It's Like a Toy Store That My Children Haven't Visited Yet
A Special Year

Up the Down Escalator

So. This happened.

Ezra faceplant1 

"This" is Toddler vs. Escalator. 

Ezra faceplant2 

We took the boys to Barnes & Noble last night in a fit of "it's gorgeous outside! let's go someplace with the plan of spending time outside but really, who are we kidding, Noah can sense the presence of a Public Thomas the Tank Engine Train Table from within a five-mile radius!" 

Noah indeed made a beeline for the Swine Flu Comes to Sodor table while Ezra...well, while Ezra proceeded to BE INSANE. He ran down aisles, he knocked books off displays, he responded to every kid-friendly merchandise offering I made with disdain and a wicked curveball throw. He responded to Jason and my calls after him with a downright evil glance over his shoulder right before speeding the hell up in whatever direction he was unsteadily bolting towards. 

For lo, he'd discovered the escalators. I'd let him stand on one while holding my hand as we went down to the children's area instead of carrying him, and it was easily the biggest thrill of his young life. (His expressions looked something like this.) So he couldn't begin to understand why anyone in the store would want to do ANYTHING ELSE except ride on the escalators. MORONS, ALL OF Y'ALL. 

After about a solid hour of thwarting his escape plans, we were ready to leave and I granted him one last ride up the escalator. We arrived on the second of the store's three floors and I attempted to distract him with...I don't remember what. FOLLY, probably, because right then, while he was in that terribly dangerous and elusive three-feet-away-from-Mama radius, he realized there was another escalator right there.

It was a Down escalator, but of course he didn't know that. I knew that. I very helpfully told him that, which, you know, wasn't quite the deterrent you'd think. Neither was the sight of my body lunging towards him in full I WILL THWART THEE mode. 

Instead, he spun around and stepped on the escalator as quickly as he could. Which was pretty quick. Even quicker: His feet went flying out from under him and BAM. Dead-drop face-plant into the collapsing bottom steps.

Needless to say, there was blood. A lot of it. I tried wiping it away to ascertain just What We Were Talking About Here, while Jason heard the screams from the lower level and called up to find what was wrong. My response was simply to stick my own blood-covered hand over the railing and wave it around in the universal symbol of SHIT IS HAPPENING AND I HAVE NO COPING SKILLS. 

I stood there panicking for a bit, debating the upsides of 1) running to the poor cashiers and screaming gibberish at them, or 2) running back downstairs to the bathroom for paper towels.

The bathroom option seemed vaguely better, so I ran through the store with my profusely bleeding child to the OTHER escalators, breathlessly muttering "excuse me, excuse me" to everybody I pushed past, including a stand-up cardboard display for the Twilight Saga. 

(Huge props to Domesticated Gal for giving me my first laugh since the accident on Twitter this morning: If you just start yelling "the Volturi are after him!" I'm sure the Twilight fans would understand.)

By the time I got to the bathroom a salesgirl had sort-of maybe noticed that there was a child covered in blood in the store and offered to call 911 (yeah, it honestly did look that bad, even though I KNEW head injuries always look worse than they are but this was mah baybeeeeee ahmahgad) while Jason barged into the ladies room, still trying to ask what had happened. "ISN'T IT OBVIOUS?" I cried. "AN ESCALATOR ATE HIS FACE."

We bailed (leaving behind Noah's scooter and helmet, we realized later), accepted the salesgirl's offer of a spare roll of paper towels, and took off for our car. A homeless guy asked for change as we dashed by, then started mocking Ezra's screams -- Ezra lifted his face to give him a Look, and I'm pretty sure I heard the guy say something like, "OH SHIT. Okay, I'm an ass."

Damn skippy.

The hospital, as usual. This was our first kid-related ER visit, something that simply underscores my belief that I gave birth to two different species of children. Noah wouldn't go near an escalator until he was three-and-a-half. Ezra is going to be the child who goes joyriding down the Beltway in the neighbor's speedboat at three-and-a-half.

Ezra sat on my lap as I gave the registration desk our insurance and contact information, and two minutes into the conversation managed to wriggle around in my arms enough to thoroughly and soundly smack his head into the wall and began screaming anew. The dude behind the desk gave me a Look. I Looked at him right back, because bite me.

Once the bleeding stopped and the wounds could be properly cleaned, the doctor was less concerned about the cuts as he was about the possibility of a head injury, since Ezra' nose had been bleeding pretty heavily for awhile and he responded to the initial news that we could be discharged by promptly barfing all over the both of us. "Never're gonna need to keep him here for another hour or so," the doctor said, while handing me YET ANOTHER GODDAMN ROLL OF PAPER TOWELS.

(The good news is that the pediatric ER was equipped with DVD players! And one single solitary Elmo DVD! It was so good, we watched it three times!)

He didn't need stitches, luckily. They glued the wounds shut instead, which gives him a slightly comical uni-brow appearance (or Wolverine when combined with this morning's matted bed-head).

Ezra faceplant4
I think Baby's First ER Visit merits a photo. After this, though? Forget it, dude. You're on you're own. And you're taking a cab.

Once another hour passed without any vomiting, we got to go home with the even MORE fun discharge instructions to wake him up every two to three hours last night, just to make sure that he really didn't have a concussion. He ended up just sleeping in our bed because he was sad and miserable and I am a sucker for sad and miserable things who make sad and miserable snuffly noises and sleep with their butts up in the air.  

Ezra faceplant3 

Anyway, he is fine, as are we, though I am welcoming suggestions on how to remove dried blood from his bangs without getting those glue patches wet. I will also accept wine. And leashes. Maybe a helmet. Or some kind of inflatable toddler sumo suit. (Or just the wine! It's okay, I'm not greedy.)



OMG, I could barely even read this post... just the title made my stomach turn flip-flops and my whole body is still cringing. I'm so glad Ezra is okay!


Poor little guy! A few cotton pads that have a little hydrogen peroxide in them should do the trick, just pull them along the strands of hair with the blood in them. We learned this when my younger brother was building a fort, dropped a branch on his head in the yard and split his head open. This is the kid who is/was DEATHLY afraid of needles & needed stitches so my Mom did hours of Pig Latin & weird funny dances to block the trays of suture supplies all while cheerily telling my brother "HEY THERE. THEY ARE JUST GLUING IT ALL SHUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!" while also simultaneously muttering to the nurses "Say stitches and I'll kill you myself."

The jig was up when he had to get the stitches removed two weeks later, but by then my Mom was able to bribe him with some ice cream.


I am so sorry for you two - feel better Ezra. Maybe a damp facecloth for the bloody hair? And my second boy is like yours too - Eamon would have never done something like that and Callum would be driving the Zamboni out of the ice rink for sure.


What is it with the sudden nice weather and possible concussions? My daughter fell backwards on the sidewalk last night and threw up 5 minutes later. I was certain we were in for an ER trip, but thankfully the doc on call said it wasn't necessary.

Poor Ez and those cuts - he has quite the battle scar, but he looks pretty brave. Glad he's okay today!

Hey You

Damn that gravity!
It is amazing that this is your first kid related Er visit! I am sorry Ez, but being a kid in the fast lane has risks. The Son has been to the ER.....four times, I think? And I have called poison control at least five separate occasions. Lord, I hope CPS is not reading the comments section of your blog, because that sounds pretty bad.


Aww! Faces bleed far too much. He looks like a trooper in the hospital picture!

Heather B.

Do you remember in Mallrats when Brodie kept freaking out about the kid on the escalator and would see the kid from afar and be all "THERE'S THAT KID ON THE FUCKING ESCALATOR AGAIN!" yeah, that's what this situation reminds me of. Basically it makes me immense fear of escalators seem very true and very plausible.

Also OMFG, escalators!!!11!!!

Of course I'm glad he's ok but don't think my heart didn't leap out of my chest a bit while reading because OMFG ESCALATORS!

(I could come for wine....hmmm...)

the Grumbles

Before I was a mom, I probably would have laughed at your colorful rendition of the story and told you how glad I am that he is AOK. Now? GOD, THE TERROR. So scary! Why did I have a baby when they can do things like this?? AHHHH! (Still glad he's ok though)


Oh my, poor Ez! And you, of course. Thanks for giving me a window into the future-- my baby is only 9 months but I can tell that he's going to be more like Ezra than Noah... always lunging off things. Hope the little guy heals up soon!


I'm glad he's okay, but your tweet made me feel sick at all the what-if scenarios of escalators. I'll drink wine now to feel better.

Ellen M

Poor all of you! Also, maybe it's just because most of your pictures of Ezra are close up, or of him alone, that he sometimes seems older than his 15 (16?) months, but that one of him with you? Aw, little babeee!

,ms martyr

That picture of him on your lap in the ER is so precious. So glad he's going to be okay. Who knew motherhood could be terrifying?

living with lindsay

Oh, poor Ez! I'm so glad he's okay.

We've had two ER visits for my kid - one for a head injury at 1 and the other for a DOG BITE TO THE EYE at 2 (yes, it was our dog. yes, it was my husband's fault.) I remember that bleeding head-wound, racing in the car, should we stop at the stop light trip. It's an awful feeling for sure.

Thank God you had enough paper towels.


Those daredevil, no fear kids. I have one too. He also does the look over the shoulder as he speeds away in stores. I am glad he is okay.


Gah! Poor little man! I'm glad he's okay. But OMIGOSh.


I have three boys so I can totally relate to the head injury experience. Out of 3, 2 have been to the ER although, I have to give Ezra props, I haven't taken one that young!

But! The last time we were there, the pediatric surgeon that we had to see to get the 9 stitches removed, said glue is the only way to go! So, good job! And they reiterated so many times, to apply sunscreen daily to minimize scarring. Hope that helps!

Welcome to boy world.


Oh, poor baby. When D knocked out his front tooth he was doing nothing at all, just standing there right in front of us basically. Which just goes to show that kids don't even need escalators to spout pints of blood. I remember feeling like I wanted to wrap him in cotton wool and shrink wrap to keep him safe for the rest of his life. But gradually, you let go again.

We were just in that B&N on Saturday. I was the terrible mother dragging two screaming children to the bathroom. At least we took the elevator, I suppose.


Did he do the one moment of silent wailing before the real crying started? That's the worst part. Poor ez! Although he is so nomable in that photo of him on your lap. Kiss the muffin from me!


Oh, I'm so sorry, but I had to laugh out loud, really obnoxiously here at work at the part about giving birth to different species, because OMG, me too. I still haven't had a kid related ER visit, however, I was halfway there with my youngest when the bleeding finally stopped and oh, I know exactly what you mean.


Poor baby! Isn't that just awful?! I'm pretty sure I'd freak the fuck out in that situation, so there will be no advice giving from this one. I'll totes send the wine though, but the helmet? Harper was wearing her bike helmet and cape, the outfit du jour, and fell off the bed, mine cause I let her jump all over that shit, and STILL managed to scrap her forward and get some road rash. WHILE WEARING A HELMET! WTF??? What's the point of even having a helmet if you're still getting head injuries! Whatever, she looks really cute running around so, even if it doesn't work all that well, the helmet stays.

PS That picture of Ez in the ER room? It's really very sad, makes me wanna cry.

Suzy Q

Aw, poor little guy. Poor ALL OF Y'ALL.

I don't think you need to worry about getting the glue patches wet. It should be all dried by now. It's basically Super Glue, albeit medical-grade, which dries pretty quickly. I've been glued before. It will also peel off a bit after some time, so don't freak out when that happens.


Poor boo! From your description of the store- god help you with the traffic and even worse parking.

these things never happen on my husband's watch and yet he lets them do so much more.

Two boys also- almost two year who wants to do everything his almost 6 year brother does.

A trip to the playground for me is a trip in terror.


As a medical provider who has treated many head injuries I can confirm that yes, any skin breaking injury on the head "bleeds like a stink" (that's an actual quote from one of my professors LOL!). They usually look more frightening than they are. Did they tell you you couldn't get the glue wet for 24 hours? Because unless you are completely submerging it in water, it should be okay to get wet so long as you're patting it dry soon after. Anyway, glad to hear the little guy is okay and let's face it-a kid that handsome will only look better with a few facial scars. ;-)

Aunt Becky

Aw, you poor thing. The glue is AMAZING. For serious. The Daver got what the ER called "bagel finger" and used it to glue his finger back together and it was awesome.

Hang in there, yo.


Glad he's fine... can not believe this is your first kid-related ER visit. We've had a couple of head-bangs and a broken ankle, not to mention all the asthma-related trips. I've totally lost count.

bad penguin

I bet I know which B&N it was. The one where they annoyingly lined up the escalators so that you have to walk across the entire store if you want to continue your trip to the next level. Tell Ezra I find that confusing too.

Glad you are all ok now.


Oh my. I'm so sorry you all had to go through that. However, I have to say your son is damn cute and you are damn funny. I did actually laugh out loud while I read this. ["the universal symbol of SHIT IS HAPPENING AND I HAVE NO COPING SKILLS" had me rolling.] Glad that everyone is ok now.

Sprite's Keeper

"Shit is happening and I lack coping skills".
Please put that on a t-shirt.
Glad he's better, you may want to get to know your local ER department. :-)


So i have been reading your blog for a while now and i tend to love the Ezra stories. This was the best.. and I hope I have your sense of humor when i have babies. I am so glad he is ok and you haven't completely lost your sanity :-)


Aw that face... it is so pitiful. Glad he's okay.

Our first ER visit for Benjamin came from him banging his head into the corner of a cabinet AT THE PEDIATRICIAN'S OFFICE. Right.

They all stood around like, "Oh, shit... wow..." They didn't have sutures there (REALLY!?) so off to the ER we went.

We are now infamous at the pedi's. And get right in. :)


Aww, poor Ez! I'm glad he's okay!

Sorry for the possibly inappropriate segue, but your link reminded me...what kind of cupcakes did Ezra have at his bday? Because my son's is coming up, and I just don't know what to make...


Poor baby! This post had me wincing, laughing, and crying within seconds of each other. It's why I love you. :) Give him get-well smooches from all of us.


Oh, that picture of him in the ER...he looks so pathetic! WAAAH. It doesn't even look like Ezra to me (you know, bc I am so up close & personal w/the Mighty Ez).

Props to you and Jason (and Noah!) for handling your first trip to the ER with your 16 mo. (gah, so young) I have a 17 mo and am now officially terrified of having this type of visit in my near future.

PS LOL re the Volturi! Hilarious.


Aww poor Ez. Glad he's ok. My brother, at age 3, crawled over to the foot of a down escalator and STUCK HIS FINGER IN. My mother thought my 5 year old sister, and me, 6 years old, were watching him. We were doing no such thing. There was much blood and screaming and one fingertip hanging on by a thread (luckily reattached). My sister and I are still scared of escalators to this day, 21 years later. Escalators are evil, for reals.


Shortstack got 7 stitches in his left finger when he was 10 months old.

Best parent hack ever - put child in removable car seat when performing 4 step dressing changes and figuring out how to wrap a 10-month-old-paw.

As for the glue - leave his hair stuck in it.

Smootches for the mighty Ez


Oh, my. My older son tore his eyebrow open running into our dresser a few months ago, requiring seven stitches (one subcutaneous -- it was a nice deep cut), the day after I had to take his three-week old brother into the ER because Older Boy poked him in the eye. The baby had a corneal abrasion, the older boy has a really impressive facial lac and will have quite a scar (sunscreen, religiously, otherwise it's going to look funny). I am pretty sure I lost at least two years of my life over those two days. Why do they do this? So glad he's OK.


Ouch. So sorry for little Ezra. Regarding the bangs: Duh! That's what all of those paper towels are for. ;)


poor Ez! (and poor parents!) I'm so glad he's okay...very scary :-(

and I like the idea of an inflatable sumo suit! My 11 month old started walking last month and has no idea that he isn't an expert at it yet.


I believe I may know the escalator of which you speak and I don't even like standing on it to go in the correct direction. So congratulations on keeping any shred of sanity whatsoever. And glad he is okay (relatively speaking, all in one piece, etc.)


Poor Ezra! I am glad to see that the injury wasn't as bad as you thought first! So scary though, eh?

Just this past weekend I was struggling out the door with my son, 14 months, an awkward stroller and diaper bag when he yanked down on my hand to run away and went right over the one cement stair infront of our house. He went hands, then forehead, *smack* in to the ground. He scraped up his forehead something fierce and was SO upset. I felt awful. And to make matters worse, when we went for a walk later, an older gentleman looked at my son, then looked at me and said, very seriously, "So, he had a fall, did he?" I hung my head and answered yes.

Luckily these little dudes recover so quickly and heal so fast! Give Ezra a big hug and then give yourself one too...what a traumatizing event!


Oh, ouch! Glad you're all okay... As I was reading, I was thinking, get that woman a glass of wine! But it seems you're already on it. :-)


Poor Sweet Baybee.

As someone who just had a run-in with regular stairs and had to spend a whole weekend in bed medicated, I am rethinking my decision to pro-create. Too much "Fall Down Go Boom" in my genes.

C @ Kid Things

I seriously think it's a 2nd child thing. Because mine is the exact same way. Which is why I would never let him out in public, ever, until he's 25 if I could help it.


Escalators scare the bejesus out of my wife. She is always hover when our kids, even the 9 yo, gets close...for good reason. My brother in law works on them and has HORROR stories.


Poor Ez and poor frightening for both of you!!
I hope you are both better soon. Sunscreen and hugs for Ez and wine for or white?


Holy crap, escalators ARE dangerous, my mom was right!! Hope Ezra feels better soon!


My younger girl fell on her bike once and opened a huge flap on her knee, complete with imbedded gravel, and as I stood holding her hand and kissing her head, the doctor picked up SCISSORS to trim the flap and then used a SCRUB BRUSH to get the gravel out (thank heavens she couldn't feel it) and I got all woozy and the doctor actually said that was common during menopause. I was 30.


Bookstores are dangerous. When my son was about three, he fell and hit his head on a chair at Borders. Blood! I confirmed with several other moms there that he should go to the ER where he got STAPLES in his scalp. He's badass. And that was not his last trip to the ER.


OMG!!! I think *I* would have puked from the scared before we even left the bookstore.

Also, those are the most adorably pitiful pictures I've ever seen. Poor Ezra!

Plano Mom

Yep. He's gonna be your ER baby.


Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders at getting blood out of clothing, just an fyi I discovered after my kids had stitches 7 times between the two of them. My son likes to say his are because he plays hockey, but none of them have actually happened while playing said sport. = ) Hang in there momma.


Yikes! Tanks goodness he is OK. That first trip to the ER is always scary. When they atart saying 'hi, how ya doin', where have you been, we missed you last month' when you walk in then you don't feel so much like throwing up. You still feel like a bad parent but at least you are among friends.


Poor baby! Ugh, the ER visits are the very very very very very worst. Glad you're all okay.


face wounds bleed. this is something i repeat to myself any time have to deal with bleeding from the head. i learned this as a freshman in college at my very first rugby game when one of our players knocked heads with a girl on the opposing team. i didnt get to witness the injury myself only the horrified reaction of one of the more experienced players on the sidelines. seeing that all us rookies were practically packing our things up right there and going home, "screw this rugby game, i like my face" my coach ran up and down the sidelines yelling "face wounds bleed! stop freaking out! she'll be okay!" indeed. once the girl was cleaned up she had a cut no bigger than a millimeter.

btw our sons may be cut from the same cloth. i also frequent a barnes and noble with escalators. few things have brought the same excitement that the escalator ride gave him. sure the train table is okay for 3 minutes but why stay there when he can practice his sprinting skills and hurl himself down a moving staircase.

hope Ezra feels better and good luck to us both :).

badness jones

Last time I took my youngest (now 3 1/2) to the ER, the doctor walked in and said, "Wow! He's getting big!" Yeah - I need a speedpass. It's not that he's accident prone, but that his approach to life is to lunge at it, headfirst. Admirable, but often dangerous. I'm glad Ez is alright. And remember, scars are sexy and manly.


Maybe someone's already said this, but a q-tip with a bit of soap and water might work on the blood. Poor thing!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

How awful and scary!! So glad you are both okay.


OMG! I was that type of kid. Lots of ER visits. I turned out pretty okay *twitch, twitch*

Once again a terrible mishap for Amalah = an incredibly entertaining post for us. You just keep giving and giving!



Oh noes. Oh woe.


I have walked in your shoes except that it was Nordstrom not Barnes & Noble and I wasn't smart enough to go the ER. Therefore son #1 sports what we call his "Harry Potter" scar down the middle of his forehead for trying to run up the down staircase. Word to the wise - he is almost 10 and STILL wants to play on escalators. Oh - and watch out for those moving walkways at the airport...that was another appealing place to get a lifelong scar as I managed to face plant MYSELF running after him. Love your blog!


When my younger son was four (I can't honestly remember how old he was, because he's 16 now and everything just sort of blends together) I was holding his hand as we rode down the escalator. At the bottom we both stepped off, but for some reason Jack wasn't walking along next to me. It turns out his shoelace was caught in the escalator.

Luckily, some huge man behind us saw what had happened and yanked Jack up under his armpits. The lace broke and he was free.

I hope Ezra has a healthy fear of escalators now!


What an evening you had! My daughter fell on a moving sidewalk at O'Hare Airport when she was about Ezra's age. I cannot stand on a moving sidewalk without thinking of that incident -- it was my fault because I wasn't for the end of the ride.

If you went to the ER I think you might have you were a block from my house. In fact I wound up at that ER (where they glued my wound together) after falling on my face outside Barnes and Noble a couple of years ago (and no, I had not been drinking -- it was 10 am on a Sunday).


Well, at least he didn't try to go down the up escalator- or he could have fallen down the flight of stairs! I, too, hate the escalators at that B&N- stupidly arranged.

Mrs. Q.

The second child is, um, crazy? Yeah. We got one of those, too. I don't know where she came from but it does not get better. They just get faster!

Your children like stairs. I remember being equally unnerved when Noah went down the basement stairs. Blurgh.

Hairy Farmer Family

Eeeek! Poor Ez! Rotten, BAD escalator!

I am Good at dried blood. You have to wait until naptime, then gently soak it off with wet cotton buds - I believe you US types call 'em Qtips - using tissue to blot excess moisture.


AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Poor Ezra. Looks so sore.

Amalah, thanks for today's post. Loved it!


Poor baby and poor Mama. They really do know how to scare the crap out of us don't they. I'm sure he had a whopper of a headache - and may still. My oldest walked smack into a telephone pole when he was 5 and split his eyebrow open. We were heading into Hershey Park for the yes we spent the day in the ER instead.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen once the glue is gone. Those babies will burn much more easily than the rest of him. I would sunscreen my son's scar every morning before school just so it was protected for the piddly little recess time they have.


Ezra reminds me of Alex, mine was totally fearless and up for anything until ADHD and anxiety disorder. No ER visits though he did "pet" a bumblebee with amzing results. At 10 he still loves escalators, but his "thing" is poison ivy. Twice ;ast spring, once full face and on the face again this fall. Could you loan me some bubble wrap. Ezra looks so dejected at the ER and you look so calm. Good luck.


Am I such a horrid person that one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was "It's not fair that since I spend more time with the kids period, and much more time wrangling them in public, it is much more statistically likely that the first of our stupid ER accidents is probably going to happen on my watch?" Yes? I guess I am horrid.

Seriously, though, I'm glad he's okay!


Ah, poor Ezra! :( Poor you!

I fell at the top of an esclator when I was about two. It ate my shirt and then started eating my tummy. ER visit for sure! I still have a tiny little scar and keep ever vigilent eye on baby's on escalators.

But don't feel bad about it. This stuff happens to the best of us!


He still the most adorable little thing even though he's a little banged up.

When I get the visual of "the escalator ate his face!...I just think man, that could have ended up so much worse. Thank goodness he's alright.


poor Zah, poor Mommy and Daddy, do you need anything? More wine perhaps?

I've done those ER visits that last hours with a hurt kid and man, they suck. You saved me after Michael's hand injury so just holler if you need me.


oh my, poor little fella!


Aw! I love your"poor baby!" lip in the ER photo! I would take a full cup of water over to him and dip his bangs in it, squickling the bangs in the water with my fingers until they released their gory payload into the watery cup.

crazy weinerdog lady

Poor Ez! You know what's sad? All I could think through the beginning part of the story was "holy shit, your B&N has STORIES and ESCALATORS?!" lol - I live in a small state :)

Domesticated Gal

Aww - I hate when my little man cries - and we haven't even drawn first blood yet! Course, he's not even able to sit up yet.

Which means he's either crying because he punched himself in the face trying to force his entire fist into his mouth.

Or I've dropped the cell phone on him.



My friend got her prom dress stuck in an escalator on the way to the dance. Got a deep gash in her leg and passed out at the sight of the blood. Still has the scar years later. So, it could have been much worse. At least Ezra won't remember any of this, and it didn't happen in front of a few hundred people!

Seriously though, I'm so glad Zah is feeling better now. Give him plenty of kisses and hugs!!


Oh, poor guy. My 4 yr old got his eybrow glued shut a couple years ago when he collided with a windowsill. The glue was ok in the bath and stayed put just fine until he was healed up. Hope he feels better soon. Awesome embarassing story for later in life though.


A friend of mine has a danger-driven child and has had to literally put a helmet on him. He is fast and loves to climb...they decided it was the only was to keep him safe.

Anna Marie

Oh! Poor Ezra. But what a great story to tell when he gets older. =)


omg! HOW SCARY! I had my first accident with 7 month old Jonah today! I had just finished giving Jonah a bath this evening and I was walking around holding him in his towel...
and I slipped in water and came crashing to the floor I slammed down on both knees and my elbow, and JONAH'S SHOULDER! I was so mortified- Jonah was crying but I was crying harder. Ialmost broke my baby I put ice on his shoulder after we both calmed down


Dropped my son on his face once. At least you can blame the escalator :P Glad he is OK!!


I just, and I mean, just, put my third boy Max in a leash today. He's 13 months as of last week. It was great. I prevented him from falling down a lot and I got to stand still better and drink wine with my neighbors. Anyway, it took me until 3 boys to do it but it was great. I wish I had done it with my 2nd son.


Poor Ezra! He sure likes to be an adventure! My second son is also the daredevil. Have fun!!

tonya cinnamon

bless his heart ...its never fun when a child hurts themselves :(
glad hes OK! i have done the freak out when one of my kids got hurt bad...
hugs to you all!


My kids have been allowed to get the glue wet, even swim the same day they were glued! Maybe East Coast Glue is not as versatile :) Poor little bug, what a nightmare.


Aaaaw! I am so sorry that this happened to you guys! I just emailed a link to my husband because poor Ezra's injuries settle an argument for us ... My mother-in-law thinks that it is a good idea to take my son to the mall simply to ride up and down the escalators. When they were here visiting they went to the mall twice and just rode up and down over and over again (I had little control over the situation because I was in bed recovering from a c-section). I was SUPER pissed when I heard what they had been up to because, duh, escalators can be dangerous. And my mother-in-law doesn't move so fast ... so, taking my crazy 2.5 year old up and down as recreation is just asking for disaster. My husband responded by telling me that I am nuts, overly anxious and a control freak. I may be all of those things ... but escalators still are friggin' dangerous and my mother in law is an idiot for not coming up with a better way to entertain my son!


Oh Ez!

My first is like Noah. My second is like Ezra.

So glad the little daredevil is okay.

Lisa V

Can I tell you that every time I look at a picture of Ezra is the only time I regret having my husband neutered? I mean it's great that he quit chasing cars and barking at cats, but damn it would be nice to have a set of those cheeks to eat at home.

Wally Hartshorn

Quick question: Scooter and helmet recovered safely?


I have one of THAT species, too. Stories like this terrify me. Glad all is well. Poor, pitiful widdle guy.


Ok, as a mom - OMG. I. Cannot. Fathom. As a wife. I LMFAO at this: "while Jason heard the screams from the lower level and called up to find what was wrong. My response was simply to stick my own blood-covered hand over the railing and wave it around in the universal symbol of SHIT IS HAPPENING AND I HAVE NO COPING SKILLS." I had tears from laughing so hard. That is so me and my husband. I'm so sorry about Ez, but thanks for the humor-infusion.

die Frau

Poor little sweetie! Reminds me of my sister falling off our jungle gym when she was 2 (why our parents left us alone to play, I'll never know). My brother (who was 4) and I (3) raced into the house, with my brother yelling, "BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!" at the top of his lungs. As Dad said, thank God it was a word he knew. My sister got a large gash on her forehead (still a bit visible) and one on her foot. It's now just a part of family lore, as Ezra's will be.

Just remember: Chicks dig scars.

Miss Britt

The answer to getting blood out of the bangs is simply - um, not. It will eventually get really crusty and kind of "flake" out - or you'll be able to finally get those glue stitches wet. Whichever comes first.

Yeah, it really is as awesome as it sounds.


Boys are fun! Boy #1 tried to climb over a baby gate at the age of 4, it collapsed and his chin bone cut through his skin. 6 stitches were needed to close the gaping wound. Who knew that fat cells look like yellow cottage cheese? Scar has since faded to nearly nothing without any application of anything. Then when he was 6, he was trying to jump into a tree from a bench, fell on the concrete and busted open the back of his head. Staples were used to close. There is a star shaped area on the back of his head that will never grow hair.

Boy #2 was playing in Daddy's shed (at the age of 3, 4? Who knows?), fell down, got a 1" gash in his scalp. Required glue to close. Another area that will never grow hair. Right where it will always be visible for pictures. Thank you, my son, for giving me a conversation starter!

I love your kids. Just want to eat them up!


I'm actually a physician assistant practicing in an ER. I use that glue on wounds all the time, and it's fine to get it wet. You can't use lotion or antibiotic ointment on it because it will prematurely degrade the glue. You shouldn't get it excessively wet, but after several hours, water is fine in a regular bath. Just pat try rather than rubbing to keep the glue intact as long as possible. Hope this helps.


I'm glad he is OK.....but dang if he isn't still really adorable with his little beat up face.


GAH! Escalator's scare the livin' begeezus out of me...and yes, they hold unmitigated joy for boys. My son was about 10 and was "riding" the escalator (at one of the Marriotts near Georgetown) and the back of his shirt got caught in the GD thing and I swear to God, it almost
ate him before I could get someone to stop the blessed thing.

I now know where the emergency "STOP" button is. (It's the big red button at the top or bottom of the thing). I think you're gonna need it at some point. I look at it whenever we are on an escalator now (he's 12) know, just in case...


So, any chance he'll be less eager to run for the escalators now?


Eeeek! Escalators are one of my biggest fears. Do those things NEED to be so sharp? Poor guy... I'm glad he's okay. We've had one of those weeks around here, too...... hopefully these children will stop having horrible injuries!

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