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A Letter To My Baby


Last night we took the kids out for dinner. We'd heard about a nice-sounding restaurant with a "kids eat free" night on Sundays, and we're always, ALWAYS trying to find places that fall within that elusive category of Noah Can Order A Damned Grilled Cheese Sandwich But Mommy And Daddy Can Order Something Besides A Damned Cheeseburger. This place looked like it might fit the bill. 

I missed the thing on their website about the magician, though.

We didn't know about the magician until our waiter stopped by to check in on us -- yes, yes, everything is fine! The food is delicious! Love the kids' bento-box style meals! Ezra ate every bite, including the entire section of ketchup, and Noah still cannot BELIEVE he just got a side of Goldfish crackers AT DINNER, like ARE YOU KIDDING ME, OUT-OF-CONTEXT SNACKTIME, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME -- and he told us that a magician would stop by in a few minutes to show the kids some tricks.


Right on cue, Noah started to protest and amp up into a fight-or-flight level of worry. "No magic! No magician! I don't want a magician! I don't want that!" 

Jason and I hugged and reassured, we explained and cajoled, we communicated telepathically across the table like: Get the check now. We know how this is going to end.

And then...poof! Like magic, he appeared! At our table! A magician! OMFG A MAGICIAN. 

I wish...I wish you could have seen it, you guys. I wish I'd videotaped THAT, the whole thing, so I could watch it over and over again. 

Noah wielded a blue crayon like a magic wand and shrieked with delight when it made a foam ball disappear. The magician handed him another ball that turned into two -- then three! -- when Noah squeezed it tight. Then he handed Noah a marker (uh-oh) and asked him to write his name (UH-OH) on a playing card (MAYDAY MAYDAY)...and Noah did it, along with a request to turn the O into a smiley face. He laughed some more and clapped and was thrilled and amazed with each simple slight-of-hand card trick. He asked for an encore with the magic balls and it was graciously provided. 

Ten, maybe fifteen minutes, tops. Didn't matter. That tiny deviation from the expected. A kind stranger connecting with my child, making him laugh, helping him overcome the invisible whatever without even knowing it. It felt like it turned everything around, a big fat UNDO button for all of this summer's low points. 

After dinner, Jason nudged me in the direction of the magician: "Birthday. Party. I'm not kidding. Go ask." He'd just finished performing for a mother and her son so I cut in briefly and asked for his card. That's all I meant to say, but then I realized I should probably explain why I was suddenly crying.

"Thank you," I kind of choked out, "My son doesn't usually...things that are supposed to be FUN sometimes...he gets...well, you really made our night."

He handed me his card and assured me that Noah did great. I stammered out something about birthday parties and said I would be in touch and felt kind of dumb. 

The mother at the table smiled and nodded at me. "I know," she mouthed. 

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Noah got to keep the card with his name on it. "This is my magic card," he says. "The Magic Man gave it to me."



Damn it, now I have to close my office door to contain the tears. So happy for you. So so happy.



Heather Ben

wow - my eyes are wet. awesome.


That made me tear up at work, what a wonderful encounter!


That made me tear up at work, what a wonderful encounter!


Tears in my eyes. So wonderful. hee-hee, I almost typed magical (because I think it was)

Miss Grace



Awwww. Aw jeez. Good for you, little guy.


Magic indeed.
Yay. xo


Magic indeed.
Yay. xo



So happy for you and Noah.


What a beautiful evening for your family!


I want to go to there.


Oh God woman, now I'm weeping. What a beautiful story. Thanks for making my day.


Tears - of happy - at 11:30am. Oh my. Good job, Noah.

chatty cricket

OH MY GOD AMY. Monday. Crying. So proud of Noah and he's not even my own child. SHEESH.



Tears. Ditto. Sniff. That is the magic-est card EVER right there.


Damn, girl, I need some sort of warning on your posts so I will know to read in private, where I can cry in peace.

Hooray for Noah! And hugs to mom and dad.


Oh my, and now I am crying. I am so proud of Noah. And so happy he got to enjoy the magic.


Magic. Magic indeed!


Amazing how even other people's kids make me cry ... so sweet.

Amelia Sprout

Crying. At work. How wonderful. I hope this means great things ahead this year.

samantha jo campen

My co workers probably think my dog got ran over by a truck with how I'm crying right now.

And I don't even have a dog.

Noah stories make my heart burst. I'm so proud of him and so happy he was happy. And I'm happy for YOU.

*sniff sniff sob sob*

the grumbles

slow claps for the freaky magician who turned out to be not so freaky.


oh soooo great. So incredibly awesome.


I was smiling like the smiley face on Noah's card when I read this. Then I walked into the kitchen door, so now I'm smiling more on the inside.


My face is leaking. Amy, you have such a wonderful little boy. He is truly amazing and loved by so many.



Magic indeed.


Really awesome! Yes, you need him to come to Noah's birthday party. And where can I find a place like that in my neck of the woods (Sacramento, CA)? Because goldfish at dinner = best thing ever to my daughter.


It's such a roller coaster with our kids. Just when we're feeling beat down, they throw us a bone. Way to go Noah!!
Ps. I want to hug the other mom too! Why can't everyone be so lovely?


That's awesome! Moments like that are truly magical. Noah is doing great! My son's 8 1/2 and in regular old 3rd grade but I know he couldn't have handled that as well as Noah did... not even close. We're used to freakouts and lockups around here.

Grammar Snob

And I'm crying at my desk. At work. Awesome.

I am just so happy for you & Jason. Whatever that man charges for a birthday party, pay it, Amy. Please pay it.

Great story,
(Grammar Snob)

Grammar Snob

And I'm crying at my desk. At work. Awesome.

I am just so happy for you & Jason. Whatever that man charges for a birthday party, pay it, Amy. Please pay it.

Great story,
(Grammar Snob)


That kid is incredible -- how awesome it must be to get to witness these moments as his mom.

And that other mom, well. I was holding it together pretty well until I got to that point. How lovely. A magical night all around.

Amy H

I cried when I read this. At work.


Definitely a happy tears moment.


Awesomeness. Sheer awesomeness.

And I love the other mother for being kind and understanding. So rare!


Brenda Flynn

Sniffle. Sniffle sniffle. You go, Noah! Way to embrace the magic!


Also tearing up. The photo of the playing card, with his name and happy face. You are wonderful. Thank you.

bethany actually

Freakin' A, I'm on a PLANE and I'm crying about this. How wonderful, both the magician and Noah's loving it and the random mom who connected with you in a moment of knowing what you were going through.

Also, thanks for the tip on a local restaurant to try!

bethany actually

Freakin' A, I'm on a PLANE and I'm crying about this. How wonderful, both the magician and Noah's loving it, and the random mom who connected with you in a moment of knowing what you were going through.

Also, thanks for the tip on a local restaurant to try!


Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, or maybe it's that you are a fantastic writer with a fantastic little boy who I adore! I let out an audible gasp in my office and struggled to hold back tears. Thank you for sharing!


Totally crying into my lunch right now. So happy for you and happy for Noah.


Gah. You and your boys make me weepy... and I'm not weepy.

Love those times when everything goes right for once!



Cue tears at work over leftover chicken and dumplings.

No wonder I'm single.

Goddess in Progress

Well, cripes, now *I'm* crying.

Three cheers for magic, the real kind.


That is a wonderful story! I can only imagine what that was like for you guys. :)

On a side note..did you know there is(or was I have no idea if it's still on) a television show running in which the crazy killer who makes people "disappear" is known as The Magic Man? For some reason that little ender to such a tear-jerker story made me make the mental leap and I could hear it in my head all ominous like. "The Magic Man gave it to me." mehe


oh! tear!


That got a little harder to read at the end.

What a sweet evening for Noah.


Oh! Stop making me cry at work, you.


I'm crying.
I'm so glad for you.


Dang it, Amy. You made me cry :P
I am so, so glad Noah enjoyed himself, and that people were understanding, and just that more and more people are getting a chance to see what an amazing little man Noah is.


Ahhhh..that sounds like a great night. I can only imagine the relief after your chest stopped clenching in anticipation and your boy surprised you once again. So inspiring, that kid! :)


So freakin' cool. :)

bad penguin

You know they have us all in cubes now, right? And I have a particularly public one. No fair making me cry.

But hooray for Noah and his magic card!


Wow, what a huge leap! Magic, indeed.


I've been the "my son...sometimes he's, well...he doesn't always react in an expected way..." mom often enough that this post made my heart burst.

Mariana Perri

Are your readers and followers allowed to cry along???
Go magic card!


My eyes are dripping and my heart is overflowing.


Why must you make me cry at school? I love, love, love this.


Every freakin post you make me cry Amy, wtf! Noah is my hero!


Well, that just turned a shit-tastic day around. Yay Noah!


Damn you for making me cry while I'm wearing my $35 mascara (yes that's too much to spend on a beauty product that serves no purpose other than to make me look like a tramp, shut UP). Awesome, Noah. Magic happens!!!


that gave me chills. So great!


oh gosh. tears.


Tears from over here too. Thank you, Magic Man.


And now my boss wants to know why I am crying at my desk...again. LOVE IT!


Oh my goodness. That is ... well, all kinds of wonderful. Magic, indeed.


Dammit you made me cry at work! I work in construction - I can't have my boys thinking my magic balls aren't as big as theirs!

Noah rocks!

Amy M.

What a sweet story! Go Noah!

Megan@Blueberry Scones

Oh, don't mind me; I'm just sniffing and crying because of...um...allergies. Yes, that's it - allergies.

Navigating the Mothership

Brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad your family got that moment.


I had a great uncle that was a pretty famous magician, with a specialty in card-tricks and slight-of-hand, and he was so. much. fun. when we were kids. We would beg him to do the tricks over and over. We would sit around him, mouths agape.

Yay for a good magician who has a way with kids! Yay for Noah that the progress isn't lost!
Yay for parents who remained calm! :-) And yay for Ezra the ketchup eating boy.


I needed a bit of an uplift: THANK YOU.


SOOOO happy for you & Noah!!

Hairy Farmer Family

Ach. Making ME cry now, damnit!



No, wait... don't.


It's good to know that for every anal petting zoo keeper, somewhere out there, there is a Magic Man.

You guys needed this. Way to go, Noah.


Love, love, love.


Yay! How awesome!


Add me to the "crying in my office" contingency...Noah, you are a rock star.

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz

My son has a fear of mascott's and character suits. In fact, we had a Disneyland trip planned this year that we've since backed out of because this has become a pretty serious problem. I sure he overcomes it soon so we can start enjoying some of the kids events! Glad to hear Noah had such a great experience!


Aaand now the tears are streaming down my face. Loved this.


I hope you get some sort of devilish satisfaction knowing that people all over the country are weeping from that story. We weep from happiness, of course. Thank you for sharing.


Crikey, this made me cry. Huzzah for Noah! And here's to hoping Santa bring him a cape and a wand. Sometimes the best magic can be found in the most unexpected places.


That is just wonderful Amy! I'm so happy for you guys!


Teary and happy and sending hugs through the internet to Noah, the most magical boy ever! :)


Oh this gave me goosebumps!! That is so great!! :) . I love it. And kudos to that other mom, too....omg ok have to stop going to make me cry ACK--!


Way to go Noah. so very awesome and even magical lol.





Yay Noah! Yay Magic Man!


Well, that just made me cry in the best possible way. Yay for Noah. Yay for you and Jason. Awesome.


I may have missed some of that at the end because your typing got very blurry. You should fix that.



Well, you know...just choking back the tears here, too. :) :)

That Magic Man sounds...uhm...magical! I hope he CAN do a b-day party for Noah :) (and maybe then you can videotape it!)

Mama Bub

You did it again! Made me cry why my three year old says, "Can I make you feel better mommy?"

It's so wonderful when unexpected people do great things for our children.


I'm crying, too. This is beyond beautiful, how an unexpected visit from a magician can deliver such a wonderful surprise.


freaking BAWL fest...been there done that your stories are so wonderful because each one while personal to you and yours is such an echo of something similar for us.

Lex (@laprimera)

That magician also made this here pregnant lady cry. Thank you for sharing this with the internetz. Wow. Just... Wow.

Lex (@laprimera)

That magician also made this here pregnant lady cry. Thank you for sharing this with the internetz. Wow. Just... Wow.


Yay for magic.

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