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I Have a Bad Ceiling About This...


My kids have never been exposed to many commercials. Though only in the strictest sense of the word: I am fully aware that NickJr. advertises the shit out of other NickJr. shows and products under the guise of: 




(Ooh, topical.)

But thanks to the cable networks and TiVo, they (so far) have mostly been spared seeing the kinds of commercials I remember from the Saturday morning cartoon block, where every toy was the most amazing fucking toy in the history of the fucking universe, oh my God, go wake up your mom RIGHT NOW and start screeching about her hair grows all by by itself AND she goes potty AND she has fairy wings AND a matching purse AND a dreamhouse with a jacuzzi sold separately AND you can put GLITTER in the jacuzzi until you forget to breathe in and pass out cold on your parents' bedroom floor because GLITTERY DIAPER-WEARING FAIRY HOT TUB PARTIES WITH VERY TINY COMBINATION COMBS/MAGIC WANDS OMFG BZZZZT.

That never happened in our house. Until...Pillow Pets. 

Now, I know that those of you with young children are like, "Fuck you, I am not clicking on that video." Because you know. YOU KNOW.

For everybody else: I swear to God, this is a THING. This is the toddler/preschooler equivalent to a life-sized plush Justin Beiber with coordinating Silly Bandz woven directly into its creepy, synthetic hair.

This commercial airs after pretty much every episode of Sesame Street, and if you're like me, you're thinking: Wait, wasn't the Whole Point of Sesame Street that there weren't any commercials? Just maybe a "Sesame Street Is Brought To You In Part By Evil Corporation X Who Totes Doesn't Want To Advertise Or Anything But Just Gave Money To Big Bird Because It CARES And Shit" title card or something? 

No more, sadly. It seems that Sesame Street moved to cable (PBS Sprout) and learned a very important lesson in capitalism during a sleepover where Ernie decided to order a Slap-Chop and a Snuggie off late-night informercials and Kermit was all, LOW-RENT AS-SEEN-ON-TV COMMERCIALS ARE THE SHIT. WE'RE ALL GOING TO BE RICH.

True story.

So Noah saw the commercial for Pillow Pets. And started dropping hints about how he would really like a Pillow Pet?  Maybe Santa could bring him a Pillow Pet? Maybe a Pillow Pet could come in the mail for him? Were we aware that Pillow Pets popped out into a full-sized pillow and then went BACK to being a soft cuddly animal? I mean, DID WE CATCH THAT AWESOME FEATURE? 

I admit: We had absolutely no intention of ever buying him a Pillow Pet. Because...what the fuck. It's a PILLOW WITH A FACE. 

Until we went to the mall and goddammit, walked right freaking in front of a Pillow Pet kiosk. The Pillow Pets...IN PERSON. LIVE AND IN THE POLYESTER FLESH. 

Noah and Ezra stopped in their tracks. Noah covered his mouth, rendered momentarily speechless. Ezra barreled forward and grabbed the first Pillow With A Face he could get his hands on and promptly dropped to the floor to roll around with it, shrieking with rapturous joy. 

Jason: But, guys! Guys! There's a LEGO STORE over there! LEGOS. 

By this point, Noah had gotten over his shock and was jumping up and down because they had the LADYBUG! The LADYBUG! Which was all he's ever wanted in the WHOLE IN TIDE WORLD, DADDY. The kiosk lady obliged (THANKS) and pulled one down from the top shelf for him, and I thought, for a second, he was going to pass out and hit the floor like a felled tree. 

Amy: I don't think Legos are going to work.

Jason: *nerdpouts, because maaaan, he really wanted some Legos.*

So guess what MY kids have! 


Full size fail!


Not even close! 

The whole ride home, Noah recited the commercial from the backseat, demonstrating the Pillow Pet's endless list of exclamation-point-worthy features, while Ezra buried his face in his dog version, kicking and squealing with uncontainable glee, a precocious start to a lifetime of Personal Fulfillment Through Goods As Seen On TeeVee. 

Noah took his ladybug to show-and-tell the next week, despite our subtle suggestions of things that might be smaller and/or less totally lame. (Jason: LEGOS. WTF. I BUILT YOU A WAMPA CAVE.) We were wrong about that last bit, because Noah wandered through the hall like a rockstar, with children pointing and gaping and begging to hold it, while the other parents glared at me, because really? REALLY? I nodded and stared at my feet, embarrassed that my parental weakness was so brazenly on display, in the blobby shape of a cheerful humanoid mutant, because COME ON NOW, LADYBUGS DON'T EVEN HAVE FACES LIKE THAT.

Our neighbor stopped by the other day with her much older kids, and even they couldn't resist examining the MIND-BLOWING OPEN/CLOSE VELCO FUNCTION of the mighty Pillow Pets over and over again. "It's so SOFT," her daughter marveled, stroking the polyester pelt reverently. 

Her son studied me quietly after that, sizing me up as an easy mark, and then started dropping hints about whether or not we actually played with all of our Wii games, because they didn't have nearly so many at his house, cue the big sad Precious Moments eyes.

Sigh. I know

I hereby present Spoiled...


and Rotten.

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We have a purple unicorn here- oddly enough, it ended up being a HUGE disappointment. Mother in law ordered it for DD, but by the time DD received it, she wanted a different one. Sadly, she had to deal, even "meemaw" wouldn't return it.


my kids think these are the second coming at age 6,8 and 11. I feel much better about them now that there is a 100 comments on this blog:)


We invested in these suckers before a long trip. Note to parents -- they are really too big to take on the plane and that's in the smaller size. Now that we're home though, they do love them and love to sing the theme song.

My 5 year old also really wants a big top cupcake so those stupid ads really do work.


We invested in these suckers before a long trip. Note to parents -- they are really too big to take on the plane and that's in the smaller size. Now that we're home though, they do love them and love to sing the theme song.

My 5 year old also really wants a big top cupcake so those stupid ads really do work.


Did Amy come home with a secret UNICORN pillow pet for herself? Hmmmmmm???


Heh. My three year old has the ladybug, purchased by a friend of mine, but she's sort of meh about it. I don't think she's ever seen the commercial, though - I'd be interested to see if it makes her suddenly love it! I might try a psychological test, if that's not too screwed up.


Love your blog, have been reading it for a long time but what do you mean by "YAY COMING ANCHOR TERROR BABY APOCALYPSE?" As a Latina mother I can't help but feel a offended by that remark.


Love your blog, have been reading it for a long time but what do you mean by "YAY COMING ANCHOR TERROR BABY APOCALYPSE?" As a Latina mother I can't help but feel a offended by that remark.


My 2 year old son has the monkey. I was ambushed at the mall as well.

Note, please, that they are NOT WASHABLE. I found this out the hard way after Ethan got very sick one night and his poor Monkey took the brunt of it. Not thinking anything of it, I placed it in the washing machine - only, when I opened it after the cycle had finished, what I found was less pillow-pet-monkey and more empty, scratchy shell of monkey with the actuall pillow part of the pet in fluffy little stuffing balls all up in my washing machine. It must have taken me 1/2 hour to get all the fluff out. When they go, they go hard.

Needless to say, I won't be making THAT mistake again...and thanks to Grandma, I have the option again. She got conned at the kiosk, too. We call him "replacement monkey."


My mom got the dog one for my son. I guess that's what grandparents are for though. She can buy him the useless crap that he loves and feel good about it so I don't have to buy him the useless crap that he loves and feel bad about it.


Dude- you totally just made my day b/c my 5 year old has been begging for one for Christmas and I had no frickin clue what she was talking about.


My kid has never seen this commercial and probably wouldn’t care about it if he did, but somehow your post has made me want to buy him one just to see if it makes him as happy as it made Noah and Ezra. I am a total wuss.


Ana - Hope you see this comment. That was a joke. I was making fun of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and well, anyone who's been spouting the "anchor baby" bullshit, which I 100% think is...well, BULLSHIT.


fuck. now I want one. And I didn't even watch the whole commercial


OMG!!! My 6 and 3 year old tell me every time they see the commercial that they want one. Luckily(?), they both have December birthdays, so we just tell them to put it on their birthday/christmas list. I think this request started in January. I keep hoping the conversation will stop, but it hasn't. We will be getting the panda and ladybug, eventually.

Heather Ben

i have purchased one for christmas (if i can hold out giving it to her for that long). we have a 20 month old that LOVE pillows. i mean, had a major meltdown yesterday because mommy would not let her take the bed pillows off to carry around the house. and she loves stuffed animals so...yeah, she is getting one.

those pictures are cute.


wow I could have written this post down to the Legos and all! Funny!


Dude, we have Anchor Babies and we LOVE our Anchor Babies. (They are particularly delicious when deep-fried). You should really think about getting your own Anchor Baby and quit mocking mine, Amy

That said, my anchor babies have been denied pillow pets. I fear they will seek revenge by reporting Manoj's ass to the INS (or worse, Ari-FUCKING-zona), but we try to keep a close eye on them and limit their Internet access and phone usage. Anchor babies are a sneaky lot. Still, they are TASTY.


I think I want a pillow pet now. Squeeeeee...they have a lavender unicorn!


My three-test-old has a fairly big stuffed ladybug and she thinks it's a Pillow Pet. When the commercial comes on, she says, "Mommy, I have one of those!" I swear I didn't tell her that, but it's working out pretty well for me!


Oh hell yeah. We bought KayTar one as a bribe reward for one of her many lab draws....so of course we had to get BubTar one or else the world would crumble. They love them with an unholy passion.


My five-year-old walked past the door with his bumble bee while I was reading this post and said, 'It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet."

True story.


Thanks clarifying Amy. I'm sorry I misunderstood you.

Sara H

There really must be some sort of subliminal stuff going on because my kids (6 and 3) are just DYING for one or ALL OF THEM. Even after the "stuff in TV isn't as good as it looks" disappointment of Bendaroos.


Wow, I had no idea pillow pets were such a craze for the kiddie set!

I don't have kids yet, but i've seen the commercials. No, I don't watch Nick Jr, but I think they show commercials like these on grown up channels so when junior starts asking for a pillow pet clueless parents can find out for themselves what the heck it is and how much it costs.

I don't get the appeal. They aren't the cutest thing i've ever seen, I knew there was no way they were full sized, and they look too squishy to be a good pillow. (Also GET OFF MY LAWN!!! LOL!)

All that being said though, if the kids like them then go for it. They're only little once and giving in once in a while won't hurt them.

And those pictures are cute enough to be worth the cost of the pillow pets!


I would run out and buy one based on this post....but we already own their older cousins, the Zoobies. (Plaything, pillow, *and* blanket! Spank!)


My kids have them... the princess has a unicorn, the has the puppy. Great for road trips!


Ahh, the joys of childhood we just don't have as adults. Just one time I would like to have that feeling again. I want to get the most sparkliest, purplest, fairyest, cosmic, supernatural thing-a-ma-bob and just go apeshit!

"Oh my gawd, oh my fucking gawd, this is the most fucking awesomest thing I ever got in my whole life!!!!" Squeeeeeeel!

Yeah, doesn't happen. But you get to enjoy your childrens enjoyment, it's worth it.

They are only spoiled when you give them something and they are like..oh, thanks.


Oh, this is just the sort of thing that worries me as we prepare to welcome bebe #1 in January. The onslaught of all the... stuff. Not just baby stuff, but the want-want-want that I can remember from when I was a kid. Pillow pets remind of Pillow People which were around in the mid to late '80s? Big square heads on pillows with awkwardly attached arms and legs. Hideously unattractive and yet? My brother and I each had one.


I also wanted to add that I think it is both awesome and hilarious that Noah was Big Man of Show and Tell with his pillow pet!

And for the person who had one explode in the washer, next time put it in a pillow case then tie it off with a scrunchy or pony tail holder. That way if it falls apart all the fluff is contained.


I don't have children so have not heretofore heard of pillow pets and...damn that dog one is Cuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttte. Their powers reach beyond ye toddlers.


Well, it is the perfect $20 gift for the next birthday party...

I don't even watch Nick, because my baby is 18. However, PP's are advertised during West Wing on Bravo. So I'm well familiar with the jingle. Verrrrry familiar.


I might have actually escaped the damn pillows because my kids have outgrown Sesame Street, but dammit all to hell, they show this commercial ALL the time on Bravo. I haven't caved, but then again, I haven't seen it in a kiosk yet.


How was the unicorn one not a door prize at Sparklecorn 2010?!


My son, who honest to goodness is a near twin of Noah's, quirky behavior and all, also has the ladybug.


If I go to the mall with my daughter and there is a Pillow Pets stand I will punch someone in the face. Probably my husband...after he buys her one.

Okay, I won't really punch him. I will drink a lot until the urge passes.


Michael has no idea of the pillow pet and I am keeping it that way.

But why did we not have the unicorn at sparklecorn?


I can put up with the pillow pet--hell, they look pretty cuddly to me--but I will NEVER, not EVER succumb to the siren song of Silly Bandz. I swear to God the manufacturer of those devil bracelets must spike them with baby catnip or something, because my nineteen month old wants them, and he doesn't even know what they're for.


I don't blame the kids. I want one myself.


i fell in love with squishables http://www.squishable.com/ about 2 years ago. my husband gave in and got it for me, Christmas 2008. it's soft, cuddly, and usually sleeps on the floor but sometimes i take naps with it. sigh.


Ernie orders a slap-chop. Hilarious.


I kinda want one, and I'm 24 and childless. Sigh.

That damn song is stuck in my head too...commercialism, you suck!!


I kind of want a Pillow Pet.


But? Don't the kids sweat if they lay on one? They look so hot and...sweat inducing. I told my daughter she couldn't get one b/c she'd melt and she totally bought it, which made me think I might be telling the truth on this one.


Spoiled and Rotten are adorable with their pillow pets, though.


Spoiled and Rotten are adorable with their pillow pets, though.

Snarky Mommy

Dude! My parents bought one of those for my 4-year-old (then 3-year-old) last year. The dinosaur one. I had no idea they were such a *thing*. Ours sits down in the basement and gets pulled out to act as a cushion when they jump off the couch every few days.


We will so cave this Christmas. My kids love the commercials, and we saw them on vacation in Cheyenne, Wyoming at FRONTIER DAYS. A whole pillow pets booth at Frontier Days WTH!


We will so cave this Christmas. My kids love the commercials, and we saw them on vacation in Cheyenne, Wyoming at FRONTIER DAYS. A whole pillow pets booth at Frontier Days WTH!


My son recites infomercials. We too, thought we were sparing him that crap, but he actually asked for a touch n' brush for his fourth birthday. And, he has a pillow pet. And insisted his sister needed one too, which she agreed with, even though she can barely talk.
We have the dog and ladybug too.
It's sad, right? It's like crack for kids.


Spoiled and rotten? I don't know. Adorable and precious? Absolutely.



We've been able to avoid commercials so far too, but the few my 4yo has seen by chance, he's totally been drawn in. Like at the end of one of our Thomas DVDs is basically an infomercial for a Thomas-themed room. He was in AWE. Like OH F, I did not know such glory existed!

Anyway, our boys already have too many stuffed toys sleeping in their beds so I hope we manage to avoid this particular crap trap.

(Still, Noah and Ezra are so cute with there wittle piwwow pets!)


If I were you, I would hint to other parents that the pillow pets were a gift from grandparents. I would never lie, per se, but a little hinting isn't so bad. Like "Oh, yeah, Joey's grandmother just knew how bad he wanted one." Not that she bought it... She just knew about it...


Wait, wait; I'm not so far from you (in NoVA)...what mall is it? I mean, I'm not regularly crossing the state line to go to the mall...but a LEGO SHOP? So there. Probably will put a blindfold on my toddler though...or leave her with gramma.


yeah, my 9 (9!)year old fah-reaked out when her 2 yr old sister got one last week for her bday. so seems like it is a grrreat gift to give as well! the babe carries it everywhere and the girl steals it every time her back turns.


I'm not gonna lie. I'd never seen the commercial before, but now that I have, I kind of want one now. There must be some kind of mind-control happening behind the scenes or something.


Oh yes, oh, ohhhhh yes.

(And before I forget, haha, you said wampa cave!)

We don't need this at our house. Know why? JELLYCAT TRUFFLES, baby!! It's essentially the same thing, only higher quality, and without the velcro - but it sits up/stays folded on its own, so you don't need the velcro.
www.jellycat.com - look up the truffles line. Softest, washabliest, SMALL MEDIUM AND FULLSIZEIEST ("...everywhere I go...") lovable thingies.

My boss knocked one out of the park when she gave us the medium sized sheep at our baby shower. My daughter is INSEPARABLE from that thing. We had to buy another just so we could alternate washing them (because it's, you know, a sheep: WHITE).

The small size one is hand-size, perfect for going in the car ($10ish). Medium is perfect toddler pillow size/lovey size. ($25ish) Large is a bit larger than a regular pillow, I think 24" square ($45). And in the SHEEP design only, they also have "Huge" which is 48" square. I mean, *I* could lay down on that thing diagonally without overhang!!!

I cannot stop gushing about these things. So soft, so cute, so wonderful.

Anyhow, for all those who are looking for something more lovey-size or something you can actually lay on, something high quality... check them out. I swear I was not paid to say this, I just love them that much.


Also? This is why we only watch Sprout shows on-demand.

Momnivore's Dilemma

Reason #31 of Why Speech Delays are Great...

Moose hasn't been brainwashed by commercials yet. He has yet to ask for a thing other than "EAT" for food...

But I know our speechless days are numbered, and I will succumb to said snakeoil salesmen touting their fuzzy comfort objects...

I hope Santa sends me a ladybug one for Christmas...


I am finding this commiseration very funny. Apparently, you hit a nerve.

It's a pillow!
It's a pet!
It's a Pillow Pet!

(We have the frog, and a longing for the penguin.)


...and loved!!


Hahaha, SO glad I don't have a TV right now... otherwise I'd be buying two for my girls.


I gotta say - as fad kids' toys go, these don't look half-bad. No batteries, no noisemaking abilities, no associations with violence, no connection with annoyingly omnipresent media brands. Sure, the COMMERCIAL is annoying, but I'd rather my (hypothetical) kid be clamoring for a stuffed animal pillow than for some war cartoon licensed piece of plastic crap that breaks in five minutes.

Ted @ EduFunToys.com

I must be totally out of the loop. This is the first I've heard of Pillow Pets. Silly Bandz...yes...Pillow Pets...not so much.

Hopefully it stays that way in my house, otherwise my daughter will be stomping and screaming for one. Ugh...


OMG..that commercial is literally the *only* one my 5 year-old sees, and she's hooked. Of course, the kiosk at the mall closed sometime before her birthday, and just in time for me *not* to be able to get her one. I think they must make them with crack or something ;-P


So freakin' hilarious. I saw this post (http://www.filthwizardry.com/2010/08/home-made-freaky-unicorn-pillow.html) a few days ago, and I hadn't yet seen the commercial so I had no idea why she would make something so freaky.

Thank god I'm reading your post after kiddo bedtime. I can't afford to shell out for that even if it is "PERFECT FOR THOSE TRIPS TO GRANDMA'S!"


Welcome to the world of kid's television where there are commercials. We all seriously hated the day that Playhouse Disney and MPT didn't cut it anymore-and were barraged with requests for all sorts of crap.

Meanwhile, we tell our boys (at 11 and 14) that if they don't behave, all their getting for Christmas is a Pillow Pet each.

I never expected to hear that that would create a rock star moment for anyone, so GO Noah for having the cool toy!

beta dad

I used to think we might get the tee vee one day so the kids could watch Sesame Street. I figured since that's how my wife learned English, it couldn't be all bad. Not anymore.


My children are desperate for pillow pets. Damn commercials. Don'tcha love it when kids turn into little personal infomercials? My daughter, years ago, saw the ads for mineral makeup and kept telling me I should get it because it would "make you more beautifuler, mommy."


I'm dying over here...so hilarious.


Somebody told my daughter about Dora and it was all over from there. So, I cut off cable.

People buy my kids things with other people's/things faces on it (that aren't even real!!) just as a cruel joke I think.

Pillow pets. Hmph. Quick! Hide that video before my mother sees it!!


Amy, I loved this post. But, the best part of it? Is just how many comments express your exact distaste for these Pillow Pets, but all of them have purchased them for their kids.

You can almost hear the collective face palm through the internet.


Yea, so went to a friend's four-year-olds birthday party and she got the unicorn one. I made fun of the commerical on tv, but seeing one in real life...I kind want one.
PS: I'm 30. Yes, I know, I'm also totally lame. But dude - unicorn pillow!


I have been reading for years, it took pillow pets for me to finally comment. This is so funny, I finally gave in to my 4 & 2 year old yesterday, we now own the turtle and unicorn.

Cheryl S.

Thank GOD my daughter has not caught on to this trend yet! Although, last weekend, I did get begged into buying a Build a Bear. So, FAIL, for me too.

We are going to NYC this Xmas and everyone tells me that we just HAVE to go to the American Girl store. I'm like "NOOOOOOOO!" I'm sorry, a $100 doll that looks lifelike enough to be from a Twilight Zone episode freaks my shit out. I guess we'll see if I can hold on to my resolve when we're in NY. (Judging by my past, the answer will be -- darling daughter will come home wit an American Girl.)


Oh God the commercials. They never end. I have yet to cave on the pillow pets in spite of the sparkly mall kiosk. All though yesterday, while at a neighbor's house her daughter boldly walked up to me to demand pillow pets for my sons because clearly this was an injustice worth standing up for. EVERYONE needs a fuzzy faced pillow! EVERYONE!


You what is really sad? We watch Sprout alot and my 2yo is not too interested in the pillow pet (yet), no it is my HUSBAND who wants one soooo bad.....god help me!

Kris H.

My kids are 8 and 11 and every time they see that freaking commercial they beg for one. I tell them it is only for toddlers, but so far they have not been swayed...


My son is getting one for his 4th birthday on Monday. I had the exact same experience of commercial a million times on Sprout then mall kiosk. I don't know what it is about those things!


I totally pegged that the marketing was aimed at grandparents.


Just wait a few years when they have outgrown NickJr. My 7 year old is like a broken record, "Can we get that?" When he’s alone in the room he will yell it so I can hear him from the other side of the house. Also just recently purchase the dolphin and the cow from the exact same kiosk.


totally the 2010 snuggie for the preschool set! My 5 year old nephew longed for one, he got the turtle for his pre-school
'graduation gift' and yes he always keeps it packed with pjs & undies for a trip to grandpa's house!


Not only am I now feeling compelled to buy these for my niece and nephew, but I kind of want one. Sadly my dogs would eviscerate it about 15 seconds after I got it home were I to buy one for myself, but it does show you that these commercials still work on me. Chia pet anyone?


Ah, I remember the Saturday morning junk-toys commercials. So I had to laugh. But can't you at least justify this one because it was also a PILLOW? You can mark it in your budget as 'Household Goods' rather than 'Kids Toys'! If the kids 'grow out of it' (and.. they will. Just in time for Christmas and wanting the newer newest Thing!) it can be a dog bed! See? Multiple uses! It's a pillow and a...
Oh nevermind.


this is so hilarious! and ridiculously cute. i can just imagine them at the mall getting excited.


My son asks to watch the Goodnight Show on Sprout JUST so he can see the Pillow Pets commercial. Seriously. He is also insisting on a dolphin Pillow Pet for Christmas.

When my husband went to the Pillow Pets website yesterday so Dylan could gaze on his beloved dolphin Pillow Pet, he LOST HIS SHIT because the dolphin was "temporarily sold out." It took a long time to assure him that there would be more dolphin Pillow Pets sometime soon, and no, they didn't go extinct like the dinosaurs. Unfortunately.

I fantasize about tracking down the genius behind that product and smothering him/her. With a Pillow Pet, of course.


We don't have cable, but watch Qubo. Crazy toy commercials are abundant. The pillow pet one was memorized and my oldest two boys (almost 8 and just 6) used TEAMWORK to memorize the 800-number so they could write my husband and I note so we could call and order.
We caved. The each got a LITTLE one on our vacation. "Perfect for travel!"


My ex-MIL sent my kids a cat and a bear Pillow Pet and I would never have paid $20 a piece because OMFG.

However, I understand it because I threw a hissy fit when I was 8 for one of those creeptastic Pillow People.


OMG! I SO want one of those!


There has to be subliminal messaging. My 6 year-old daughter saw the commercial and could not stop talking about it. We have the panda and the elephant (for my 3-year-old son) and I have to say, even a couple months later they still totally love those weird things. And I don't have to feel guilty about getting them because they used their birthday money from grandpa! (Their birthdays are 3 days apart) Win!


Umm I kinda want one for myself...


What about the landfill? And dye and chemicals and energy needed to make just one?


Oh but they make Spoiled and Rotten look SOOO cute!!


You know, I was going to be all smug and shit about how my kids are older and commercials no longer rule their want list. But then my 15 year old called to tell me about the BEST EVER airsoft gun he found on ebay for only 79 bucks and can we get it, huh, please? MOOOMMMM!

So not smug now.


This is exactly why we don't go to the mall. My poor, deprived children get taken to the library, the half price bookstore, and once in a great while, the toy store. Heh.


for hanukah last year, the kids requested pillow pets. They got them. I actually think they are pretty cool, they are very soft, and the velcro is protected by small flap when the pillow is not velcroed together. Of course this is a huge violation of my rule not to buy things advertised on TV .... ok I was weak!

dawn aka the dalai mama

I was almost arrested at the home show because my then 3-year-old (now 4) kept taking off with a pillow pet and running. This went on for at least 20 minutes and I was really trying to keep my shit together when really I wanted to tie him down.

Needless to say he didn't get one. They are now in our frickin grocery store. I refuse at this point to buy him one--but I do think that Santa just might bring him one. I just hope no one at school show up with one for naptime.

I just might have to hurt someone.


OMG My 6 yr old daughter was all over me about one of these damn things. I mentioned that she basically ALREADY HAS IT and that she NEVER USES IT with the only diff being that they don't have a G.D. velcro strap. But it is a soft-stuffed-animal-pillow-thing.


oh my god. How much did you pay for it! These cost like, maybe USD$8 here. or even cheaper. I'm in Singapore.


It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet! That song was stuck in my head all night. I am pretty sure I dreamt the whole thing until the next day I was at the mall and saw the kiosk also! I was much more impressed with the Lego store than the pillow with a face kiosk. Which makes me wonder which mall you were at? How many malls have that lego/pillow pet combo going on?

Sadly to admit, I get it. If I were I kid, I would die for one!

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