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My weekend, in bullet form:

1) I found this picture on my phone. A Twitpic from Barnes & Noble that never happened, thanks to the Escalator Incident:

 Oh uck 

Upon much (much) closer examination, the title of this kids' book is actually "Oh, Yuck!" and it's about...I dunno. Bugs and slime and stuff. But from a few feet away, combined with the glare, I thought it said something different.

You know, with the U-C-K? But it didn't? Har har? 

On second thought, the thing with the escalator made a much more interesting story. Thanks for the save, Ez!

2) Jason, the biggest sucker to ever wander into the sporting goods department, bought Noah a pair of rollerblades. The wheels are like, five inches longer than the shoe. He got a new badass helmet and wrist/elbow/knee pads. Jason took him down to the corner and back, while Noah shrieked, "LOOK AT ME, MOMMY, I'M ROLLERSKATINK!" at the top of his lungs the entire time.

Noah helmet
3) Ezra is officially praying for dual growth spurts so he can get his mitts on all the dangerous be-wheeled options his brother owns.

Zah helmet

4) Although speaking of growth spurts, a quick inventory of Noah's closet revealed shorts and t-shirts that were little more than hot pants and crop tops on him now, so it was time to go crazy at an Old Navy 2-for-$10 sale. Where I was horrified to discover that Noah fits into the XS size in the BOYS DEPARTMENT. I am not ready for sizes without the T-for-Toddler description, particularly when your design options on t-shirts include a) NASCAR, b) laser guns, or c) slobbering footballs with fangs. While back over in the elusive size 5T, you can still get Oscar the Grouch holding a "Please recycle" sign and stuff like "Dad Is My Hero." 

I compromised and bought plain XS polo shirts instead. And the Oscar shirt. I just won't put it in the dryer. 

5)  Then I came home and organized the boys' closets. Turns out the last time I did this, Noah was wearing 2T clothing, because it was all still hanging there. Ezra had entire drawer still chock-full of 6-12 month onesies. I can't remember the last time I put a onesie on him. Probably not since he learned to roll over during diaper changes and kick me in the stomach while frantically looking for a leaky tube of Desitin to shove in his mouth and taking time to snap something up between his helicoptering thighs meant he'd succeed in that mission. 

6) Seriously, when did they both get so big? I swear I was right here the whole time. 



I know the feeling. My son has turned from a mewing scrap of a thing to a 2 year old who shouts 'Mummy Poo' at the top of his voice in the shopping centre. Not sure where I was when that happened!


It's eerie how similar our routines with our boys are.

Also, I think M owns every shirt Ez owns.

Megan@Blueberry Scones

I know, right? I'm feeling particularly sentimental today, as my not-quite-yet-two Maureen is getting her Big Girl Bed today, and I'll have to go through her clothes. I don't want to!


Watch out for the 5T sizes! I purchased several 5T jeans and pants for my son, only to have him outgrow them before the season was up. I've found that there's a difference between a 5T and a 5 and a size 5 still fits.


I seriously have to do the organizing the closet and drawer thing. Michael fits in none of his clothes, and everyday he comes home and his pants have holes in them. And I, am just refusing to do it. But Old Navy is having a sale? Thanks for that tidbit.


Couple of weeks ago I stood in the birthing room at the hospital looking down at a baby boy in an isolette and thinking about how I was a grandmother now. This past Friday he turned 18. He's 6'4" and has a driver's license. What happened?


So, basically what you're saying is that this NEVER ENDS??
My daughter is just three and freaking me out with her whole "I think I'll start growing out of these size 4T clothes already" business. Just no good. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to buy size 5T shirts this weekend, because, dude, that's the last size in that section at Target. This will not do. So I'm hoping we won't have crop-tops by summer but I probably shouldn't be holding my breath. And I shoulda just bought the stupid 5Ts already.


I am dealing with the Desitin eating, leg-flailing stage right now, and laughing hysterically that you described it so perfectly! Next time I'm shouting "relax, kid!", I'll remember that these moments will soon be a distant memory, and I'll wish my little one was still in onesies. Why do they have to grow up so fast anyway?


Could that shirt on Ezra be any more perfect for him? Love the helmet plus facial owie plus trouble tshirt combo


re: boys' sizes - I made the mistake of wandering across the aisle at Target yesterday and wanted to throw up. The only themes for the "big" boys are Chirpy Licensed Character, Superhero, Skaterboy or my personal favorite, Thug. Where the fuck are the fanciful dinosaurs with sweet, innocent orbs for eyes?

Fashion forward, indeed.


Such a cool helmet! If I had one like that I'd wear it all the time as a fashion accessory!


I gotta agree with Maria, my boys own almost all the same shirts that Ezra wears. I heart Target. AND Old Navy!


Oh, you kids. Wait until those "babies" are 24 years old. And your YOUNGEST is 19. And you swear it was just yesterday he was getting sick on the dehydrated banana baby food.


What is it about kids and that growing up thing they do? Although, it *is* nice when they can transport themselves to and from sports practices...


What is it about kids and that growing up thing they do? Although, it *is* nice when they can transport themselves to and from sports practices...


Boys fashion is horrible right now. I want preppy, not emo. No cutesy sayings, no ugly graphics. Simple. Classy. Can't be found for cheap.


The growing thing sneaks up on you, that's for sure. One minute everthing looks a bit big then the next the pants are all high water and the shirts are muscle shirts. How do they do that?


Where's the Oscar shirt? I want. For my daughter, but still. I want.

Heather Ben

it happens so fast...


Our daughter just outgrew the toddler clothes section at Target, and it's freaking me out. She's only three, but she's tall, and I like longer shirts on her. She still has 2T clothes hanging in her closet, though. It's like I forget she has a closet, since her stuff is mostly in drawers. I used to have a fully functioning brain, I swear...


I know! isn't it??
U just reminded me to clean my daughter's closet. She's not even seven months old and she already has 3 big boxes full of clothes that she outgrew. Phew!!


Ahh! Does it ever stop?? I have this conversation with myself constantly about my little guy - but I try to take comfort in the mirage of him someday "slowing down". No?


My kid keeps spotting the Spider-Man shirts in the grown-up sizes and swearing up and down that he'll still like Spider-Man then if I buy it now for him to grow into.

And yes, he fits an XS now too.


Prepare yourself -- at 6 a quarter of my son's wardrobe is too big for kiddie hangers. (Mostly smalls, some mediums.) I resisted as long as I could because *technically* kid hangers fit, but the minute he goes looking for something shirts start falling. SOB. The worst offenders are the stupid Target fleece footed jammies. I try to take comfort in the fact that he still thinks footed jammies rock.


I was just commenting how you can tell who dresses my kiddo because his dad still puts him in onesies and fights the battle - which I haven't done in months!

Old Navy and the classic polo, huzzah! Although our Old Navy has LOTS of 5Ts and almost to 18-24s.... sigh.


That'd be "almost NO 18-24s"... oops


My daughter (4) is in the same sizes as Noah...it makes me so sad to have to shop in the "big girl" section for my BABY! Same thing with Target! It's killing me!


Kathleen - what is it with dads and the onesies? Snackbox has only two or three that he still fits into and that's invariably what DH puts him in on the weekends - then bitches during diaper changes because he's such a squealing squirming Desitin eater.

Does Ez fit into Old Navy pants? I can't get Snackbox's cloth diapered butt into them...


It is so nice to hear that I am not the only one in the world with my kids' dresser drawers filled with clothes that do not fit them any more. THANK you:)


I heart you so much! I had the itch to shop today but didn't really need anything. I read your post and raced to Old Navy and scored an Oscar t-shirt.
I picked up a very happy boy from preschool. He is into recycling and Oscar. He loves that scene when Johnny Cash tells him to have a rotten day.


I can't totally relate but I can. I couldn't believe that my 10 week old weighed 12 lbs and was 24 in. long at his doctor visit this week. No wonder some of his sleepers aren't fitting so well! Oh and I'm going to have to look for that Oscar shirt and save it for him to grow into. I have an Oscar shirt and so does my husband. So, of course, the baby needs one! Thanks!


Wow, Noah, rollerblading, shoot my son will 5 in August and the only thing he gets to do is ride the Big Trike (cause it has 3 wheels!)


I will give you five internet dollars if you tell me where you got/who makes that helmet.
Internet dollars may be totally made up but in my head they have Edward Cullen on them so totally worth telling me, right?


I so had the same #4 experience last weekend, complete with the Old Navy shopping trip, the moving into "XS" for my 4 year old, etc. Though my little guy is only 10 months and therefore often in onesies under shorts/pants, but still working on his fierce changing table battle stance. Thanks for all the smiles!! p.s. Hope Ezra is healing well!


Going through the same thing here! Last night at dinner I noticed my four-year-old twirling spaghetti on his fork and eating it, and he didn't even look like a freshly-fed zombie afterwards.


I've totally called poison control about Desitin. It's fine. Sometimes we let ours eat a squeeze full during changes just to keep him preoccupied. Dude, these little men can KICK.

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