The Last Year of the One-Handed "This Many"




It's his most favorite number, by the way.

Funny, because it was always mine, too. Still is, I think.


Noah's Fifth Birthday

Music: Northern Downpour by Panic at the Disco

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I think it's safe to say you have the cutest children in the world.

Happy birthday, Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah! My Drew is home due to the tropical storm and he watched the video. He announced he would like to be friends with Noah! Just wish NC wasn't so far away!


Happy birthday, Noah! I can't belive you're five today.

Patti B.

Happy Birthday Big Guy! Love the video :)


Happy Birthday, little man! Great job, Amalah! You're a fantastic mom.

Sprite's Keeper

Happy birthday, Noah!


I let out a squeal everytime I log in and see it's Noah's birthday. God these videos - what a lucky guy that he'll have these to look back on. This may sound simplistic - but when you're going through all this with your dad, look back and these and smile. It's the circle of life and it can suck sometimes but it's also pretty fucking awesome.


Your birthday videos are always somewhat tearjerking. HBD to your wee man!


Happy Birthday, Noah! Five is a pretty awesome year. You are a pretty awesome kid.
Loved the video, and loved those star wars pancakes! wowza!


I so look forward to these videos. And you always find the perfect song to go along with it!! Great job, and Happy Birthday, Noah!!!


So precious Amy! When I turn 30 next year, I'd like to quote Noah and say I ate alot of food, too. Happy birthday Noah Skywalker!


GIRL!!!! You are awesome for doing this for your kids every year! Love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE NOAH MAN!!!!! I was all fine until I saw the pic of him and your Dad...tears, I tell you, tears!!!!! Hugs & I love you!


Happy Birthday to Noah!! as always another great video


Happy Birthday to Noah, from all his Internet Aunties and Uncles


What an awesome 5 yr old! Happy Birthday, Noah!


Happy birthday Noah! I turned 5 when I was 5, 6, 10, 15, and 20, so I think it was my favorite one too.


Happy 5th Birthday, Noah! May the Force be with you always! :)


GOD. He and Ezra look like real little people who grow up and stuff. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. Oh well. Happy birthday to Noah! Five is awesome.


You make the best videos!! Happy birthday Noah!!


Happy birthday, little man. Stay awesome.


Oh, happy birthday to Noah! He is such a doll!!


Happy Birthday from North Dakota, Noah!! = ) You're a very handsome boy!


LOVE the intro. Happy Birthday, Noah!


Tears at work, again. :) Thanks for sharing! Happy happy happy birthday Noah!
PS. The tears started creeping in with the yellow words in the sky. Then they continued when I got to see all the milestones Noah reached this year.


Perfect, Amy. Absolutely perfect.
Noah,I hope year five brings you all the Star Wars you could want.


What a beautiful birthday boy. Happy 5th, big guy.

Don't you love the way Ezra is always WATCHING HIM? My guys (same age diff) were the same way.

And damn, we need us some of those Star Wars pancakes!


Hi Amy,

I've been stalking you and your family through you Blog and articles for nearly a year now - from Germany, by the way. I'm kind of preparing for having children and get a few things done, which I want to do before having a family. But I just want you to know, that you help me to prepare a bit better emotionally - that you make parenting look a bit more possible, a bit more manageable, because you are not doing perfect but seem to always find a way for you and your children. Because you show us how hard it can be and how very, very worthwhile. Thank you Amalah for helping me to grow this attitude!

As so many others, I'm thinking of you and wishing you strength and love through the difficult time now. Feel loved and know, that people are thankful of what you are doing - even internationally.



Happy happy birthday, Noah! May the force be with you today and always! :) Amy, I hope y'all have a day full of peace and deserve it!


Happy Birthday Noah!

Tell your Mom it's a low blow to post that video on a morning when a 16 week pregnant mom to a 19 month old is about to go to the hospital while her father gets hip replacement surgery.

Katie Kat


The pic of him and your dad... oh my! And it's nearly as amazing to watch Ezra grow up over the last year as seeing Noah SO much more "present" and doing so many new things he never wanted to do before. Such a sweet, sweet boy.

Happy Birthday Noah Skywalker!!!


5 has been my favorite year so far. Michael calls it the "whole hand" birthday. Happy "whole hand" Noah. And many more.


Sigh. Ok. First. The pic with dad? Damn. Second. The skateboard shot. He looks 12. Damn.

Birthday video #5? Just, damn.


That was awesome. Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy 5th Birthday Noah! May the force be with you!

(Side note, I practically burst into tears over that shot of Noah ice skating by, while Ezra had his hands pressed up against the glass. Stab me in the heart!)


Oh,the birthday montage videos. My reaction to Noah's first one is one of the reasons that I have a little guy of my own. I'm at work pumping now & I think this sent my production over the edge. TMI? Creepy? I don't care, you might need a laugh or distraction these days. Thinking good thoughts for you. Happy Birthday, Noah.


Another great video. I love how much of everyday life you record. Happy birthday dear Noah!


I have to admit that I "borrowed" the video idea for my first anniversary earlier this month, but it's just not the same as watching your little guys grow up.

Happy birthday, Noah!

Pinkie Bling

Beautiful video. Really shows the incredible progress he's made. You have such an adorable family - you included!

Happy Birthday, Noah! May it be your best year yet.


Oh man, you are so awesome for putting in the star wars intro. Happy Birthday sweet littlebig Noah!


Awesome job, Mom! The Star Wars intro rocks, as do the pancakes.

Happy 5th, little man. Your mommy loves you so much and we're so lucky she shares a bit o' that love with us. :-)


Oh my tears.

It's been so wonderful seeing all the progress he has made this year. Thank you for sharing it with us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Such a cutie! Happy birthday, Noah!

samantha jo campen

Happy 5th birthday to one of the most beautiful boys I know but have never met.


feliz cumpleanos Noah! Love the video.


Happy Birthday, Noah! (I have a love/hate relationship with these videos you do for the boys - I love them and I hate that they freaking make me cry every.time.)


Love the video! I'm all verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves!

I also love your boys and watching them grow up. What Carolin said is true for me too. Having kids seems so huge and overwhelming at times, but then I read your blog and I realize that it's not just something I can handle, it's something that is so, so worth it, even when it's hard and would be so fulfilling.

Happy birthday Noah! And many happy returns!


Five is a great number. Happy birthday to Noah.


Wait, just wait, until he hits DOUBLE DIGITS!


Love the video! You have such a beautiful family:)

Jen L.

Happiest of birthdays to Mr. Noah! Good golly, he's awesome.
That video is brilliant. And now I'd like a Yoda pancake.


Happy Birthday, Noah! It's always such a pleasure getting to peek into your wonderful life.


Happy Birthday Noah!

Plano Mom

Happy Birthday Noah. You're an awesome kid, with a really cool Mom.


Seriously, Amy, way to make me cry alone in my living room. First of all, greatest video beginning of all time.

Happy birthday, Noah. I love watching you grow, both inside and out. I hope this new year is as awesome for you as last year was.


Happy Birthday, Noah Corbin Anankin Skywalker (I feel we are on firstsecondthirdfourth-name basis, since I have followed your journey so long)! Internet hugs to you!

Dear Amy, congrats on your obviously awesome production. Five years ago, you brought a very cool kid into this world. Your Noah is beautiful, and to see him in the water and on the sand, goofing around and being such a big boy, I cannot even imagine how proud you must feel. Hugs and good thoughts to you. Massive ones. The West Coast sends its love.

PS: Carolin: I started reading Amy when I lived in Germany! Hi there!


AH! TYPO ON THE NAME! Sorry about that.


Oh if that wasn't the best thing I have seen all day. Happy birthday to Noah.


Three things:

1) I want Star Wars pancakes, too
2) Noah with your dad made me cry
3) Happy Birthday, Noah. You have an awesome family and you are so lucky

That's all.


Happy birthday Noah!


Happy 5, Noah!


Happy Birthday Noah!!!

...just stay the Rebel you are Noah, so that you can beat up all the Troopers when you get older. :)

Hope your having a wonderful day Noah, T.C.


Happy birthday, Noah!

I always love your birthday videos.


Aaah, in the midst of all the sadness, what a happy image.

My little girl was 5 in July, and it's just the best age - so much imagination and fun, and still so innocent too : )

Many happy returns to you Noah, and hang on in there to you Amy.


Bee-yoo-ti-ful video! Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy birthday, Noah! Five is big! HUGE! Fantastic! And pretty awesome for your parents, too.

(Just as an aside, (or 5th giving birth anniversary gift?!) have you seen this? I watched it and, while I was laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of it (and also the truth of it) you popped into my head and I thought the series might be right up your alley...


Donna P

Unbelievable video.

Unbelievable that he's 5 years old already.

Happy Birthday, Noah!


I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to make me cry with these birthday videos!
I am so glad I've been able to watch little Noah grow into such an amazing boy!

Happy Birthday Noah! Hope you have the most amazing day, ever!


Happy Birthday, Noah! Amy, this video was amazing because of all the things Noah has done this year! For a kid who couldn't handle a drive down a different block, he has come A LONG way. I know you are still working with him, but the progress he has made is great! You and your husband are great parents. Wishing you many more joyous years together watching your adorable boys.


Happy Birthday Noah! Have a super spectacular day!

Brandi M.


Thank you for this wonderful blog...everyday I am either smiling..laughing...crying(because I feel your hurt, frustration, angry for not only yourself but how you feel it for Noah OR I am crying because I am laughing so hard at what you have said or what funny face Ezra is making or these wonderful videos and pics). Those boys (as you know)are such gifts and are BEAUTIFUL!!
You help me to keep hope that one day I will have my own little munchkins to cherish! :0) Thinking of you and your loved ones!


Happy Birthday, Noah! You've gotten sooo big and handsome!

Maxine Dangerous



Happy Birthday Noah!

I've been reading your blog for about six years now, and constantly find it bizarre how I can be so fond of these two little boys I've never even met.

The day you stop writing this blog, there's going to be a lot of devastated people around the world having to do some explaining to their perplexed families.

Nicole P.

I look forward to the boys' birthday videos every year. They slay me with their amazing growing up act.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Noah.

kari weber

My son Zachary, who is 5, watched this with me and promptly asked, "who is that, Mommy?" I said it was a little boy whose mommy made a slideshow for his birthday... he said, "What a nice looking boy. How old is he?" I said 5. "Just like me??!" I answered yes, and he said, "where does he live?" I said far, far away ALL the way on the other side of the country. And he said, "one day we will visit him, he looks like he would be my friend." Almost cried. Noah is such a big boy, and I bet, in fact, that he IS a great friend. Happy Birthday Noah, and Happy Anniversary of becoming a family, Storch family.

Heather B.

I meant to write a post today but how do you express how much someone who isn't related to you means to you? Also how do you talk about the one person or the people who made you decide that yes, yes, yes you want to have children of your own?

Happy Birthday, kiddo. You are loved. Remember that.


Happy Birthday Noah!

Such a big boy now ;-)

LD's Mom

What a HUGE year for a not so little boy. Happy Birthday, Noah!


Nearly made it to the end without crying, nearly...

Happy Birthday Noah!


Btw, Panic at the Disco just got $0.99 from me for that song! Thanks for introducing me to that!


Happy Birthday, Noah!
5 is my favorite, too.
And Amy, your kids seriously make me want my own. (Then I feel guilty because I have my boyfriend's 10-year-old, but I didn't meet him until he was 7, and he is only 13 years younger than I am.)


happy happy birthday noah! what a lucky guy - great parents, great brother, great family. five! it's going to be grand.


Happy birthday to Noah. How nice to know that I share a birthday with such an awesome little dude!


i love these videos. I was fine until the pic with your dad.

Happy Birthday Nona!


This actually really captured for me, a childless person, the joy of having children. Thank you.

BG -


Happy Birthday Noah & Happy Mommy-versary Amalah!


Beautiful. Happy Birthday big man.

Martha H.

Five is defitely my favorite number, too! Happy Birthday, Noah!!


Happy Birthday, Noah! Four was an awesome year for you. Five is going to rock!


Hi Amy:

I saw this story in our local paper and thought of you immediately. I also have the *pdf of the decision, should you want it. If you Google the following, you can find it too:

McHenry AND PacificSource AND District

Good luck.


I cried and cheered all the way through. Costumes. The visor. Watching him play at the beach. So many miles, so much progress. Happy Birthday, little sir!


Dear god, I hope this isn't toally creepy. I think it probably is. So, y'know, sorry in advance.

I pulled up your page yesterday, with my partner watching over my shoulder (I am joined to my laptop, so he now just kind of joins in if he wants any semblance of "Quality Time"). Says he: "Hey, it's Nonah's birthday!" Uh-oh, we know the lingo.

Then we watched the video with huge smiles, and turned to each other at the end and both commented on how AWESOME it all was, all of his amazing progress from tippy-toe walking and texture freakouts to being super awesome costume-wearing, sand-poking, ocen swimming (I yelled I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU, OCEAN! at that part. Oh god, extra geek points) wunderkid.

So, uh... yeah. This is what it feels like to be a stalker. Huh. Excuse me, I am totally off to hang around in your bushes now.



Happy Birthday to an impressive young padawan!


Hope you had a fab birthday Noah. I watched this with my 15 month old and she kept waving at the boys (while I had a little cry, damn you!!)


Yay, hubs got those pancake makers for Father's day this year.

And... Noah in the ocean. Ezra's idolizing looks. Your dad. That skateboard reminding me of the kid next door... and then of the playdate with the happy sigh and the "best happy friend ever".

Thanks for sharing yourself and your kids.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!


I was okay until you snuck in that photo of your dad beaming with Noah and then I promptly burst into tears. Beautiful.


the photo of Noah and your Dad, oh my..hugs to you...happy birthday to Noah! love the pancakes and love "the ocean that he is not afraid of" pics as well! you do realize you will have to continue these videos until at least age 23?

Heidi in Australia

Well done Amy! What a great way to capture Noah's 5th year. He will love looking at those videos one day...or at least his future girlfriends will get a charge out of it. I can't believe he is 5....I swear it was yesterday I was reading your post that you were pregnant. Wow time flies.

Sending you and your dad big big all are in my thoughts. xoxo

Willow Wright

Happy Bday Noah! I love all your videos, how special they'll be when the kids get older.

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