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Drinking Problem

So. Internet. People of the Internet. YOU THERE. I need to know something.

I need to know that I am NOT the only wackalooned paranoid freak who occasionally gets a completely crazy random thought that comes out of nowhere but then decides to burrow in your brain and not leave, even though you KNOW it's crazy random, and eventually you're like, "OKAY FINE, I'll do something about it just so I can know definitively for sure that I'm ridiculous and don't have to worry about it anymore." And then you take said Crazy Random Thought to the appropriate authority figure, expecting to be laughed at, except that then you actually get taken seriously and the authority figure agrees with you that yes, actually, We Must Investigate This Crazy Random Thought Which Actually Could Be Quite Serious. And then you panic and die because WHAT.

Translation: About a month ago Ezra started drinking a lot. (Water, that is. Not booze. Yet.) Actually, it started off with milk. After dinner he brought me his empty cup and desperately signed "thirsty" over and over again. I gave him some milk, which he chugged as if he hadn't seen liquids in DAYS. And he then proceeded to drink two more full sippy cups' worth in about 15 minutes. I thought maybe I'd oversalted his dinner. But then it slowly dawned on me in the days afterward that WOW, this kid gets thirsty a whole lot. Desperately thirsty, too. He'd throw his body at the dishwasher and try to scale the countertop at the sight of a sippy cup in the cabinet. He'd sign thirsty over and over and over and over again. He needed water at night, first thing in the morning, water water water all the time. He'd drink as though parched and gulp and gasp, even if he'd just had a sip minutes before.

So of course, I totally diagnosed him with Hysterical Diabetes. Which is just like regular diabetes except that it is Not Real and Imaginary and you only think about it at 2 am in the middle of the night when you can't call and make a doctor's appointment, but can totally get on Google and scare the crap out of yourself.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I called to make Ezra's 18-month (!!!!!!) check-up. And I casually mentioned that heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy, I know this sounds crazy but... And the receptionist agreed that yes, I was probably crazy but she'd have a nurse call me back in a bit with the official diagnosis of crazy.

Except that the nurse didn't seem to think I was crazy at all. At first, yes, she did. Then she started distinctly not liking my answers to her questions. Then she said she was going to talk to one of the doctors.

Then she called me back and told me they wanted to see Ezra that day, as soon as possible.

And this is where the "panic and die" part comes in, because no. No, you were supposed to Dismiss My Fears, lady. You were supposed to Reassure Me. Then hang up on me and make jokes to all the other nurses about Mothers These Days With The Googling. 

So Ezra and I went to the doctor, where I learned how they retrieve urine samples from non-potty-trained babies. (Cut a hole in a diaper. Stick a glorified medical-grade Ziploc bag in that diaper. Stick your dick in that...okay I'm done.) The doctor came in and it was all lovely and I did this thing I do where I basically pre-emptively apologize for the negative test result and wasting everybody's time, but SINCE I'M HERE, let me tell you about how much this kid drinks.

And indeed, Ezra downed an entire sippy cup's contents while we there and demonstrated the whole parched-in-the-desert style of gulping and gasping he likes to do. The doctor's eyebrows went up and she said something like, "Yeah. No. I don't like that."


But! The test results WERE negative. Resoundingly negative and normal and his urine is a wonderland of the most perfect urine ever. Which: Of course! I knew it! Seriously, you guys, you're professionals. You should know better than to listen to my nonsense.

The doctor felt we should retest in a month or so, at his next physical, unless I observed anything different, like vomiting or crazzzzzzzy wet diapers that go even beyond the amount he pees now. (Which is a lot, as you might expect.)

Two guesses about what happened last night, once we left: Unexplained puking of orange juice and a diaper so wet we had to change HIS SOCKS.


Honestly, I do think I have a pretty good gut instinct about these sorts of things, and right now my gut instinct is that I am totally being fucked with.



Let me just say, you are so lucky Ezra is a boy. To get urine from non-potty-trained girls, they have to catheterize them. Yep. It's just as much fun as it sounds.


Oy! Sending you hugs and extra diapers.


OMG. If I knew you in real life, we would totally be best friends.


And THAT is why I'm afraid to go to the doctor with my crazy what-ifs. Because WHAT IF MY WHAT-IFS AREN'T CRAZY?

(Yes, then we get to treat the actual problem, but still...ignorance is bliss and all that.)


You're not crazy and if anyone says you are it's because they are boring people. I really hope your instincts turn out to be off this time and all is well.


Aiee! Hope that everything stays normal. In the meantime sending thoughts of warm dry things.



I did that "um, this is nothing but...." about my daughter's hips clicking at 2 weeks of age (sounded like popping your knuckles) and got the whole "ooh, we'd better get some x-rays!" and then promptly ACKKKKed myself because didn't she know she was supposed to tell me it was NOTHING!

(6 months and two x-rays later, we're fine, she has a slight abnormality but within the normal range. Aaaaaand insurance dropped her because ZOMGWTFBBQ YOU LIED SHE HAS A BIRTH DEFECT BISHES! and we had to get the dr to write back and be like DOODZ. CHILLAX, the kid is FINE and won't cost you any more MONEY, okay?!!" Still awaiting results.)

I'm sure that story is not helpful. But anyhow, as I am able to say with pretty much everything you post, I totally feel ya.

Amy in StL

Oooo, I totally have a (non-medically sound and probably not even sane) diagnosis! Ezra is a hypochondriac and heard all of what the doctor said. So he convinced himself that he really was sick and exhibiting all the symptoms. My (87 year old) dad is a hypochondriac who routinely has all the side effects that the doctor tells him are possible with a new medication. It's like magic - only more icky.


This mom thing? Not for wimps. And I was going to say something along the lines of "Doesn't this ever end?!" but... if it DID, what the heck would we do with ourselves? (Besides drink more and live fabulously well-rested, stress-free lives of leisure, that is.)

Good on you for following your instincts.


I hope it is nothing!

In regards to the pee bagging, they've done the same thing to KayTar...many times. Weird/genius. Way better than cathing them, for sure.


This is so very interesting because my 15-month-old drinks water and juice from sippy cups just like you described, leaving us wondering if we're somehow dehydrating him and just don't know it. I hadn't thought anything might be wrong with him, but now you've got me thinking. And good thing we've got his 15-month checkup next week. I'm so going to mention it, just in case. Yikes!


maybe he lives in constant fear of dehydration. like me. seriously though, i'm glad he's getting another test in a month.


Oh Della, I want to bitchslap that insurance company.

Amalah--I do the same thing with my cat. No seriously, it's nothing, it's nothing, he must have a horribly infected eye and is going blind (only when it's too late to call the vet) because I am crazy.

The other night he was being extra cuddly and I started panicking he was sick and checked his heart rate, nose, ears, and eyes. He was fine, just randomly affections and I am crazy.


Dr. Google is the most evil figure on the internet, by far. Even worse than Tila Tequila and Perez Hilton. Stay away... stay far, far away.

Bachelor Girl

Yes, you should totally get this checked out thoroughly.


My two brothers and I were all tested REPEATEDLY throughout our childhoods for diabetes. We had ALL the classic symptoms - excessive thirst, the corresponding excessive urination, ravenous appetites with little or no weight gain, etc. In each of us, it kind of leveled off in our teen years but came back with a vengeance when we hit 30, at point we began yearly diabetes tests again because OMFGZ THERE IS NO WAY YOU THREE ARE NOT DYING OF DIABETES AS WE SPEAK.

But according to the (many, many, MANY) tests, we're all as healthy as horses. So here's hoping.


My 17-month-old does the exact same thing. He probably drinks between 7 and 9 sippy cups of liquid per day. He gulps it down and asks for more. Here's hoping it's absolutely nothing. We joke that our son is going to be one crazy frat boy someday with the way he is able to put away drinks...


Isn't a blood glucose test more accurate than urine?

Better safe than sorry. Hope the little guy is just busier and warmer and thirstier due to spring and warmth and physical activities.


Listen, don't worry about being paranoid. I did literally the same thing with my kid when he was 2 and a couple of months. And to make matters worse, I'm a Type I diabetic. In my case, I don't carry a genetic marker for the disease and my kids aren't at any higher risk for developing it than I was, but...yeah. Imagine the paranoia plus the OHMYGOD-IF-HE'S-GOT-IT-IT'S-MY-FAULT guilt spiral. He was fine and in our case we just had to stop putting him to bed with a bottle of water, because he'd drink the whole thing and want more, but that was a pretty easy fix once he got used to going to bed without it.

A negative urine test is pretty conclusive though. Ezra should be fine. If the throwing up keeps up, or you notice him drastically losing weight, call the doctor again. But really, don't worry about the worry. It's what we do.


My kiddo is 22 months and when he was about 17-18 months he did the exact same thing: begging for water all the time, drinking 32 ounces of water a day (in addition to milk). I was totally freaked, we did the diabetes test and it was fine and then he just stopped. Stopped drinking so much, stopped peeing so much, just stopped. It was weird but he is totally fine.


My two year old has been doing this since about 18 months. He drinks non-stop and pees buckets. We have had sock-soaking pees more than I'd like to think about, and more than once, he has peed through a diaper (disposable or cloth) that he'd only been wearing for 30 minutes to the point that I had to change MY socks. BUT the doctor says he is fine, just thirsty. Wouldn't even test him because he doesn't exhibit any other diabetes symptoms. I drink/pee more than normal, too, so I think it's just our weird little genetic thing.


Have your doctor do an antibodies blood test.

Good luck!


Gosh, I didn't know they catheterize girls - when my daughter had a bladder infection, they had a little baggie with an oval hole in it and stickum around the edges of the hole, and just plastered it to her inside the diaper. In a few minutes we had the urine sample.

Sonja von Franck

You did the exact right thing. You listened to your instincts and put it in the hands of the professionals. My son was 15 months old and had a low fever and a SLIGHT rash on his chest but something told me to have it checked. Honestly, I was getting bummed that he was going to miss a birthday party of a playmate that weekend. Just like you I thought they'd shake their heads and say it was just baby eczema or some benign thing and put some Aquaphor on it... Instead they said "this is petechiae which means your son has a virus so we need to run some tests on his blood." Next they came back in and said, "well his red and white blood cell count is fine so we know it's not leukemia (!!!!!!) but your son's blood platelet count is life threatingly low and he needs to be rushed to the hospital right now." Responded great to the treatment and made a full recovery and hopefully it will never happen again BUT he could have died if I had not taken him up there that day. Don't ignore your instincts and let the professionals tell you you're paranoid. Sounds like you've got a good doctor's office too. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon!


i've dr. googled my son with silent relux (which sort of went away...so...), and currently, some weird type of night asthma or allergies. there's got to be SOME reason he coughs only at night and naptime!

hope you get it figured out!


Is Google NOT a medical authority? Who knew?

Hope your little guy is better soon. Puking OJ is no bueno.


This has nothing to do with hour entry but I scrolled down to the end of your comments and saw that your copyright only goes to 2008


Baileyswedishfish- you'd think so, but it's not. Anyone can have transient elevated blood glucose for myriad reasons, but spilling glucose in the urine is never, ever normal. (it can happen d/t some medications, so it's not always diabetes, but it's never normal.)

Good luck, Amalah- here's hoping it's just a funny little quirk of his.


My best friend, who is almost 50, STILL drinks like that. So do her kids. They are all great athletes and run around the way the rest of us walk. Any chance this is just the result of Ezra's on the go-ness?


and that gut instinct explains why i was sitting in radiology this morning getting my kids knee xrayed for a possible bone chip (he wasnt bending it for stairs, literally dragged himself down the hall this morning instead of walking)
but hes fine. so my instinct is slightly...off, shall we say?! (at least the ped asked for the xray, not me!)


I'm sure that it won't help much to hear it, such is the power of a mother's ability to worry, but the vomiting/sock-soaking pee-a-thon was probably just coincidence. Or the universe effing with you. Either way. But one instance does not a pattern make, so I'd wait and see if either of those things recur before rushing him back.

My sister has a similar issue (the drinking thing, not the peeing on her socks... although there WAS this one time, at a bachelorette party...). She just gets thirsty. A lot. Always carries a container of water with her, always makes us stop for pee breaks even if she just went five seconds ago. And she's regularly monitored by a doctor for another (completely unrelated) issue, so we can safely state that she is 100% fine. She just feels a need for more drinks than we do. I'm the opposite side of the spectrum and often go most of the day forgetting to drink something. I just figure... everyone's different.

I hope everything turns out well for the mighty Ez. He should really stop worrying you so much!


My friend had the same symptoms when we were in college and got tested and the whole rigamarole and everything was fine. Just a quirk. I am the EXACT same way with the random symptoms and the googling and the jumping to worst possible medical scenario in 2 seconds. Over the summer I got food poisoning from something but since the dinner consisted of shellfish, I have convinced myself that I am highly allergic to it and no more shrimp or crab for me ever oh nooooes. Am sure I'm fine and should just relax and eat some shrimp already dammit...yeah.

Miss Britt

I'm sure he's fiiiiiine.

He has to be fiiiiine.

Because after reading this I am just now realizing that my daughter is INSANELY THIRSTY ALL THE TIME.

But, you know, I'm sure I'm being crazy, too.

*runs away to call pediatrician*


Like Ez, I am of the heavy (water) drinking type. 42, so no diaper (yet). Anyway, I'm fine and just a tad thirsty. My 10 year old is the exact same way and pretty much has been since he arrived in the world.

But I agree that caution and checking never hurts. You are not alone in that variety of crazy. It's a mama-thing.


Glad I'm not the only one - I always do this the day AFTER any major checkup (started with the preggo checkups). Whee!

Glad all is well- the tweet was worrisome!

Someone Being Me

Both my kids are insanely thirsty all the time. Especially my 3 year old who would probably tote 8 sippy cups around at any given time if allowed. Seriously, they are stashed all over the house. Also will beg, plead and cry for anything looking remotely drinkable such as the bottle of tanning lotion which he is convinced is juice that I am not sharing. He also has the seriously wet diapers to the point of wetting anything and everything in a 3 foot radius. However all tests are normal and he is just a kid who likes to drink a lot.


Ack!! My heart was in my mouth! My hubby has diabetes, and when you mentioned the excessive thirst... oy! Am so glad urine test was OK, and am holding thumbs that it will all be good.


OMG!!! My 17-month-old is the same way, and I have had friends tell me that the drinking tons in the middle of the night and all day is not normal, but geez, he seems JUST FINE in every other respect. Gaining weight, growing, VERY ACTIVE (we're starting to think we have that "spirited" child that people write books about whom people write books on how to deal). So, maybe I'll ask the doc at the 18-month appt, but until then, I refuse to worry. But I thought it might help you to hear you're not alone.


isn't that how it always goes though? My kids do that too- the thing you're supposed to call about but it never fails that it happens 30 minutes AFTER the doctor's office closes... leaving me to wonder if it's THAT big of an emergency to go to the urgent care or can it wait until 8am. It's so stressful, this momming thing.


Not to freak you out but my ADHD kid did this and still does. He drinks crazy amounts of water for the stimulus to his mouth.

Jennifer Wickman

My daughter has type 1 diabetes; and the signs were the same as Ezra's. And the scary scary part is that we got dismissed at our doctor's office (but without a urine test) and not until my daughter was in diabetic ketoacidocis (which means near death) and we rushed her to the emergency room, did it get correctly diagnosed.

I don't understand why a urine test was done -- Ezra should have a blood test, and then an h1ac test, and an antibody test to determine if, well basically he is showing an autoimmune response to his own beta cells in his pancreas.

Call back this instant and demand to see a pediatric endocronologist. NOW.

Perhaps you'll look like a panicing mom. That would be the BEST possible news. Otherwise, if it is type 1, you'll save him from very scary diabetic ketoacidocis and get him treated right away.

And if it is type 1...well, I have a wonderful wonderful daughter who has type 1 and there are about a million wonderful wonderful kids out there with it too....

Good luck -- Stellasmom


just fyi - oranage juice often made my daughter puke at that age (acidity?). I'm sure your little guy is just fine (but if a blood test would put your mind completely at ease, why not, right?).


OH yes I have those fears. You mean it gets worse when you have kids?!


Oh yes indeed. The thirsty child, who also complained that his FEET FELT FUNNY. The call, feeling like I was going to get condescended to. The non-condescension. The immediate appointment. The pee test. The negative.


Do you suppose the slurping and the gasping and the gulping is just a habit? Maybe something he saw his big brother do one time so he began to emulate?

Sarah @ For the Love of Naps

Yes, I would trust your gut. And what's a test - if it means avoiding something scary and putting your mind at ease.

Hang in there! Trust your instincts. Mother's are amazingly aware of their children. And don't ever doubt that advocating for your child is crazy! You are their first and main advocate!

beta dad

He's probably okay, and you're no crazier than any other parent. My wife, who is a doctor, often suspects serious conditions in our perfectly healthy twins (and herself). I balance out her hypervigilance with my cavalier attitude toward medical symptoms. It's worked so far.

I must say, your writing is so effective that, although I'm not freaking out about my kids, I'm hella thirsty. (I admit I was a little panicked about Ezra at first.)


Eh... Um... AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I think your reaction is probably pretty normal for a PLUGGED IN PARENT! My goodness. I would have freaked too. In fact, I did freak when my son went through the same thing at around 12-18 months. He still drinks a lot and has a lot of REALLY wet diapers. Nothing's ever been wrong with him (*knock on wood*), but he's always thirsty.


Before Google, we had a Merck Manual. When I was a kid I diagnosed myself with prostate cancer.

I'm a girl.

So you're not the only whackadoodle. And at least Ezra HAS a pancreas. I mean, I don't even have a prostate.

(I had a bladder infection, I think).

If it is diabetes, you're paying attention to all the right things, getting him checked out, and you will deal with it. If it's not diabetes, know that you're an AWESOME mother who is paying attention to all the right things, and who has a team of experts working with her to keep her children healthy and happy.

Sounds to me like either way, you're all going to be ok.


I'm cracking up because this is exactly like I am. And after the last episode of "OMG Nursemaid Elbow, Dislocated Shoulder, Broken Arm!" and the Doc in the Box said "uh, just sprained, crazy mother, nothing some tylenol won't fix" I vowed never to be that sterotypical "first time mother" again. I will eat my words. That I can promise you!

And I'll also have Dick in a Box stuck in my head all day. GEE THANKS!


I don't think that blood tests are completly necessary just yet! I have type 1 diabetes, and the urine dip they do is perfectly accurate. When i was diagnosed it showed CRAZY abnormal amounts of glucose being spilled into my urine. So even if there was a little bit of glucose in his urine, it would have showed up. Sometimes kids just get thirsty! I am glad that they are doing a follow up! better safe then sorry! I do think that if his vomiting continues or if he gets incredibly lethargic, you may call the doctor back. Oh and the extreme thirsty-ness and excessive urination only come when there is a LOT of glucose being spilled in the urine..not really early on! So you are probably safe!


Wasn't there a Mystery Diagnosis on excessive thirst? I don't recall the diagnosis, but the girl always had water and would be in pain if she didn't have water.
I certainly hope you figure this all out before you go mad.


Dunno if you read the comments this far down, but my brother had the exact same thing. He was diagnosed as celiac (allergic to gluten). Worth thinking about perhaps?

My mother said she'd never seen anything like it (she has 6 children). He used to sit on the kitchen counter next to the sink and drink cup fulls of water. And I mean liters at a time. He also ate a lot and wasn't gaining a proportional amount of weight.

There's no family history of gluten allergies or intolerance. He's the only person in the entire family with it, and it took a while and lots of campaigning on my mother's part to get a diagnosis.

Anyway, trust your instinct and good luck.


I'm glad Ez is okay! For what it's worth, I'm healthy and I'm thirsty all the time. I just love water. Also, are you sure he's not just hungry? Maybe he thinks water will fill his tummy?


I had him diagnosed with Hysterical Diabetes by the first sentence of your 3rd paragraph!


Oh my gosh, I was on a total emotional roller coaster reading this!!! Yay for good urine and normal blood! Boo for pukage and super soaked diapies. I agree, it totally seems like you're being fucked with.


I hope it's just a coincidence. I know my son drank a lot and still does at 12 years old. I did as a child as well. I diagnosed my dog with diabetes just last week. Went to the Vet's and she is fine. After the $ for the visit all sx disappeared.

Ellen M

How long has Ezra been using a sippy cup proficiently? Is it a recent thing? (Not to malign his sippy-cup abilities, which I'm sure are advanced; my 13-month-old won't drink from one, so I have only have the one data point.)

If it is a recent thing, could it be that he's so excited to drink from it that that's what all the drinking is about?


I knew that watching random shows would one day mean something. Mystery Diagnosis did a story about a child with excessive thirst - that **gasp** was a mystery. The child was eventually diagnosed with Cystinosis. Not a fun thing - but I couldn't not post a comment when I remembered the damn show so well. It was Ep.9 of season 2 (I looked it up - I'm not that nuts...).

I'm also pretty sure that Mystery Diagnosis is the Dr. Google of television - OMG!! I HAVE THE SAME SYMPTOMS! MIDYINGGGGG??!!!?? But I remembered it and thought I'd be remiss if I didn't share.

That being said - I still drink gallons of water a day - so, there's that. I'm sure the little dude just likes liquid :)


When they needed a urine sample from my daughter, I was given what amounted to a baggie with adhesive that had to be taped to her poor little girly bits where she had to wander around naked until she peed into the bag. Really, do they think for one second that a naked toddler will leave that sucker alone and not try to immediately peel it off for closer examination?

Anyways, I think you're right, you're totally being effed with.


I don't mean to throw any gas on the fire...except I do. If Ezra throws up even one more time, I would either take him back in to be seen or go to the pharmacy and get a glucometer and check his blood sugar stat.

My daughter's excessive thirst and crazy wet diapers were dismissed the first time; when I took her back a few weeks later, her blood sugar was over 500.

Excessive thirst can just be a toddler quirk, yes, and if you got a good result on the urine test, that's reassuring. But the thirst combined with the diapers plus vomiting can indicate a big problem; one that would demand immediate attention.

I'm thinking of you guys...


My almost-16-month-old just had his 15 month checkup, at which I mentioned that HE was drinking a lot (and had also suddenly become a really picky eater). The doctor said it was normal for his age and that all that milk probably explained why he's suddenly such a chunky monkey. So, there's hope, and we're pulling for you!


I did the same exact thing with my oldest when he was that age. I realized how much he was drinking and peeing and freaked out. He was fine too!

When my youngest needed a urine sample, they put this taped baggie around it and waited a few minutes. Sure enough, he peed right into the bag! Pretty cool!

Just Me

Please don't be alarmed by this. It's not a big deal diagnosis. But it's also rare and many doctors haven't seen it, and it does need monitoring and sometimes meds.

There's something called diabetes insipidus. It can come as a result of messed up hormones or well, something else. It is NOT the scary kind of diabetes in any way.

Essentially it causes excessive thirst and then because the body's regulation of electrolytes is screwed up the kidneys don't filter out and keep fluids, so you pee a ton and then are thirsty again.

One of the causes of this which clearly Ezra doesn't have is lithium. That's why I know about it (and have it.) It can also be caused by something natural.

If it continues ask them to check the specific gravity (dilution) of his urine. When I was diagnosed mine literally was at the bottom of the possible scale.

Once diagnosed it's easy; just medication that I believe can even be a nasal spray, and occasional blood work and urine samples from time to time.

I had no clue how much I was drinking/peeing until my dr caught onto a subtle sign and tested me.


I was worried about the same thign with my son. He was, and still does, drink a TON all day everyday. He pees so much that he leaked through a double layered cloth diaper, and at night I had to switch to disposable diapers and he leaked through those. Then I switched to the special overnight disposables and he's leaked through those on several occasions. Bc we haven't had any other symptoms my doctor's not worried about him. But I have layed in bed worrying that something is wrong. He's sort of leveled out with his thirst, but still drinks way more than any of his friends. Look for a "ring around the collar" on the back of his neck, that's a sure sign he has diabetes.


So I could tell you that I, like you, have the burrowing thoughts. I could tell you that I've even had THAT PARTICULAR thought.

And then I could tell you that my three year old that was downing sippy cup after sippy cup of water actually DID have diabetes. And now we're six months past that insanely awful day, and doing pretty okay for the most part.

And that maternal instinct? That burrowing nagging thought? SAVED my kid's life. So don't mess around. Check again if it keeps up.

Hang in there. :)


Did Noah ever have issues with drinking a lot for sensory reasons? My guy drank so much, my mom made me take him for diabetes testing but in the end, he nursed for comfort and replaced nursing with the sippy cup. Now, he chews all plastic toys in sight..but it was sensory processing related. I hate to even put it out there and make you worry about that now...but just wanted to you consider the possibility...

Kate @ And Then I Was a Mom

I also asked the doctor about this when my daughter was about Ezra's age. Her pithy but hopefully right-on explanation was that unless the child is going toward actual bodies of water for a drink, such as the toilet (seriously), it's probably not diabetes. Not sure if this helps, but wanted to send some comfort...


In case you do ever have another child and it happens to be a girl and then someday requires you to collect urine from said baby girl that is yet unpotty-trained: they can do it without a catheter. We just went through it last week, no big deal. Sticky urine collection bag stuck around her girl parts and then folded up nicely inside the diaper while I let her play in the sink in the room :)


Echoing Just Me above about not forgetting to check for diabetes insipidus, which is characterized by normal blood glucose, normal-to-low urine glucose, and can present in pediatric cases with vomiting. Fingers crossed that Ezra is just an active, thirsty little guy. :)

Thrift Store Mama

Ah yes, I've also diagnosed my now 4 year old with hysterical diabetes in the past. In a strange coincidence it was shortly after I started reading a blog about a family where one of the children has juvenile diabetes. Yes, I said strange coincidence.

Keeley Jones

Ok, first I have to tell you that I love, love, love your writing. :) To be honest I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, I think perhaps from snarky mommy maybe... I digress... I TOTALLY relate to you and have these super paranoid thoughts... that are only fed by weird symptoms that my son (only child so far, just can't get up the nerve for #2 ye)as well. Example: lately he's been doing this freak out seperation thing with me (I work outside of the home so this makes the start of most days oh so fun) and in my twisted Mommy mind I realte this all back to when he was an infant and I had to back to the hospital (kidney infection, SO MO) when he was 10 days old and be away from him for almost 3 days (aka 1/3rd of his tiny little life). Since then we've been through ezcema... constant battle and tubes relatively mild things among childhood illness but exude minor symptons of other major illness... oh the paranoia and insuing guilt. I feel ya girl! Again, love you're writing!

Another Amy

(First time commenter. AH! The Anonymity. It's GONE.)

Ez is going to be GREAT in college! :) I'm sure everything will be fine. My brother still does that gulping when drinking like he's been in the desert for a week and he's 25.

On an unrelated note, but I saw this and thought you might like it: http://survivingtheworld.net/Lesson601.html

Joyce in Oregon

Look up diabetes insipidus. Thrist and pee without the sugar

operation pink herring

High five, Ez, me too! I feel stranded-in-the-desert thirsty every morning, evening and for much of the day. If you do figure out what's wrong with all us water-chuggers, let me know. Til then, I'll just continue to ignore the dirty looks as I drain the office water cooler (I replace the damned bottle, coworkers, LAY OFF).


I'm the kid of a Type 1 diabetic. My cousin is also a type 1 diabetic. Three out of four of my grandparents had type 2 diabetes and my dad has type 2 diabetes. You may have picked up that I am related to one or two diabetics. I have always, always been freakishly thirsty. My mom was so paranoid that she made me pee on test sticks (in the 70s/80s before glucometers) because she was sure I was shedding ketones. I wasn't it, I was just thirsty. Also, Jenny is right. A urine test is a completely effective diagnositic test if there is a suspicion of diabetes. I even made it through pregnancy without getting gestational diabetes. However, better safe than sorry and you did the right thing. I was so happy the day my now 2 yo daughter broke out in hives in front of the pediatrician. I almost high fived the kid for a job well done.

Sprite's Keeper

Not a freaking clue as to what the cause is, just hoping he's okay.


So, there's no reason to do a blood test or a HbA1C if there's no glucose in the urine. And, like previous commenters have said, those dip stick tests pick up minuscule amounts of glucose. From the sounds of the thirst symptoms for as long as he's had it, if it were diabetes, he would more likely than not be spilling glucose.


um, so yeah, on the asking doctors stupid things, though i have to say that the drinking thing does sound ask-the-doctor-right-now-worthy:

when i returned back to work, my daughter refused to drink anything from a bottle. didn't matter who gave it, if i was there, nothing. i called the doctor and actually asked her if my daughter would grow up with one arm longer than the other, or one side of the brain more developed or something, because she clearly was going to be malnourished as a teeny tiny in the 95th% for weight infant.

hang in there!

Plano Mom

Some kids are thirsty kids. Does he perspire a lot? My son did, and drank an ocean's worth of water in a day. He also "panted" when he thought he was exerting himself, which was most of the time. I just figured he was expending a lot of moisture in his breath and skin.


Have you thought of offering him liquids in a regular cup? I know my oldest just loved sucking down anything in a sippy. It would be interesting to see if he drank as much if he were just sipping rather than sucking.



First time poster. We went through the exact.same.thing. Complete with me saying to the Dr "Wait. You were supposed to tell me to step away from the google. You were supposed to tell me I'm crazy." Long story short, my son is fine. But I feel your pain.


You are not crazy. It's called Mom Vibes. And if there is something up with the Mighty Ez, it's best to have it looked at earlier rather than later, right?

Of course, the puking could just be a stomach bug.

This from a woman who has successfully diagnosed herself with celiac disease, and figured out very quickly that her newborn did NOT need those carnitine supplements, you jerk of a doctor, and he didn't have a genetic disorder of the metabolism, so STOP TAKING HIS BLOOD YOU VAMPIRE.


For my son's entire 3rd year of life he might as well not have been weaned, as he ate almost no food but would drink milk like Ezra drinks water. He'd be out of breath, panting, at the end of each cup, he drank it so fiercely. Once I needed to save milk cartons for a project and we ended up with FOUR empty gallon jugs by the end of the week...and my husband and I don't drink milk.

You're a better mom than me because it didn't even occur to me that something could have been wrong. Nothing was--he's Noah's age and going strong--but still!

Brandi N.

Just like Jennifer Wickman, I too have a diabetic son. He was diagnosed at 18 mo. old and is now 16.
He did the crazy drink-everything- in- sight and cry for more, thing, plus wetting thru every diaper in minutes... I took him in with the crazy notion that he might have diabetes, and I was sent home with the diagnosis of sore throat, therefore he will be very thirsty... But, what transpired over the next few days was his little body was wasting away, you could literally see the skin on his arms hanging and swinging like an 80 yr olds. Again I took him in and begged for a blood test, they agreed to do a finger stick and his blood was 120, not high at all. They sent me home with an antibiotic for the "cold & sore throat" he had... Things began going south from here... He went from walking to crawling to not being able to lift his head off the pillow. By this time I knew things were going bad, fast so we rushed him to the ER, on the way he began throwing up and loosing consciousness... His blood sugar at arrival to the ER was 997, he was a very sick little boy.
I tell you this, so you will stay vigilant and don't be afraid to demand more tests. I wish I would have. As you can cleary see, my son survived and is thriving to this day. I am very thankful for this. Good luck and I hope it really is nothing and little Ez will be just fine.
I'm amazed at how many extremely thirsty kids are out there.
Brandi N.

PS. if anyone out there has a newly diagnosed child or are struggling with it at all, feel free to contact me with questions. I have lived through the toddler stage, the sweet boy stage and the raging teenager stage (we are still doing the teenage thing).


I've got Type I diabetes, and diagnosed myself with Dr. Google two weeks before I ended up in ER and got the same diagnosis from a real MD. Sooooo yeah, just reading this post made my neck hairs stand up and dance. If Jason seems too enthused re: liquids and the ingesting of them, I get all paranoid. You aren't crazy, but you are a mom. The two seem to go hand in hand at times.

I hope it's nothing and that Ezra really is just messing with your head.


real fast, my husband had this same issue. we discovered that his diet was to blame. his family has a horrid history of heart disease, so my husband avoided all salt. the lack of salt kept him from retaining any water, thus the constant thirst. now he drinks one smart water or Gatorade a day and seems normal...unless he's out in the sun and needs more.


Does he have all his teeth yet? I just wonder if he's cutting a tooth and the cold liquid feels good on his gums?

I realize that's a totally tame theory and is not meant at all to diminish the other recommendations to research the diabetes insipidus. Which it sounds like you should.

And, and, and...you HAVE to do your own reasearch because the doctors aren't always totally focused on the patient who is right in front of them. They don't know everything. They have to look shit up in books! Sometimes even the internet! And, sometimes they're thinking about what they're going to have for lunch or how much paperwork is piling up on their desk. Or maybe they didn't have enough coffee or whatever. They're regular people too who have good days and bad days. I've brought up things to my doctor based on my own research that the doctor hadn't even thought of. So Google away! It's called being a good Mom!


Do you all have any pollem allergies? Is he washing away pollen from his throat, or thirsty because a stopped-up nose makes him mouth breathe? He probably is just a thirsty kid, but springtime makes me drink more than usual.


Hi Amy,
Delurking to comment on this, but I have Type 1 diabetes for 21 years (I'm 25) and I wouldn't ignore the symptoms. Better safe than sorry. This can be easily checked with a blood glucose test and an A1C level. I would follow-up with your doctor.

My pediatrician also dismissed my symptoms, which meant by the time I was diagnosed I was incredibly sick.

Again, better safe than sorry!


I don't think that you are crazy. You did absolutely the right thing in mentioning it and getting him tested. I don't know enough about it to say whether the negative urine test is sufficient but I had a flashback shudder at the thought of ANYONE drinking that awful orange syrup for the glucose tolerance test.

Glad that the Mighty Ez tested negative! And you? Are an awesome mommy.


I am the parent of a 12 year old girl with type 1 diabetes (diagnosed at age 5). If the symptoms persist, I would at least have them perform a blood glucose test (literally takes 5 seconds with 1 drop of blood). We diagnosed our daughter very early after days of excessive thirst and frequent urniation. The blood test confirmed what we feared, but at least we caught it before she became very sick. On the other hand, I have had at least two friends that diagnosed their kids with type 1 diabetes after weeks of drinking a lot and it turned out to be absolutely nothing but a thirsty child!!!

Sierra @ ChildWild

This happened to me last summer - I got this painful rash IN MY PANTIES and was all, 'OMFG! I have contracted some kind of ick from a public toilet and now my nether bits will get nasty and I will die along with everyone who has ever had sex with me! HALP!'

So I didn't call the doctor, like you don't when you're me and you think you have nether-ick. But I happened to have an appointment that week about some *other* skin thing and doctor was all, 'Do you have any unusual rashes?'

And I said, 'Oh, I'm sure it's nothing but there's this, and I'm sorry for wasting your time even showing it to you because really, it's just like a red circle that doesn't even itch it just hurts and it's going away anyway...'

And of course it wasn't "nothing" it was Lyme Disease. Which is blessedly treatable, so.

But that moment of watching the doctor's face go all serious in the middle of my "I'm sure it's nothing" speech? One of the scariest of my life. I can only imagine how much less fun it must be when it's your kid.

(Also, I am dying to hear the next update on this, and that your adorable little boy is fine fine fine.)


I try so hard not to be a crazy mommy, but I'm only ever going to have just the one. I've rushed him to the pediatrician several times JUST TO BE SURE, dammitall, so many times that my husband had the nerve to look at me funny when I suggest that we go to the ER on Thanksgiving because blood was coming out of my son's ear. I guess I didn't know what crazy was until he gave me that "lets just calm down here look."


Oh yes, I have twice brought my kid to the ped with crazy momma thoughts and concerns and both times I was correct. Damn them!
First time, "He has a high fever and he's lethargic but I'm sure it's just a little virus right?
(No, Flu. Swine.)
The second time, "He has these weird spots all over but he just got the chicken pox vaccine so it can't be that can it? "
(Yes it can. The pox. Chicken.)
I'm glad you got different results. Maybe he's just a thirsty kid? I dunno, that's why I have my ped on speed dial...


Glad Ez is ok...I'm sure it's all fine.

But Amy and her prostate made me laugh out loud. At my desk. At work. With 15 people in the next room.


Had Dr. Husband not literally just finished writing up a chapter on diabetes insipidous (which btw, totally NOT diabetes, but categorized by excessive thirst and urination), I would have nothing to say. But now, having read one 5 page chapter on DI, I am totally the expert (obviously) and 1) it's probably nothing but yea for you for having it checked out anyway and 2) I can now give you something else to google. LOL!


I've been watching for years and years and I'm just now stating something. I am AWESOME at this showing my appreciate thing.

Anyways, I asked my nurse Mum and she stated that she hopes the doctors checked his electrolytes. Because apparently an over saturation of water can unbalance your electrolytes, particularly salt. This is can exacerbate the situation (hyponatremia style) ((don't look that up and freak out)) (((I mean it. Put down the google app))). But the main thing she said to do is to STAY CALM, YOU'RE OKAY.


I also have Type 1, and I freak out every time one of my kids asks for water at night. I agree that you should get the blood tests done (not just the glucose, but the antibodies, c peptides, and HbA1c). Better safe than sorry. The problem with urine is that it is technically possible for the pancreas to go out in fits and bursts, meaning a single urine test might have caught Ez in a window with no sugar spilling into his urine. I know this from personal experience.

It's probably nothing, but on the very slight way off chance that it is diabetes, you'd want to know right away. Especially since it came on so quickly. The blood tests should be able to tell your for sure.

That said, I completely get how scary it is, but life with Type 1 isn't that horrible. It regularly blows my mind that for all human history it was a death sentence until less than 100 years ago, and today we can live full healthy lives and do just about anything (except join the military and fly commercial jets).

I'll be looking forward to hearing that his re-test came back normal.


I hate it when I sound bossy without meaning to. By "he should have these blood tests" I just meant "that's what I would do, but I'm extra paranoid because my kids are at higher risk than the general population."


Just listen to your instinct. :)

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