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Weekend Photo Round-Up


A typical early morning pile-up.


Checking out the view from the master bedroom.


Checking out the view There.


Slightly skeptical, sandy.


Only complaint so far: It's just OH SO CROWDED AROUND HERE.


Climbing his first tree.


And getting appropriately contemplative about it.


Exploring, or possibly on a deranged quest to get back to the house kitchen WHERE ALL THE FOOD IS NOM NOM NOM PAPAYA PINEAPPLE CHICKEN FRITTERS SCRAMBLED EGGS HOT SAUCE


Taking time from my busy schedule to sit upright. Slightly.



Bushed babies.



You realize that I will never be happy until I go to that exact same resort.

It really looks heavenly. I'm glad ONE OF US got to go.


Sigh. It looks incredible.

Mariana Perri

Only one word to describe all of this: WOW!


As I sit here, in bed, in my Born to Blog shirt...I am insanely jealous! and I adore the last picture, it sparked an audible sigh!


Where is this? Oh my gosh its beautiful!

Ouiser B

As I sit watching my husband shovel the 6 inches of snow we got in DC yesterday I'm beyond jealous of you.

I want to pile my family into our own poster bed with mosquito netting and balcony overlooking paradise.

Le Sigh...


I'll be shoveling show today too. {sigh}

It looks beautiful, and warm. Very warm.


Whatever, Amalah. You're totally missing the wet sleety snow stuff that froze overnight in DC, SO THERE



Your posts on this are so wonderful! I look forward to them each day. (Emily, there's a link to this resort in Bluefields Jamaica on the Jan. 28th post).


1. wow, that's the reddest you hair has looked. I dig it.

2. Ez is really starting to look just like you. Just like you.


Amy, was the complaint meant to be sarcastic or were the pictures just strategic enough that the mass amounts of people were not shown??


Just tell us. Are you having fun?

workout mommy

I am now officially VERY jealous! Looks like you are having a great time!

I'm sure you are very jealous of the pile of snow we got at home again!? (sigh)


I love that last picture; so poignant...


Loved those last pictures. There is nothing that tires kids out more than fresh air and swimming. I believe that is a scientifically proven fact or something.


Ezra's got a pretty sweet downward facing dog, there! Go yoga baby, go!

Beautiful pics. Looks like, um, paradise, for lack of a better expression. Enjoy!


Caitlin, it was VERY sarcastic...that picture was from Friday, and there was just us and another local couple on the beach. Today, it's a little more crowded. Perhaps, 20 or so people on the beach and mostly locals.


Jellllluuuusssss. And yes, I totally want to go to that resort now. So whatever it is that was supposed to work, it worked.

I took a pretty walk in the snow today, but would MUCH rather be bobbing in the ocean sipping a Red Stripe.

you go woman!


You lucky, lucky barstewards. Glad you're enjoying it, I'm quite jealous.


My GOD. That looks like heaven.


My son used to put his head upside down on the sand like in Ezra's pic... he would say "hat!"

Well, from a toddler's perspective, anything that goes on your head is a hat, so...


Oh, so amazing! I now want babies (even more). And a Caribbean vacation (even even more).

Kari Weber

One day... long in the future... when things are crazy and you are having "one of those days" think back to THIS day... when your biggest concern was how to get sand out of toddler parts.
You deserve this.


Going to get my passport, BRB...


Yesterday I looked this place up on TripAdvisor. Am now trying to convince husband that WE MUST GO.

Can't wait to see and hear more about it. Have a wonderful time!

I'm so freakin' jealous. :)


That bed is incredible!
What an amazing location. You know this but I will say it are a LUCKY lady!


Looks like a great time. Glad you have your boys there with you.

Erin (Snarke)

Oh my god, I so want to go there! Luccckkkyyyyyyyy!


so impossibly jealous of your family right now!!

Rooster Shamblin would you please spend a few minutes and check out my blog. I am a farmer who was been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens for forty years.


Looks like you're having a great time! Glad you got to have such a nice family vacation.


Need to go there. NOW. Looks AMAZING. Can't wait to read all about it.

Sprite's Keeper

Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your time! The snow can take care of itself while you're gone!


I am not even jealous. I am just happy that you are getting to have a much needed vacation. This blog brings me much happiness, and you deserve some posh style relation! It looks amazing! More pix please.


lucky duck... I hate you just a pinch


So gorgeous! I love the last one of Ezra... too cute.


So beautiful, everything. That last pic of Ez is really beautiful.


These pics of Ezra are just killing me. He is so gorgeous and I love the skeptical, frowny and tired adorable!!! (and I have my own adorable 15 month old son, so I feel slightly weird cooing over yours!). This place looks fab and I love that bed...need a bed and view just like that for myself. Yes! I am jealous! But, you deserve it all.

Jennifer Kelley

That looks so miserable...Ha! :)


I love vacations....yours, mine, everyones. These are the moments you capture and take with you forever.

PS - I'm typically not this cheesy, but it's so true.


your hair is red!
life looks grand for you and your little family!
post more photos - must live vicariously! :-)

Matt in London

That place looks bloomin fantastic and am now thinking I shouldn't have booked Vegas in July for my 40th but should have gone there instead...oh well, there's always next year and maybe the £ will be better against the $ then too....


The first one is my fave! I might be breaking that commandment about thou shalt not covet or something or other.


omfg, i am SO JEALOUS! that looks AMAZING!

Miss Britt

That bed is to die for! I want to go to there! Right now!

Mary Lehrman

Yeah, it looks REAL crowded. Like you really had to use some elbow to find a spot for your lounge chair. WOW - That place looks truly amazing. Glad you are having such a great time.

Katie Kat

No, really, I'm REALLY happy for you and I'm glad you got a getaway in Jamaica and all. No, REALLY. Not jellus at all. Ahem... really.



Ok Amy, after dealing with the snow and the ice and all that crap the past few days, I have to say i'm starting to hate you just a teensy bit. But mostly I just wish I was there. That bead is dreamy! Enjoy it for those of us in the cold!


I think the Bluefields folks made a VERY wise decision inviting you and your NOMable family there - I have already forwarded the website to DH with a note "when you finish grad school and get your new fancy pants job and signing bonus, we are going HERE" - and for me to want to go somewhere other than Kauai it has to be pretty damn spectacular. I have already starting researching flights from Denver...

I've heard that baby powder is effective at getting sand out of toddler (and adult) parts. Carry on with your amazing vacation (have you used the nannies yet?)


Beautiful pictures!


Beautiful! What fantastic pictures. The one of Ezra laying on the bed is adorable. What a fantastic vacation.


Have I mentioned? SO JEALOUS! Oh and I love the rooster guy's comment above. Nice and appropriate.


I could NOT BE any more jealous than I am. I want to go to there.

Parsing Nonsense

Wow, that looks like heaven!!


I've changed my mind. I do hate you.

Lancelot and Lady's Mom

Breathtaking! I am DESPERATE to go here now! Wow!

Which villa are you staying in?

They mention being able to do outreach while you stay there on their website. Do you know if you can work in the local orphanage?

Lancelot and Lady's Mom that bed as fluffy and comfy as it looks or is it really rock hard like most hotel/resort beds?


You should refuse to leave the hotel. Just REFUSE TO LEAVE.

Suzy Q

Sooooo jelus.

Please show us pictures of the indoor/outdoor shower. Pretty please? I have a thing for nice bathrooms.

Suzy Q

PS: ALL the weather in the States sucks right now.


Must. Fight. Horrible. Jealousy...

Very cute!


Happy for you and want to cry out of jealousy all at the same time.

Suzy Q

Aw, little Ezra's ribs are all stick-outy in that last pic. Don't you feed him?

6512 and growing

Oh really?
Not jealous at all. Very happy for you.


That bed is gorgeous. Beautiful pictures of the kids, glad you're having so much fun!


At first I'd forgotten you were on vacation and I was like "Is that her BED IN HER HOUSE???" and was insanely jealous. Okay I am still insanely jealous. But you work hard and you deserve the break. Longtime reader finally delurking--have a blast with the boys!!


Amy, I'm SO happy you and your little family got to take this amazing trip! It's so regenerative and beautiful to spend a week doing nothing but worrying about where to place your beach towel and how much sand is too much for your little one to have eaten :-)) I also think we all get to live vicariously through your reports and echo the other posters - if I get to Jamaica anytime soon, only Bluefields will do!


Your kids are so beautiful and that Ezra is all 'not quite a baby, not yet a boy'. Gorgeous.


Amy, that photo of Ez under the tree? The one of him on his little knees?

ART. Gorgeous, gorgeous ART.


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