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The L Word


Yo. Homes! What up. And stuff. I hope to publish something real ("real" being completely subjective because you know everything I post is complete and utter indulgent nonsense) later today, but Noah's off from school thanks to VOTING and DEMOCRACY, so it's kind of crazy. 

But I realized there's some housekeeping type stuff I should tell you about. So yes! I have lured you and your RSS readers here on false pretenses! You expect to be entertained and instead find yourself informed! I am evil, and should be destroyed.

1) As some of you may have noticed, the Bounce Back column at AlphaMom has been MIA the past couple weeks. The truth is, I was fired after failing a random drug test. Okay, not really. Mostly, I felt like it was getting silly for me to be writing a column about postpartum issues almost TWO YEARS after having a baby, so Isabel and I agreed it had more than run its course.

2) Of course, you are still more than welcome to ask questions about crazy postpartum craziness at the Advice Smackdown, that old beloved workhorse that's still going as strong as ever. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It definitely has evolved more into a parenting-type advice column than the hair-and-skin-care questions of Olden Tymes, but I'm still happy to answer pretty much anything you throw at me, be it pregnancy or baby food or sticky social etiquette or ideas for how to get your hair to stop doing that thing. Or substitute "hair" for "enraging tantrumming toddler." I am also glad to play impartial referee for "who's right and who's an asshole" type of situations. I love those. Anyway, the email for that column is still amyadvice[at]gmail.com. Hit me, dawg.

3) And! And then! I will also be doing a couple expanded super-sized Advice Smackdowns a month. They won't be tied to the Q&A format but will be more like "topical think pieces," which is how Isabel describes them, because that sounds better than "Amy rambling for awhile about stuff." The first one of those will go up later today. 

4) Hey! Remember that time I mentioned lip-syncing to Miley Cyrus in my backyard during a Labor Day party? The video evidence is now online. My performance is really... embarrassingly enthusiastic, I have to say.

5) I don't actually have a fifth thing. It just feels wrong not to have one. 


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