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The Frantic "Wait! Don't Go! I Have Thoughts!" Friday Round-Up

I had a photo essay planned for today, but my memory card reader decided to eat all the photos. NOM. POOF. Gone. No photos and no photo essay.

So now I'm facing the White Space Of Creative Terror with less than 20 minutes before I have to go pick up Noah from school. What should I talk about? AHMAHGAD.

I could talk about our roof, which you may remember started leaking in the wake of Snoverkill 2010: The Reckoning: Inconvenience Unleashed: the insurance guy came by yesterday to assess the damage.

Good news! There's only $650 in damage.
Bad news! Your deductible is $1,000. So. Good luck with your repairs.

Good news! Your roof wasn't damaged by the snow or ice.
Bad news! Your roof IS damaged, thanks to a certain snow removal guy who decided to get up there with a GODDAMN HAMMER. So. Good luck with THAT.

The insurance guy was really nice, so I felt bad for being a little "goddamn...I'll...hammer...fucking...getonyourroof seehowyoulikeit" at the end of his visit. Then Noah asked him if he was the Cowardly Lion. That was probably a little more awkward.

I could talk about Ezra and all the funny stuff he does, classic mommyblog style, like "Oh! He goes to the front door and says 'BYE' when he wants to go somewhere! He loves school buses and paper towel tubes! When I ordered some Indian food the other night he ran to his high chair and shrieked like a deranged howler monkey because he somehow knew there was food in the bag and I don't know if that means he's smart or I eat too much Indian food."

We're also trying to work on that whole "hands are not for hitting" thing, which is going only sort of okay. We've at least redirected his pint-sized rage away from living things and aimed at inanimate objects. I remember Noah went through a similar phase, at around...18 months? I want to say, though it is entirely likely that I am making that up. (If only I had a blog to write these things down! Or at least the energy and patience to search through that blog's archives!) It's kind of strange that two children who are never hit or spend time around people who hit still manage to pick up smacking as a default reaction to injustice. Inherent violence and aggression in humankind? Eh. Whatever. I'll tell you this: watching a toddler bitchslap a wall that he's just bumped into is HILARIOUS.


I could talk about the drive home from preschool, when Noah heard Bob Dylan for the first time. I was digging around in our basement for something the other day -- a stapler, I think, the one I swiped from my old office -- and came across a box full of Dylan CDs. At one point I must have boxed them up separately to denote their very specialness to me, and then promptly forgot completely about them. I've been busy. Buying a lot of Glee MP3s. 

Anyway! I ripped a bunch of them and put them on the iPod, and today "Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts" came up, and Noah snapped to attention in the backseat and attempted to hum the harmonica and bounced his legs and just had this LOOK that he gets when he hears music that he really likes. 

I asked him what color the song was. "I don't know!" he exclaimed. "It doesn't have a color!"

I played a couple other Dylan songs and the verdict was the same: He didn't know what color they were. So...I have no idea what that means, from a music or synesthesia theory point of view, but there you go: Bob Dylan songs don't have colors, but Noah sure likes them anyway. 


Big things a'going on at Mamapop this week: we launched SparkleMotion, a community blog/discussion/Tumblr/Twitter/repository of many awesome things...uh, THING. It's really fun. You can join and post whatever you want or check out the funny photos/videos/links that Mamapop writers and readers post, and my goodness, does that sentence have enough slashes? SparkleMotion: the original model/actress, bitches. 

Also at Mamapop Proper, we're hosting our annual Oscars open thread this Sunday. It is an EXCELLENT party, considering you don't have to leave your living room and can say all the bitchy things about peoples' clothing that earn you the stinkeye from your more enlightened significant other. It starts at 7 pm ET. 

Uh. I think that's all I have to talk about today. Hooray for posting at 4:50 pm on a Friday! Ten minutes until quittin' time. (Which around here actually means: 10 minutes until Sesame Street is over.)



Ugh...more like 2.5 hours till quittin' time around here. So thanks for the late-Friday afternoon post to put some interest in my afternoon! :)


Quitting time 'round here is almost never 5pm. Stupid law firm. Stupid billable hours. Even stupider attorney with her procrastination techniques.

BUT so cool about Noah. I love hearing about his song quirks.


Can we track down the snow removal guy and take a hammer to his feet?

I was fully expecting that Dylan would get some sort of vivid color!


My 2 y.o. screams "Pizza!" and runs for her chair everytime the doorbell rings. This suggests that we 1) order pizza way too much AND 2) have a very sad social life.


Had a very similar conversation with our homeowner's agent regarding a $500 plumber bill for a cracked pipe (and flooded kids' rooms! all! kinds! of! fun!). $1000 deductible and all. Followed by a waaay fun conversation with our tax lady! Gotta love life on the financial edge.


These kind of updates are most favoritist Amy.


"Deranged howler monkey" made me laugh out loud.

I want to meet your awesome kids!


What in the world did the guy do with his hammer to cause $650 worth of damage?! I mean he broke up the ice and scraped it and the snow off the roof. How did that screw it up? I'm genuinely curious here. I mean, what the fuck guy? And is there any chance of taking him to small claims court for effing up your roof?


Random theory regarding Bob's colour. Maybe it's because Dylan's singing is closer to speaking than that of other singers?


Your Noah is so much like my Devon that I just love him...and Dylan.
My Speech Apraxia Devon who never stops raising his hand in class even when 1/16 of the world understands him.
Who gets very upset when his twin brother tries to translate for him.
Who won't eat rice, beans, jello or anything with a funky texture.
Who won't wear courduroy or wool etc. because of it's EVIL.
P.S. Go Amy. The next time we go to the beach, I'm totally bitch slapping the waves with sand. Thanks for the tip.


The hitting thing? Doesn't end. Noelle isn't hit, isn't exposed to it (as far as I know) and still will wallop us when mad or frustrated. Then proceeds to cry because she was reprimanded and given 'the look'. Reminds me of the time when I was 13, my sister was eight when I said that I didn't think that Ralph Macchio was all that cute, she kicked me in the knee then sat down on the floor crying because I HURT HER TOE.

And my Noah (6 months) is sooo not a fan of baby food but eyes up everything else with a look of 'I've got to get me some of that!' So I can only imagine him as the little 'howler monkey' once he has teeth!

Great post, as usual.


DO NOT throw away, reformat, or otherwise do anything to that card. Get yourself a copy of PhotoRecovery. It lets you save pictures from damaged digital storage. I have been saved by this before.

Daily Cup of Jo

I love that you're playing Bob Dylan for your kids. I went through a phase of revisiting Joni Mitchell in my car for months. When my oldest (she was five at the time) actually requested Joni Mitchell from her car seat throne in the back one day, I knew I'd successfully brainwashed her into believing my music was better than hers. And yet, Joni can be a bit of a downer. I think I may have switched to the B-52s.

Friday posts can be a bitch! Good job pulling one out of your, whatever.


That is so cool/weird/interesting that Dylan songs don't have colors! I'm dying to know what that means. I love "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts" but for the life of me I can't tell you what happens in that song.

Love the fact that you're raising Dylan fans. I wonder how Noah would feel about the fact that Dylan doesn't play his songs live like they're recorded. Honestly, I was kind of pissed the first time I went to a concert, but now I make it kind of game -- trying to figure out which song it is!

Erin (Snarke)

I, um, sometimes smack walls when I run into them. But I also say "ow" when something I'm holding bumps into something I'm not holding (like when my bag smacks against a chair) so....there ya go.


Doesn't the insurance deductible thing tick you off? It could always be worse though. My boss met her $20,000 (!!!) deductible at the end of her policy year, then had another huge problem hit right after the policy reset - another $20,000 deductible! Lol, I think she's since lowered it.

Lamb's Most Recent Post: Who Are These People?!


I thought my weekend was incredible's spring in Toronto...but the fact that Noah finds Dylan colourless is AWESOME! (and gives me hope that my boy will grow out of the Wiggles sooner rather than later and right into bob...)


I live in Alexandria. May I ask where you get Indian delivered from?


We (22 months) are a full six months into hitting and biting. Neither of which, I must point out, are done unto our precious boy, and yet are doled out on a regular basis when he's feeling frustrated or otherwise agressive-y. Glad to know mine isn't the only one.
Beyond that, spirited, funny, wonderful boy. Thanks for the tip on trying to translate that to non-fleshy targets.
Also. Glee. So good.

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