Down to the Bones

This Post is the Blogging Equivalent to a Set of Shiny Keys

My dad started chemotherapy today, the first of THREE all-day, 8-hour, super-intensive sessions he'll have THIS WEEK. Then he gets a couple weeks to kick back and relax before the next round. Maybe play some football, drink a few beers, go see a death metal concert or something. 


Ahem. Continuing on with some random things that are slightly more amusing:

1) Toddlers with the ability to accessorize.

Ezra9-10-3 Ezra9-10-1 Ezra9-10-2

2) Jason stopped at the grocery store yesterday and purchased the special nut-free store-bought birthday-snack cookies. We only needed one bag for Noah's classmates but he bought three. 

3) Magnum!

4) So far, I've flushed four (4) stinkbugs down the toilet today. I know that wouldn't usually be a check in the "YAY!" column for me, but I guess it speaks volumes for just how wildly I'm grasping for purpose these days.

5) In other insect-related, the-wine-glass-half-full news, I'm actually pretty jazzed that the baby no longer looks like this:

Ex-skeeter-910-1 Ezskeeter-910-2 

Yeah, YOU try telling people at the playground that it's a "mosquito bite on his eyebrow" and see if any of them believe YOU, either. 

6) In two days, I'm going to be in possession of a five-year-old child.

7) And that five-year-old child will be in the obnoxious possession of a Leapster 2, aka One Of Those Things I Used To Sniff Dismissively At Because That Is Just A Handheld Video Game & Preschoolers Should Not Own Handheld Video Games, "Electronic Educational Learning System," My Ass.

8) Now I Am All, "Here, Have A Handheld Video Game, Whatever, I'm Tired." 

9) Don't tell him though. IT'S A SURPRISE.

10) Dammit.

11) I didn't have a full 10 things, as usual.

12) But I hate ending lists at four or nine.

13) Or fourteen.




Every time I look at Ezra, I swoon and wish for our children to meet and marry. Because darn it, they are both so freaking cute.
Good luck to your dad and your family. Good luck deflecting. Just keep looking at those preshuz babies and try to smile.


Saying prayers that your dad gets through the chemo in time to make it to that death metal concert :)

And the mosquito bite on the eyebrow totally cracked me up - that is SO something that would happen in our house too!


First off, many good thoughts to your family during this hard time.

Secondly, I loathe the evil stink bugs. I have been flushing those things for days!!!! They just need to go south for winter already or whatever it is they do!


There was a segment on the Today Show this morning about stink bugs and I thought of you. I hope you didn't feel me thinking about you, because really, that's kind of weird, isn't it? You know, random people who don't really "know" you thinking about you, like, "hey I should call Amy and tell her Meredith Viera is talking about stink bugs. about them Yankees??


FYI, Charlie wanted to keep Ezra on Sunday, and confided to me that you were lucky he didn't run off with the kid.

Beware. For future reference and stuff.

Thinking of your Dad, man. Ugh, so hard. xo


Trust me...that Leapster is going to change your life. (Went with that when the kid began begging for something called a 'DS', which, as far as I can tell is the educational equivalent of a pac-man game (sorry, Nintendo, but...suck it. You created that crap.) Have fun at the concert- you know your Dad's going to make you go with him!

Brenda Flynn

I'm impressed you held out to five. I caved at four. But he only gets to play with it in the car.


I totally believe what anyone tells me about what happened to their kid because seriously, toddlers get hurt in the weirdest ways. Mine ran her eye into the couch a month or two ago. And a kid in my daycare used a plastic dinosaur to bite another kid. So that kid went home with an open wound from a DINOSAUR bite.


1) We're here for you, and
2) Your kiddos are super-cute!

Also, lol at dinosaur bite. That's kind of awesome...(That is, if you had to Choose a way to get injured...never mind).


This the article that no one wants to send someone is your situation. But, being as I have been there before, I'm going to be the bitch who sends it. Read it by yourself, with a box of tissues.


I hope you don't mind but I have an overwhelming desire to NOMNOMNOM on your baby. He is just to delicious looking all decked out in his jewelry.

Snarky Mommy

All hail the Leapster. We have two of them -- one for the 4yo and one for the 2yo. And yes, I am telling you to prepare for the fighting and just go out and get another for Ezra's birthday because he will want one and will wail and cry because Noah won't share his.

Heather B.

The Five thing kills me. I'm dead. Wasn't it just last week when you were all, "We're going to the oyster riot, make sure he's alive when we get back?" I could've sworn it was...


amymarie, I wanted to send that same article myself, but I'm glad you volunteered to take a bullet for me ;-). Hospice is NOT about giving up. Hope lots of commenters here take a look at it.

Vanessa in NC

keys to making the Leapster a happy thing: rechargable batteries and headphones!


#8 speaks to my heart. All the things you said you would not do before becoming a parent are so wonderful when you just need a few minutes to yourself without a toddler hanging on your leg :)


Love the leapster. My boys are 5 and 8 and both play. The 8 year old is angling big time for a DSI for christmas. Oh and Ezra will be all over that toy way before he's 5. And will probably figure out how to use it sooner than you think without a lick of help from anyone. So be prepared when you break down and buy a 2nd one at some point. I speak from experience. Oh and the star wars games are cool. Jedi Reading is a favorite.


We have those stinkbugs all over our house and I didn't know what they were until I found out I could email some county extension of the agricultural school at Rutgers with pictures of weird bugs and they would send you a pamphlet back. Very old school. They look like evil little brown shields. Could be worse, at least you don't have camel crickets in the basement, which we do. They are soundless and disgusting and they jump and one day I will die because one will insert itself directly into my left nostril. I just know it.

Happy birthday to your sweet boy Noah, and tell Ezra to quit being so delicious so the skeeters won't get at him.


Last year, I laughed my ass off at your "infestation" post.

Karma is a bitch, man. Seriously.

Also, David Tutera had better watch out. I predict Ezra will be kicking his party-planning ass.


Noah is FIVE?? How did that happen? That means I've been reading your blog for six years. Gah. Old.


In December, I will be in possession of a five year old and we are already planning to get him the Leapster 2, also. (I resisted for as long as I could. He's officially the kid with geeky parents who won't let him have a Leapster already. He has had actual tantrums leaving playdates because he had to let go of the other kid's Leapster. My work here is done.) Will be awaiting Noah/Leapster posts to see if it will be blissful or miserable...

Good luck to your dad and all of you. I wish I had the right thing to say. Having been there, I know that there is no right thing. But I am thinking of you and hoping all goes well. Take care of each other.


Blame us for the leapster. It is because I brought Michael's over.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Decked out in Mardi-Gras beads or puffed up with a mosquito bite... Ezra is CUTE.


#15. You posted, even though you totally didn't want to even be out of bed. Major accomplishment, and we are grateful!


Amymarie, thanks so much for posting that article. It is moving and really informative. I too was one of the many that assumed that hospice care shortened your life and was more like "giving up". So glad to find out that I was wrong.


Fwiw your posts about Ezra's reaction to mosquito bites saved me from a major freak out this summer. We were on vacation at the beach when one morning my 15 month old woke up looking almost as bad as Ezra in that picture. Luckily I remembered my nephew commenting on how he had brushed a mosquito off the baby's face the evening before so I knew exactly what it was.

On the bright side at least your kid still gets to bring a treat to school; the schools where I am no longer allow food for birthdays.


Let us know how he likes the Leapster2. I am planning on getting them for my 5 y/o twin boys for Christmas and they don't even like video games! The v-smile and all 8 games I bought with it last Christmas that they played for all of maybe 2-3 hours total over the last 10 months is going up on Craig's List to help fund said Leapster purchases. I guess next year I'll be selling the Leapsters to buy DS's for them. Ugh. Never ends.


Amymarie - You know, someone emailed me that article a few days ago and I sent it to my mom when I was probably only about halfway through. It's beautiful and I feel incredibly passionate that more of us should be having the end of life discussions with our families. Don't ever hesitate to send it to anyone, because it's brilliant.

In our case, my dad is the only one who chose chemo. This is not the way I wanted this year to go. I don't know if my mom got him to read it, but seriously, I would give ANYTHING for him to agree to hospice at this point, but he's just not ready yet.


Your Kid trying to accessorize is so cute. I remember when my daughter would accessorize and her favorite thing to take was my lipstick or my high heels.


So, I'm thinking I should quit reading blogs because I go to Joy Unexpected after finding a lump on my arm, and *she* has a lump on her leg. I visit your blog after my dad is diagnosed with leukemia, and *your* dad is diagnosed with leukemia. I'm contagious or something.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that my dad is feeling better since starting that gawd-awful sounding chemo, and is hanging in there (2 months in). He wasn't given any prognosis-type-info, though...or maybe he was, but my mom blocked it out or isn't saying. He's one of those guys that put off seeing a doctor, and found out about it late-ish in the game. Anyway, I wanted to give you some cyber-empathy. (My dad has a bazillion other diagnoses, too).

On a happier note, your kids are adorable!


Has Ez had a haircut? He looks very... dapper and tidy. :o) Not that he doesn't usually... crap, I'll just stop talking now.

Also: mosquitos are evil. Stinkbugs! ARGH! Which is worse, bitey or stinky? I live in a country that's foreign to me and I live in fear of their weird bugs.


Um, electronics yes. No parenting fail there; think of it as a preparedness measure! Screen time is screen time, be it tv or DS or Leapish. Sorry about your dad, lots of warm thoughts and kudos for putting one foot in front of the other. Not a trifling thing, not one little bit. And your boys=cute overload. Even if they are getting OLD.


He is so adorable!!

Let us know if you would ever want to have him model for us!

Jess W

Also can not believe Noah is five... I've been reading for 6+ years and LOVE you guys! Thoughts are with you & yours Amy.

We bought our nephew a Leapster a year ago and he loves it. I like to think it gives him a little guidance & practice in the nerd-ways of his aunt & uncle. :-)


Oh, Amy. There is really nothing to say - my thoughts are with you guys.

Karen G.

Amy, I've been reading your blog long enough to be stunned that Noah is turning 5. I was out of town on a job interview when Ezra was born (it's so weird I remember that.) My point is I've been reading so long I feel like I know you. I can relate so much to your experiences having a 3 1/2 year old boy of my own.

That said, I've never commented. Tonight I feel like I must. I just know that myself and so many people are thinking about you and your family tonight. I hope that thought brings you a tiny bit or comfort.


That's the girl Amy. Keep focusing on the good bits. Poor Ezra. Can you not coat him in an insect repellent or feed him a daily dose of anti-histamine to lessens the reaction? and Noah is going to be FIVE!!! So grown up already. My babies are 31 and 26 and I still don't know where the time went.

Have my fingers crossed that your Dad copes well with the chemo.


It's amazing that your posts still manage to make me laugh out loud even when you're going through something so terrible. I'm so sorry, and I'm keeping you and your dad in my thoughts...


FUCK CANCER. The internets are not large enough for all the love and support coming your way tonight, Amy. We love you and you're not alone.

And this is YOUR blog, and you can damn well be as sad as you want to be. We'll hold you while you cry. And we'll bring you wine.


1. Saw your tweets, I hope you have better news to post today, whatever that may be.

2. I flush stinkbugs down the toilet too...although, a friend of mine vacuums them, and that seems to work pretty well, too!

3. I can't believe Noah will be FIVE! I have been reading your blog for a LONG TIME!

I'm keeping your family in my thoughts.


Pathos and hysterical laughter in one post. I love your mind.

My Maxx used to swell up like that with mosquito & black fly bites, too. He is six this year and didn't swell as badly this summer so hopefully your cutie will grow out of it, too.


If you haven't opened it already, you might want to consider the Leapster Explorer instead of the Leapster 2. It is the newer version with a much better screen, is smaller, and has better games. It comes with a stylus for game play, which the Leapster 2 doesn't. My 4 year old has it, and loves the thing dearly.

Don't want to add to your list of to-dos, but thought the ass-vice might help. Arg!


My eyes used to swell like that when I was a kid, if I was bitten anywhere near an eye. I grew out of such major reactions but those little buggers still make me bonkers with how much they swell and itch.

erin margolin

In December I will be in possession of two five-year olds. I'm scared out of my mind.

On another note, I'm sorry to hear about what your dad is going through. And I wish I'd found your blog sooner. Several of my twitter friends sent me over.

Keeping you and your dad (and whole family) in my thoughts & prayers....

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