The Time Has Come, The Walrus Said
Funny how...

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow





(Yeah. I sometimes like to pretend that my life haunts your dreams and consumes your every waking moment. Humor me.)


Anyway. Yes. It happened. We did. Uh-huh. It is. I know! 


(And I sometimes like to type as if you are a real person asking me real questions that require real answers. I do not believe I have an unhealthy relationship with the Internet at all, no.)


Ezra and his dapper haircut beg to disagree.


Here he is, no doubt Googling some relevant articles from more reputable websites. 


Here it is, Mom. According to WebMD, You have a number of serious problems. 


Yet I get the sense you are not taking your serious problems seriously.


I better show Dad. Or Twitter.


Trust me, I'm a professional. Just look at the hair. Also: the digger on my shirt has buttons for wheels. Now stop weeping over that creepy envelope of baby hair they gave you this weekend and fetch me some juice. 


samantha jo campen

Aw! He looks great!

Hope it wasn't too traumatic for either of you :-)




Too cute! :) He's such a handsome little man, Amy.


Ezra is cute and all... and I love the haircut! We expect full details on who it was more dramatic for later...

Really though, I'm most curious to know, what is under the sheet?!?!?!


I love you, Amalah!


And now I want to know what is under the sheet that I didn't notice until I read your comments. I think how you talk to your readers is what makes you so endearing.


Also, I'd like a better pic of the back of the hair. To make sure you didn't leave a tail there or something. I know you're sneaky like that.


Johanna: Ha! I was hoping no one would notice that. "That" being my old childhood dollhouse (that my mom built for me when I was 7) that I had the terrific idea of retrieving from my parents' attic at Christmas to give to the boys. Only to realize that I gave birth to BOYS who are WILD and CRAZY and completely damaged it in several places within minutes.

So I covered it with a blanket, pushed it in the corner and told Jason to find a safe place to store it, preferably in our attic.

That was in December. Those of you who remember The Tire are probably not surprised at all to see that it is still sitting in the living room, covered with a blanket, in APRIL.

Jess F.

Oh, very dapper indeed. And the styling says "yeah, I got a big boy haircut and I'm worth it."


I am soo glad you got his hair cut! I didn't think it was possible, but hey totally looks waaay cuter! He actually looks like a baby again!
Hi, adorable baby face!! You'd been hiding underneath that mullet, huh?


OMG the cuteness. And I totally went through the same thing before I got my kid's hair cut at 18 months. I called him "my little hippie."

FreeRange Pamela

We attempted to get our little one's (22 mos) hair cut this weekend. Everything proceeded according to plan until he began howling as he was forcibly removed from the train table (at the kids haircut salon/toy store). Not the fire-engine-shaped barber chair nor the promise of viewing Dora, nor even the offer of a lollipop calmed him down. (He threw the lollipop to the floor, disdainfully. "How DARE you try to bribe me, thusly!") At that point, even a return to the train table was met with scorn, tears and wailing. His father finally had to just grab him (from the floor, where he'd thrown himself) and head home, in the rain, as attempts to put on his rain coat were fruitless.

We told the nanny about it this morning, and she said she'd accomplished trimming his hair by binding him, mummy-like, with a towel. Presumably he wasn't screaming when she did it. Hmm...

Megan (Best of Fates)

Aw, I'd forgotten how they give you clippings when they cut kids hair.

Though now that I think about it, that might have awkward ties into voodoo dolls in the future.


You do haunt us, as I just checked, like, 20 minutes ago to see if you posted!

He looks adorable and still looks like a baby which is a great relief to everyone, I'm sure. So cute!


Awwww. He's such a little man now. :)


I've never understood the whole don't-want-to-cut-precious-baby's hair thing.

Until I had my second. The poor girl CAN. NOT. SEE. through her jagged hair and yet I can't stand the thought of trimming it. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME??

Sprite's Keeper

So handsome!


I am not ready for Ezra to grow up. Just FYI.


I think I've only commented once or twice but had to comment to tell you that I have literally checked your site about 5 times this morning waiting to see what happened with the haircut. He looks awesome!


You guys did a great job. He still has a lot of the wispy-baby hair look about him. Just enough of a big boy with plenty of the baby mixed in!


OK, may I just say, the haircut is hellof cute. He looks quite handsome! And, well-shorn. However, he was a good-looking boy to start with, so it's not as if it was too much of an uphill climb.
So, an envelope of miserably mourned baby-soft hair? I'm sorry you had to go through this. However, at least you have experienced the trauma early on. I have a grade school memory of my mom bemoaning our hair cuts - grade school, people!
And, TO WHAT MORE REPUTABLE WEB SITE would he go? Perez hilton? Nae, Amalah. You are the zenith of your genre. In modernspeak, Thah Bomb.


He looks even cuter than before! So grownup and such a little man!

Love the commentary on his 'puter' (according to my 3 year old). I'm sure that he's trolling the gaming websites looking for the easter egg to the next level of 'Thomas Tackles a Tornado'. Or something like that.


I was yet another person who wondered throughout the weekend if the hair cut would happen or not! I'm glad it did though, Ezra looks super cute!


Too cute! He's perfect!


He looks adorable with the haircut, no more mullet!

Also, the digger on his shirt, is called a backhoe. I know this because my son has educated me on EVERY single piece of construction equipment that exists. Since he was two.


Oh he is SO cute. Love the haircut.


Hi Amalah, I've been reading your blog for a few years now but never comment. I'm just a scaredy cat that way. I find your blog both hilarious and inspiring. Your boys are just too cute. Acutally, Ezra and boy Levi are just a few weeks apart.
So, today as I was going through my RSS feeder I clicked on your link and had to take a double look at your title. Just last night I wrote a blog about cutting my son's hair and can you guess the title of my post? Yup, you got it! I had a good laugh. Is it weird that I'm actually honored that we think alike? I'm not a stalker, really, I'm not.
Love Ezra's haircut! He can rock any hairstyle you give him ;)


Why is cafemom blocked at work? My work is SO LAME.


Great haircut!

...and -- as a matter of fact -- your life does haunt my dreams. Click my name if you don't believe me.

Lucy's mom

The hair cut is sweet but the digger truck reference totally got me. To this day (my guy is 16 plus years old) I mouth "digger truck" every time I pass a construction site. As in 1995 where we were all about "look Shay! Digger truck!" any time we were on a freeway. *sigh*

mrs. q.

AHHHHH! How is it possible that he is even cuter now!?

Life of a Doctor's Wife

The haircut says little boy, but those cheeks say still-a-baby.

Such a cutie!


See, my son is due for his First Cut, too. But his hair is way curly. Like, wtf do I do with THAT? I don't want the curls GONE, just shorter. GAH! I hate decisions!

Also. I do a killer impersonation of the V-Tech Laptop Lady when she says "I'm HUNGRY. Mmmm.Mmmm."


That last photo proves that getting his hair cut certainly did not sap his strength. He just looks cuter than ever.


Adorable! Not too short...just perfect!

And, I totally dream that we hang out on the weekend and talk shit about my neighbors.


Isn't he a cutie! But what I really want to know is, why he didn't fling his toy computer to the ground and toddle around that table to bang on the keys and touch the screen of the real computer I see in one of your pics. And then throw himself to the floor, screaming, when you move it out of reach. See, my 22-month-old daughter has that exact toy computer, and...oh. It's just her then? Allrighty.


Ezra looks great! I was reluctant to get my boy's gorgeous blonde curls cut off, but after a woman in the park said to her son 'let the little girl go first, or boy, whatever it is' I had to act. Now he has a proper boy's haircut and the back of his neck is exposed, which is the most nibbly part, nom nom nom!


I know! Right? Totally! Cuteness!


Oh, and my son has the same "laptop." The two of them are probably working on a blog together.


Adorable! Also, he did not lose all the "baby" about him at all! He's still as chompable as ever!

Parsing Nonsense

Looking good!

As for the unhealthy relationship with the Internet...I think all bloggers have one. My in-laws looked at me like I was a crazy person when I flung myself on my computer and started typing frantically after being computer-less for five days following the birth of my baby.


Cute baby, cute hair, etc...

What is under the sheet?!

My guess:

A fantastical dollhouse that only you are allowed to play with when the boys go to sleep ala Monica from Friends.

Am I right?! Please tell us!


I read your posts over multiple times when I need a smile, especially posts with adorable babies/dogs and voice overs. :)


Love how you left it long over his ears, good call.

My son is currently growing his out. You are handling this very well.


He is adorable. :) I haven't seen the rest of your family but, your boys look JUST LIKE YOU! Is your hubby jealous? My hubby hates that our boys look like me and I hate that they act JUST LIKE THEIR FATHER! Our daughter is his twin though so it is kind of even. :)


Aww, he's adorable (not that he wasn't before, but this cut is so cute on him)! And it's not nearly as short as Noah's first cut was, I remember you were slightly traumatized by that!


He looks totally adorable!

Bachelor Girl

Very dashing indeed!


He's adorable, and you're funny. A good combination. :)


Okay, I'm giggling. I own that gymboree tshirt!!! My 4 1/2 yr old, who is your older kid's approximate age, wore that last year and the year before. I think it's too childish for this year already though.But I had to squee that me in little ol brooklyn, NY owns the same tshirt as glorious you...

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