Don't Stand So Close To Me

Weirdest pregnancy symptom yet: Claustrophobia.

Well, not even that, exactly. Kind of combination of a fear of crowds (demophobia!) combined with a violent knee-jerky reaction to invasions of my personal space. Like, if you accidentally bump into me in the grocery store aisle, don't be surprised if I start involuntarily shrieking and karate-chopping the shelves of soup cans. 

Jason noticed I seemed increasingly jumpy right from the start. I'm usually a big-time hugger, and very demonstrative and in-your-face with my compulsive need! For affection! Because I like you! Hi! Gimme a cuddle!

Instead, ever since getting all knocked up, I would startle if he brushed into me and sort-of flailingly seek to extricate myself from bear hugs and whenever the boys would do their patented EVERYBODY PILE ON MOMMY couch trick I'd slither to the floor and escape, and not in a HA HA FUN MOMMY way. More of a BACK THE HELL OFF ME, YOU ANIMALS way.

And then things got serious a few weeks ago, when I foolishly waited too long to head downtown for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I knew it would be bad, but not...that bad. I couldn't leave for the Metro until after Noah's soccer practice, but I was planning to meet Tracey and Charlie at their hotel a few stops before I figured things would get REALLY crazy and walk the rest of the way. Where we would quickly and easily be able to meet up with some of the other Mamapop writers at the rally. Because la la laaaaa I don't really understand how my hometown works sometimes. 

NEWSFLASH, DUMBASH: Things were crazy everywhere. I am pretty sure the entire DC-area population plus a bajillion tourists were all funneling into the Metro system at the exact same time. Platforms were mobbed, trains were packed, wait times were agonizing, Metro pass lines were...I don't even think you could call them "lines" anymore. More like "zombie hoards fighting over the dead horse entrails in The Walking Dead."


Long story short: I finally got on a train. And found myself far away from a door or window, smushed right in the middle of a crowd of people who were all taller than me, trying to avoid my face crashing into their armpits with every lurch of the train, standing on my tiptoes in order to get anything close to what I'd consider fresh air. 

And I immediately, quietly, started to freak the FUCK OUT. 

For the record, I have never been on a Metro train -- crowded or otherwise -- with a pack of NICER people. Two guys helped me shimmy and inch my coat off once the cold sweats and labored breathing started. Another guy kept talking to me, alternating between distracting me and assuring me that everything was going to be okay, once he realized that I was, in fact, starting to freak the fuck out. 

(Though one girl kept whacking me in the face with her ponytail. I did not enjoy that.)

At every stop, the doors would open to a discouraged-yet-hopeful looking mob on the platform. Like us, they'd probably watched a good half-dozen trains pass them by already and were getting a tad desperate. So they'd try to push their way on. One or two always seemed to succeed, just by being forceful enough. My tiny bit of space got smaller and smaller; I became convinced that I no longer had adequate room to fully inflate my lungs and expand my rib cage. 

After one stop, another girl barreled off the train in a panic. She was sobbing, and her friends hollered in protest from the aisle. "Where are you going? What are you doing?"

Her only response: GET ME OFF GET ME OFF GET ME OFF

I made it about four stops, and as the train slowed down to open the doors AGAIN and allow more people to PUSH and PILE IN and OH MY GOD...I started shrieking. 


I got off the train. I found a seat and sat there gasping for awhile. Then I got on a train going in the other direction to go home. It was still full of people who were trying to get to the rally -- they'd all simply given up on getting aboard a downtown-headed train and figured they'd ride out to the 'burbs to where the crowds died down and reboard. They figured they wouldn't have to go any further than the stop I'd started at. I tried to warn them but shut up once everybody glared at me.

Sure enough, when we got back to my home stop, the crowd had easily doubled in size. Zombies, everywhere, lugging giant humorous signs and folding picnic chairs, like haaaaaaaa, yeah. You might as well just open that thing and park your ass right here, because this is probably the closest you're gonna get to downtown until AT LEAST Tuesday. 

This was all happening between 10 and 11 in the morning. I stopped shaking like a leaf sometime around...2 or 3 in the afternoon? I missed the rally, but my disappointment was easily offset with my relief over NOT TOTALLY DYING ON THAT STUPID TRAIN. 

Last weekend we went to a concert. The Black Crowes at the 9:30 Club. It's a smallish, standing-room-only venue that always packs about 17 million more people than one would expect for a smallish, standing-room-only venue. Still, it was nothing like that Metro car. Still, I found myself freaking out every time a club employee pushed past us with cases of beer to restock the nearby bar, every time someone tried to push by to angle for better real estate, and at several points during the night I had to turn around and put my forehead on the nearby wall because at least the wall was somewhat predictable in its movements and I felt like I could get fresh air if I breathed it directly from the notches in the bead-board paneling. I spent most of the time concentrating on NOT VOMITING. And watching this one drunk girl burst into tears every 10 minutes because she was havingsomuchfun and lovedtheBlackCrowessomuch and was also reallyfreakingdrunk.

A big, barrel-chested guy pushed through our area -- my defensive angled-out, pointy elbows did nothing to deter him -- and got STUCK directly in front of me. WEDGED, is more like it Our torsos were TOUCHING. I swear my clothing was ABSORBING HIS SWEAT. 

Jason says he saw my eyes bulge out of my head and my hands ball up into fists...right as the guy finally managed to squeeze past and on his way. 

About five minutes later, he caught me right before I started to black out. We decided that maybe we'd heard enough. They'd already played Josephine and She Talks To Angels, and I firmly believed that nothing -- not even Hard to Handle -- was worth DYING OF CONTACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S SWEATY T-SHIRTS over. 

So anyway. That's been happening. More often than it probably should. The good news is that most of the time, I can avoid closed-in crowds like that, and am now fine if my children play the PILE ON MOMMY game...just one at a time.

The bad news is that I have standing-room only tickets to another giant sold-out concert in February. I'm thinking of constructing a giant adult-sized hamster-ball bubble with yellow STAND BACK 50 FEET caution tape all over it.

I actually don't think I'll look too out of place. It's Lady Gaga, after all. 


Amelia Sprout

Ugh. That sucks, but maybe it will calm down when the progesterone drops off a little bit. Along with the "I'm gonna hurl any minute" stuff.


I get that to some extent and I'm not even pregnant. I can't deal with rush hour dc trains, just can't. At the airport security lines I have my bags strategically placed so that I have personal space and explain if someone gets close that "no! no!" which probably isn't a good explanation but they do back off once they notice the twitching which involves my leg stomping. That leg did once stomp on a jackass who pushed too close to me in line. I smiled and said "Oh, I have a tic. That's why I've been trying to make sure I've got a few inches around me. You're ok, right?"

But I am not a nice person. So my suggestion is fake a twitch in public and people will back off.


Pregnancy is SO. GODDAMN. WEIRD. Hang onto those tix, because by February, you'll surely be past this phase and onto something else, which is hopefully just insatiable curry/Chipotle cravings.


I know very little about popular beat combos, but from what I know from Glee, Ms Gaga would likely applaud your outfit. Hope you have a good time whether you wear it or not!


I think what most amazes me here is the number of nice people on the Metro. Otherwise, though, that's no good. Hope it passes soon!


Ugh, I hated the 9:30 club when I was there for a NYE concert.


I had that when I was pregnant. It was awful, and it was mixed with a huge amount of impatience. Waiting in lines for things would nearly send me off the edge. I even had trouble going to the grocery store. I completely feel for you.


Here's my Lady Gaga tip:

Take a Hula Hoop & tie a 3' or 4' piece of rope about 1/3 of the way into the circle on each side like this:

/| |\
| | | |

Get all dressed up in your fancy concert clothes and then set the Hula Hoop on the floor. Step into the center, put the ropes over your shoulders, and use the Hoop as a bumper.

It will look crazy on the train but when you get the Gaga concert, you'll be the most normal one there... And you'll have a bubble!

(I am totally not kidding. I did this at a Halloween party one year for my own sanity. It was flipping awesome.)


Clearly my ASCII skillz are lacking. How about this:


The "ropes" are the | lines in the circle.


In my first pregnancy I found elevators COMPLETELY INTOLERABLE. Went away when I weaned. Unfortunate, given that I was living in New York City, and walking up 12 flights of stairs when you're pregnant is a bit challenging. Horrible.


I am sorry to say that it sounds a whole lot like some serious anxiety. I know you've struggled with anxiety and depression before, and it is not uncommon for women to have pregnancy-related depression and anxiety. Ugh. Of course, it probably also has to do with everything going on with your dad. I am so sorry -- it's a terrible feeling, I know. I have the crowd thing all the time, and the excessive noise thing that triggers my anxiety.

If you don't feel it getting better soon, you might talk to your doctor about it . . . don't let it get that much worse . . . Good luck!



I know it all too well, and without have pregnancy as a reason/excuse. I use to freak out like that in chemistry class in high school because the room had no windows. Not cool. You have my sympathy.


By February you should be pretty visibly pregnant since this is baby #3 so I think if you really play up the belly you should be able to avoid the worst of the squishies.

bad penguin

I get like that just normally in crowds. I saw you Tweet that day that you were giving up bec the trains were too crowded and congratulated myself on my decision to stay home. Luckily it has never struck at the 9:30 club, but really crowded trains/stations are pretty much guaranteed to freak me out.

I hope it is only temporary for you.


I understand those feelings. I get panicky in large crowds, especially if they are amprphous crowds. Being short doesn't help at all. Whenever I was in a crowded club, I used to hold on to the shirt of my much taller friend so I would get lost.


Yup - I totally had that issue in my first pregnancy. Had meltdowns in church when the ushers would slide one more late family into our row and would run out into the January air by the time they started passing the collection baskets. My husband and I had to stake out a spot by the choir that was too loud and view-obstructed to get crowded.

I also had to bail on the Rally. I'd been pumped for weeks, but the chaos at the metro had me running for the hills.

katy potatey

you have my hugest sympathies. I've had that with every pregnancy and urgh it is hard to handle. With number 3 from the minute that second line popped up on the test my other half was no longer allowed to kiss me. Made me feel really breathless and not in a good way.Best of luck and I'd avoid the concert!


Damn, I just had a PTSD flashback from your metro story. Five years ago I was on the train going to a job interview during rush hour, when a bomb scare stopped all trains. There I was in my 4 inch heels, my WOOL suit, standing up, and smooshed into the people around me. I'm not claustrophobic, but as the car heated up and the sweat started dripping and the knowledge I was going to be LATE for my INTERVIEW set in.... holy hell, it took every ounce of self-control I possessed to not freak out all GET ME OFF style.


I had that with my pregnancy, but it was food issues instead of crowds. Certain textures made me feel panicky and like I was going to throw up.

Went totally away after MM was born.


The behavior you describe (and the transition to it from huggy/cuddly) is my normal, though pregnancy wasn't the trigger -- it just magnified the existing trend. The times when I can tolerate a hug or a crowd are few and far between now. :-/


I was at the rally as well. Drove down with a van full of college kids from NY, and parked at a friends house in MD. Yeah, we did not get on any trains coming from MD, so after the fifth one passed we got on and went to the end of the line. This worked, but once we got into DC and even within a mile of the rally site there were just people everywhere. Madness!


You just described exactly how I react in crowded stores, planes, trains, cars, etc. And I was worse when I was pregnant. It's like I'm breathing backwards. I've learned to talk myself down and most of the times that gets me enough time. Sometimes, it doesn't and this petite girl turns into the Hulk. It can get ugly. :)
I hope it only gets better for you.


Just found out I am 4 weeks along last night! And experiencing a little of this, just on a personal level. I keep telling my husband don't cuddle with me! It's like I know my body is about to be taken over again and I just want a little space. My first is a month older than Ezra, so we are on the same sched, lol. Just missing the first one in the series.


As bad as Metro was, the Mall was worse. You absolutely made the right choice.

But...the people were all uniformly lovely.


Totally laughing until I cried at the picture of you at Lady Gaga trying to hold people back. Hehe.

Oh, and I definitely had a claustrophobic moment with my kids yesterday. It was just as you described!


Luke and I have tickets to see U2 on July 5 in Chicago. Except that my due date for our surprise number three is - you guessed it - July 5.

Now, I'll be having another c-section, probably about a week before, so I guess I could *technically* go to the concert, but, well, I'm not THAT insane.


Oh dude, that just sucks. I kinda want to hug you. But um...I will just stand way over here and wave. Promise.

I have a theory on how to get people to back away slowly. Ask them if your eyes look pink. Pink eye makes people run away. Doesn't matter if you have it, or if you've ever had it. It'll should give you a nice area of space. ;)


Ugh. Yeah, the Friday after Snowmageddon was like that for me. My first ever experience of pure terror in a confined space with all those people. I've had a few since--just last week a train off-loaded, packing a platform where I was waiting it was Not Good.

I really hope this doesn't get worse when I'm pregnant, what with the rush hour commute and all.



I totally thought this was just me! I nearly punched a guy out at a Potbelly's during my first pregnancy when he refused to back off. He kept bumping into me and there was NO ONE behind him. When I asked him to give me a little room because I was pregnant and feeling a little claustrophobic he told me that maybe I shouldn't leave the house. And then laughed in my face, no, really *IN* my face, leaning forward and making me len back.

It wouldn't have stuck with me so long except that he had a 13-or-so boy with him and I could just see him passing this attitude along.


Claustrophobia sucks. It is so embarrassing - I often have had that urge to run off yelling GETMEOFF etc, and it's the worst feeling.

Can I just say that I am impressed that you are such an out-and-about-er while pregnant AND as mom to two little kids! The only concerts I've been to this year were daytime music festival things that could include my big pregnant belly and my two year old:)

Kim T

So sorry. I feel that way all the time, not even pregnant. Surprisingly it has gotten a little better since I had kids. I think mostly because the rational part of my brain took over a little more and reminded me that when I'm with the kids I cannot have a panic attack. No advice, just sorry. It's a terrible feeling. I hope it will go away once baby is born. Pregnancy it does weird things to your body and mind, much more and different than you'd ever expect. Best to you.


You need a t-shirt that reads "Back the F@*k off the Bump!" I'll make it for you.


Oh Amalah, I totally understand the train issue. I live in NYC, travel during rush hour times and somedays there is just no relief. I will decide to wait for the next train hoping it will be less crowded, the platform will clear for a few moments and then out of nowhere and new throng of people appear. When I resign myself to the fact if I want to get home before 9pm I am going to have to deal. Fortunately, for me I am 5'11 so I am one of those people with my armpit in your face (I do liberally apply deodorant) but sometimes when at each stop more people push their way in yelling 'coming through', 'move INTO the train (although I do heartily agree with that sentiment - people crowd the doors and it makes me CRAZY)' and my space gets smaller and smaller, my bags end up on the floor because i am more polite than most and choose not to wield them around bashing people in the face and back, my mind starts going to places it shouldn't namely thinking about how THIS train at THIS moment would be the perfect target for a terrorist attack. My eyes start wondering to people wearing backpacks, baby strollers, the other day two men where using sign language and I started thinking they were using some code. I have to close my eyes, take deep breaths and start imagining I am standing in this same train car but it is late at night and it is only me and scattering of other late-night commuters - who are NOT terrorists) I imagine all the space around me and how I can put my arms straight out and not touch anyone, I imagine looking down the length of the car and seeing it in all its empty, grubby orange seat spaciousness. And I imagine that hot, sweaty torso I feel pressed up against my back is my fiance behind me with his arms around me and if I try really hard I believe it enough that my minds-eye fiance magically grows a big belly, develops an apparent sweating problem, smells like yesterday's hotdogs and inexplicately grunts alot. I love mass transit.


Eeeek. That's exactly the way I was when I was pregnant with Nora. Then after I had her, it got way worse for me...hormones and I just think estrogen does not agree with me. PPD. Anxiety. Ugh. Definitely mention this to your doctor just as a precaution. You have a lot going on, lady. Hang in there. OoOoO, maybe you're having a girl!


During my pregnancy I became irrationally fear of stabbing myself in the eye with a knife. I have regularly carried a pocketknife since my teens but during pregnancy became so paranoid about poking my eye out that I had to stop using it. (I only use it for normal things like cutting apples and stuff, I swear). Even using kitchen knives creeped me out b/c i thought i might forget which hand it was in and try to wipe my forehead and get my eye. Pregnancy is strange.


Irrationally "scared"
my daughter is 6 months old, can I still claim mommy brain?


Not trying to be freaky here, but you could be developing some serious anxiety, due to your dad's condition (coupled with those lovely pg hormones).
I would stay away from crowds until the panic attacks go away or you get a handle on this new "symptom." You're pregnant...take care of yourself & that presjis baby. No more concerts or standing room only venues for you!


Presjis??? I meant, preshus! Damn iPhone! :)


I am so sorry Amy. You are turning in to me. I do that, all of the time. It IS worse when I am pregnant, but when I am not I have a hard time holding back the "GET OFF ME" from my own children even. It sucks. I will suffer for a show though.


I'm claustrophobic all the time, and being knocked up made it worse. However, I have some good news for you.

When I was 8 months pregnant my favorite band came to town, and these bitches only tour like once every 4 or 5 years, so I was not gonna miss it under any circumstances. Death by smothering in a cloud of b.o. was an acceptable risk. However, I noticed that when you're visibly pregnant at a concert people tend to give you a wide berth. And funny looks, but whatever. The point is that there was no suffocation to be had. It was a good night.

So if you're still having these issues come February wear the outfit that makes you look most like you're gonna give birth at any minute, I guarantee people will give you your space, lest they get afterbirth on their shoes.


Hey, I'm like that all the time! Like, literally, every day on my commuter train, and multiple times per day in the elevators at work. When I was pregnant, it was totally worse, and I couldn't rely on alcohol or xanax to make it better. So, I feel you (not literally. I'm way over here, leaving us both tons of personal space...).


I feel like this all the time! Being short, in a crowd on the street or concert is torture! I am sure I will be the first one pushed over and trampled when panic starts. Plus breathing in everyone elses expelled breath leave no oxygen 4 meeeee!

Amy in StL

Okay, I didn't even KNOW there was a term for crowd claustrophobia. That is totally me. All. The. Time. I'm the one that has my back to the elevator wall and who trades seats with folks so that I'm not sitting with my back to the aisle in the bar. My friends are good about trading with me, but I really can't stand people in my space. And I don't have kids - it's just my own personal quirk.

So I totally feel for you. I've had to take a crowded Metro after a concert or a baseball game here and I always board near the back or the front so I can have wall space. I've even asked if I can trade with someone because I need to stand against the wall so that I don't have a panic attack. People always trade because no-one wants to make someone else cry on them.


I'm like that when I'm not pregnant. So when I'm pregnant it's even worse. Part of it is the "I may hurl on you" anxiety, and I'm convinced our need for oxygen triples, so we're worried about other people sucking up all our breathable air.


Girl, welcome to my world. Every. Goddamn. Day. For the past 20-some-odd years. My friends used to make fun of me because someone would get within a foot of me and I would vomit. It was like some terrible defense mechanism.


I have a strange sense of Deja-vu. I hated crowds so much when pregnant that my feelings caused me--misguidedly--to move out of a city I loved.

If only I knew my irrational feelings would pass! Hang in there!

Jo Anna Guerra

Aside from the oh-my-god-that-really-really-sux-for-you thoughts, all I could think about was what a great writer you are. Beautiful torturous descriptions. :)


I am like that in the hallways at schools-I teach at 3 MS and 3 HS. If I have to go potty between classes I walk with my arms bent in front at chest level.At the MS I have to yell GET OUT of the WAY, WATCH WHERE U'R GOING in their faces because the kids aren't even facing foward as they walk sometimes. I really am a quiet teacher person generally.


Oh, and I am 23 wks preg:)


I completely understand this and have been experiencing supreme anxiety myself with this pregnancy (2 weeks left - I am SO READY). My biggest "freak out" came at the grocery store.

Crowds have been making me CRAZY and just getting ready to go to the store makes me short of breath. One trip in particular, I just started shaking, hyperventilating, and getting dizzy (like blackout dizzy) standing in front of the yogurt case. Then I burst into tears. It was all very humiliating, although no one noticed. Or, if they did, they didn't care.

I had to call my husband to come get us because I didn't want to drive my 3yo son and I home. When he went to hug me I almost clothes-lined him to keep him at bay.

It has gotten better as I progress, but still get all freaked out occasionally. You are not alone in this symptom. Keep faith you will be okay by Feb.

Allyson Sorenson

From someone who suffers from panic attacks that once landed me in the ER, I sympathize. I don't know what if anything is safe to take when pregnant, but I'd sure as hell ask your Dr. Mine didn't start until AFTER my kids, go figure.


I think the ball thing will look great in a lady gaga concert - you should go for it!


OMG, I was the same way during my pregnancy. Which then led to agoraphobia. And then? MUCH relief when my doctor put me on bedrest at 34 weeks. I no longer had to force myself to leave the safety of my home. I had gotten to the point where I only left to travel 3 miles to work, stayed in my office all day, then drove back. Peapod by Giant saved any pesky grocery stops. The only other times I left my apartment was to go to the doctor. Everyone asks when we're having another... I'm still traumatized by the first pregnancy. It was horrible.


I had a very similar experience at the gathering my town had when the Olympic Torch came through for the recent winter Olympics.

When my friends and I first arrived, the crowd was sparce and we gave the creepy mascots a wide berth and everything was fine, but when the cerimony started, we were stuck right in front of the stage with tons of people everywhere and I started to freak a little. Then the guy on stage... some olympian or something was trying to get the crowd pumped and he told everyone to put their hands up. That was it for me. I blurted to my friend that I had to go and ran out through the crowd.

Then I walked home through more giant crowds of people that had gathered on the streets to see the torch coming through. By the time I got home I was crying my eyes out. Then I realized in my panic I had forgotten I'd driven my car to my friend's house and left it there. I didn't work up the courage to go back until the next morning.


As I'm sure you have seen by a zillion comments, IT'S OK - you are entitled to that feeling. Lots of people would freak out on that train even if they were not pregnant. After laughing a little envisioning Lady Gaga in a hamster ball, I thought "I wonder if that's how Noah (or some of the preschool language impaired kids I work with every day) felt sometimes".



You put your forehead on a 9:30 club wall? Jesus, you WERE desperate.

If my not-pregnant, everyday version of this intensifies when I'm pregnant, I may officially move into hermit status. :(

Hope is passes soon!

Nancy R

Maybe you can bring an entourage to maintain your personal space.

ccr in MA

I have transit-crowd-claustrophobia myself, no pregnancy required, and I almost had an anxiety attack just reading this! I sure hope yours passes with the pregnancy, because these feelings are no fun.

Carrie Jo

I don't like crowds anyway but can usually walk fast enough to get through them. When I was pregnant I HATED crowds, but rather than get panicky, I would get very angry and want to yell at everyone to get the F**K OUTTA MY WAY! It only got worse as I got bigger. BTW, I live in San Francisco and don't own a car so I had no choice but to take public transit. I tried going shopping for Christmas downtown when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I lasted about 45 minutes.


So reading this just made me feel a little less crazy. I have also been super claustrophobic since I got pregnant and it's gotten worse in the past few weeks. None of my other recently pregnant friends experienced this and none of my books mentioned it so I thought I was just going a little nuts. Which I might still be, but I am not alone! Ugh, seriously, this morning at choir practice I thought I was going to pass out because we were squeezed in too tight (and it really was not that tight, certainly nothing like the metro crush). I was just like, OMG, too many people are in my space, I can't breathe there is no more oxygen because the people are in my space.


I fainted at a smallish-venue concert before when I was pregnant too. Cool to share an experience with you, bummer that it has to be something like that.

I was 4 months along and it was Bryan Adams (old skool, so what??)


This happened to me as well. Anytime I was the least bit hot and standing I'd start to black out. And if it was super crowded it was even worse. I found that carrying water with me always was really helpful. Obviously sitting was key and dressing in layers. It was super annoying though and the worst pregnancy symptom.. worse than the vomiting. Take care and good luck.


So apparently we're living parallel lives. I have two boys and when I was pregnant with my third (a girl, so congrats) I experienced, for the first time ever, panic attacks. Mine were actually focused on not being in control of my body (ahh, fetus invasion making me all sick and hurty and won't get out for a long long time, ahhhh), which sucked because I didn't have the option to get off the train, you know? Anyway, I visited my doctor after three in one weekend and she prescribed me an anti-anxiety I could take. I never actually took one, but knowing I *could* made me feel more in control. It was pretty sucky, though.


For your show in February, I suggest calling the 9:30 Club ahead of time and getting one of the "special pregnant lady Ineedtositdownrightnow" bar stools in the back balcony by the bar. My friend did that at 8 months pregnant and we all stood around her. She said it was the best decision she ever made. That way you won't have to wear the hampster ball, unless you want to!


For your show in February, I suggest calling the 9:30 Club ahead of time and getting one of the "special pregnant lady Ineedtositdownrightnow" bar stools in the back balcony by the bar. My friend did that at 8 months pregnant and we all stood around her. She said it was the best decision she ever made. That way you won't have to wear the hampster ball, unless you want to!


I feel you. I am like this even when I'm not pregnant. I almost freaked out on a trolley in Memphis during a convention.


You just described my life. There is not a trace of hyperbole in that statement. My claustrophobia is terrible and getting worse. I freak out in crowds, have gasping panic attacks on airplanes, black out when I go underground. Everytime I think I can get a handle on it, it comes and gets me from a different angle, (you thought it was crowd related! Ha ha, how about your knees give out in the Yuengling brewery cellars!)

I am now on Xanax for it. And this whole comment has no other point but to tell you that I FEEL YOU, OH HOW I FEEL YOU, and that I thnk I won't read the other comments because your post alone is making me antsy as hell.


and I am not, nor have I ever been pregnant.

Oh and i forgot another fun time, I got hives in the Fort McKinley tunnel in Baltimore! My body WILL find any way to flip out in close spaces.


I love posts that remind me that you and I are knocking around this big-ole town together. I have made repeated people scream with this, but..I drove to the rally. traffic was better than a work day morning. parked at union station, walked three blocks. I'm sorry. On the other hand I spent all my time there walking around the mall as the mall was insanely packed. Insanely. I too suffer from Metro-related freak outs, btw.


Like some others have commented, I too have this problem, minus the pregnancy excuse. It's extreme because I am only 5 feet no inches tall, so in crowds, I truly feel like I'm drowning in other peoples heads. Or something. HATE. HATE. HATE. crowds. HATE THEM. So yeah, that train? No freekin' way, baby.

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