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What a week. I've barely updated at all (except for here and here and here and here), even though I wanted to, planned to, was filled to the brim with good intentions. But there were never enough minutes in the the day or coffee in the pot or tissues in the box, as both kids had colds and the school district's spec-ed preschool program took (ANOTHER) full week off for home visits and assessments, neither of which we actually personally received. 

But whatever. Lame! Excuses are lame! Just sit down and type for awhile and hit publish when you're done. It's really not that hard.

Let's check in with our principal characters:

1) Me. I did not fall down this week or otherwise injure myself. I drank the last of the coffee that we bought in Jamaica, was sad about that. Made another futile effort to finish editing and uploading the remainder of our vacation photos, failed. Did a load of laundry, ate some tapas, plotted. Not necessarily in that order.

2) Ceiba. Is happy the snow is finally melting in the backyard, but is not quite ready to give up her habit of pooping in the baby's room instead. Don't rush her, man.

3) Max. Is on my feet. Is about to get pissed when I get up for more coffee.

4) Noah. Had the best week EVER at school -- at the other one, the private, pay-out-your-ass one -- and I am (for the first time ever!) at a complete loss to adequately explain it. Every day, the reports were good. Better than they've ever been. Full of shit like "language explosion." I watched him make predictions and figure things out instead of freaking. I watched him get his feelings hurt by a classmate's (neuro-typical) sister after class -- a little girl he loves to play with but who chose to reject him this day -- and watched him WORK IT OUT, WITH WORDS, WITH HER. He told me and his teacher how he felt (sad) and why (because A isn't my friend anymore) and then he sat down (in a chair!) and stuck with the problem until they had a solution and...I don't even know. He played WITH her. He talked TO her. We have a motherfucking PLAYDATE.

Everyone wants to figure out what's behind it, but of course you can never really narrow it down to one thing. Watching The Wizard of Oz seems to really inspire his pretend play and desire to construct more mature play scenarios with other people? He didn't have the morning program (hmmm)? The part-time babysitter is an angel sent from heaven and told me about how she's been reading up on SPD and would it be okay if she tried a few things she came across? We banished artificial colors from our goddamn hand soap? He's just another month older? The past six months of therapy are finally paying off? 

All I know is, I am SO PROUD of that kid, I cannot even tell you.

5) Ezra. Likewise. THIS ONE. He's 16 months old now, did you know that? I didn't. I've been saying he's 15 months for...waaaay over a month now, obviously. Duh. He has undergone his own explosion: a personality explosion. He is a...mmmph. How can I say this nicely? And with the affection that I swear is really behind it? He is a...spitfire. He is...opinionated. In his mind, he is already two years old. Or maybe 15. His temper is EPIC, and it is HYSTERICAL, watching him hurl his body to the ground in front of a closed baby gate while he sobs and beats his fists and kicks the floor and covers his face with his hands and then sticks out his bottom lip and storms off and I'm like: Dude. I know we're in for it when you're older but right now I am laughing because YOU ARE SUCH A CLICHE. 

He says hi, bye-bye, yummy, doggy, kitty, mommy and daddy (not mama or dada, WTF), uppy, want dat, hot, ididit, ohwow, vrooom, beep beep, all done. And of course, NO. Yesterday he pointed at the butterflies on his wall and said BEE, today he called them BUTT. He'll mimic any sign you teach him, any activity he sees. He eats with a fork and a spoon and will shriek HIIIIIIIIII at anyone he sees until they pay attention to him. He dances to Lady GaGa and his singing alphabet magnets with similar flair. He has no fear of anything...except people getting hurt on the TV, even if it's a cartoon character falling off a bike. He bursts into tears and runs to me for a protective cuddle...right before he gets distracted by the back of the couch and hey do you think I could climb over the top of that hey let's see!


Like his big brother, though, Star Trek prompts a slightly different reaction.

And I'm done! Not really, but I think I'd like to take a shower today. You know. For kicks.



That #3? Or, wait... let me clarify, because you have several of them. That #3? With Noah? Is so thoroughly fantastic a scenario - broken down into terms instantly recognizable to anyone who doesn't blink at the word "neurotypical" - that I think, were I in your shoes, my heart might burst.


Yay! First! I never get to do this, so I'm doing it for fun.

Hahahaha. And your kid is so cute. Engrossed in the TV program, staring at it with his big eyes and chubby cheeks and cute flaxen hair. :D


I love this update! Thanks! And in the list of works that Ezra has mastered I read "ididit" as "idiot" and I thought...huh. That's a strange one for him to have learned. Then I figured it out, and it's way cuter as "ididit". LOL!


Sorry, that should say 'list of words'.

Megan@Blueberry Scones

Can you order more of that Jamaican coffee? Or is the kind that will wind up costing like $30 a pound?

And your baby-sitter sounds amazing, by the way! Oh, and hey, what about Jason?


A real playdate is a miracle when you have kids with special issues. I have a bipolar/ADHD kiddo and another with ADHD/Anxiety Disorder, and it absolutely fills me up with joy when they are able to connect with another kid and have a friend. Because it happens so rarely, its monumental when it does. I'm genuinely happy for Ezra and for you. He is doing so well!


Oh my god, that is fantastic about Noah! I can't even imagine what it is like to see him just blossom right before your eyes! I know plenty of adults who wouldn't be able to work things out like that. You SHOULD be proud of him. He should be proud of himself and we are all proud of all of you.

Ezra's burgeoning personality sounds hysterical. My 3 year old reacts like that so now I'll be able to tell her that she's acting like a toddler!

I understand being sad about the good coffee going bye bye; I'm almost done with my 100% Kona coffee and it is very, very sad indeed.

Your babysitter does indeed sound awesome - what a great find that she's so involved with not only watching the kids but helping Noah as well. Hope that this trend of all around awesomeness continues for you all.


TwoBusy - HAAAAAA. I'm an idiot.




i'll borrow Ezra if you'd like. Because he's just too damn cute!


solike, you guys are probably the kings of this stuff anyway - WITH NOAH - but just in case you didn't think of applying it to the "normal" kid...

over here we have a champion whiner who is just thinking about tantrums lately. our friends and their friends and their friends' babysitter are doing this thing with a "compose yourself corner". basically, the child starts whining or tantruming or otherwise acting out their frustration or disappointment in a non-okay way, and they go into the corner to compose themselves. not as a punishment like a time out, but with the explanation that "omg you're sad huh? are you disappointed that we can't watch thomas the FOURTH *@#!@#$$%ing time in a ROW? you're DISAPPOINTED. come sit in the sad corner, and when you're happy then you can come hang out with everybody again."

although he goes over there with a flounce sometimes, it has been wonderfully helpful overall. our friend says that the 4 year old who does this, when he is upset, will go in his room, sit on the edge of his bed until he has himself under control, and then come out with a happy face on.

my son isn't to the point of doing this on his own, but if he freaks out, i just say corner, and he'll go in there and come out when he needs a comfort hug (even if he's still crying) or when he's happy again. and i think a lot of it is like the couch thing, the kid is overwhelmed with his emotions until something else comes in his brain, and sometimes simply "must walk to northeast corner of room, turn around, sit down" is enough to short circuit it. sometimes as soon as his butt hits the carpet he's jumping up and running back to me with a smile.

it sure feels a lot better than spanking him or yelling at him 82 times a day (which it doesn't sound like you're doing, but i sure was!!), and honestly i think he's getting better at recognizing when he's freaked out and about to act inappropriately. even if that doesn't mean he can stop, quite yet.

remember, two year olds don't know the words frustrated and disappointed, until you teach it to them. nor do they have an emotional response to use, outside of tantruming or whining, until they learn another one. so, yeah.

that's my assvice for the day. it worked for us.


Go Noah! That is just so awesome. That school seems to be working wonders for him. And Ez sounds absolutely adorable, oh my god.


Those two! SO Cute. And how awesome for Noah!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake

Oh good lord, dyes in the hand soap, I haven't eliminated that one yet. Yikes.


Jeez! And the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was applying for a job at subway (I love sandwiches!). Maybe I should spread my legs and git dooooown and have me some ADORABLE KIDS.


Ok, I'm a little behind the times here but I just read "84 hours" and comments are closed over there so...

OMG that totally justifies this "irrational" fear of snow I have. Whenever I tell people that I am afraid of snow, they get a good ol'laugh at my expense. "Oh, ho, ho, afraid of a little snow? That is so crazy!"

No. I am afraid of being trapped in the snow and cold and dark with no power like you were. This is why I live in Southern California, where small houses are $750,000. But at least there is no damned snow!


Spitfire. Yeah, I'm totally using that for now on to describe my daughter. I was going with strong willed and demonstrative, but I like spitfire better.


I know some adults who could take lessons in conflict resolution from Noah.


Ok, so maybe I'm PMSing, but the Noah news got me a little weepy because, well, I remember reading when he was just a toddler and you were finding out about the SPD stuff and it was all so overwhelming and seemed like this huge, dark mountain to climb, but now he's just flourishing and becoming more and more this incredible little person and he's overcoming his own little monsters and you are so confident now as his mom and it is just a beautiful thing...

Wow. I'll shut up now. I'm just really happy for you all. Mmmmkay, where's my wine? (shut up, it's 8:30 in the UK)


Where do I even start?

Oh, screw it. Me want to eat Ezra!


Yay, Noah! Wait, there's food coloring in HANDSOAP?! Just when we thought we had gotten rid of it all...


LK has red dye allergy- and we have to elimiate red dye in foods, soaps, construction paper, crayons, etc... he cannot touch it. So it isn't a bad idea,what you are trying. Don't forget toothpaste, vitamins, etc.

Sorry, it can get complicated. LK has some SIDs, but not as much as Noah. But I think the sensitivities all go together.

And congrats on the great week and super kids!


I just want to say that your description of Ezra = Campbell (my 2-1/2 year old.) I am sorry to report, but in another year, you are so in trouble!

I love him dearly and he makes me laugh out loud but he is definitely a spitfire with a capital S. You think Ezra is great now, just wait - he'll get even better!!


Oh my, your descriptions of Ezra and Noah had me rolling around in laughter, I may have even let loose a snort-laugh at some point, but you won't ever get me to admit it. My littlest boy is 18mths old, and my oldest has aspergers, and there are so many occassions when reading your blog that I find myself saying 'oh sister, I soooo know how you feel'. But unfortunately talking to my laptop just confirms my craziness to my family, and secondly I don't actually talk that way normally so I look even more crazy. But then again my family are used to my craziness by now.


I'm trying to figure out if the I'm done is done having kids or done writing this post? Or am I over thinking this?


Yay, yay, yay Noah! So proud for him and you! All of your hard work & dedication has completely paid off! yay!

So after reading all that is going on with Ezra, I felt as if you had just explained my daughter! Personality, actions, antics all to a T! They are long-lost twins! Should they ever meet...yikes!

Miss Britt

I actually thought you had been updating more regularly than usual. Huh.

Last year's Sparklecorn was the biggest success of BlogHer. And this from a woman who practically made out with Tim Gunn AND Carson What's His Face. Can't wait to see what you guys put on this year.


Thank you for making my day just a little bit brighter with your blog updates. Glad to hear that Noah is responding so well and that you will be showering soon.


Very impressed with #4. I mean, my neurotypical 10 yr old can't even do that all the time. Work it out with a friend, that is.


Great post Amy! I enjoy any chance to take a peek into your wild/crazy/funny/awesome life!


What about Jason? We get to hear about Ceiba and Max, but not Jason?

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