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Before the snow, before we lost power, Noah announced that he wanted to draw some pictures.

This...was news to me, as Noah does not particularly like to draw. It frustrates him. His fine-motor delays clash with his perfectionist nature. He favors his left hand but is more skilled with his right, he has difficulty getting all of his fingers to do what he wants, he sees Pixar in his head but scribbles on the paper, and within minutes he's pushing the crayon at me, asking me to please recreate the Paradise Falls tableau from Up, complete with the House, Balloons, Carl, Russell, The Snipe, The Mean Dogs and Also Russell's Lost GPS Unit Right Over There, NO, NOT THERE. THERE. All of which are also way beyond my own limited skills with an unsharpened Crayola, but whatever. They please him more than his own creations, apparently.

So anyway, this request came out of the blue, as if he'd randomly asked for a bowl of Brussels sprouts. But we quickly supplied the crayons and paper and he got to work.

After he was done, he asked for a toy airplane.


This is the airplane outside our house.


This is the house in Jamaica. It is smaller than our house.


This is the plane flying to Jamaica. The red parts are trees. There were more trees in Jamaica than outside our house, you see.


And there were, in fact, trees with very red bark in Jamaica, which delighted him. Soon after we arrived, he declared Jamaica to be Oz. The path down to the beach was the Yellow Brick Road; the wall of tropical greenery around the pool was the Emerald City. He stood on the steps and conversed with an imaginary doorman about the broken bell; he stood by a tree stump in the backyard asking for his oil can; he was incapable of going indoors without attempting to whip everyone into a frenzy about "IT'S A TWISTER! IT'S A TWISTER!"


At the airport, on the way home, he skipped down a stationary moving sidewalk and sang every word of "We're Off To See The Wizard" at the top of his lungs. Any irritation our fellow travelers had about the mechanical problem vanished about halfway through the song, as they all smiled and laughed as he unselfconsciously butchered the phrasing of "a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was."


His hands might not be able to keep up with everything going on in his head just yet, but you know, I'm not too worried.



Love it! Yay Noah!


do I see a little green in his red trees? Love it!


Your child is so delicious!!!


Beautiful Amy!

My daughter calls it the "Wizard of Boz" and corrects us when we try and tell her it's Oz.

Crystal D

He rocks.
He made a fricken backdrop.
That. Is. Awesome.


Thank you for letting us share Noah's life. He's so lucky to have you for a mom.


He is, first of all, so cute and it has to be great to see him improving by leaps and bounds. He looks so proud of himself in all of these pictures. And he has great taste in movies.


that's wonderful. i bet he'll be a fabulous writer. his imagination is outstanding. :D


I think your only real worry with this kid will be paying his tuition to Harvard.


Wild imagination, wild child! Love it!

Parsing Nonsense

Very endearing, he sounds like such a sweet boy!


I love the wonderfulness that is Noah, and you are documenting it so beautifully, I really hope that there is a book that comes out later of all these stories and how they weave together to make him who he is.

That said: what the HEY is that on Jason's shirt? An owl wearing a hat & neon pink sunglasses?


He's a freaky genius!


he's delicious...may I have him for a snack? Seriously, that's awesome!!!


Wow, what amazing use of page space and symbolism! Now ask him why the trees are red and the houses are blue, given his emotional attachment to particular colors.


I used to say I came here primarily for the pictures of Ezra. As nommable as he is, though, it's these stories of Noah's triumphs that really move me.

Soothed fears give such a joyful rush. I am still saying Whee! every time I hear the word loop.


That is most excellent. I love these milestones - they seem so small to some other parents.

The other day, my mostly non-verbal 3 year old son took his brand new sock monkey and put him (after he kept calling him "hawney") in his stroller, and pushed him around the family room. This is the most imagination I've seen him show other than pretending to be a dinosaur and chasing me.

Bravo, Noah, and cheers to you, Amy, for reminding us all to celebrate all milestones, no matter how small they may seem to others.


Beautiful. I admit to never really appreciating how important the little milestones are...until now. My son has recently been diagnosed with a slight speech delay. He said "Roar!" for the first time this weekend and it made me cry. What a wonderful sight those drawings must be for you, and what a great family you have!


My son does the exact same thing to me when drawing anything."Mama draw a building, and a train. With a stoplight and a railroad crossing. No those roads aren't right." It makes me laugh when he brings home "his" pictures from school that are enormous pictures that other people have drawn for him. :)


Love his imagination.


That's frickin' awesome - Noah rocks!


This just makes me so happy and smiley. To see the changes in him and to imagine the changes you see on a daily basis that aren't documented here just make me so happy for you. I can only imagine the joy you feel. YAY Noah!!


Now THIS is awesome!


Love this post! My 2 year old is mesmerized by The Wizard of Oz, he would have been singing right along with Noah at the airport! Your trip to Jamaica sounds magical for all. I love Noah's excitement in these pics - you go, Noah!


Love this post! My 2 year old is mesmerized by The Wizard of Oz, he would have been singing right along with Noah at the airport! Your trip to Jamaica sounds magical for all. I love Noah's excitement in these pics - you go, Noah!


He's making maps! Don't you wonder what he sees in his mind? I wish I could try on my kids' minds sometimes to see how they see the world. It's probably way trippier than LSD.


Man...that Noah is precious.

I can't draw at all. I fear the day the Man Cub asks me draw something.


Love it! And, he looks like such a big boy in that photo! Awh!!!


Yayy! Just... Yay!


Is it possible to love a kid you've never even met? 'Cause I kind of love yours. So very cool.


Clearly all your offspring are brilliant!


to paranoid: I once heard a kid say that love means that you would be sad if the person dies, & since that is true of all of us, I think it's okay to love people you've never met. :)

Amy, he is so precious. The progress he has made is amazing. That is one awesome kid. Seriously. :D


Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. He is awesome! Side note, my husband and I got married at Couples Swept Away in Jamaica in April 2008 and it was Heaven on Earth. Can't wait to go back. Google the place, pretty awesome if you ever get the chance to vacation without your boys!


What a fabulous imagination Noah has! :)

Jen L.

I. love. your. son. Thank you so much for sharing things like this with all of us.


Love that kid--he's a pretty special little guy :)

(So I know kids have wild & crazy imaginations, so it's not that odd for him (or any child) to draw red trees, but just wondering if color blindness was ever a concern?)


this kid is a genius. i'm not a professional anything. just a mom. and that kid is WAY smart and I wish I could think more like that. an aerial map of my last vacation. and then set it to music...
cool kid.


I always feel so blessed when you share these beautiful moments with us <3 He is such a special little man. I really wish I had been there to see the singing of The Wiz! haha.


Amazing! There is a huge brain in that little body. I love hearing about his progress, his great imagination, how articulate he is becoming . . . because I love Noah, even though I have never met any of you in person.


Amazing! There is a huge brain in that little body. I love hearing about his progress, his great imagination, how articulate he is becoming . . . because I love Noah, even though I have never met any of you in person.


This is so beautiful. Noah's understanding of his space, and his communications regarding that understanding. Beautiful.


Wow, was there smoke coming out of his ears as he worked on that? I hang out with a lot of preschoolers and that is some good stuff!


Did you get to be Dorothy if he was the tinman? He is such a great kid with a truly fabulous imagination.


That is just SO awesome!


this is beautiful!

Cheryl S.

This from the kid who was so concrete not that long ago?? Amazing. GO NOAH!


love it!!!

Katie Kat

I absolutely ADORE these kinds of posts! That little boy is so fascinating and unique. I know it's frustrating for you at times, but I love how he looks at the world and how his amazing little brain works.

He'll end up smarter and more capable than all of us! :)

P.S. I have to admit the first thing I thought of with the drawing and the plane was LOST - He's recreating Flight 815!!!!!


That is so cool Amy! Noah has an amazing imagination and it will serve him well in life!


Lord, but your boy is cute! I love his happy little dimple!

Kari Weber

Isn't it weird how kids favor one hand over the other some times, but not others? My 4 1/2 year old has always seemed to be left handed, but then when he colors, he starts out on the left and as he moves across the paper, he just switches to the right and keeps going. Same thing with brushing his teeth. I was starting to think he is ambidextrous, but now wonder whether it is just still too early to really know?

Sadie at heymamas

What a cutie!

Sadie at heyMamas


i love that child, and i think of you all frequently. glad you had such a great time on vacation, and gladder to hear that you're surviving the blizzard. :)


What an awesome imagination he has! It's wonderful to see it come alive and that he can now find the words and creative outlet to express himself. His stories make me smile.

Whatever happened to his parrot friend that you swatted into his face? Did he get over it or does he try and find him?

terri Wright

wow. so lovely. beautifully written. and even better than how well-written the story is, is the freaking story itself. what a fantastic kid.



Holly at Tropic of Mom

Wow, that's great! That's a lot of drawing. And the imagination! I am beginning to wonder if my son has dyspraxia too. If you give him a crayon or pencil, he uses it for three seconds and is done.


These are awesome! His creativity has really exploded in the past few months. Such a happy little guy.


Awesome...just AWESOME!!! :0)


Wonderful, heartwarming story! It's so amazing to see how his little mind works. I wish I'd been in the airport to hear him sing. :)


aha! he is a map maker! I clicked back to another post you made about The Loop http://www.amalah.com/amalah/2009/12/the-loop.html

And how it made him crazy until he fully understood how the road connected back. Obviously he is making maps in his head - it must be very irritating when he's trying to make a map of a new place and everyone is running around blocking the vista.

Does he ever play with Google Earth?

Katherine from Postpartum Progress

My daughter, who has sensory processing disorder, is nearly 4. She has never wanted to color. Never liked to draw. Same thing: she knows she can't be perfect at something involving fine motor skills so she avoids it. I know what it is like to celebrate over the smallest drawing, because it's such a rarity and so very special. She can't really draw pictures, but she recently drew what I could make out to be a person. It had a head, two legs and two arms. And I had a thrill like I can't describe.

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