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NOTE: I have spent the last two hours waiting for something more interesting to happen that would either bump this post out of publishing contention or make this post vaguely interesting in the least. Clearly, my life is bone-thumpingly dull and I need to embark on more zany adventures over the weekends. I'm thinking of becoming a spy. Or an Ultimate Fighting Champion. Or switching from Blockbuster to Netflix. SOMETHING'S GOTTA CHANGE.  

Things I Wish I'd Taken Photos of This Weekend:

Ezra approaching our friend's three-month-old baby with repeated squeals of BAYBEE! BAYBEE! and then hugging and kissing her. With tongue.

Ezra sitting on a different friend's lap and enthusiastically stealing Indian food off his plate and declaring it YUMMEE! YUMMEE!

Things I'm Glad I Didn't Take Photos of This Weekend:  

Ezra barfing up said Indian food all over said friend's lap.* 

Things I Wish I'd Taken Video of This Weekend:

When the girl directly in front of us at a Ben Folds concert (who viewed the entire concert via the screen on her camera, as she was way more interested in filming shaky-cam, far-away video of the concert instead of I dunno, just watching it), got approached by club personnel during the encore and made to delete every. Single. Video. That's Alanis-Morissette-quality irony, right there. Also, a total justification of my fear of Imaginary Authority Figures. They are watching you, and they WILL yell at you. They are also like, teenagers, and therefore doubly scary. 

Things Jason Probably Wishes He'd Taken Video of This Weekend:

Me, having multiple spastic fangirl moments over every song Ben played, because this one's my favorite! No, this one is! No, wait, oh my God! TOTALDORKWAD.

Things I Wish I'd Taken Better Quality Photos of This Weekend:

Noah, scaling a rock wall at a playground for the first time, like it was totally no big thing.

Noah wall 1 

Noah wall 3 

Noah wall 4

Noah wall 6

Noah wall 5

*Secondary back-up testing at a lab confirm that Ezra's glucose levels are completely normal, yet the child continues to mess with my mind on a daily basis. He can also open child-proof medicine bottles. We're very proud. 


Jo Anna Guerra

Here's a random title generator! Go on, girl. Get a little crazy. :)


Just to let you know, I never ever find you boring. I do, however, find you funny as hell. And your kids are delicious. YUMMEE!


Haha at video taking girl. When they say no video? Maybe you shouldn't take any?

Way to go Noah on that rock wall! I'm not sure K could do that yet (or maybe just now - not last year and certainly not at four!)


Yay for Noah and the rock wall!

Yay for Ezra's normal glucose levels!

Also, I saw Bon Jovi in Philly (born and raised Jersey girl, w/o big hair or bad accent.) and I screamed/squealed like a little girl, during every. single. song. And may have danced. Am also a white girl. Very. You get the idea.


Yes! I heard the "Ironic" song on the radio today and couldn't help but feeling sorry for all the kids out there who grew up thinking that her lyrics in the song were ACTUALLY examples of irony. The song should have been retitled "Unfortunate"...

Rock walls are high and steep! And lotsa fun! You go, Noah!


Even your most mind numbingly dull moments seem so much more exciting than mine. Must be your re-telling skills.
Love the Rock Climbing pictures! Go Noah!!


Yes, I always find it ironic that the song, "Ironic" is not ironic.

But hurray for seeing Ben Folds. I heart him. Like a lot.

Sprite's Keeper

How about "Coulda Shoulda Woulda, But Didn't"?
Sounds like a great weekend!


Ugh. Those child-proof bottles. I struggle with them and yet my dog once managed to get a bottle of Advil off the counter, open it, and consume its contents. Did you know that you can call Poison Control for a dog? And that when you cry hysterically at them as they assure you that your dog will be fine, they call you the next day to make sure you're not still freaking out? I heart Poison Control. Do not heart child-proof bottles.


Look at the joy on Noah's face - I love it! If you teach Ez to pick locks and make a fake ID, he could be all ready for a life of crime. :)


Ohmygosh! Noah looks so BIG. And OLD. Good for him - I don't even think *I* can do that...


Wanted to randomly add that you should switch from Blockbuster to Netflix. Netflix now does instant streaming movies to the Wii. It is teh awesome.


Hmm, not sure that worked cause it typed my email wrong so just in case.

Wanted to randomly add that you should switch from Blockbuster to Netflix. Netflix now does instant streaming movies to the Wii. It is teh awesome.


You are a great writer!! I love how you put life in print in a way that we completely understand. We laugh and cry with you.
The daughter of a friend is allergic to gluten. It made her throw-up a lot.


For the blog title: "Sexy Girl Video". I know...totally untrue, but just think of the funny Google hits you'll get. Another blog post!

Love seeing Noah scale that wall & great about Ez's test results.


about those child proof bottles. I could have used him last weekwhen battling a head & chest cold. Why is that ability to open is inversely proportional to how crappy you feel while fighting your way through SAFETY seals. OMG

yeah for climbing wall- I still cannot climb the darn things!


Wow Ezra and my boyfriend had the same reaction the first time they tried Indian food. Thankfully my boyfriend managed to wait until we got home. (His parents eat really bland food so he wasn't used to all the spices. He is now.)


If Ezra can open child-proof medicine bottles, please go out NOW and get a plastic box (like a tool box) that can take a padlock and lock your medicines in it. (Two if you have an upstairs and a downstairs.) Then you can put the box on a high shelf and hang the key somewhere far enough way that you'll have enough time to see him and stop him when he decides that it's time to sample the stuff. Do I sound like the voice of experience?


"They are watching you, and they WILL yell at you." LOL!! I love it. I'm so glad I am not the only one who would have felt justified and relieved to see proof of those "imaginary authority figures". I am also certain they watch my every move so I always behave myself (more or less) in public places.


So glad you posted about Ez. I have been a worried lurker, lol.

beta dad

You should call this post "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces."

You just had a spasm, didn't you?


Going to see Ben in Hershey in a few days... SO freaking excited, and will totally be a dorky fangirl. I'm feeling bad for Army Boy already.

Maybe a post title about "Rock Wallin' the Suburbs"?


You know, I don't think I've ever tried Indian food before. I might end up puking it back up too.


Blockbuster, really?

Go to Netflix. FAST!


I hate concerts and quit going to them ( but Mr. Folds is just so fantastic to watch in person, he is my only exception.
Also I recently fell deeply in love with Way To Normal again because I've found it is The Awesome for workout music. Who knew?!


My younger brother once procured & drank an entire bottle of liquid Tylenol, causing a panicked parental call to poison control followed by much drama over ipecac dosing & the horrifying after-effects. I still remember this and I was not yet 4. Buy a safe. NOW.


We saw Michael Franti & Spearhead and John Mayer last week (actually, we left before JM - the tix were free and the snow was DUMPING outside and there was no way in hell I was waiting for a cab in the snow). The concert was awesome, but there were a BILLION people filming it on their cell phones - totally allowed, but it's like the people who take a heli tour in Hawaii and spend the whole time looking through their camcorder viewfinder, instead of, just like, enjoying the scenery.

Oh, and they don't call them child-proof medicine bottles anymore - they're just child-RESISTANT (a little CYA, right there). However, still adult-proof...


So glad you got to catch Ben this tour! I saw him in Atlanta a few weeks ago, and he. was. awesome. So SO much better than the spectacular suckiness that was the Way To Normal tour - were you at the DAR show for that? Most disappointing concert I've ever seen.


I've been lurking for over a year, and you are never, ever boring. Sure life gets a little mundane sometimes, but the writing never is.

Katy R

Oh I so remember my son catching me off guard with those kind of kisses..... GROSSEST. FEELING. EVER.

However, your rendition cracks me up! :D


Because you said "wish" a buncha times in your subtitles.

I would have gone with: "If Wishes Were Horses..."

or the more literal: "If Wishes Were Photos, You Woulda Seen These"


I like your comment on your little guy climbing the rocks like nothing.
My 17 year old son was doing a squeeze test in his science class today. The teacher was making a big deal out of how the girls for some reason can squeeze this meter harder then the boys. She had a girl do it and then she had my son do it. The teacher covered up the meter before my son squeezed the meter so he could not see what he was doing. With his weak hand, he got the meter to the top. With his strong hand, he broke the meter.
The teacher was shocked. Boys can do more things then we give them credit for. MBC


I'm glad Ezra's tests have been normal. On a related tangent, do you know if the tests covered diabetes insipidus? My husband is a pediatrician, and apparently diabetes insipidus does not have elevated glucose levels but has similar symptoms of excessive thirst, etc.


My younger cousin drank an entire bottle of Pamol (Children's Pain Relief) that was in the fridge and then proudly showed her mum. The nurse in ED didn't believe my aunt, until my cousin did it over and over for her. Who knew 16 month olds were that good? They still had to go through the social worker to prove that my aunt didn't force feed her the Pamol - it tastes like strawberry syrup, what kid wouldn't drink it?


They have mini-rock walls at playgrounds these days? Back when my now [non-scary] teenagers were Noah's age they only had ladders.


They have mini-rock walls at playgrounds these days? Back when my now [non-scary] teenagers were Noah's age they only had ladders.


I would have gone with: "If Wishes Were Horses..."

or the more literal: "If Wishes Were Photos, You Woulda Seen These"


Don't you just NOT UNDERSTAND the generation of camera-holding concert goers? Do you think they have specific workouts so they can keep their arms up the whole time? How do they think it looks for the people onstage? They do not groove to the music, they are concentrated on archiving the fact that THEY WERE THEIR - LOOK FRIEND/SCHOOLMATE/COLLEAGUE (Are they really old enought to work or even go to a concert without their parents!?!). I party. I am over 30.
Confusing behavior, I find.

Oh, and I would have wanted the barf pic. But I am evil, and think that one would be a hit at his wedding. Naked on rug cuts a close second to barf.


Oh man. I love Ben Folds. Ben Folds Five is one of my most favourite bands ever.

Matt in London

Is that a pair of mini Puma's that Noah is wearing? Very going to have find something similar for my son...

Glad glucose levels are normal :-)


Ah yes, the tongue kisses. Nothing quite like those....

Glad to hear that Ez's glucose levels came back normal and glad that you had a good time at the concert.

You are not boring. Life may be but the really good writers (like you:)) make the everyday magical.


Yay... I'm seeing Ben here in LA in May. Hooray! Did he play more of the stuff off his new CD or did he do mostly older stuff? My vote is for older because I am not 100% in love with the new album. *ducks* please don't yell at me for saying that

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