciaters), have No Clue. They hear things about "blogs" and "twitter" and "facebook" on the News now-and-then and they make it such a huge friggin' deal that people use these things. "Isn't it unsafe?!", "You don't use your NAME do you?", etc etc etc!

I don't even Blog for a living/make much mulah off of it (I make PENNIES, literally maybe 36 PENNIES), I just love blogging and writing and connecting with people all over. But GOODNESS, my mother and grandmother Do. Not. Get. It. On one hand, it's great -- no need to show them or have them read it (my mom has no clue how to use the computer; she's only 48 but she is BEHIND with technology) -- but on the other hand, off-handed comments about these things drive me bonkers.

Like, HELLO, there are BILLIONS of Bloggers around the world, time to simma' down on the judgement, people!


Eff them. You make me laugh and that's what matters. To me. And...uh... everyone else.

Funny! You're funny.

Average Jane

Someone in my social circle once said, "I can't imagine why anyone would want to read someone's boring blog," RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I had been blogging for a number of years by then, which was certainly no secret. I don't hang out with them quite as much as I used to...

Elizabeth Doolittle

Thank God you write "stupid" blogs. Your blog is the only guarantee that I will laugh on a regular basis. :)


Glad you've got Poppins on the case. Sounds nice for all parties. I, for one, love what you write. I would have to say that the blogs I read regularly provide me a much-needed sense of community. And I'm normal.

Okay, I think I'm normal. Ish.


People are rude. No profession is exempt. I'm a nurse, and you wouldn't believe how many people ask me why I didn't "go all the way" and become a doctor, or how I can do something as gross as wiping butts, and on, and on, ad infinitum. It's obnoxious, and the worst part about it is, the people who act that way are never the ones who leave the conversation feeling bad.

Mrs. D

I'm sure this has already been said, but a) what the eff lady? How dare she criticize your CAREER. I would've asked her what she did and then make demeaning facial expressions while asking her presumptive and accusatory questions. (Okay, no I wouldn't have. But I would have wanted to.)

and b) Thank the good lord of the Internets that you do what you do, because I love reading something that is real, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and inspires me to be a better writer. And clearly I am not the only one who thinks this.

Gah. Some people just deserve a winter-themed cocktail right in their faces.


I work with a bunch of ACCOUNTANTS who refer to the Internet as "The 'net" and there is no way in hell I'll ever voluntarily bring up my site. I mean, if you Google me you find me, but I'm not about to say anything.

I hate it when they're all, "Wow, you have a lot of friends in the States what with all of these trips you have planned. How did you meet them?"



If reading you is stupid I'd prefer to be the dullest knife in the drawer.

Also, I totally relate to your comment about how it is hard to think when your shoes pinch. Worse is that you can't tell people that is why you're having trouble listening and responding. The trials of cute footwear!

Maxine Dangerous

This post is chock full of awesome and win. :D


And you do it well. The END.


I think people who assume "blogs are kind of stupid" are clearly not reading the right blogs. Because the blogs I read are amazing. And also? None of us are safe from rudeness...I've had this conversation before: "What do you do?" "I'm a veterinarian" "Oh, yuck, I hate animals! I can't believe people pay money to have medical stuff done to animals!" Well...perhaps you would like to get the hell away from me then?


I was at a party at a friend's home. She introduced me to a old friend from her hometown, saying, "This is Gretchen, blah blah blah, and she has a blog I love to read..."

Her friend said, "Blogging is for teenagers," and turned away.

That felt good.


Seriously. That lady is the one who should be embarrassed. Where the hell does she get off, being so rude to her husband's coworker's wife? Does she even know what conversation skills are? 1. Don't be overly opinionated and 2. Don't insult anyone's profession, regardless of what it is.

And I know you're too humble to admit it, but you're definitely in the Top Five Most Famous Bloggers. Because, DUDE. I had a dream that I met you the other night, and I wanted to be best friends.


Well, I like your blog. So there.


three things:
1. Thank you for writing.
2. We love you (creepy comment)
3. F... her. She is just jealous.

Heidi T

Amy, I totally get it. I work online too. I am a Customer Service Director for an online ammo store. You can imagine how that goes down like a brick in suburban NY. People laugh politely and then seriously move as fast from me as they can. I am beginning to get a complex.


Ha! I want to be around the conversation later when "honey" was like, "um, did you really need to insult my boss' wife?" And she was like "blogs are dumb," and he said "I think you are missing the point." but the conversation goes a little different in my head, with some yelling. And you totally know she is going to to google you and find this blog. She just sounded a little too judgmental not to be jealous.

Parsing Nonsense

Ha! Bear in mind that when people look down on what you do, really they're just jealous that they can't pull it off for themselves.

Work from home in pajamas, writing about being a parent...Sounds way too awesome, must scorn publicly so I can go home and create a blog of my own in secret so no one will JUDGE.



Laurie at mizwrite

Oh my gosh, I laughed through this whole post. I've had these conversations with my MOM. I can't explain blogging adequately to anyone (although "online columnist, like Erma Bombeck ... only, er ... online" has gotten the best reaction, btw). :)

Anyway, WE thank you for what you do, and for doing it so well! You're an excellent writer.


Unfreaking believable. That woman obviously is a clueless lives-in-a-box moron if she doesn't understand what a little online empire you've built and what your hilarious stories mean to your readers. I dare her to try and write about her morning cup of coffee in a way that makes the rest of us snort ours out our noses the way you can. pft.


Oh you should be the one who gets to tell people that you met your husband online! OMG it's been 10 years and we still get comments. I'm glad you are around. Love reading about your life!


I hope the self-righteous "Woman at Party" reads this and knows all the cool, blog-reading moms who shamelessly put pics of their kids on the internet are laughing at her. So there. You rock, Amy.


Umm that lady deserved a slap in the face. I think I'm pretty awesome at nodding and smiling even as a drug dealer tells me about their legitimate career. I think she could do the same. Asshat. I hope she reads your blog.


Just adding in my two cents, but you CANNOT discount the amount of times I have been frustrated with my son, or with myself, and felt like the whole parenting thing was a REALLY BAD IDEA, and then I read your blog and I laugh or I cry or I sometimes do both AND (deep breath) I go on... loving myself and loving my son and YOU had something to do with that! I seriously doubt that other woman could even come close to making that much of a difference in someone else's life. So say it with pride!!


At least your mention of blogging actually sparks some kind of discussion at the parties. Whenever my husband mentions that he's writing a book, he gets exactly one question: "What's it about?" He tells them it's a technical book. *chirp* *chirp*

I'm heading off to paint a mural on my kitchen ceiling now, since I, too, am a stay-at-home mom.


A year and a half ago, I might have agreed with her. I didn't really "get" blogging. But then I got into it and saw this amazing world. Sure, there are a lot of dumb people out there with nothing interesting to say, who say it anyway. They can't make a living blogging, the same way they would never get a book deal.

But then there are clever, real, entertaining writers who use the blog format for their writing, and I love it. I still remember the thrill of writing to our favorite author in the 8th grade, thinking they might actually read our letters! And with blogs, I get to write to the authors, believe they're reading it, and maybe even get a response. Just like any other form of communication, there are people who aren't using it well. But you're one who's great at it, and I love it.


The whole experience smacks of chip-on-shoulder, you-don't-intimidate-me, I'm-one-of-the-cool-kids. In other words, she is one of those idiots who become antagonistic when nervous. Idiot.

You are an amazing writer, very very funny, and an awesome mom. No wonder she was jealous!


Thank God that you do write this blog, and that my child's godmother told me about it lo those many years ago. Otherwise, I would have beaten myself up when breastfeeding failed. Well, I did, but I would have beaten myself up way, way more. You are a beacon of light. Also, you have gotten me using the phrase "stupid whore" all the time, and if that doesn't validate your blogging, then I don't know what will!


You could also say that you are an entrepreneur, a psychologist, a social worker, a friend, a shrink, a teacher, a mother, an advice columnist, a counselor and an advocate...but excuse the short list since I've only been reading you for about 2 years.
Whereas...that woman is just paranoid and ignorant.

Heather B.

Just remember that you met your first two amazing babysitters via your blog. People who love your children to this day. Hell, we even let your children puke on us.

Blogging is good. Childcare is good. Good childcare via bloggins is awesome. The end.


meh, it's not for everyone. anyways, she'll probably go home, look you up and then start a blog thinking she can make a living off it. hah.

Sprite's Keeper

Luckily for me, I just whip out the 9-5 job and it shuts them up quick. Then if I don't like them, they become fodder. :-)


Amy, Amy, Amy - let's see... what else do you do? You give me hope, you help me remember how to live through this "raising children" thing (humor!), you make me laugh on a daily basis, you inspire me to try to write a little about my own life, and did I mention the laughing?

Back it up to what DrWendy (Holla!) said. Guess what, Girl -- you are a ground-breaking woman contributing to American Literary History.


Yeah,so that last conversation? Not actually about what you do. It just shows her lack of social skills. It reminded me of when I answer that I'm an attorney and they immediately reply by telling me a bad lawyer joke (and always one I've heard before) and follow it up by asking for free legal advice in an area that is not my practice area. If she'd bothered to find out more about what it is you actually do, she might have found it interesting. Or at least given herself a moment to realize she should keep her mouth shut.


Amy, I wished you had taken her down! Who insults one's pursuits?

Just for clarity, I am a mother, older than you and with older children (11 an 14) who understands your life and cheers on Noah at every turn!

I can identify with a mother's love and fierce protection and can also adore two beautiful boys!

Please keep writing!

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