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Your amalah.com Olympic Coverage

First, what is probably the greatest Random TiVo Pause Screen in the history of ever:


My second third favorite part is the guy on the right. HE KNOWS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, LADIES.


Next, our complete coverage of the Preschool Firewood-Holder Bobsled Run.


Intense concentration at the starting line.


A good start of at least a foot and a half is critical.


Tucking in on the corners, with lots of sound effects.


Checking his time....and it's official! 8:30 pm! GO TO BED.


Not pictured, because of a scheduling overlap with curling: Toddler figure-skating, in which Ezra decided to mimic the skaters and spin around in circles for awhile before tripping over his socks. Technically flawless, but his diaper lacked enough sequins.



I would totally give Noah the Gold!

Then I'd give Ezra the Bacon and Eggs Platter.


What Ezra lacks in sequins he makes up for in brilliant baby fat. So, I still say gold.


Did I miss the link to Bluefields photos? Would love to hear more. We're interested.


Young athletes in training is much more interesting to watch than the Olympics. But I'll definitely tune in to watch Noah and Ez win the gold! And I won't have to worry about them not pulling their goggles down, as I'm sure their mother will have trained them well.




Prompts me to de-lurk as my three-year old was doing the same thing last night, at first on the floor and then in his wagon. Very clearly bobsledding:)


That is the frickin cutest thing I've ever seen. Your kids are kick-ass.

lisa marie

You're brilliant.

And so are Noah & 'Zah.

Sprite's Keeper

I thought feathers were the "it" factor this year..


Ha ha! You are the shiznit! Still cracking me up after all these years . . .


Looks like you should prepare for the 2022 games! These pics made my morning how funny!


My 3 year old loved the bobsledding last night. He asked me, "When can I do that?"

Also, are you getting the most awesome TiVo message ever when you pause? Check the bottom of the screen - ours keeps saying, "Freezing time to grab a beer? Sweet!" and it makes me laugh EVERY time.


I am so pleased you are watching the Olympics with your kids. I have a lot of friends that can't believe that I am watching every moment of the Olympics that I can. My brother even said "Curling?", and I was all "Yes, Curling, damnit." I can remember watching both the summer and winter olympics with my parents when I was young. Then my little brother came along, and they were all "Let him watch 'Masters of the Universe', if that is what he wants, he's little."
But my point, and I did have one at the beginning, is that Noah and Ezra will grow up loving those two weeks of the Olympics every other summer and winter, and will look forward to watching them with the family.

Just a side note, Curling is great, but it is a lot more fun with a side of pain meds. Very trippy. Hurry Hard!


That is ridiculously cute! My two year old loves the skiing and skating events. And, he can't stop talking about how cold the snow is. It is cold-ish in Chicago, so I guess he's right.


That preschool bobsled is genius! I hope Ezra attempted the quad, otherwise Plushenko will cop an attitude on him.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Love it!

How cute is Noah with his bobsledding mimicry?!?!


Thank you for a great giggle to start off my day ;)


Much MUCH better coverage than NBC! Way to go Noah and Ezra!



ms martyr

Dang it! I just searched for my heated sequin thingymabob to offer you but I can't find it. I used it to attach sequins to my head scarf when I was bald from chemo. Ez and Noah are definitely gold medal-worthy.


HA! Just HA!!

Jennifer B

I was laughing hysterically at the Butt Cam shots. It only happened with the first few racers though. Some producer finally wised up.


Now only if the IOC would come up a two week program of toddler/pre-school Olympics...your kids would take the gold!


You had me at the Pause Screen.... Also the chair. I like the little chair!


Thoughts while reading this post:
..So cute!
.. eeek, her floor!
.. Aw, I love it!
..Noah is awesome!


Those spandex outfits make me think thoughts that are not so good for Ladylike Ladies such as myself to think. Wait, those ARE guys, right?


Oh, Man do I feel you here.
My 3 1/2 year old Emma was all about the Olympics (I do ski jumping on the Wii fit just like they do, Mommy!) but when she saw "ballet skating"? It was alllllll over. "Move, Daddy, you're blocking my ice," when Daddy was inbetween her and the tv for two seconds. Oy. The worst so far was when she fell in the middle of a spinning jump and caught her neck on the coffee table edge at the same time as a figure skater fell on tv, and then everyone was down and sobbing and it was just ... bad.


I don't get the Tivo pause screen but I love the shots of Noah racing. Go go go!


Thank you for making my day less sad! Noah and Ezra are kids for the ages. And can I be you when I grow up? (I'm 34...if it hasn't happened yet, I'm not holding out hope.)


@ Whimsi...it's the butts. It's all about the butts. Butts are funny. Butts in spandex? There are no words.


Butt Cam for bobsledding. The other night, there was the Crotch Cam on Apolo Ohno. Not good.

Love Noah's bobsledding. We've been doing skijumping on the couch here. Hopefully, she won't be trying the aerial skijumping!


Ahh okay, it's the inherent humor of spandex-covered bottoms that is so obvious I missed it the first time. Thanks for the clarification, reenie. And lol @ the crotch cam comment. It's probably good that the male olympic speedskaters aren't shy or they might not compete. Those suits are crazy tight.


Now all I can think about are sequined diapers.. maybe there's a market for them? May be worth exploring!


I love random DVR pauses. One time I had Anne Heche paused in the MOST unflattering pose ever and I honestly couldn't make myself turn it back on. It just drew me to it and I stared at her contorted face in fascination for forEVER...

Go Noah. Rock that bobsled.

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