What I Have Done Today To Make Me Feel Proud
Dear Cat



Look at it this way, at least you didn't need to use your arm....

Megan (Best of Fates)

Ugh, something about me just gets all squigly inside at the idea of having to reach inside a toilet. Oh, the battles of motherhood. Well, I'm just assuming. Not that there's anything wrong if you're the one fishing in the toilet - it's a person's perogative.


Just remember: the water is clean before you do your business. So as long as the last person to use the toilet flushed it, it is going to be okay. Just be thankful you aren't a dog and that isn't your drinking water.




I don't know about you, but in my house I have a 4-rear-old who has this nasty habit of forgetting to flush the toilet, and a 20-month-old who has a nasty habit of throwing things into that NON-FLUSHED toilet. So. That's worse, right?


Amanda: Yep. That's pretty much EXACTLY what happened here.


(Also, the 19-month-old actually did think he was fishing for fish. Brown ones. Okay, I will stop now.)

Springsteen fan

Hmmm, what's my excuse for getting an 8 year old a cell phone? (Hubby and kid pressured me sounds so lame in comparison). So sorry about your*ahem*fishing expedition. Reminds me of a sangria-infused night on vacay 2 years ago when my cell phone succombed. Stupid jeans back pockets. Stupid Yago.


Ha - at first glance I thought you were selling an Epilady!


My wonderful family therapist friend's opinion on doing things like buying an iPod so your kid will use utensils: If you want something more than they do, bribe 'em.


Loved your post at The Stir. And this reader will totally not judge you. I am widowed, raising a tween and a teen on my own, and I have been SHOCKED by how many people feel free to criticize what I do. And of course, these people have never walked one single step in my shoes. This experience has taught me that, when I have NO EXPERIENCE in a situation, I should SHUT THE HELL UP rather than offer my opinion.


Oh no! We've been potty training for about a month now, and Nathan is starting to throw EVERYTHING in the toilet. Sucks.


How about a dollar and some envelopes?


Having never seen a Wii, I totally thought it was a vibrator, and said to myself, "Those come battery-operated now, what's with the cord?"

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Goodness, I thought that was a vibrator.

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