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Oh my CHEEKS. He is beyond darling. Did he sign "more" quickly after signing "all done" or was that my imagination?


He signed more after all that, didn't he?


Ok...the LOOK he gave Jason around 1:30min was PRICELESS! IT was like "Dude...I am going to get you for teasing me like that. Watch your back!" LMBO!


You're kind of killing your argument for not having more kids there, Amy.

Loved his stink-eye at Jason when Jason took the plate away. Like, "Where you goin' with that, foo? 'S MINES!"


OMG, cute! I love the way he shoves the bites in after Jason threatens to take it away.


Well, dude. His mean dad kept taking it from him. He HAD to shovel it in. Now I want a cupcake.


I'm judging you. Only a bad mother would put a cupcake video online where other, cupcakeless mothers and children might see it. How could you, Amy?


(In Jason's defense, because you can't hear it under the music, Ezra started saying "ALL DUN" right at that point. Jason was just calling his bluff.)



ohhh, I so love that he knows what he is doing, very calculated with the "icing first" and then the cake. So cute!

samantha jo campen

I'm sitting here CLAPPING and CHEERING for him!



That's my kind of kid, shoving 3/4 of a cupcake into his mouth! Totally radical!! And the look he gave Jason? Priceless.


I hope he had a glass of milk just outside of the frame. :)


That. Was simply awesome. I don't know how you survive with that much cuteness around.
And the soundtrack with it? Perfect!


I love every single thing about this video. And that's a baby after my own heart - straight for the frosting. :) What a cutie!


"Dad...give it BACK!!!"


Okay, yeah, cute and cupcakes. Yum.... blah, blah... but what is that bib contraption? It hooks onto regular paper napkins!? Where did you get that? What's it called? Help! I NEED THAT!!!!

Okay, bye.


My son and yours would get along GREAT! Except mine isn't quite as neat when eating cupcakes, so yours takes the cake (ha!) there.


How did you 1) keep the camera steady while filming that while 2) simultandously howling in laughter at the perfect stink eye and cheek expansion! That was so precious and funny. Thanks for sharing!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

What I love most is that he savors the frosting... and then vacuums up the cake part like it's air.

Super cute.


That totally needs to be submitted to America's Funniest Home Videos (is that still on?)!!!


sweet Lord. I watched with no sound. HIGHlarious!


On second look...I notice that he really doesn't waste any of it and he is exceptionally neat with all that frosting. LOL!


On second look...I notice that he really doesn't waste any of it and he is exceptionally neat with all that frosting. LOL!


Best thing I've seen on the internets all day long. Love how after he hands over the empty plate he pokes his finger in his mouth to shove the last bit in. So frickin' cute.


So cute. My kid is the only kid at the party who asks for a fork for her cupcake. Don't know where she learned to be so proper -- not from me! And I'm with Alicia -- what is that bib contraption? I'm trying to figure out if I can make one with paperclips or clothespins. Amazing!

Plano Mom

I loved the two handed stuff.


Alicia & Tiffanie: That's a Kipiis Bib Clip -- basically just an adjustable neck strap and clips that connect to a napkin or burp rag or whatever you have around after forgetting to pack a real bib FOR THE BAZILLIONTH TIME.

You can get them on Amazon, though I personally like the Snapt Bib Clip version instead because the clips are a bit stronger/grippier than the Kipiis one.

(Of course, we don't actually OWN a Snapt version anymore because we accidentally left it connected to a restaurant napkin and walked out without it. We own every danged baby gadget in the world and there's still no solution for stupidity.)


I am getting married next month. There will be MANY CUPCAKES at my wedding. Please bring your toddler.

Heather Ben

awesome. love the look he gives when trying to take the cupcakes away!


Oh my goodness! So hysterical AND adorable! Love it!


Oh seriously? I can't even stand how cute your kids are. Like others have said, the stink eye he throws around is amazing. You're going to have quite the teenager on your hands one day!


So, I just went searching through your site because I couldn't remember when Mr. Ezra was born and thought for sure that our sons are close in age - and I'm excited to report (as I am sure you are excited to find out) that our kids are three days apart! I love it! I'm pretty sure you now want to be my BFF and schedule play dates when you are in town. Right????? Right? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? :)


I owe you a thank you note for the goofy smile on my face! Ezra is, as Clevland on Family Guy once said, the height of just too muchery!


Perfect song too by the way!



I remember meeting you and Noah last year at BlogHer. He was so little then!


damn. that cupcake looks REALLY good,lol.

Bring it, Ezra. Bring it.


I could eat HIM for dessert! :)

And I'm with Luba, submit that video! http://abc.go.com/shows/americas-funniest-home-videos/upload You could win $5,000!


I'm with poster above. I loved how he slowly eats the icing, then just shoves the cake in like he has to eat it first to be allowed to eat the next piece.

Aren't kids just so cute when their cute?? Or asleep? I think the next video should be of him throwing a fit, yelling some baby cussing and throwing himself on the floor in exasperation.


That. Was. Awesome.


That was strangely captivating. Loved this video.

Jennifer R

OMG I love the stinkeye he gave
That boy has got some looks already

He is so cute and those cheeks!


The end! OMG, the end. Beginning: cupcake as icing delivery system. End: frenzied demolition, discrimination be damned. Bravo.


awesome... I was all, "oh come on he's giving up after 1/4 of a cupcake?"

But boy did he bring it home in round 2.

They are beautiful boys... way to go lady.


LMBO!!! I had to watch with the sound off, but that was super funny. I love how he had such an amazing capacity for cupcake in his mouth... My son, at 3.5, would eat it the same way, I know. But he'd be much more messy. Thank you for the Thursday night giggle!!


My 16 month old daughter would like to challenge Mr. Ezra to a cupcake-eating contest. She has some impressive cheek capacity and a need to fill it as well.

But, if neatness counted in some way, she would definitely lose. I am so impressed with Ezra. I hope someday my girl will be that neat; tonight I wiped spaghetti sauce off the floor, wall, her eyebrows, ears, and hair (along with the lower half of her face).


Awesome. I loved that he asked for more afterwards! True toddler.


The handing over of the plate with cheeks still bulging was, well, the icing on the cake.


That is the most adorable thing I've seen all week.
Thanks Amy!


May have to try this with my 17 month old... hehehehehe.... That kid has some serious storage capacity in those cheeks! Also: now I want a cupcake. hmm.

Kris H.

Best! Video! EVER!!!!!


That was the most hilarious cake eating in the world ever. Seriously hilarious.


I love when he looks down at his finger and quickly licks the icing off of it. Must eat ALL icing!!

Wendi Mccombs

Is that jack white singing baby brother? if not, where can i get that song? my son wants it for his little brother.

Jessica R.

This made my morning. Thank you!


Wendi - yes, it's a White Stripes song. I think it's a bonus track for Icky Thump on iTunes.


He is like my Labrador Retriever!! He does not chew, he just swallows the food and puts it in like a vacuum cleaner!!!
Congratulations Amy, he is a super cute little man!!

mrs. q.

I recently talked to a friend of mine who proudly announced how her 2+ year old daughter has never had sugar. Never. Had. Sugar. I watch videos like this and truly feel the mom is missing out on one of the greatest joys, and video opportunities, of parenthood. (I kinda want to eat Ez's head the way she snorfs that frosting.)


so effing adorable!


Whew! I needed that laugh right about now.


I like his angry baby face when the cupcake plate was taken away from him.

I'd make that face too!


I love the dirty look he gives Jason after he gets it back. Like, "touch my cupcake again, motherfucker and you DIE!"


i'm really not supposed to be eating cupcakes, but just had to try the frosting first method (i'm a save the best for last/cake first kinda gal).
nice technique kid!

Katie Kat

Megan - no, Amy's moving to MY town to be MY best friend - sheesh! :)

As usual, you've made my day, Amy! That kid's expressions are price-LESS. What a killer kiddo! And I think I hear Noah in the background saying "Eat it all!!!" As if THAT was going to be a problem. Ha ha!



Kristine (Mommy Needs Therapy)

And I was just suggesting to my husband tonight that he dress up as a mysterious stranger and bring me cupcakes. The man would have been well rewarded, but instead I am watching your adorable child eating cupcakes. And feeling my ovaries twinge for "just one more."

Baby and cupcake I think.


at first I was all, really? you cut up his cupcake? Now i understand you were just creating perfectly shovable cupcake spears! My 2 1/2 year old throughoughly enjoys his food like that, even making the "om nom nom nom nom" sounds at EVERY MEAL... it is an adorable serenade- love feeding him just because of it.


That was fantastic. Between the taunting with the plate and his accusing expression at the end, he is simply priceless. I love the look that says "I know I could not fit any more in my cheeks if I tried, but that doesn't mean it's okay for there not to BE any more!"



Melody Moore

OK - delurking and off-topic. From one insomniac to another -- try this: The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things Neil Pasricha (Author)

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I just spent two days alone with my seventeen-month-old and her stomach flu. This helped.


Oh his anticipation early on and my thirst later. I swear I thought I was going to reach through and grab that drink. Truly sweet.


The REAL point of signing is to be able to express yourself and your desires with your mouth full.

Well done, Ezra.

Willow Wright



I am pretty sure that more sign was out there. Maybe 'all dun' in Ezra means 'I could use a little more frosting on this cupcake Dad.'?

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