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What I Have Done Today To Make Me Feel Proud

Since there was a small handful of requests, I bought these shoes on Mother's Day.

I also bought...a pair of running shoes. 

Last year, after Blogher, I kept seeing pictures of myself crop up on Flickr and Facebook that made me cringe, a little bit. My chin, my face, my arms...everything was a bit rounder and softer, at least compared with the photos from previous years that occasionally popped up out of order, for side-by-side comparisons. I told myself that I was simply not photogenic, and holding on to 10 pounds or so because I was breastfeeding. 

By January, when we went to Jamaica, I was most definitely not breastfeeding any more. But the pictures looked worse, not better. I deleted most of them: practically erasing my presence from the greatest family vacation we've ever taken, save for a small handful of pictures that happened to be taken at more flattering angles.  Or from far away.

There was no way around it: I'd been slowly but steadily gaining weight since Ezra's birth, instead of the other way around. Not a lot, oh, not really a whole lot. But enough. Enough to make me delete myself from the memory card, to glare at myself in the mirror while I struggled with zippers and pinched extra skin around waistbands and bra straps, to walk around in public in forgiving work-out wear that I certainly didn't work out in, to go from having sex on kitchen counters to under covers with the lights off, getting uptight about OH GOD, don't grab me THERE, it's SQUISHY. 

I had an eating disorder in high school -- I starved myself non-stop. I didn't hit 100 pounds until college. I'm five-foot-five. And a half. 

I don't want to ever be that skinny again -- photos of myself at a senior-year pool party were a reverse wake-up call, when I saw just how vile my protruding ribs and hip bones were, at least compared to my curvy, healthy friends. Who were smiling and laughing while I mostly looked sort of dazed and miserable. 

I didn't look dazed in any of the Jamaica photos, and I was smiling and laughing. But I was still a little bit miserable.

Not like, oppressively so: Most of the time I was able to push my feelings aside, or under a baggy sweater or the aforementioned fake work-out wear. Or under a plate of cheese fries. 

Jason noticed, though -- not ever mentioning the actual weight gain but the fact that I never, ever bought clothes for myself anymore.

"Not true!" I'd protest. "I got a couple new dresses for Jamaica!"

"I bought you those," he'd point out, and then he'd say that all those tees and yoga pants from Target didn't count either. And then something like:

"When was the last time you even bought shoes? Your feet haven't changed. You love shoes. I know you get easily wigged out about spending money but seriously, you can buy yourself some shoes, if you want."

The truth was? I didn't want to. I'd just...kind of stopped caring. I watched other bloggers get up and get moving and train for marathons, and instead of feeling inspired, I cheered for them while sinking deeper into the ass-groove on my couch. That pesky 10 pounds of "baby weight" was turning into something closer to 20, and I didn't have the first clue how to reverse course. I was afraid of falling back into disordered thinking about food while totally using that fear as an excuse to do absolutely nothing instead. 

Over at MamaPop, BHJ posed a challenge: we'd all set weight-loss goals and do weekly honor-system weigh-ins, for the duration of one season of The Biggest Loser. 13 weeks. We'd be the MamaPopLosers, and it was an awesome idea. I pledged 10 pounds, mostly because I was afraid of completely embarrassing myself if I promised more and failed. 

I planned to give up my Coca-Cola habit.. I threw out the remaining Halloween candy. I made some vague noises about less snacking and eating better and exercising. 

My progress was slow -- a pound here, a pound there, a big gain in Jamaica, etc. 

But I was making progress. I was eating better. Eating less, feeling full sooner. No processed foods, no HFCS or anything hydrogenated or artificial or "diet." (Basically: the way I feed my kids, but didn't realize how often I cheated on those standards myself until I started paying freaking attention.)  I caved and picked up some fast food at the drive-thru on one super-rushed crazy day and couldn't even choke half of it down -- it was so gross! Ew! This isn't even food! I drank water. I stopped missing Coke. I hated the way junk food made me feel. I still splurged on nice dinners out with Jason and the occasional REALLY GOOD WORTH-IT DESSERT, but had no problem turning down mediocre crap food eaten out of boredom or convenience. I started wanting to maybe wear some cute clothes. I started wanting to exercise

And I lost that 10 pounds. I've lost another five since the weigh-ins ended, though I've decided to stop weighing myself and instead focus on getting in really good shape.  I've started the Couch to 5K training program (I have never run in my entire life). I can't believe that the small changes I made had such an impact -- small changes that I put off making for God knows how long for God knows what reason. I'm ready to see what else I can do...off the scale, away from Wii Sports, outside in real life. 

And so I bought myself some shoes



that Couch potato to 5k program rocks! Good luck!!


As someone who took up running about a year ago, don't give up for at least the first month. Your body will learn it, but I swear, I thought the first month was TORTURE. But it gets better- I started in June and did a Half-marathon in April. Not fast, but I did it. Good luck!

Mrs. Priss

And some freaking HOT new shoes, if I may say so. Good for you!!


Go Amy!

I started running last October. I'm going to be running a marathon this October. :)



Can I live vicariously through you and get running updates?

Meanwhile, don't hate because yesterday, for the first time in 20 years, I swam laps in the pool. I want to buy a very cute and couple sizes smaller dress for graduation in December...


Couch to 5K rocks! You'll be running for 20 minutes straight in no time and its unbelieveable the first time you do it. Running really is mostly mental, but I still love how the program eases you into it.


thank you i really needed this today i have a 2 and half month old barely put on weight when i was pregnant but now i am gaining yesterday i joined spark people i gave up soda am snacking on veggies and raw almonds my weight has stopped going up but its not dropping either i have been eating like this for a few weeks now and starting to get frustrated i have 20 lbs i would like to lose and i was starting to feel like that would never happen you gave me hope also your boys are adorable and you are hilarious thank you


The little changes add up. And seeing results is motivating as hell! I've recently lost 15 pounds sorta-kinda doing weight watchers, but not on the weekends. It's a general awareness, more than anything. Congratulations and GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF.


W000000000T! Awesome. You can TOTALLY do this. From you blog, I know you tend to get sort of hyper-competitive about some things, but resist. It doesn't matter how fast you do this; just that you DO. Then for the next one you can get all competitive. ;-)


Good for you Amy! And I'm proud of you that you didn't allow yourself to fall back into the eating disorder mindset. Keep us posted on your progress on the Couch to 5K!

Also: love the shoes!


Hooray shoes! And it sounds like Jason is full of win ;)
(Although I don't know how you'd manage sex on the kitchen counter with kids around :P )
I am proud of you, Amy! And today I am proud of me, too. Because I went for a walk. And as much as that's a tiny thing, for me, it's a big thing, and just one step on the road to being healthier!


Awesome! That's the "food plan" I took up recently, definitely with some inspiration from you MamaPop folks. Basically, it needs to be natural and/or organic, and preferably local. Next step is exercise but that may take a while. I have lost at least 10 lbs according to my clothes and hopefully am on my way to much more. NO DIET! Just healthy. With occasional treats.


I'm turning 30 this year, and have signed up to do a sprint triathlon--me, who is very easily in the realm of the "headless fatties" you see on the news. So far I can swim the whole 1/2 mile, bike 10 and I'm a little far behind on the 3.1 miles (closer to 1.5) but still. I will finish in August, and I'm SO looking forward to the picture at the end.

It's so hard to be nice to yourself. I feed my kids the highest quality food, and I resign myself to quick, cheap and easy. I need to do better.


Awesome for you, Amy! You look great (you've always looked great) and now you're feeling great too. :)




Congratulations on picking up running! What everyone says is true, it does get easier over time and is SO mental. My tip would be to really push yourself with some strength training as well. Get some heavier dumbbells and dive into squats, lunges, curls, etc. As you build muscle, the running will automatically become easier. Good luck!


Just wanted to say I used to HATE excerise, but started almost 2 yrs ago at age 38 when they wanted to put me on blood pressure meds. I lost 20 lbs & now my bp is in the healthy range. I have recently fallen back into the not so healthy eating & can tell it in my clothes, so I need to get back on the right track. This post is inspiring - I can do it!! Now that the weather is (somewhat) better in ND, I need to pick up the running pace/distance again. I love my ipod iRun, it's a little device you stick in your shoes (Nike's have a little pocket built in, but I think you can use it with other shoes too), it connects with your ipod to tell you stuff like how far & how many calories you've burnt... Also, you may need to try a few differnt brands until you find a pair your feet love, for me it's Nike, for my hubby (also a runner) it's Asics.

Megan (Best of Fates)

Woooh! Congrats - I'm sure you're so proud of yourself for making a goal and sticking with it! And those shoes are certainly a worthwhile reward.


Good for you!! I've lost 18 and am so proud of myself...and oh my god!!! Those shoes!!!

Jess F.

Hot shoes!
I am so happy that you are feeling great. I am on a happy, healthy, weight loss kick too, so I appreciate the inspiration :)


My friend Erin and I challenged each other to a virtual race this year to see who could run 500 miles first. We opened it up to our friends and we have 60 people, all committing to run/walk/bike/swim 500 miles in 2010.

Since starting it Jan 1, a large number of people have done C25K with great success and are planning 5Ks! While some of us more experienced people are signing up for half marathons and marathons.

You can do it!

PS. I also vote for Nike+, it is super motivating and love tracking my mileage that way. Our 500 in 2010 group has a group challenge and I love logging in to see how far I am from taking over the top spot!


Love those shoes!

Couch to 5K is a great way to start. I'm starting it again this week and am looking forward to doing some summer 5Ks and taking the kiddo out in the jogging stroller again.


I just started Couch to 5K too! Not for the weight loss, but because I am so out of shape. I haven't averaged more than once a week at the gym since the baby was born. Eight months ago. Eesh.

Actually, this is my second time doing it. Last time I got up to running 28 minutes straight before I remembered how much I *hate* running and quit. This time, for some reason, it's not as hard and I don't mind it so much. I just don't have time. I started C25K about a month ago and I'm only halfway through week two . . . work keeps getting in the way. Or so I keep telling myself.

Have you downloaded the podcasts? www.ullreys.com/robert/Podcasts/ - they help a lot since you don't want to have to actually think about minutes as you go.

Keep us posted on how do you do! It will keep me honest. If you want a running buddy or someone to commiserate with, let me know . . .


Those heels? SO HOT. WANT.

And good for you, losing the weight and changing your eating habits! If you can do it, and without too much pain and withdrawal, maybe I can too.


Bitchin shoes! Both pair. I think the best runners are those who never ran...until they did? I think I'm not your typical runner - but I loves it.


I started C25K last month after never having run in my life. My first day, I couldn't get fifteen feet without wanting to die. Now I can run about 1/4 a mile without wanting to die. Not a huge distance, but it is for me. My calves went from shakin-their-groove-thang to solid. My calves have never been solid in my life. I haven't lost any weight (mainly because of...my metabolism. Yeah, my metabolism. Not cake or fries! I defy you to tell me different!) But I am so proud of myself.

I turn 40 in December. I do not want to be fat and forty. I do not want to even be fluffy and forty. I want to be fit and forty. And hot. Hot is good too.

Kudos to you for starting this too, Amy. And double kudos on your footwear choices!


GREAT POST, Amy! I don't even have kids yet, but am busy juggling work, a home, pets and a husband, and you know, LIFE in general. Your description of how you felt squishy and icky and just blah is so spot on. I bought a scale 4 years ago when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding, and made small ifestyle changes to get down to a curvy 135. I looked GOOD! Then the wedding was over, I could eat bread again (!) and life happened, and I only checked the scale on mornings when I got bored waiting for the water to warm up. I did notice the numbers getting larger but chalked it up to a number of lame and probably not true excuses and also consoled myself by saying I was still within a "healthy" range for my height and build, and my "fat day pants" still fit (only they can't really be called "fat day pants" when you are wearing them everyday, ahem).

Then... Someone tagged a photo of me on Facebook last week and I couldn't believe it was me, who was this person with the round face and cellulite on her arms? It was horrifying, I de-tagged myself and then made all my photos private. I stepped on the scale last week and was so shocked to see that I am now approaching 160. I am 5' 5" with natural curves, but this is ridiculous. This is not a healthy weight or a good way to live and I just can't make any more excuses.

Thank you for sharing your story, and giving me the inspiration to start caring again. It is overwhelming to think about losing 25 lbs, but even losing 5-10 pounds is an improvement, and that is where I need to start. Thank you again for the inspiration!

And, those new heels are killer!


yay! good for you!!!

i'm having a terrible time losing the weight after this last kiddo. the first two were work, but not difficult... this one i just can't seem to get motivated for... and it doesn't help that we're trying to get pregnant again so all i hear in the back of my mind is 'why bother, you're just going to get fat again in a few months'


(LOVE the shoes, btw)

Anna D

Congratulations! I started the couch to 5K in January and just ran a 10K last week and will be running a half marathon in October. If I can do it, I have no doubt that you can too!
You rock Amy :)

Goddess in Progress

Delurking to say way to go on your progress, and on starting C25K! I did it, also as someone who had NEVER run in her entire life. It's a really great program, just stick with it. I strongly recommend signing up for a 5K race right around the time that you're scheduled to finish the program. For me, it helped keep me on track at times when I might have quit if I didn't have a race looming. And the experience of running that very first race, with your official bib number and everything, is a really great accomplishment. For some people, it's "only" a 5K. But if you've never done it before, you feel like a damn rock star.

If you have any interest, feel free to see my posts on starting the program and signing up for the race and actually running the whole race.

Anyways, just wanted to say WAY TO GO!


Good for you! I decided this was the year I was going to lose the 20 pounds that have slowly crept on since settling into married bliss (no kids to blame). It's slow going but it's going. Also decided to join my husband and others in the Army 10 Miler in October. I won't be running the 10 Miler but I will "wog" (walk/jog) it. Bought some new running shoes, hit the trail and surprised myself with how much jogging I could actually do. However, be careful not to do too much too quick. Just about 8 weeks into my training I find myself sidelined with achilles tendonitis and doctors orders not to jog for a few weeks. Good luck with the 5k, it'll be a great personal accomplishment!


FTR, when I saw the ear piercing pic, my first thought was, "Boy, she looks like she has lost weight!"


Amy - Congratulations! You have to start somewhere. I started changing my habits 8 years ago when I was 300+ lbs in that time I have lost about 140 lbs - mostly through small changes -starting to go to Curves, walking to work, paying the most basic attention to what I eat - nothing major. But seriously, it has taken 8 years, not 8 weeks or whatever like on Biggest Loser. Now I am training for a half-ironman...not totally sure how that happened :)


DoctorMama is BRILLIANT about running if you never have before. I hope you check her out (she's gonna call you a maggot, but don't worry, it is out of love).


Of course you are having kitchen counter sex if you are wearing those shoes(first pair).
I cannot wait to be unpreggers and bust out BOTH the f-me pumps and running shoes.


Okay - I NEED the shoes. Who makes them?

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Love the heels! Sexy!

Congrats on the weight loss and the new perspective on food and fitness!! You are awesome.


I am seriously coveting those shoes *sigh*.
I have been wanting to try the C25K too, I just lack the motivation. Maybe now I can count on you for that (heehee).


May I selfishly say, I think I needed you to write this post?
I followed the mamapop loser challenge - meaning, I read the updates, while sitting on my butt.
But I'm wearing a wedding dress at the end of July, and dammit, I wanna be HOT in those photos. It's about pudgy-ness for me. Maybe 5 lbs, but its the muscle tone, the shaping.
I'm with you!! You rock!


So funny, because when I saw the picture at the top, all I could think was, "wow, Amalah's ankles are SO SKINNY."

I had an eating disorder in high school too, and I am just now, at the age of 27, putting on the pounds (ten) for the first time since my sophomore year of high school, when I went from 100 pounds to 120 pounds in, like, a week. It's freaking me the hell out. And it's so, so difficult not to just say, "okay, so, only celery for food, and I have to run four miles every day!" I think in extremes, and I'm a perfectionist. Makes light dieting VERY difficult. I've been struggling against the impulse to buy a scale and instead focus on how my clothes are fitting me, but I nearly had a nervous breakdown last night when the Soffe shorts I've had for five years are suddenly WAY TOO SMALL. Ugh.

Way to go, love. Fifteen pounds. Wow.


Good for you! You can do it!

I started doing Couch to 5K in February or March and will be doing my first 5K on my birthday, June 5th. I'm excited and, more importantly, I feel spectacular.


thems are sex on the counter shoes.

awesome shoes.


15 pounds is SO awesome! Congrats!

LURVE the shoes! ;)


I thought you looked a little different in your earring photo! Less chin, for sure. Hard work pays off!

Those shoes are hott!


Good for you Amy! Couch to 5K is a total gateway drug to running...I dropped almost 40 lbs back 2008 with running and it all started with Couch to 5K. I second the suggestion about using Robert Ullery's podcasts. Because seriously, run and count at the same time? Please.


Good for you Amy! Couch to 5K is a total gateway drug to running...I dropped almost 40 lbs back 2008 with running and it all started with Couch to 5K. I second the suggestion about using Robert Ullery's podcasts. Because seriously, run and count at the same time? Please.


Good for you - for what you've done, and for writing about it.

Also, the Biggest Loser theme song is ridiculously motivational and touching. It's fully half the reason I watch the show.


That is truly awesome. You go and rock it, measuring success on strength and endurance, not numbers :)

Kathy W

Iphone has a fantastic C25K app. Strongly suggest it.

I also like the app Lose It! but it does count calories...which, given that I'm a foodie and around food 10 hours a day, it helps me keep track of all the tasting-nibbling-sampling and adjust my healthy meals around those calories, rather than in addition to those calories.

And those shoes are da bomb.

Andrea in MD

5K--WooHoo! I have been running somewhat regularly for almost a year and I love it! My hubby and I run the Race for Hope 5K in DC every year in memory of his mom. We also do the RunAmuck 5K at Needwood Lake with obstacles and mud pits-running through the water and woods! So fun. Keep it fun and remember to change your scenery-challenge yourself! Enjoy and let me know if you need a running buddy- motivation helps! :)


You rock! Nice shoes!


Dude!!! If you need a motivational partner or the like I am SO THERE. I used to be a runner up until about 6 months ago when I was in a hideous accident involving my left foot and the back wheel of a car and now I am 15 pounds heavier, hugely embarassed and in no shape at all. Last week I bought new running shoes - in the same colour scheme as yours actually- and have made a promise to myself to fight through the nerve pain I have in my foot now and GET BACK where I was. Because DAMN I would like to not wear these sweatpants anymore.

I actually had a talk with my husband today about how I'm so embarassed and frustrated and I had a few tears and then he had a few tears also and said "I had no idea you felt that way, that makes me so sad" and I don't want to be sad anymore.

I am so totally in.

Oh and also - I listen to the Proud song when I go running so the title of your post got me really! excited!


Thank you for writing this. I needed this. I also gained about 20 lbs after baby was born (after losing the baby weight). Congrats on your hard work! Enjoy the shoes!


WOOT! Congrats, Amy, that is a great accomplishment! And good luck with the 5K. I'm using this blog as an inspiration and encouragement for myself - I haven't had kids, but the weight has been creeping on lately and making me not-so-happy. In the past I've found that signing myself up for races (even though running is not my forte) keeps me going and motivated, if for no other reason than I don't want to make an arse out of myself on race day. Keep us posted on your progress! What 5K are you running, btw?


Ugh. fat.

Congrats on losing yours. I'm trying to work up the nerve to confront mine. I'm still in serious denial - in my brain I'm still a skinny woman.

I have this fantasy that 30 years from now, the nieces and nephews will be looking at old photo albums and say things like "Gee, I don't remember Aunt Ginny looking this fat and ugly." But if I don't get it under control, the real conversation will sound more like "Hey - the old bat doesn't look too bad in this picture." "Yeah - that was before she got Really enormous."


Beth R

Delurking to say thank you. I feel like what you wrote could have been me. In the past two weeks I have finally admitted that I have an eating disorder (compulsive eating rather than not eating) and I need to do something about it. I have considered the C25K many times but always been to chicken. You continue to inspire me, also the shoes ROCK!


I am so happy for you! Go go go!


I started the Couch to 5K in January and made it through week, by painful week. My goal is a 5K a month from April to December 2010. Did the April 5K and knowing I had to do it again in May kept me running. My 2nd 5K is on Saturday.

Awesome, awesome, awesome program. I have a lot more to lose than you do and I am down 45 lbs with another 45 to go.

Good for you....from one couch potato to another...if I can do it anyone can!

P.S. C25K tip...download podcasts that have music with the intervals already built in...no more obsessively looking at your watch as you wheeze along waiting for the next running section. The kind people in the iPod just come on and tell you when to walk.

If you like up beat hip hop stuff, I wholeheartedly recommend the C25K podcasts done by Carli. You can find them on her site here.



Isn't it funny how we feed our kids the best stuff and then we don't eat any of it? My house is filled w/ fresh fruit and healthy snacks, yet, when they're not looking, I'm eating chips and drinking soda. ARGH. I so needed this blog post today because I need to get re-motivated. I have been walking every night and it makes me feel better, but I definitely feel your pain over that extra 10-15 lbs. It just makes me feel so YUCKY. Plus, bathing suit season is motivation enough! Thank you again. This is another kick in the butt for me. And LOVE LOVE the shoes!


Awesome! Jason is definitely a keeper! Keep us posted.


1. Those shoes are fanfuckingtastic.

2. I did Couch-to-5K last year, as I had just turned 30 and wanted to get off my lazy ass. Now I love running. I'm not going to get all crazy and do a marathon, but it gets me outside and away from life for 30 minutes at a time. Good luck!


Way to go, Amy! Proud of you (and love the shoes).

(For the record, I think you looked adorable in the photos I took at BlogHer. :) )


A very important question and a story.

First the question - MY GOD WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE HEELS? I love them. I mean, seriously love them. As in, I'm wondering how I construct a Google search that will allow me to find them and acquire them for myself. Help a girl out?

Now the story. In January of last year I was a total slug. I never exercised, never ran, never did anything. I'd never run a mile in my entire life, including in gym class in high school, when I just walked. I wasn't heavy, just very "untoned." Then I read a post on the most awesome blog EVER about Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred that inspired me. Guess who wrote it? (Check your archives if you're not sure . . . ) I did the Shred (with copious amounts of modifications, of course) and finally had energy and endurance. I wondered if I could run a mile, hopped on the treadmill (which we'd bought before my first son was born . . . 6 years ago . . . and I've WALKED on maybe 5 times since then) and ran a mile and a half. It was awesome. Well, it wasn't awesome as in SUPER FUN awesome, but it was awesome that I was able to doing something I'd never dreamed I'd be able to do. I kept it up, and just ran my first 5k last weekend. I didn't run the entire thing, but I ran most, and I finished, and I didn't die. Seeing my hubby and kids cheer me on at the finish line was awesome. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT. And I did it all because you inspired me to try the Shred!

Now, about those shoes . . .


I know you have a lot of comments already, but I just have to say THAT IS ME. The weight gain AFTER having the kid, the not wanting the husband to see this popping out there and that bulging over here, all of it is exactly me. So thanks for saying it, because maybe this will be the thing that will get me going again.


I also noticed your slim face in the earring pic yesterday! And now skinny ankles!
Weight is such a shitty issue especially for former anorexic types (me too!). Even when my husband gains weight I find it so hard to deal with and when I do it's still pretty upsetting, mainly just when I see the photos.
Have fun with the running and DO NOT OVERDO IT TOO QUICKLY. That leads straight to injuries. You do not want shin splints or knee problems within a month of starting, that will just turn you off running forever.
Thanks for sharing this - lots that you share is very personal, but this (kitchen counter sex AND weight in one post!) had to have been especially tough.


I'm doing couch 25k also. We should make plans to meet up and do it together. I kind of hate it, so a partner would be good.


that's awesome - both the shoes and the mindset. it'll be great the running!


Good for you! I just bought that EXACT same pair of Asics two months ago and they are fabulous. I've tried Puma, Adidas, and Reebok and these are by far the best shoe for distance running I've ever had.

Good luck with running! Half the battle is a great iPod mix.


Yay, Amy! Fantastic!

Being slightly to very overweight my entire life, yo-yoing up and down through spits and starts of exercise routines, I finally committed last July to living a healthier life. At that point I had hit 200 pounds, my highest weight ever. I would never believe the "I used to be an overweight couch potato and now I run marathons!" "It feels so great to exercise!" "You can lose weight if you just commit and persevere!" stories I'd read or hear. Everything you described feeling, I felt (complacent, crappy about my body, just a general sense of "I give up"), and on top of that, I was concerned about the effects on my health if I continued down that path. So I joined a small gym, start speed walking on the treadmill while watching episodes of Glee and Mad Men on my iPhone. I started eating healthier, actually paying attention to what and how much food I was putting into my body. Eleven months later, I'm fifty pounds lighter (and counting!) and my exercise routine consists of 45 minute runs (non-stop running) four or five times a week. Now I AM one of those stories I used to not believe was possible—I CAN be healthy, it DOES feel so good to exercise, I CAN lose the weight and keep it off. And now I don't even pay attention to the scale—it's about how I feel about myself and how my body feels about the state it's in. As you know, it's a great feeling.

Keep up the good work, Amy!


I took up running last year when my significant other decided to become a firefighter. I was 50 lbs overweight and it was NOT EASY (I've been slacking for 2 weeks and yesterday's run wasn't easy either), but it is so worth the energy you feel and the counter sex....

...and as someone who has had two major ankle surgeries, I know shoes. Asics, your running shoes, are going to be your favorite pair of shoes. Good pickin'! Good luck!


Good for you Amy!!!!!!!! that's awesome! Also - I'm training to run a 1/2 marathon in October adn I have those shoes (the asics)- I LOVE them. I hope you enjoy teh C25K program adn sign up for a 5K when you're ready. I run a race a month right now and I swear, they are so much fun and have a great energy about them and really inspire me to keep moving. Best wishes to you on this new journey...it's rough, but god - it's so amazing.


love the shoes!!!
Way to go on not falling back into the eating disorder side of things. You are inspiring. congrats.


Have been toying with the Couch to 5k idea for awhile. Maybe now I will actually do it! I will definitely download a podcast just to motivate myself a little bit more. 'Cause I'm skinny in my head,too, and I need to wake up, already!! Good luck--and is it okay to say I prefer the running shoes to the badass heels? (Am old and they are scary high.)


You go, girl! And because its about health, not dieting, I bet it lasts.



I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and have never commented. I just wanted to say that you're an inspiration, sappy as that sounds. I was also severely anorexic in high school, to the point of being hospitalized with feeding tubes stuck down my throat. And I've always been nervous, since recovering, about weighing myself or watching what I eat. But I cannot deny that I have been growing out of my normal, healthy-weight size lately, and trying to make some changes without going overboard. Thanks for showing that it can be done!

(Also: Your shoes rock.)


Good for you, Amalah. Losing weight is hard, exercise is hard, but it's so worth it when you feel that good, ya know?
Also, those shoes are fantastic.


(I got the shoes at Nordstrom. They're by Michael Kors. I feel in love with them a few weeks ago but thought they were a mite pricy, then literally started having dreams about them. Had to have them. Now they are mine. Rawr. Love them.)


I fucking love those shoes. Oh, and the not-pictured running shoes...running is awesome. Good luck, and remember: tomorrow is another day, Scarlett O'Hara. If you crap out on one day, just start over again the next.

You got this.


Those shoes are HOT! I demand to know where you got them and who the designer is, please.


Yes. My body is worse now than it was three months postpartum, and that is really...not good. I've never had to control my weight before, and I figured I was home free when the baby weight fell off by itself. But now? Seventeen months later and with no excuses? (I AM breastfeeding, but it's not extra weight that's bothering me, it's extra squishiness.) It's time to accept that I'm 31 and my metabolism has changed and I need to actually do something about it. I'm starting C25K at the end of the month.

bethany actually

Good for you! Fifteen pounds gone, woohoo! And wanting to get in better shape, fantastic. I did something like a Couch to 5K years ago when a good friend trained for a marathon and I was shamed into it. I hated distance running when I was in school, and had never run for exercise. To say that I was SHOCKED when I found I loved running is an understatement. I have not been able to run for several years now due to a sprained ankle and wonky knees and I miss it like crazy. Enjoy it extra for me! :-)


Those shoes! JELUSSSSSSS. Trust me. Closet shoe whore right here, licking the screen. Also: Werk. It.

I'm festively plump and have been working out at the gym (see also: running 'til my legs will run without me) and am currently at 22 pounds down. And I love exercising now. (I KNOW!)

You go, seksi-shoe-wearing-Amy. You rock.


I'm at the end of my second week of couch to 5k. (I got a great iPhone ap for it. It gives you cues when to run and walk)

I've never run in my life either but I'm terribly prone to shin splints. I'm doing all I can to minimize them and I have to say, so far I'm enjoying it.

Yesterday was the first day I did the program in the for real outdoors and I definitely felt the wear of the asphalt on my shins.

I think I'm going to have to stick to the treadmill or soft tracks for the time being, just until I can get my shins strengthened.

Good luck! And I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Domesticated Gal

Pretty Pretty shoes!

And what is the couch potato to 5k program? b/c I think i TOTALLY qualify. Considering that i just started running this week. For the first time in 16 years....owww


Those shoes are my favorite. I just retired my first pair last week and bought new ones in pink.


You have just made me feel much better. I too have watched the weight creep up. First it was to 130 and I justified it. But now? Now, I am 158 and 5'3" and I don't even have kids to blame. Just sitting on my ass all day at work and not being careful about what I eat. And yes, I also have not bought any clothes, have stopped caring about looking cute...mostly because I feel miserable about how I look. You just gave me the kick in the pants to get going and get back to my old self. Thanks! I needed it!

Amy in StL

Good for you! Both for getting off your butt and starting to run (I started the first time when I was 38) and for buying super cute shoes too!


Go Amy!

I'm so happy you bought yourself some sexy shoes and some running shoes. Doing something like exercising for ourselves is important. And i'm intrigued by the couch to 5k. I walked a 5k last weekend and I am surely a couch potato. Maybe i'll give it a look-see.

Best of luck in your new running regime!

Plano Mom

Fucking awesome. And I don't even hate you.


Don't really care for the top shoes (but I have NEVER worn a pair of high heels) but the gel cumulus are awesome. My husband is a long distance runner (60 miles a week) and he loves these shoes. Except, I think you have to have a specific, non-average, foot type to use these. Pronator, supernator, something like that. I don't know, but he knows... Anyways, I hope that doesn't effect your running.


Woo hoo! Congrats on improving your overall health. I'm jealous, I've at week 3 of working out more and eating carefully and I've lost half a pound. Sigh....


I never comment, but this post was so helpful to me, especially today when I was feeling particularly squishy myself after realizing my baby weight is going back up, six months AFTER giving birth. So, good job and I hope I can do the same.


Couch to 5k is being mentioned all over the blogosphere and message boards these days but not the point of my comment.

I just wanted throw my sentiment out there about weight and pp body. I am not sure what happens to women after having a baby but the whole not caring about your body and clothes is like a weird side effect of pregnancy. I am 18 pp and shopping is not fun anymore and not just clothes but shoes as well. It just seems to take super extra effort that I don't have and on top of it all it's like I lost any fashion sense if I ever had any; which I doubt. So I hear ya on all of it. Now, if I can just spring into action and do something about it but that's another post.


I start the Couch to 5k program Monday!! Good luck!! I am very excited. I walk 5k's about 3 times a week now but I am hoping I can get some really good training and nutrion plans so by this time next year I can be running at least a 1/2 marathon!! Love the shoes!!


Oh and if the Asics don't work out, if you at all have Narrow Heel Issues like I do, check out Mizunos for your next pair. They are all I wear now - no shinsplints, hip issues or anything. Asics did not work for me despite the "expert" at the running store swearing up and down that they were perfect as she watched me jog around the store. Silly me for wanting to try something different. Now it's all Mizuno Wave Riders all the time. They make great trail runners too.

Oh and trail running is much easier on joints and shins so it may be a good idea to incorporate some trails into your runs once you get a bit more into it. Too much road running KILLS me.

That's all. Have fun and stay healthy!!

Amy Evangeline

I just completed C25K and just competed in my first 5K - I feel so stinking proud of myself I can't stand it. I am hoping for all of that and more for you!! Enjoy!


Amy, you rock, your shoes rock and your blog rocks!

Was just thinking about how I really really need to get back into running - not just to drop the baby weight (4.5 months later, my body is clinging onto the last 5 pounds) but for my sanity. I think this post was the kick in the butt I needed. Just want to say thank you and good luck!!

Bachelor Girl

1. Those shoes are FIERCE.

2. I started running last year, then let it slide for a little, then recently started running again. After running a few 5k's last summer, I can tell you that NOTHING feels better to a novice runner than just FINISHING a race.

3. So proud of you for your fitness efforts! You know we need before and after photos, right?


The weight gain happened for me after the birth of both my children. And I got pregnant with my second while still breastfeeding.

Yeah, it totally sucked.

I only netted a six-pound weight gain with my second, and three weeks after she was born, I was fifteen pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. And by golly I was not going to waste that. I was going to make those nine months of miserable food aversions and not eating COUNT.

So, since I live in Wisconsin and it's winter, pouring, or tornadoing here nine months a year, we bought an elliptical machine. My husband forgot he'd opened an FSA, so SURPRISE! we had about $1000 to spend, and we only had a month to do it. I found a very highly-rated, small Schwinn elliptical for $600. And oh my gosh, I love it. I actually put on about ten pounds after all of it just melted off (and I still have no clue where it came from, as it was faaaar too early in the game for it to be muscle), which made me grouchy for a while. But the exercise alone is worth it.

My shape hasn't changed much, other than my legs and upper arms looking a leetle more toned, but I feel a thousand times more attractive.

I have the energy to keep the house clean, cook meals from scratch, and take care of two children just 16 months apart. And I give most of the credit to the 20-40 minutes a day I spend on that machine (the rest of the credit goes to my husband and, sometimes, booze, sweet booze).

If I never lose another pound, I will still consider that $600 to be worth it. Best money we ever spent.


I love your shoes big time.

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