The Mystery of Bearius Care
Don't Stand So Close To Me


Since so many of you asked, no, we were not able to figure out the mystery of Bearius Care in time for Noah's birthday. So instead we attempted to distract him with a lot of Star Wars crap and brightly-colored wrapping paper. It worked.

Didn't stop us from trying to make it up to him a few weeks later, once we discovered what he was actually talking about. 


So it wasn't a young Captain Kirk action figure with a vintage convertible and super-extreme cliff-clutching action, but he did happily identify it as the "grown-up Bearius Care ship."


So I think we did pretty okay.


(Here. Sorry. I think the other one wanted some attention or something.)




Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)

I have a feeling your house has the best toys. Star Wars and Star Trek? Be still my heart. I really need to start indoctrinating my kids so I can get the good stuff too.


Oh Ezra! You're so damn cute. And look at the way your eyelashes curl up when you have them closed in your "cheeeese" pose. Love!


It's approaching dinner time here and I feel a little as though you're taunting me with that pizza.


Marilyn: It's really the only reason to have children. Toy shopping FOR YOURSELF.


Oh, that Ez! What a little ham. A ham with cheeeeessseeee!


I love Noah's face in the first Ezra picture. It's almost as if he's thinking "Not cool, Ezra. Not cool."

Life of a Doctor's Wife

An Ezra photo always makes my day.


Maybe Noah would like one of those chirping communicator pins. Do they still make those?

And that cheese face is spectacular.


Man, I hope your getting some money from George Lucas. I am wicked craving watching me some Star Wars but I just have them on VHS... and no VHS player.


Most adorable cheese face ever!


oh... almost makes me wish this new one would be a boy... but then again, we've got the daughter her own star wars shirt :)


Oh, I love those pics of Ezra. SO CUTE. I can't wait to see his expressive face while holding pics of your new baby! :)


I frakking love that Noah is turning into a Trekker.

And, that wonderful cheese eating grin on Ezra's face is to die for.


Omggggggggg that last picture!


Dude, that's some extra cheese there, Ezra!


Your boys are so cute! I've enjoyed watching them grow over the years and am looking forward to seeing the new little one too!

the bee

I think that Ezra is going to be a scene stealer. Both boys are just amazing and cute. Cannot wait to see cutie # 3

karinya @ Unlikely Origins

Hooray for crap and bright colors!

Maxine Dangerous

OMG, Ezra is SUCH a ham! :D

From Belgium

That is such a cute cheese. It makes my day.


Your sons remind me of the vlogbrothers. (Umm...I am just guessing that your Internet savvy means you know about the nerdfighters. If not, you should really check them out on you tube and watch their videos with wine. We love them.)


\ id-ee-uh-GLOS-ee-uh \ , noun;
A private form of speech invented by one child or by children who are in close contact, as twins.

This was yesterday's word of the day. It hit home because my two year old son calls his prescriptive glasses "Sades" and Laughing Cow Cheese- aka Vache Qui Ri "Ba-co-LI" which makes everyone think he wants some vegetables.

Loved the post, so true to life!


My sons are total "Fanboys"...but they live in an age where its cool to like Star Wars and StarTrek. Just maybe not enough to attend conventions in costume. Love the blog!

Parsing Nonsense

Ack! You said Star WARS crap but it looks like you meant Star TREK crap. We're talking wookiees vs vulcans, lady!

Dede Miller - founder

Nothing but good will come of this. Some of my best friends are successful geeks :)

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