A Day Without Internet

I Have a Bad Ceiling About This...

I just heard Noah say that. Or more accurately, I just heard a Luke Skywalker action figure say that to a very small Darth Vader Lego figure. 

I am mining the tired trove of My Kid Says The Darnedest Things today because that same kid managed to somehow delete the ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS video I originally planned to post today at I am now at a complete loss because NOTHING WILL EVER COMPARE TO THAT VIDEO. It has officially morphed into the single greatest two minutes of footage in the history of humanity, I am pretty sure. It was so great that I am seriously considering packing the kids in the car right now to go back out for a reshoot, like, perform, my little content monkeys, PERFORM! Dance! Or in this case, wallop each other in the aisles of ToysRus with oversized plastic lightsabers while your parents cackle at your pint-sized choreography and dream of viral fame, HAAAAAA, it's funny because you're nerds. Already. So soon.

Anyway, that's all ruined (GRUINED! as Noah would say) now, because he deleted the whole thing off my phone.

Picture 185

I honestly don't know how I can possibly be expected to accomplish all my vitally important Internet work under these conditions. I think I might be some kind of saint. Or superhero. Or maybe just kind of negligent.



Oh! I hate it when that happens. But I love that it means we get Noah-isms.


Love love love that!

Yesterday Savannah sang that "naughty turtles need love too".

Your guess is as good as mine.


LOVE the Noah speak. Our current fave in this house is my youngest saying ridicleeous and regleear instead of ridiculous and regular.


My son likes to steal my phone, too, so he can watch the Nom Nom song on YouTube. (It's kiddie crack, y'all.) In the process, he sends out a lot of accidental texts. Every time my mom gets one, she asks me if I'm having a stroke because something that looks like aslkjlkjasd equals I'M DYING PLEASE SEND HELP (AND COOKIES.)


I thought, for sure, you were going to tell us your that ceiling was leaking due to the rain last night and this morning. I'm glad you can still surprise me.

Sorry about your video. Maybe it is recoverable.

Muslim Wife's Kitchen

Do you have a memory card in your phone? If so, google some recovery software for your specific memory card/phone combination. I did that for my dig. camera and was able to recover some stuff. If you don't have a memory card in there then, uh, I guess you just don't have a memory card then :)

Suzy Q

I actually said "gruined" today in a real conversation with an attorney. Of course, since he's my friend and we were at happy hour, he just ignored it. Then we had another drink.

Momnivore's Dilemma

idle hands make the best parenting bloggers

Overflowing Brain (Katie)

Ha. My cat is really good at tweetdeck. Frankly, he's better at my whole computer than me, but that's neither here nor there.

Sometimes I think that technology is too user friendly. Like how it's really easy to delete the best video of all time off your phone. They should ask you again and again if you're really, SERIOUSLY sure you want to delete it. And even if you say yes, they should ask again, for good measure.


Sorry about the video...but have you seen these?


Sorry about the video...but have you seen these?


A friend of mine started a blog with all the funny things her 4 year-old daughter says. It's pure genius! Kids come out with such great stuff, it should be preserved. I wish I had been blogging when my kids were young. I've forgotten all the great things they said :(


A mom friend of mine told me yesterday her almost 3-year-old slammed her hand in a drawer and yelled "Cheese and Pies!" We're pretty sure she was attempting to use the Lord's name in vein, but somehow cheese and pies seems just as appropriate.

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