The Thing I Didn't Tell You About Because I Don't Like Making You Worry

Seven Weeks, Take Two

I am currently in possession of a sure-to-scan horribly photo of a healthy, seven-week-old 3D-ified blobby thing. Said blobby thing is totally getting photobombed by a giant yolk sac, which I actually thought was my baby's head for most of the ultrasound until the doctor corrected me. Be careful what you commit to calling "cute" out loud during these things, I guess is the lesson I'd like to pass on to y'all. 

Said blobby thing is also in possession of a nice, strong heartbeat. So. Breathe out, and stuff. We're a go for baby. 



Congratulations to you! Nobody deserves this more.


The first 12 weeks were my absolutely least favorite part of pregnancy. All that worry! I'm SO SO relieved and happy for you to make it to the beautiful milestone of a wobbly little woosh woosh heartbeat. Much love.


YESSS! I prayed you'd have a pretty little blobby thingy in your uterus!


woohoo!!! Congratulations!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

Woot!!!!! Baby #3 is good to go and ready for blast off!! Congrats on the beat-beat-beat of the little bean's heartbeat.


Do you know that reading these freakin' posts are the FIRST TIME I've wanted another baby since my now 5 year old was born. Darn you and your contagious excitement! LOL! Seriously, whew! And congrats again!




Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing your yolk sac - and little person.

Heather B.

Dude. DUDE. So excited.


Wait, but you're going to scan in the picture, right?! I wanna see!

Jessica V

YAY for blobby things w/heartbeats! Congrats!


Woot! Major congratulations.


YEAH!!!!!!!!Trying to figure out what kind of cupcakes to bring to the hospital now!


Duuuude....way to incubate!

Mary Lou

Hurray! Congratulations! So exciting. Blessings to you all.




YEAH! Wee bit jealous of your third while we still debate our third, but mostly just really, really happy for ya'll.


Me like VERY much! :)




woohoo! heartbeat!




YAY! COngrats again!

Sprite's Keeper



Wonderful news! :)


YAY! Glad everything is on track, cute blobby egg sac and all!


Yay! Now Dimpleblog and Adorablog (my answers to my husband's query "What are you reading?" when enjoying entries about Noah and Ez, respectively) can be joined by Blobblog! Hooray!

Life of a Doctor's Wife



SO. AWESOME. Babalah a trois!


YAY! I have to admit, I'm secretly hoping for a girl. Although ya'll put out some adorable boys so either way, it's a WIIIIIIN!


YAY!!! Totally jelus. Want to be pregnant again, but realize that would be craziness... Must wait a little longer.


Rock on Blobby!! :)


Yay!! I am (literally) praying that this is the easiest and most joyful pregnancy and for a super healthy baby ......... ok and sorta praying for a girl - but you sure do make awesome boys so what'eva.


We go for our 20 week in just a few days. I hope we both have wittle girls...with pretty curls!

So excited for you!


Way to have a heartbeat, Blobby Thing! You've learned to screw with your mother very early. What an over-achiever.


High five!


Awww. Congrats!

Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl....

Goddess in Progress

Hooray hooray!


Hooray for heartbeats! Boo for first trimester, here's to hoping it flies by quickly (though second trimester is not the picnic everyone assured me it would be, I feel cheated)


I am taking my DIL for her first scan of my 2nd grandbaby tomorrow, can't wait to see blobby on the screen. Have to tell you, the whole grandma bit is great, I get all the excitement without any of the pukey sleepless bits. Congrats to you on your blobby baby to be.


I'm glad to hear all is well! None of my friends are at the having babies stage so I get (possibly excessively) excited when a blogger I follow is expecting. Can't wait to for Babalah Version 3.0's arrival.

Momma Lioness Michele

So happy for you - it's such a relief to see that beating heart. Congrats and feel good!


Yeah! Baby is go. That's terrific.


Whew! Good news. Wishing you a great first trimester.


Squee! Glad to hear that you and baby are coming along nicely ;)


Hurray for healthy blobs! Congrats again.


Super news! Congrats to you all :)


So happy for bobbly things. :)




Congratulations! Am 12 weeks along myself so I really look forward to comparing my experiences to yours.


I am so excited for you and your family, Amy! I can't wait to read through this one with you. :)

Melissa H

We're due the exact same day I think. You still June 4? Me too pending doc confirmation on Thursday :) Congrats!


I hadn't realized I was holding my breath until I let it out.


So exciting! I'm still WEEKS away from my first ultrasound (even complained of cramping to see if I could score one earlier, but no dice). Hope I get a similar result as you. So happy for you guys!!!


Must be a sign. I need to try for a third too. Checked in on your blog today just to see if you were and here you are, impregnated, with a girl ;) I have two boys too.

Alberta Grandma

Wow this is where I came in more than 2 years ago, where does time go--- we too are at blobby time with 11th grand, I wish for girls but will be happy with what is given Congrats to you both


so, i took my first pregnancy test today. i'm not pregnant. i'm wondering though... how in the world do you pee on the end of that stick?! seriously.


Yay blobby!


Hooray!! Congrats on the heartbeat blobby! I am so excited to follow along with your blog during this pregnancy...I am due the same week you are. :-)


Congrats! I am two weeks less pregnant than you with my first, so I am watching with special attention.


Bloberrific! I wonder if it's girl-like or boy-like. Any premonitions? I realize that this is a loaded question...


so yeah i have an ultrasound photo of mine that everyone was like "WHOA! look at that big round head!!! OMG!" Was totally his yolk sack...
congrats on the heart beat!! YAY!


Woohooooo...a blob with a heartbeat is an AWESOME thing to see at this point!


Am 2.5 weeks postpartum with my third and am already secretly hoping for just one more blobby thing. These newborns are way too addicting.


I'm so very happy for you, but sad for myself. I miscarried 6 times.


Now that your little surprise is confirmed will commence hoping for an amazingly boring pregnancy and delivery ;-)


I've been following you since before you were preggo w/ Ez. I just can't get over how excited I am for you. I am so happy your appointment well. Actually, I'm just so excited all around for you. :-) I'm agree with an above poster. I did not miss being pregnant, or want another baby until I started reading about your amazing news... And my baby's only 3 1/2 months old. :-)


If all goes well for both of us, will you be my due date buddy? We are hoping to see a heartbeat this week...due June 6th!


Is it weird that I hope I get to babysit? I'm not sure about all three at once, I mean, we might need to get Heather B.'s globetrotting ass to help when she makes her frequent fly-ins to the motherland, but still.

I'm so happy for you. I think you're one of the nicest, best people I've gotten to know in a long time and those are the kinds of people who should have all of these kids. Love.


Seriously having warm fuzzy feelings for you. I remember those first few weeks of realizing that you're actually pregnant. So exciting and scary. Good things come in 3's!


Eeeee amazing!!! So happy for you guys. And it turns out it wasn't the vegetarian chili for me, I'm up the duff too! Only 4 weeks, mine is barely a poppy seed. I'm way more relaxed than the first time, but still psycho and jumpy and nervous. Can't wait till 12 weeks. Well cheers Mama, pass the bologna!!!


so, so happy for you! heartbeats are the best!

Plano Mom

Hooray for blobs. Can't wait to say hi.

Plano Mom

Oh, and that makes this a Blob Blog.


Yippee! I've been reading your 0-40 week-by-week and loving it! Congrats.


I know that it's, like, already decided and shit, and that even if it weren't, I wouldn't necessarily have a vote, but I WANT THE BABY TO BE A GIRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL.


"Photobombed by a yolk sac" is the best way to describe that image, ever. Genius! So happy to hear this news--I was thinking about you yesterday, just knowing it had to be a green light for babalah 3!

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

That first ultrasound of a new baby is always nerve-wracking. Yay for a healthy baby!!


I'm so happy to read this... I found out I was pregnant on the 13th- the day after you made your announcement! I googles a calendar, found yours, read your blog, freaked out and now am totally not really kind of Internet stalking you. In a strange pregnancy cosmos type of way, but not really. And I'm awake because I had to pee. Again. And figured I should just wait until the next urge strikes before going to bed. I hate my skin, I hate my bloat & my back, but I love my embryo and your blog. Am now a faithful reader. Ending this comment before I look more insane than what should be considered normal for 6 weeks... :) glad the US went well.

Soumya Gayatri


I am soo happy fr you!! and being 4 weeks pregers myself i am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!! Hope all is well on your side...!! and lotts of prayers coming for your dad from my end....Take care


Awww... congratulations!!

And here - let me save some time and just get right into the meat of what you'll start hearing:

1) I hear they know what causes that now! (guffaw guffaw)

2) Oh, you're trying for that elusive GIRL, aren't you?

3) For the love of all that is holy, don't name a child THAT!

4) Enjoy every minute - it goes so quickly.

ps: That last one?? I said that with a straight face... <3

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