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So. This happened. And was...awesome.


"This" is the result of all that snow and ice on our roof finally starting to melt. Into our house. I repeat: AWESOME.

I always thought a leaky roof would look like it did in cartoons -- random slow drips coming out of the ceiling, to be caught with strategically-placed buckets in the middle of the room. Ours is more like a lovely cascading waterfall effect pouring through the paint in the window frame, as the wall above puckers and swells, and suddenly it's like, HOORAY! The whole side of this room is all squishy. How fucking cozy.

I won't bore you with all the repair details, except to offer this nugget of advice: If you ever need to file a disaster claim with your homeowner's insurance, do yourself a favor and try not to time it after any kind of...I dunno...ACTUAL DISASTER. Particularly a disaster that happened to affect more than say, four other people.


Oh! Just one more bit of wisdom: If you are among the millions of unemployed who might be all, prostitution isn't sounding so bad anymore, you may be interested to hear just how much money I had to pay some guy to get up on my roof and remove the rest of the snow. Which he did this morning, with a snow shovel and a goddamned hammer. Do you yourself own a snow shovel and a goddamned hammer? Then consider a career in post-snowpocalyptic highway robbery today! (After he finished our roof a woman came running across the street in her bathrobe shrieking HOW MUCH HOW MUCH? He then quoted a price $100 more than what we paid, which was already $100 more than what we were quoted over the phone yesterday. It's a real growth industry!)


So enough about my stupid fucking roof. That is stupid. Let's talk about the Olympics.

I love the Olympics. I watch every blessed minute of the coverage, except for the Profiles In Olympic Courage fluff pieces, about how anyone can become an Olympic champion provided they dedicate themselves to a sport full-time by the age of four, along with other benefits like a shitload of money and a parent who JUST SO HAPPENS to be a two-time Olympic champion in the same sport WHAT ARE THE ODDS.

Yeah, those things. That's when I get up for more snacks.

But anyway, I've discovered I've got a bit of anxiety problem on behalf of the athletes. I'm not so worried about falls and crashes -- I don't like those, but you know, they happen and stuff. No, I am absolutely petrified that one of the following things will happen:

1. An athlete will neglect to put on their goggles, helmet or other safety gear before starting down a course.

It FLIPS. ME. OUT. to see them there, all poised and ready to go, with their goggles or face mask on top of their helmet. (And don't even get me started on the people who wait until the last minute to attach a dangling helmet chin strap put it on put it on PUT IT ON.) I am seriously a crazy bundle of nerves for them, twitching and writhing and itching at myself because oh my God, they must be thinking of a million other things, they're totally going to forget their goggles! I would totally forget my goggles! Oh Jesus, is there someone there reminding them? Because I would need someone there to remind me. I would probably hire a special full-time safety-equipment check person. I wonder if anyone would hire me to that? Because I would be good at that job. Hell, I would do it for free because PUT ON YOUR GOGGLES HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.

The minute the athlete successfully puts on their goggles or fastens their helmet, I am immediately calmed and no longer concerned about them in the slightest. Go ahead and wipe out on those moguls, baby. You're all good.

2. A skier or snowboarder won't be able to stop at the bottom of the course and will crash into the little boundary fence-thing.

Yes, because after demonstrating unparalleled skill on an amazingly difficult hill, an Olympic athlete is TOTALLY going to be all, "OH MY GOD, I FORGOT TO LEARN HOW TO STOP! HALP!" Yes, I am probably projecting my own terrible skiing experiences on them. One of which may or may not involve running over a seven-year-old. Who was standing still. Possibly inside the lodge. Whatever. You cannot prove a thing.



I actually saw a woman snowboarder totally crash through a fence during snowboard cross yesterday! She tried to stop and she couldn't stop! So your fears are founded!

Except, she was fine. I mean, pissed off that she didn't win a medal, I am sure, but fine. I think they make the fences sorta soft.

I hope your roof gets fixed soon.


The stopping thing gets me everytime, too.


One of our friends was knocking icicles off her roof today, lost track of the basement access door (because it was buried in all this #$*(%&@($ snow) and FELL THROUGH IT. Please be going now snow, kthxbai.

Did you watch the men's short program last night? What was up with that glittery Skeletor dude? And the mime sailor? Somewhere, Tim Gunn is watching them skate and mumbling about being concerned.

Crystal D

I am pretty sure Ezra is thinking... uh mom you are going to pick me up if the water starts rising right?

We had the same water coming in the window problem this past Spring. I guess I am glad we had the roof replaced then since we have 18" of snow sitting on it now and I don't know where to find one of those wealthy roof shoveling people.


Please do not put a cute baby in a picture where I am supposed to be paying attention to something else. I couldn't figure out what "this" was. There was a baby distracting me. A cute baby. Very confusing.


Did you see the woman fall off the cross country course today? I think I am scared of that now.


We have that same scene in our bedroom. I woke my husband at 1am "babe I hear something dripping" to which he said something about me dreaming. At 5am it was evident that it was a bit more than a drip when the our upper window was sagging...uuugh! Do you think insurance will cover it; please post an update when you finally get a response. Dontcha wish that you never came back from Jamaica??


Dude. I LOVE the Olympics! And I have a little bit of a crush on Bob Costas. That man does not age!

p.s. So sorry about your squishy walls. Ick.


Amy, we had to pay that much to have our roof shoveled off, twice. It got so bad my husband just took a ladder a hammer to the ice dam on our gutter himself. We are also waiting for Erie insurance to call us back.

You should have just called us. You could have paid Doug in wine.


FUN. our gutter cleaners kicked a roofing tile to the side, and so all the melting snow has been coming in directly through our bathroom ceiling. shits and giggles all around! although my freakily handy father was able to haul himself up to the attic and squirt some gluey stuff into the gap that stopped the leak, but the ceiling looks awful. blah.


We have way too much in common today:
1. Cute baby boy in a "full of cuteness" onesie. (got to love target)
2. Too much snow on our roof.
3. Leaking in the nursery. (so ghetto fabulous)
4. State Farm insurance.

The nursery my twins sleep in normally is right next to the leaking window, luckily we had the other crib set-up, so we didn't have to use the leaked on crib.

Clean off your deck, if you haven't already. We developed a leak in our playroom from the melting off there.

If I see another flake of snow, I might lose it.


I'm actually always afraid that the woman in pairs ice skating is going to lacerate her partner with the blade of her skate.


So sorry about the leaking roof. That kind of thing (home repair, car repair etc) is my least favorite thing to spend money on.

Where I live we are on day 75(!) of 5 inches or more of snow cover on the ground. I am so, so, so sick of it.


What gets to me is when someone falls or messes up terribly, not just a little mistake but an OMG THEY ARE DONE thing, and I am all "Really? Can't they get a do-over? PLEASE?" Because I get Emotionally Invested in these people, and feel bacd that some of them have to lose.

bad penguin

We got ice dams after the snow storm in December. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning trying to deal with the water pouring in the living room window. After that we bought a roof rake so we could get the snow off our roof, but then we had to figure out how to use it. It was a lot of really hard work.

So because we dealt with that problem, now our water heater is leaking all over the basement and needs to be replaced.


Best thing about the Olympics: Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's pants: HOLY CRAP!

Sugared Harpy

In our house both my husband and me have a huge anxiety about somebody getting sliced in half or beheaded by figure skate blades. They look sharp! There have been other accidents!

It is possibly worth hearing my husband's girlish squeal, though.


So sorry to hear about the roof, but you might be happy to know that there is all sorts of research on how athletes prep for competition, and apparently, the one thing they all do is develop an INCREDIBLY COMPLICATED ritual before the first step of whatever their thing is (swinging golf club, skating race, sitting on that ski bar thingy, etc) and then NEVER CHANGE IT. So the chin strap or goggle thing is probably like step 17 in their ritual, and not only will they not forget, but they will do it in the exact same way, each time. I think this is one of the coolest things about sports, and I love watching each athlete's little variation.

Julie just had me cracking up over the part about the safety equipment! SO hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle today. Particularly this line "Oh Jesus, is there someone there reminding them?" It makes me think of their mother standing there next to them holding all their shit and saying "Now, don't forget.." before they go flying down the luge.
Sorry about the leak and all. :(


Yeah, I hear you on the Olympic fear thingy. And the outfits last night. What. The. Hell? How did Farmer Bob make it to the Games?

I have some gorgeous icicles hanging off of my roof just waiting to impale the unsuspecting person walking up to my door. I would love to knock them off but hey! Our bathroom window is stuck so I can't open it to deal with the giant icicles of death. Plus ice-damned gutters. I might just crawl into a bottle of wine and not come out until July. When there is no snow.


It's also fun when suddenly a bubble appears hanging from the ceiling, and you try to figure out exactly what the bubble is and why is it cold and then it releases itself from the ceiling and you and your bed are covered in ice cold water and paint and glue goo. That was Wednesday.


Not to fuel your fears or anything, but I did recently meet someone who was working the Xgames for ESPN, and she was along the course, on the outside of a fence, and a skier went thru the fence and crashed into her. Broken clavical, leg, arm, back... it was not good.
I personally can't stop worrying that one of the speed skaters will get a skate in the leg. Did you see the video of the American (who placed third in the 1500) when he did that last summer?! Yikes!
Go USA! Be careful out there!
Also, good luck with the roof.


My wife has the fear about couples skating and skate blades being way to close to necessary arteries.

I found myself worrying during the ski jump that someone would hit the barrier. I mean, the further they jumped = less stopping distance, they could totally crash.


I am SO so sorry to hear about your roof! Hope things turn around for you guys.

As for the Olympics, I have to agree with lizardek - HOLY NORWEGIAN PANTS BATMAN.

I was watching the women's downhill earlier today (like 2 hours ago) and it was INSANE. One girl barely made it out of the gate before biting it. Like 2 seconds in going 10km/hr unlike top speed which is over 100km/hr.
There was another run where the one competitor hits the ledge at the end of the race and shoots herself like 50 feet into the air. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt too bad, but try to find the clip and watch it. The best part is the announcer. He sounds like a super stoned 15 year old shouting random slang terms about her crash.
Watching downhill makes me wish they had to wear bubblewrap ducktaped all over their bodies, mind you that may affect their racetimes... :P



Umm...make that wait...ductaped? Definately not duck-taped..haha omg.

Toni R.

Last year when the Pacific Northwest had snowmageddon. My mom's townhouse roof started to leak. She had to replace flooring on two entire floors, parts of the ceiling on the second floor and all of the dry wall on one side of the third floor bedrooms. She does have State Farm insurance and they paid for the whole thing, in fact when the insurance inspector stopped by he insisted that the contractor replace part of the ceiling, so that they wouldn't have to come back and do it later. Fingers crossed that you have the same experience


Ohh, the joy of ice dams. We MacGyvered up a water collection system involving stock pots and sheets of foil taped to the bedroom windows as funnels. After being quoted FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS to shovel/ice pick the roof, we decided to roll with the leaks. It's like having a built in humidifier - bonus!


That exact same thing happened to us in '07 when I was 5 days overdue with my second baby and my sister who was coming to stay with my 15 month old son while I was in the hospital, was stranded on her airplane because there was ice on the runway and they couldn't taxi up to the terminal and my husband was sitting in the cell phone parking lot waiting for my sister to call him on her cell phone to say that she was off the plane and did I mention that I had a 5 day old baby inside me? And I was trapped at home with a 15 month old and a roof that was gushing in water in two different (although one was directly beneath the other) rooms? And nobody wanted to come and even give us a goddamn quote because it was one of the worst ice storms in history? Long story short - ICE DAMNS. We had an ice damn and my husband wound up on the roof of our 2 1/2 story townhouse with a shovel, a hair dryer and a hysterical wife on the ground praying for his life and threatening him against falling and therefore stealing my baby thunder. Fucking ice damn.

Miss Grace

What am I looking at in this picture? Besides Ez I mean?


That is full of suck. I'm normally all, aw mannn, why'dyagotta live so far awayyyy! but today, I'm saying SCORE! THREE CHEERS FOR TEXAS where for once everything was NOT bigger. [at least the snow wasn't.]

And also for all the commenters, I'm sorry that you guys had suck from the snowpocalypse too.


Ha! I may or may not have had the same skiing experience as you. Just sayin :P
Oh, and I can't really watch luge right now without a huge anxiety-fest either when they come around the corners.


Also, holy wow does Ez ever look like you - and like Jason too! Adorable little man :)


You now have me worried about people forgetting to put their goggles on ... and I'm not even watching the Olympics. Damned contagious OCD.


I can't stop worrying about our roof to even watch the olympics, maybe I should. . . .

I live in Fairfax Co. and had someone ring the doorbell yesterday offering their services (and nervously looking at my spectacular ice dams) maybe I shouldn't have turned him away? I keep thinking maybe I should take the heat gun to my gutters to get them cleared and hey if I accidently burn the house down what's a little more inconvenience, right?


Funny enough, my own father was not present for my birth during the great Chicago snowstorm of '79 because he was out shoveling snow off roofs. When asked about this, he says that the economic opportunity was too good to pass up.


I actually ran over a woman this weekend on skiis! We were getting on a high speed lift and I'm a bad skier, and I couldn't get on the lift in time and I bumped into her and she fell and the lift chair ran over her and her boyfriend turned around and yelled "Happy Birthday Honey!" as I rode the chair with him ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. Yeah...happy birthday...


A snow shovel and hammer is certainly smarter than this:


Hope your squishy walls get fixed and State Farm comes through soon!

Mama Bub

1. Having had to call State Farm myself on a homeowners insurance claim and have them act as if they weren't quite sure what to do with me, I know of which you speak.

2. I once fell off of a ski lift then broke my wrist five minutes later in an unrelated incident. I panic every, single time those skiers and snowboarders skid toward the plastic barrier.


Bad news--it's happening to us too, I feel your pain. We have State Farm also. We were told the only thing covered is damage to the sheet rock--nothing outside and no personal property. Good luck.


Good luck with the roof. That blows. When we bought our house, the previous owners were all proud of the homeowner's warranty they had. "If anything goes wrong, you're covered!"

Not long after we moved in, I was finishing up a shower when my husband yelled "What the hell!?!?!?" and I got out and said "what's happenening?" Well. Turns out the tub was not perfectly installed. Turns out a previous owner had done a little DIY remodel of the bathroom and, when the pipes didn't fit exactly, chose to use some sort of TEETHING TOY THINGY to support the pipe that didn't quite line up. Shockingly, this led to a small leak, which turned into a big leak when we moved in.

I called the warranty people, watching the beautiful waterfall in our living room.

She told me she had to call someone and, if it was an emergency, they would call me back.

It took all the patience I ever had to say "Well, could you give me a timeframe for that phone call? Because whether or not you consider it an emergency, THE F'ING WATERFALL IN MY LIVING ROOM IS AN EMERGENCY"

Of course, it wasn't covered, because it wasn't installed properly. Joy.

I hope your experience is much smoother and satisfying.


Two things:
1. Ezra looks just like you in the top picture. Was I supposed to be looking at something else? Because all I saw was him
2. In men's figure skating last night (why i watched 2 hours of this, I don't know, but I just wanted someone to beat the Russian and crazy big ego)...anyway, someone's collar was turned up during warm-ups, and it bugged me to no end! Thankfully, when it was his turn to skate, it was all smooth.

Good luck with your flooding.

Sprite's Keeper

The roof situation sucks. :-(
My husband won't let me watch the skating competitions anymore since I clench my teeth every time they attempt a triple sow-cow or whatever it's called. And when they fall? I squeeze my eyes shut and get embarrassed for them. I'm such a sponge.


I totally worry about the fence thing, too. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Suzy Q

Ack! No. 2 gets me every time, too.

Also, you need a hammer to remove snow? That sounds...odd.


I had the same goggle issue at the Tractor Pull we went to last week (NOT a redneck, I swear, just married to a mechanic and friends with a lot of pullers) and saw a turbo BLOW UP and throw chunks of HOT METAL into the crowd. It was after that when I noticed the official making a hand signal to each driver to put down their made me feel a little better. Now if I can just figure a way to get everyone else in the stadium to wear goggles...

die Frau

All with you on the roof thing--we had a very heavy winter in Western NY last year (totally redundant statement) and our roof leaked into our dining room. Fun. So this year, similar to Bad Penguin above, we got a roof rake. It is very cumbersome because it's 25ft. long and you have to somehow sling the scrape-y part up onto your ROOF and drag the snow off. It's cheaper than paying someone....

I love the Olympics. Plus I live close enough to Canada that we get Canadian coverage as well, which is especially awesome with having them in Vancouver. I loved watching the women's hockey team kick Russia's ass 13-0!

I always worry about the figure skater pairs dropping the woman and having her break something. Otherwise, I haven't worried too much...until NOW....


I think the same thing about the Olympians not being able to stop before they crash into the boundary. Slight possibility I project my own inabilities on the actual athletes, hmmm....

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

I'm with you on the fear of helmet-forgetting. My heart nearly stopped when a guy on the luge waited until the last moment to helmet up. After all, it's the LUGE. If you're stupid enough to choose that stupid sport, you might also be just stupid enough to forget your helmet. (No disrepect to the poor Georgian.)


So....Ezra looks amazingly like you. You knew that, right?

Sorry 'bout your roof. But thanks for the employment tip. I have a shovel and a hammer. I could even take the kids. I wouldn't have to unbuckle them because I would be within eyesight of the car. Right?
Of course, there IS my paralyzing fear of heights. Rats.



It didn't even occur to me that somebody might forget to tighten their helmet strap. Now my intensive Olympic viewing schedule has a new, additional layer of panic!

It's probably a good thing that these are only every four years. I need the time to recover.


Or ... you could get an insurance company known for good service. State Farm sucks.

Also, given that one athlete apparently was NOT able to navigate the curved and died I'm not sure your fears are unfounded. (I'm not blaming the athlete - it seems clear the track was too fast, but who is to say that the ski slope wasn't made too hard. And didn't a skiier die during the Italian Olympics?

Not to make you more freaked or anything...

Jessica (@ It's my life...)

I just had to stop reading the comments because I hadn't given a SINGLE thought to the ice skates and the arteries and the flying around thing. Arg!
And yet I saw that injury that one of the speed skaters sustained in the fall. Blergh.

Oh, and one of the mogul jumpers TOTALLY forgot to stop and just crashed into the bottom fence. But it was all foam and he was totally fine.

Good luck with the snow. And the squishy walls. Don't try to use them to stop yourself at the end of a race. k? Thanks.


A couple of previous mentions but...I don't think I have seen a picture of Ez that looks more like you than that one.

Also, leaky, snowy, squishy. That sucks, really, I hope it all gets taken care of soon. NO MORE SNOW!! We haven't had nearly as much in the midwest, but it still won't go away, so very cold.


Yeah, I'm with you on the whole 'put on the goggles' and 'STOP!' thing. My husband is a big fan of ski jumping - Adam Malysz is a national HERO here in Poland - and I am always, always worried that the jumpers will crash into the little fence thing. I pay no mind to the fact that they've just thrown themselves down a 70 degree angle ramp, flown off of it with nothing BUT GOGGLES AND A HELMET and flown 140 meters through the air and landed on their skis . Nope. I'm all, "Watch out for the damn BARRIER! You'll get hurt!"

How do their mothers cope, is what I want to know.


re: my not-very-helpful leak related tweet. Ok, so it probably wasn't your overflow pipe. Our leak was more of a trickle than a biblical flood. Hope it dries out soon.

Maxie Gregg

OMG! I freak out too! I always think about their mothers staring hard and sending out the panicked, "Strap in Baby" vibes. And I help.


Bless you! I almost wee'd myself laughing! Not that I can't relate with leaky effing windows & such! Having put in new, hellishly expensive windows recently... the first time in rained after that, the water just gushed in! Buckets? Ran out of those. Likewise saucepans, towels etc. I don't need to mention what happened to the (new) wooden floors, do I?


ZOMG, we have been fighting a sinister roof leak for 2 years now. We haven't even bothered to fix our ugly, bubbling, rotting plaster in the living room because it always comes back to haunt us, no matter what time of year, no matter how much we spend on supposed "remedies." ($1100 for new dormers and siding upstairs, hundreds to fix the guttering, and a new quote of $600 for a shield that will FIX IT, I swear, it will FIX IT.) I'm so sorry. So very sorry. And I hope it gets fixed soon. I know how vulnerable it feels to have water pouring into your home. Sad faces all around.


I like skiing. Not so much for the being outdoors in the cold, the never-ending stream of snot coming out of my nose, or my incompetence. I like it because it gives me a reason to shout: "stupid sexy Flanders!"


Sorry about the roof. I had a leaky roof in my last house and no money to get it replaced. I kept trying to patch it myself, and it KEPT ON LEAKING. It was such an anxiety producing experience.

Even when I thought (hoped) it was fixed I was on super high alert for dripping sounds evertime it snowed or rained. Heck, even when I moved to a new house, with a 5 yr old roof that was inspected and pronounced "excellent" I was paranoid about leaks for at least six months.

So uh, again sorry, and I hope this leak doesn't lead to Roof Leak Paranoia (RLP).

Life of a Doctor's Wife

So sorry to hear about your roof! Ack! Hope it gets cleared up quickly.

I am a total Olympic Worrier, too. About the stopping thing, but also about the crashing. I get completely tense and my heart pounds. (Watching the snowboarders last night? Many of whom CRASHED? Egads I was a wreck!)

God forbid I ever have a kid who wants to go into sports. I will probably fill the stadium/field/rink with enough nervous energy to cause some sort of Lost-style time travel incident.


Sorry about the roof. Icky.

I also have Olympics anxiety; so with you on the chin strap front. I also worry about snowboarders wearing giant pants. I'm deeply concerned those pants will fall down and they will suffer epic shame when we all see their underwear.

Then I remind myself that 1) they don't care if we see their skivvies and perhaps even hope that we do and 2) they are professionals and probably have pants-fall-down contingency plans.


Stop worrying about the fence. It is soft and many, many skiers have hit it without incident, including my own daugher while racing. That is why it is there!

Parsing Nonsense

WAY LAME to hear about your leaking roof! Man, that snow clearing guy is sure asking for an unfortunate ice patch to send him hurtling to the ground below, isn't he?


I worry about the Olympians too...the sharp skate blade to the face thing, and the flying down a hill at 90 mph and flipping over 20 times thing. I was actually wincing during the snowboard cross last night.

So sorry about your roof!

Lancelot and Lady's Mom

LOL When I read about the athletes I was almost itching and writhing with you. I wanted to jump into my tv screen and yell "PUT YOUR DAMN GOGGLES ON!!1" And now will likely never be able to watch without thinking that again....
Great. Thanks for giving me yet ANOTHER thing to be neurotic about!


Well, I guess I should stop making fun of my husband. He took all my old panty hose. Filled them up with ice melt and then flung them onto the roof and gutters. Apparently according to "this old house" this will alleviate the ice dam situation. Although we are getting some looks from neighbors as some of the errant hosiery is hanging off of the roof line.


U r too funny! You reminded me of this Onion pic - . Hope the weather gets better there soon.

Anony Mom

That there is one offended little boy. We call that "toddler stink eye" at my house.

Katie Kat

Next time the ceiling starts to sag like that, do what I did when the washing machine UPSTAIRS overflowed into the ceiling DOWNSTAIRS. Stand on the bed with a BIG bowl and a shishkabob skewer. Poke lotsa tiny holes in the ever-expanding water bubble thingy to release the pressure. Do this while drinking wine and wondering if this will work or if you will still be festooned with a bath of ceiling crud and dirty water. Then call a professional.

The wine part is the most important. HANG IN THERE!

Fairly Odd Mother

I have lived much further north of you my entire life and have never ever heard of someone having to shovel their roof! Are roofs (rooves?) made differently up here??? I'm so sorry about your squishy home.

The Olympics give me an ulcer every year and yet I cannot look away. And considering I broke my wrist trying to snowboard on the Bunny Slope, I don't understand how those people don't get more hurt in their wipe outs.


we had a leak in the kitchen because the flashing in the attic wasn't sealed. ruined the wall and the only way to combat the leak was this huge blue tarp on the roof that blew off when the wind one night I get up in th middle of the night go downstairs to the kitchen where there is a puddle of water on the floor under the window. I go upstairs tell hub that there i water on the floor from the leak.... he just acts like he's sleeping... so I go back downstairs...and outside... climb the ladder... fix the tarp...decided that I'm not going back down the tarp..remember... rain... so I go knock on my son's attic window and crawl in...suprised him that his mother was outside his window in the middle of the night. Crawled back into my bed with dry warm husband and swore never to do that again....the crawling out on to a wet tarp in the middle of the night. Although I think I did have to do that one more time.....long story short.I divorced the lazy man a few months later. and then got that section of the house re-roofed.

Good luck with the snow and the leak.

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